Their wedding was one I watched with joy, in short, I giggled uncountable times while watching it. Two things stood out for me, firstly, they were practically having fun and I love to see couples enjoy their day and not worry so much about how perfect or not perfect things turned out.

Secondly, the funny glances they were catching of themselves occasionally was so romantic, I didn’t know when I practically screamed, “I love love”

You can understand the shock I felt when their marriage hit the rocks. This it did in the most undesired way, she was still pregnant for their first child when they went their separate ways. I don’t know them personally but I was heartbroken.

When she finally was set to talk about the breakup, I watched the full interview with keen interest; not to judge them, of course not, they were a couple I loved so much but to understand what truly went wrong.

I didn’t know when I screamed, ” just that” when she told the interviewer that she still can’t explain how the marriage failed. They started from not talking to themselves for days until it got so bad that she had to move out to get proper care since she was with child. “We gave it our best, I guess that wasn’t good enough, I still don’t regret the marriage”, she said.

I could see she was fighting really hard to hold back her tears and I didn’t know when I started crying, my inability to see my phone screen clearly made me realized I was crying.

As I pondered on her words, especially the line, “we gave it our best”, it instilled in me a special kind of love for people who struggle with things they really can’t explain.

Hear me, that man who graduated two years ago but finds it hard to secure a job might actually be giving in his best.

That lady who isn’t yet married might actually be giving her romantic relationship her best.

That married couple who is yet to have a child and you pass silly comments behind their back might actually be giving in their best.

That fat lady you call mockingly, biggie might actually be giving in her best to lose weight.

My mother used to tell me that, there are some things we might never understand and I remember the lyrics of Buchi’s song, the line that said, “many questions I want to ask God when we get to heaven” but until then, can I please appeal to us to relate with people with compassion?

A lot of readers of NOW YOU ARE MARRIED told me their best chapter was the one dedicated to DEALING WITH DELAYS as they could literally hear me talking to them. I wrote straight from my heart

I love examinations, in short, I can’t understand why people dread or fail examinations but one day I finally understood when I saw a colleague weep while she told me, “Ody, you see the way I read but I still fail examinations”.

It then dawned on me that her failing examinations had nothing to do with her not reading. She just couldn’t get high grades no matter how much she read.

Some things a lot of people enjoy in life are as a result of grace: this doesn’t mean they don’t work hard for those things. My emphasis is on SOME.

Be careful how you mock those struggling with things that comes easy and natural for you. Life might eventually make you understand and you might not forgive yourself.

Inasmuch as we want to preach the messages of don’t dull, hard work or don’t slack, let’s also remember there is a place for spiritual warfare, grace and timing.



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