Our Esteemed Story Lovers, we need your advice here | Pls Read!!!

Our Esteemed Story Lovers

Our esteemed story lovers, we need your advice here on how to make this site a better hub for you
Plans are on the way to begin a new story very soon and lots of fantastic stories awaits you.

The question is this…

Can we post two or more stories together on this site?

For example posting two episodes of THE ELDERS DAUGHTER and then the next post you see another two episodes of JUST AFTER I SAID I DO?
Hope it won’t confuse you?

And please if you have any idea on how to serve you better, please do not hesitate to drop your comment below.

Your happiness is our priority.


  1. Comment:i think it will confuse some of your readers & u will beging to recieve some comments that u will nt like so i think u should post one at a time.u can use the time you want to use in posting the other story to post more episode of the one you choose if you were planning to post episodes from the 2 story in a day bt if nt,then we hav 1 at a time.thank u

  2. Let me start by commending your efforts and the that of our esteemed writers. If posting two episode of each story wont be tasking then personally it wont be confusing for me. Some of your stories about marriage have really improved my relationship with my wife, may God bless you as He endow you with more strength and wisdom to serve us. Thank you.

  3. As far as the name of each story is written at the top no confusion…. U can post as many as u want. Thanks opradre. God bless you

  4. I support Enny part comment the name of each story will written boldly no confusion. This is not the first time you are written two story together

  5. Thanks so much for putting the interest of your readers at heart, you are good to go as long as the stories has topics so it won’t be confusing. Keep up the good work.

  6. Comment: thanks to all the writers. I will suggest that the titles are in bold letters with the riders for clarification. I love all the stories most especially Isokene. lt’s wonderful. The story brought me addicted to Opradre.com. God bless.


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