Whatever I Give In A Relationship By Nkechi Bianze

Whatever I Give In A Relationship By Nkechi Bianze

Whatever I Give In A Relationship By Nkechi Bianze

I have a policy: whatever I give in a relationship, I give it knowing that the relationship might end. I do NOT give or do anything in a relationship with the hope that the person will stick with me or marry me as a result.

If I build a house for a man, I know he might still not marry me.
If I give a man my kidney, I know he might still not marry me.
If I do ANYTHING for ANYONE, I do it knowing that the person is at liberty of not appreciating and not reciprocating.

Dear men and women,

Listen and listen good.

Do NOT train a your girlfriend or fiancee in school because you think they will marry you after they graduate. She might dump you for an asshole or a better man. It’s her decision.

Do NOT start from scratch with a man thinking he will definitely stick with you after he makes it. He might dump you for a girl who never gave him a glass of water.

Do NOT get pregnant thinking he will marry you. If you like have 12 children back to back, he will still dump you if he wants to.

Do NOT do anything for anyone thinking they will repay you with marriage.

Do NOT lose your virginity to a guy because you think that will make him marry you. He might not. Virginity is gone after the first penetration. It does NOTHING to make a man stick with you. He might still dump you for a retired prostitute and they will have a happy marriage.

Let me tell you this: DUMPING A GIRLFRIEND OR BOYFRIEND IS NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENSE! Anyone can dump you at anytime and nothing will happen. That person you have sacrificed for can leave you for another person… they have the 100% right to leave you whenever they want.

The ONLY person whose actions and decisions you can control 100% is yours!

I am a sucker for loyalty. I believe in loyalty. I believe that people who treat me well deserve a correlated dose of my loyalty and goodwill.
I also understand that you CANNOT force anyone to reciprocate your niceness and loyalty. And that’s the reason why my loyalty is NOT cheap.

Nkechi Bianze

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