THE SILENT TRUTH Part 3 – Dickson’s diary

THE SILENT TRUTH Part 1 - Dickson's diary

THE SILENT TRUTH Part 3 – Dickson’s diary

I opened the creaky front door of our small, weathered house, my heart heavy with a secret that weighed on my soul. The sun was setting, casting long shadows across the room, as I, Emily, entered our once-familiar sanctuary. The day had been grueling, marked by actions born of desperation, actions that would change our lives forever.

My older sister, Mira, and our mother followed behind me, their faces etched with exhaustion and apprehension. We had sold our bodies that day, driven to the brink by the relentless pressure of our dire financial circumstances. It was a choice we had never imagined making, but we had believed it was our only way out.

But as I crossed the threshold into our home, my world shattered. There, lying motionless on the bare floor, was our father. His eyes stared blankly into an unknown abyss, his chest still. I rushed towards him, my heart pounding, and called out to him, “Dad!”

Mira, her voice laced with panic, joined me, shaking our father in a desperate attempt to rouse him from his eerie stillness. But there was no response, only an agonizing silence that echoed through the room. “Dad!” Mira’s voice quivered, but he remained unresponsive, oblivious to the chaos unfolding around him.

Our mother’s trembling hand reached out and touched his lifeless chest, her eyes welling up with tears. “He is dead,” she whispered, her voice cracking with grief. She sank to the floor, her sobs echoing through the room like a haunting melody of sorrow.

The three of us were frozen in shock, staring at the lifeless form of our father. It was a revelation that would haunt us for the rest of our days—a chilling truth that shattered the illusions we had clung to. We had sacrificed our dignity and our very souls, all in the name of survival. And now, we were confronted with a corpse lying before us—a testament to the unforgiving cost of our choices.

As the youngest, I felt the weight of our predicament most keenly. My dreams, my aspirations, all lay shattered around me. The man for whom I had willingly sacrificed my future, the man who had been the bedrock of our lives, was now gone. The farmland of my dreams had been tilled without mercy, and all that remained was a barren wasteland of regrets.

Amidst the haze of grief and despair, a silent truth began to emerge—an agonizing realization that would shape the course of our lives. Prostitution should never have been an option. The path we had chosen, the darkness we had descended into, had led us to this devastating moment. We had paid a price too high to comprehend, and we could never undo the damage we had inflicted upon ourselves.

As we clung to each other in our shared sorrow, the silent truth echoed through our souls like a haunting refrain. We had allowed desperation to blind us, to lead us down a treacherous path, and the cost had been immeasurable. The message was clear: No matter the circumstances, prostitution should never be seen as a solution. It was a path that led to nothing but despair, heartache, and irreversible loss.

In the days that followed, we vowed to honor our father’s memory by seeking a different, more honorable path towards a brighter future. We reached out for help, seeking the support we so desperately needed. We discovered that there were organizations and individuals willing to extend a helping hand to those in need, to provide alternatives to the dark choices we had made.

As we embarked on the difficult journey of rebuilding our lives, the silent truth remained with us, a constant reminder of the price we had paid and the importance of finding strength in unity and seeking help in times of need. Our story became a testament to resilience, a beacon of hope for others facing desperate circumstances. We had learned the hard way that, even in the darkest of times, there are better, more dignified paths to follow than the one we had chosen.

The End.

©️ Dickson’s diary

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Chinwendu marvelous
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