Some Nigerian parents will make their children by Nkechi Bianze

Some Nigerian parents will make their children by Nkechi Bianze

Some Nigerian parents will make their children skip one, two, three classes claiming they are “too intelligent”; then take them to special centers for their WAEC and JAMB! ???

A true genius and/or highly intelligent child does NOT need special centers to slay all As. They do it with their brains EFFORTLESSLY!

Who are you deceiving? Keep deceiving yourselves and raising dysfunctional children.

How come it’s almost always only in Nigeria we produce these “genuis” children who are too brilliant to do all their classes?

Most other genius children in other parts of the world are known for a number of inventions, what have our millions of class-skipping geniuses invented?

Your child is NOT genius… your child is a victim of your ignorance who has been so unfortunate to have his/her childhood disrupted because you wanted to earn silly bragging rights and tell the world how your 13-year old is already in University.

A 13year old should be in JSS2 or JSS3. Not writing JAMB.


The ridiculous age demands by employers and the financial situation explanations are cheap excuses I wouldn’t buy.

We all know that a VAST MAJORITY of parents who push their children like this do NOT have any of those issues in mind. Most of them are actually financially capable. They just want to compete and brag with their children.

You tell us that your child was too intelligent s/he had to skip classes. But when it’s time to write WAEC and JAMB, you look for special centers or machineries to write it for them.

A “genius” who needs special center to make all As is just a poor unfortunate round victim who has been through in a square hole. A “kpomo” head so to say. ?

Genius indeed! ??


And you school owners who keep dashing students “double promotion”, most of you are sick. You don’t deserve any form of license or accreditation to run an academic institution.

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9 months ago

It is a gud thing to gain speed in life but u must follow d due prosess for their child education

9 months ago

Thank you!
I’m excited already for the new story ?