THE WISHING WELL SEASON 2 EP 7 by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)

Trying to convince someone with a story he has no memory of is like pouring water on a stone. The story can also sound like that of cock and bull folktale. It was exactly the sound of Kiana’s story in Dr. Ade’s ears inside his office. He didn’t have a clear conviction of what she was trying to substantiate so vividly. So he sat back on his executive chair, watching Kiana shed confuse tears. The young girl reached to the old newspaper that was on his table, flung it open to display the meteor rocks. She pointed at it saying with all seriousness, “This happened after the accident! Flaming rocks fell from the sky which killed students and destroyed properties. And it was as a result of Nancy Williams’ wish coz we all made a wish at a well after the accident…”

“You and who?” Dr Ade interrupted.

“We are four. We discovered that for our wishes to be granted, lives must be taken. That was when late Dr Danny discovered through Judge, the psychopath, that my wish will have him killed.”

Hearing that, the vice chancellor remembered Judge’s uncharacteristic attitude towards the paper he held in his hand the previous day. “So what was your wish that had Dr Danny killed and why can’t anybody remember these things?” he asked in a cool calmed voice.

“That’s because I wished the accident never happened thereby turning back the hands of the clock which has resulted to a mandatory death of four of us who have the knowledge of the past. One of us is already dead” Kiana moved closer to the old man and took his hand like a daughter to her father. “You really need to help us sir, please. Mr Chuks is the masterminder of this whole thing!”

He leaned forward from his seat. “You mean Mr Chuks Emenike?”

“Yes, sir” Kiana told the remaining part of the story that involved Prisca and her own well too.

Dr Ade, the vice chancellor, of Touch-Hill university barged out from his office with Kiana beside him. Not that he couldn’t make a call or instruct securities to get Mr Chuks before his table, but he was a man of action and loves doing things by himself. Though immediately he stepped out from his office, securities followed him. Their movement towards the natural science building was like that of soldier ants, escaping from insecticide. Students who saw them wondered what was happening in school. None had an idea of the dark secret that revolved around the school like the earth around the sun. Getting to Mr Chuks’ office, they saw only Anderson shedding tears on the floor. He was on a sitting posture like a child sent out from home. Kiana rushed him before VC and his men could approach closer.

“Anderson?” she bent down with a hand on his shoulder. Seeing him in tears, she began to shed hers too. “What’s the problem, Anderson?”

“It’s Nancy” he sniffed.

Kiana looked around with a dim sight due to lump of tears that covered her eyes. “What about her? Where is she?”

“She just ran out. She gonna die.” he looked at her with more tears. “Ana, Nancy has gotten the death mark too”

The innocent girl couldn’t say anything but held her friend across the shoulder like a mother to her child, both, crying bitterly. She directed her eyes to the VC that heard everything. “Sir, please, help us. We are so innocent to die this way for what we don’t know. Please, help us” she cried.

Dr. Ade ordered that Mr Chuks should be apprehended after they found out he wasn’t in the office. He then said to Kiana, “Can you take us to the broken well where Juel and the young girl fell into?”

She nodded and stood up with Anderson.
Anderson and Kiana stood before the vice chancellor’s table. However, they had gone to the broken well and came back, just waiting for a report to confirm Juel’s and Prisca’s dead bodies coz policemen were sent to do that. Expectantly, a knock came at the door. One of the policemen entered. “Sir, there was no dead body found at the broken well?” he reported.

“Did you make sure you got to the bottom of the well?” Dr. Ade asked.

“Yes sir”

Silence took over as Kiana wondered where her boyfriend could be.

“Impossible!” Anderson broke the silence. “We saw them fall inside the well!” he directed his eyes to the VC who said, “But you just heard the policeman”

“So should we believe that they are dead or alive?” Kiana interfered.

“Can a dead body suddenly disappear from his state of rest, miss Desmond?”

She kept quiet.

Dr Ade turned to the policeman. “I want you to take your men. Mr Chuks Emenike should be our target now. Do everything you can to get him by tomorrow morning”

“Yes, sir!” the man left.

He turned to the students. “I wouldn’t want you both and miss Williams to pannic. There must be a way to prevent your lives. That’s why Mr Chuks must be apprehended.”

The students kept quiet.

“But we need to visit his wishing well” he added in a low voice.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, sir” Kiana began. “Because, you can’t step into the den without making a wish. And I believe you know the consequences of that?”

“What if you refuse to make a wish?”

“You die immediately you leave the den” Anderson replied.

Dr Ade had to lean back on his seat with a finger, scratching his beards. He just found out that the issue was a complicated one.
It had become dark when the two students went straight to Nancy’s lodge. Anderson knocked at the door then pushed it open. The rusty sound from it seemed like the one normally heard from horro movies. Both entered to see Nancy seated on her bed with a milky pyjamas that made her pant visible. Seeing her breasts on the pyjamas was equivalent to seeing it stake naked without it. Kiana glanced at Anderson for a reason the young man never knew.

“Nancy?” Kiana met her on the bed, while Anderson watched them as if they were about to practice lesbianism. She held her across the shoulder not only like a caring mother but also like a concern one. “I want you to have hope. Nothing will happen to you.”

“When I’ve gotten the mark already?” Nancy found her voice.

“Something can still happen if Mr Chuks is caught”

She kept quiet. Then began to shed tears. “I never knew my life will end like this, Ana?” she looked at her with the tears. “Just look at me, my parents’ hope is on me as the only child. What will happen to them if I die now?” she cried. Meanwhile, Kiana had started crying too by just seeing her tears due to how fragile her heart was. Nancy brought out a letter which she stretched to Anderson saying, “Locate my home, and give it to my parents, please”

Anderson took it with a very sad expression. He wanted to leave the room but Nancy’s voice stopped him.

“Where are you going to?”

The young man swallowed hard. “To my lodge. Ana will be staying with you tonight”

“I want you to stay too”

Her statement again sounded very romantic to the poor guy. Therefore he couldn’t resist the request as cloud of tears started forming on his eyes. “Is okay” he managed to say.

Kiana read their attitude and said, “Or should I go while both of you..”

“No” Nancy and Anderson interrupted her at the same time which looked more suspicious to Kiana.

“Alright” she concluded.

In the midnight, like the sudden pass away of a shadow, Nancy’s ghost left the room. Kiana, who laid with her on the bed, felt it then woke up and put on the light. She first glanced at Anderson on the floor before directing her eyes to Nancy. She touched her. “Nancy?”

No response.

She shook her. “Nancy”

No response.

She tapped her cheek. “Nancy!”

No response. Already, her voice had woken Anderson who jumped up from the floor to them on the bed. He also tapped her hardly. “Nancy!”

No response.

“Oh God!” Kiana began to cry with two hands on her head like one who’s tired of living.

“Nancy, wake up!” Anderson was still shaking her vigorously without minding the bouncing movement of her breast. “Please, wake up, wake up, wake up” his voice dwindled in cry while his eyes let out the tears. “No!” he shouted in a loud broken voice. Of course, Kiana cried hers from the floor where she sat hopelessly. Suddenly, Anderson wanted to rush out of the room but Kiana stopped him saying, “Where are you going to?”

“To the wishing well”

“What?” she stood up to him. “Going there at this hour of the night for what?”

“For the same reason I was there at the first time”

“Don’t be stupid!” Kiana sniffed in tears. “Whatever wish you gonna make there will cause more death!”

“I don’t care!” he shrieked, while silence took over as if another shadow just passed by.

Kiana glanced at Nancy’s dead body. “Well, you can’t leave me all alone with her. I’m scared!”

Anderson also glanced at the dead body. “Then follow me” he said.



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1 month ago

Hmm! Still going there to make another wish??