A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 10 by Azeemah Salami

A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 1 by Azeemah Salami

A NIGHT WITH HIM by Azeemah Salami

🍂 Episode 10


“It isn’t what you think” Irene said.
“Whatever! I don’t care” Harold said,slammed the book closed, picked his wine and walked out of the library.
“Mr Harold” Irene called, going after him.
“What?” Harold half yelled. He doesn’t know why he’s so pissed that she went to that bar ! Again!
It’s her life, he shouldn’t be concerned with how she lives it but why did it hurt so much.
He just doesn’t want her to be a bad influence on Ivory.

“I know i was a…” Irene paused on the verge of tears.
“But, i quit that job the moment i know I’ll be working here” She added with a shaky voice and Harold felt bad he had yelled and spoken harshly to her.
He found himself almost apologising.
No, he can’t do that.

“But you went to the bar yesternight” Harold stated.
“I think we should just sit and discuss this, please” Irene said..
“Let’s go back to the library then” Harold said and irene was surprised at how cool his voice had turned.

They both walked back into the library and Harold sat.
“Sit” He told her but she shook her head.
“I don’t just want to, maybe i will,after i clear myself” She said and Harold shrugged.

“So, i went to the bar yesternight cause Madam Perse had something to tell me. I swear,i didn’t even spend up to an hour in her office. We discussed and i also got to tell her that i won’t be working with her anymore, i told her i already resumed as your daughter’s nanny and the pay is enough for me. It’s not like that job was something i enjoyed doing so i can never go back to it,now that i have a more decent job.” Irene said.
Harold sighed “Well..im sorry to have had the wrong impression, but who wouldn’t have thought the same. ” Harold said.

“I should be sorry for upsetting you” Irene said.
“It’s fine and you shouldn’t blame my driver for telling me everything. I asked him if he dropped you home safely and then he explained to me. He owe me his loyalty” Harold said.
“Of course, every worker should be loyal to their employee. But, you should have told me immediately you saw me in the morning,you made me worried, i kept wondering how i offended you in the space of yesternight and this morning” Irene said.


think you should have known a little bit of me by now. When I’m pissed at you, i tend to ignore you to avoid drama” Harold said.
“Wow! I’m glad to know that, I’ll try not to upset you another time” Irene said, admiring the fireplace.
She wish she could go closer.

“Well…upsetting one another is bound to happen but what will really upset me is you going back to that job. If you need anything,just tell me, I’m gonna provide it for you”
“Thank you but i won’t be needing anything. My pay is more than enough for me to want any other thing. Thanks so much Mr harold for offering me such pay,it’s gonna go a long way in my life” Irene said, appreciatively.

smiled.. finally she said thank you instead of questioning him.

“It’s fine Irene, im so glad i brought you out of that job, like i knew you weren’t happy with it” Harold said.
Irene cheeks suddenly turned red while she remembered the night they had spent together.
“Geez! Irene” She scolded herself inwardly.

Why would she even think about that now but that moment is unforgettable,she must admit it felt so good though, Harold had treated her gently even more than Harris do.

“What’s wrong?” Harold asked and Irene realised she had that sad look on.
Her facial expressions is always sad whenever she remeber Harris.
He really broke her.

“Nothing” Irene replied.
“You sure?” Harold insisted.
“So, we’re cool now right?” Harold asked.
“Of course” Irene smiled.
“Let’s go sit near the fireplace” Harold said, getting on his feet.
Irene followed him excitedly.

She enjoys watching the fireplace.
That special glow and warmth always interest her.
They both sat in front of the fireplace with their legs folded.
Harold noticed the smile on Irene’s face.

“You love sitting near the fireplace too?” He asked.
“Totally! Watching the firewoods crack and burn to smaller sizes amuses me. The glow of the fire and the warmth is just so beautiful. And this particular one looks more beautiful than the ones I’ve seen” Irene said admiringly.
Harold smiled.

Irene is the first person to ever admire the fireplace in his library.
Most people have no interest in even seeing it.

” I love reading novels beside the fireplace too cause it always add a magical touch to it” Irene said, beaming and Harold couldn’t help but admire her beauty in the glow of the fire.
“We have that in common, i love reading beside the fireplace too. Like, it’s one of my favorite thing” Harold said.

know” Irene smiled.
“Really? How?” Harold asked.
“I browsed your personal information and reading beside the fireplace is one of your hobbies”
“Really? You browsed my personal information?”
“Yeah, i had to cause i kept wondering why a billionaire would want a s£x worker for his daughter’s nanny” Irene said.

“Like, why?” She asked.
“Cause Y has a tail and two branches” Harold said and Irene laughed.

“I think this is the first time I’ll see you laugh so heartily,you look beautiful at it though” Harold said.
“Thank you” Irene said, pressing her lips together.
She suddenly feel she shouldn’t be here with him. She’s only a nanny and the rate she’s starting to enjoy his company is too fast.
“Do you have anything against being complimented?” Harold asked, noticing the faraway look in her eyes.

“Huh? No” Irene said.
“You suddenly looked withdrawn” Harold said.
“Well, i think i should leave now” Irene said.
“Why?” Harold asked, worriedly…

He can’t believe he cares that she wanna leave.
Is he enjoying her company that much?

“Mr Harold,i shouldn’t be here with you. I mean… you’re my employee,im just your daughter’s nanny, i should not talk so comfortably with you. Like, it’s too soon. it doesn’t feel right, i don’t deserve to be here with you” Irene said, blinking hard.

“You’re my daughter’s nanny doesn’t mean i can’t sit or talk with you, I’m a billionaire does not mean you don’t deserve to be seated beside me. I’m not a god! I’m a human like you. I know you wouldn’t have said that if it was not me you’re seated with, i don’t want to start seeing you as someone who makes wealthy people feel bad” Harold said, with a raised brow.

“No, but I’m sure you don’t sit with your workers like this, staring at the fireplace”
“That’s because we don’t have that in common, i don’t restrict my workers from coming into my library but they never come. I can sit here staring at the fireplace with any of my workers,it’s not because it’s you. I’m relating with you like i would to any of my workers and i also want you to put my wealthy state aside and relate with me like you would a poor person” Harold said, breathing out.

He hates making the less privileged feel unworthy, it makes him feel so bad.

“I..i why are you…so different? You definitely don’t act like a billionaire. Most of them love leaving a wide gap between them and the less privileged, It’s just so… Thank you for being different” Irene said, deeply touched by Harold personality…
“Promise me you won’t feel unworthy whenever you’re with me. It makes me feel bad” Harold said.
“I promise” Irene smiled, admiring the way the glow of the fire made his hair glint.

“So…we were talking about?” Harold asked.
“Huh? Yeah you were telling me a story about ‘Y’ Which has a tail and two branches” Irene said and they both laughed.

“I love your collection of books” Irene said glancing round the library.
One can spend years in reading all of the books here.
“Thank you! But most of the novels here are mystery novels,you might not find them interesting” Harold said.

“Yeah, i saw that when Nola showed me the library” Irene said.
“But there are few romance novels though. I know you’ll like them” Harold said.
“How do you know i like romance novels?” Irene asked.
“You look like someone who does” Harold said.
“Really?” Irene laughed.

“No, i only guessed you would. Most ladies love romance novels isn’t it?”
“Hmm…i can’t speak for them but I’m definitely among the ladies who love romance novels”

“Especially the ones that end with “and they lived happily ever after” isn’t that so childish?” Harold rolled his eyes.
“No, it’s not. There’s nothing more sweet than reading a novel with a beautiful ending” Irene smiled.

“But you have to admit it’s childish” Harold said.
“No it’s not”
“It is”
“It’s not”
“It is!”
“I swear it’s not”
“I swear it is”

They both laughed and silence followed.
They stared at the fireplace with different thoughts running in their minds.
“I’m starting to feel sleepy” Irene said.
“Bedtime. We’ve spent enough time here” Harold said.

They both got on their feet and Irene watched the fire once more while Harold put the book on the table back in it’s place.
“Ready?” Harold asked.
“Of course” Irene yawned as they both walked out of the library.
Harold closed the door behind them and they headed to their rooms.

“Goodnight” Irene said on getting to her door.
“Night” Harold said and watched her walk into her room.

He checked on Ivory before finally going to his room.


“Good morning” Ivory heard from her sleep.
Irene had walked into her room through the adjoining door.
She frowned a little bit in her sleep, knowing the voice does not belong to her father.
He’s the one who wakes her up..

She finally opened her eyes after fighting the thought of going back to sleep.
She saw Irene bringing out her school wears.
She placed her polished shoes next to it and then opened the drawer and brought out her body cream with her hair comb.

“Irene” Ivory called with a sleepy voice.
“Ohh…you’re finally awake” Irene said turning to her.
“Good morning to you” Irene greeted with a smile.
“Good morning” Ivory said, sitting up on the bed.
The door opened and a maid walked in with a glass cup of water.
“Good morning” the maid greeted.

“Good morning” Irene and Ivory chorused.
“Ivory took the glass cup of water and gulped it down her throat, she placed the empty glass cup back on the tray and the maid left.

“Did you ordered for water in your sleep?” Irene asked curiously.
“Or your dad did for you?” Irene asked.
“No, the helps are aware i drink a glass cup of water every morning before even stepping down from my bed. It’s healthy, you should start doing so too” ivory said.
“Ohh..okay, so how did they knew you were awake. Our voices weren’t so loud” Irene wondered.
“My lights is on,you switched it on after you walked into my room” Ivory said.
“Ohh..yes! I did” Irene smiled.

The door opened again..

“I already had wate..” Ivory was saying but stopped when she saw it was her father.
“Daddy!” She smiled getting on her feet.
“Hey princess, good morning” Harold said and bent to pull his daughter into a hug,he kissed her forehead.

He hadn’t noticed Irene’s presence in the room.
“Good morning Dad,how was your night?” Ivory asked.
“Awesome, i slept like baby Ivory” Harold said making Ivory chuckle.
“But you came into my room late, Irene beat you to it today” Ivory pouted.
“Really? Where’s she?” Harold asked.

He had enjoyed the time he spent with her last night and he thought about her till he went to sleep.
He just like the fact that her personality is different and they share things in common.
Chatting with her had felt like he was chatting with a friend.

“She’s right behind you” Ivory giggled.
“Huh?” Harold asked, turning.
“Oh…my” He said obviously startled when he saw Irene truly standing behind him.
Irene laughed.
“How didn’t i see you?” He asked.
“I guess you never thought you’ll find me here,that’s why your gaze was glued to Ivory’s bed when you walked in” Irene said.
“That’s true, i was starting to wonder who brought out ivory’s school wears” Harold said.

“Good morning Mr Harold” Irene said.
“Good morning, i hope you enjoyed your first night here” Harold asked.
“Totally, thank you so much” Irene smiled.
“I’m glad you did. I should be on my way now” Harold said glancing at his golden wristwatch.

Irene admired his simple yet classic dressing.
His golden eyes suited the golden buttons on his pure black shirt.
The sleeves were rolled to his elbows revealing his smooth caramel skin.
His styled hair really did a good job to his looks.
This man is incredibly good looking.

“Which of your companies are you going to?” Ivory asked.
“Marshall communications” Harold said.
“Won’t you have your breakfast?” Ivory asked.
“I will when i get to the office”
“Okay, have a nice day Dad” Ivory said.
“You too. Bye” He waved walking to the door.
He held Irene’s gaze for some seconds before finally stepping out.
“Bye Nola” Harold called as he walked past the kitchen with two bodyguards behind him.
“Bye Harold, have a nice day” Nola said loudly from the kitchen.
“You too, madam cook” Harold said and Nola chuckled.

He walked outside and saw the car parked.
“I’m not going in this one, quickly make the black Lamborghini ready for me” He said and the driver nodded.


Irene led ivory to the dining room after she had finished dressing her up.
She handed her hair comb to Nola while she quickly walked to her room to have a quick bath.

She dried her body after she was done and got into a white flowy skirt and yellow blouse.
She packed her hair into simple ponytail and then slide her feet into her footwear, she grabbed her phone and walked out of the room.

“I hope i didn’t took long?” She asked getting to the dinning area.
“No, i just finished eating also” ivory said.
Nola was combing her hair and she packed it into pigtails.

“Ready!” Ivory said, grabbing her backpack.
“Bye Nola” She waved.
“Bye girlie” Nola said.
“I’ll be right back” Irene said and Nola nodded.
They both walked out of the door.
Tom and Eric were waiting already.
Irene almost exclaimed seeing a car different from yesterday’s. It’s in purple color too but totally another shade.
“You own this one too?” Irene asked.
“Yeah” Ivory said.
“Wow!” Irene exclaimed aloud.

“Good morning ivory, Irene” Tom said opening the car door for the both of them.
“Good morning Tom” they chorused getting into the car.
“Good morning” Eric also greeted and they responded.

Tom got in and Eric started driving.


“You’re different from Ivory’s past nannies” Tom said to Irene as they drove back home after dropping Ivory in school.
“Really? How am i different?” Irene asked curiously.
Nola had also mentioned it to her that she’s different from Ivory’s past nannies .

“Firstly,most of them look like they have plans,like they have a mission ” Tom said.
“How do you know they have plans, what if they just look that way without actually having anything in mind” Irene said.
“I don’t know but i think I’m gifted in knowing when someone has a mission. I warned Mr Harold about Betty severally before he finally found out the devil she is.” Tom said.
“Really?” Irene asked.
“Yes” Eric confirmed.
“Wow” Irene said, thinking about Alex.

Should she ask Tom what he thinks of the creepy man?
No. She resumed here two days again and asking what a worker think of another doesn’t sound good to her ears.
She shouldn’t be bringing this up.
The man might be harmless, it may just be her mind misleading her but her mind never mislead her.
“So what do you think about me?” Irene asked.
“It’s obvious you’re not here on a mission. I wouldn’t have welcomed you if i thought bad of you”
“Wow, I’m relieved” Irene said dramatically and they laughed.

“I must say you’re naturally beautiful” Eric said, glancing at Irene in the rear view mirror.
“That got me blushing, thank you” Irene smiled and they all fell silent again.
She was sitting with Tom in the back seat.

“So Eric, for how long have you been with Mr Harold? I know Tom has been with him for three years” Irene said.
“I’ve been with Mr Harold for five years and I’ve been Ivory’s driver for two years” Eric said.
“Woah,that’s quite long” Irene said.
“Yeah, working with Mr Harold is so satisfying that i don’t wish to leave anytime soon ” Eric said.
“That’s obvious, he’s one of the few billionaires who treats his workers as family” Irene said.
“Everyone working under Mr Harold now have more than enough money to set up their life but still, no one wants to leave” Tom said.
“Including me” He added.

“Even if i resumed officially two days ago, i can tell the type of person he is” Irene said and couldn’t hide her smile, remembering yesternight. It had felt like she was talking to a friend,not her employee.

“We’re home” Eric said, driving into the open gate.
Irene sighed and picked her phone which was laying on her skirt.
Eric parked and Tom opened the car door and stepped out, Irene alighted after him.
“Nice talking to you guys, till tomorrow i guess” Irene said.
“No, if you’re bored,you can come out and talk to us.” Tom said.
“okay. Bye” Irene said walking to the door.
“Hey! I’ve never seen you so chatty. What’s up?” Eric asked Tom and he smiled.
He can boldly say Irene is the only nanny he likes out of Ivory’s nannies.
She acts so different from others,so cool and responsible and she doesn’t go about asking for how to seduce Mr Harold.

“I feel good about her, that’s all” Tom shrugged.
“Really? You sure?” Eric teased.
“C’mon man! I have a fiancee” Tom said with pride.
“I know, i know. Just teasing” Eric said.
“I also feel good about her, i like the fact that she’s so different from Betty” Eric said.
“Me too”
“I’ll be back” Eric said starting the car, he started driving towards the garage while Tom walked to their quarters.


Irene placed dishes in the dishwasher after she was done eating her breakfast.
“Once you’re done with that, I’ll show you the rest of the building” Nola said.
“Okay” Irene said.
She missed Damien so much, he had called her yesterday and she almost cried when he said he missed her already.
Even with how comfortable she feels here, she still can’t wait to go home.

“I’m done Nola” Irene said wiping her hands off a napkin.
“Okay dear” Nola adjusted her apron as she stood up.
“You so much love staying in the kitchen, don’t you?” Irene asked.
“I do.. i don’t know when the kitchen became my best friend” Nola said and Irene laughed.

They both walked out of the kitchen to continue their tour of the building.


The last place Nola showed her was the pool and Irene had been tempted to swim but she didn’t even when Nola told her that Harold have no problem with his workers in his pool.
The water looked so pure and fine.
“So, that’s all” Nola said.
“Really?” Irene asked, they just passed the door of a room and Irene expected Nola to tell her whose room it was.
Though, It doesn’t look like anyone is living there and the door looks so different from the ones in the house.

“Yes” Nola said.
“What of that door?” Irene asked.
” That door? Just think of it like it doesn’t exist” Nola said.
“Why?” Irene asked curiously and Nola sighed.
“All i know is it’s a sacred room and Harold hates anyone going there, he’ll sack you immediately he finds you prying. ” Nola said.
“Really?” Irene asked.
“Do not try to violate his order ” Nola warned.

And as Irene trailed behind Nola, she couldn’t help but grow so curious.

What could be in that room?


To be continued….

What could be in that room??? 🤔

Who can guess that???

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1 month ago

Secret room in a beautiful mansion, what could be in the room

Jidda mj
Jidda mj
1 month ago

Cant guess but am sure its something very important..stay on yr lane irene do not be tempted…thanks authoress

Chiamaka juliana
Chiamaka juliana
1 month ago

Just let the curiosity slide Irene

Erakpoweri Blessing
Erakpoweri Blessing
1 month ago

Irene better mind ur business and Don’t go checking wats in tht secret room

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
1 month ago

I think the secret room is Cassie Ivory Mum or its for Harold parent