MY PAINS Part 61


My attitudes still remained the same towards him.
I tried calling Bayo, but his line weren’t reachable and he didn’t come online.
Ibrahim, still kept on pleading as usual.
“Baby, please get dressed let’s go out for a family dinner like we used to do”, he said calmly, one
I kept mute, like i didn’t hear him.
“Can we please go out for a family dinner?” He asked.
I still kept mute.
“Mommy, please get ready let’s go”, Johnson pleaded.
I still kept mute.
“Listen to my daddy na”, Johnson said.
Ibrahim was pleading.
Johnson, started crying.
Johnson! Enough of all this your cries ok! Let me be, i said angrily, and walked away.
No matter how he kept on pleading, i didn’t change my attitudes, instead it was becoming worse day by
A week later, Bayo was online.
I was on a call with Bayo.
“Sincerely, i miss you”, Bayo said calmly.
I miss you too here, i said.
“What will be will be. How is your husband and Johnson?” He asked.
Johnson, is fine. I don’t care about him, he isn’t my husband. Please, don’t ask me about him again, I
“Dear listen, noting can change the fact that he is your husband. I thought you would have forgiven him,
before now. It’s obvious he loves you and he only made a mistake, no one is perfect. Please, i’m pleading
on his behalf”, Bayo said, on the phone.
“Bayo please, stop it ok, stop. You talk like you don’t know all i had been through. If you were to be in
my position would you forgive him?” I asked him almost in tears.
“Yes, i would”, Bayo said.
“Please, let’s change the topic. You are hurting me, I said as tears rolled down my face.”
“I’m sorry”, he said.
“Dear, i don’t want to be the reason why you won’t be back with your family. My mom had always told
me then never do things for my own selfish reasons. Please, i am pleading again forgive him.”
“You are hurting me the more, Bayo. Please, stop it”, i said to him on the phone. My tears were
increasing the more.
“Dear”, he said.
I miss you so much, Bayo. I love you, i said to him, crying on the phone.
“I love you too. I can’t easily get over you. I think about you every seconds that I breath”, Bayo said.
*Bayo, God wants us to be together that’s why we met”, i said to him on the phone still crying, as i kept
on flashing back to how Bayo loved me. His kind of love was real and rare. His love is what any lady
could die for.
“God works in a way we can’t understand dear. If God wanted us to be together, things won’t happen
the way they did”, Bayo said.
“Bayo, don’t talk like that please.”
“Dear, i love you but we can’t be together. You know the condition i am now and soon if they get to
know at my work place i will receive a sack latter on my table the next day”, Bayo said.
I could feel his pains through his voice i was hearing.
“Bayo, please go for a test i believe God has changed you. I’m only here in his house because of my son
Johnson, and since Johnson isn’t ready to leave him, i would leave Johnson alone”, I said, still crying.
“Don’t do that”, Bayo said.
“Can we meet?” I asked Bayo, crying.
He kept mute.
“Bayo, please talk to me. Don’t hurt me the more. You are the one i wish to be with”, i said to Bayo on
the phone, as tears still kept on rolling down my face.
“Who are you talking to?” Ibrahim asked me angrily.
I didn’t know he had been standing, listening to my conversation.
I didn’t say a word to him.
“Hello, hello, Bayo”, i said but he had hanged up already, am sure he heard Ibrahim’s voice.
“Who called you? Or who did you call?” He asked angrily.
I looked at him angrily, and hissed.
He asked me again.
How does who i’m talking to has anything to do with you, I yelled at him angrily.
“Yes! I’m your husband and i must know who you just talked to!” He yelled at me angrily.
Husband indeed! I said.
I looked at him and hissed.
I was about to dial Bayo’s number, when he grabbed my phone from me angrily.
Give me back my phone now! I shouted at Ibrahim angrily.
“Oh wow, i thought as much. A picture of you and him wow, wow”, Ibrahim said angrily.
I saved Bayo’s number with a picture of me and him.
“I know he is the reason why you haven’t forgiven me”, Ibrahim said.
Ibrahim! Give me back my phone right now! I shouted at him angrily the more.
“No!” He shouted back angrily.
I took the glass cup of water i was drinking and poured it on his face. He was surprised.
I took my from him angrily.
Johnson, started crying.
As i opened the door about to go out he walked up to me and held my hand. The glass cup in my hand
fell and broke into pieces.
What do you want again? I asked him, looking at him angrily.
“Please forgive me, i’m sorry. It’s just that i can’t stand you loving another man”, Ibrahim said, on his
kneels, with a teary eye.
He got up and hugged me tightly to himself.
Johnson, walked up to us, crying. He held him also.
I started crying.


The next day in the morning, kazeem came.
He looked so thin, he had lost weight.
After greetings and all, i asked him what happened. He said he had been sick for three months, he just
got better two weeks ago. I really felt pity for him.
Lord, please save your children don’t let us go through pains, i said in my mind, as i kept on looking at
kazeem as he was talking.
He talked to me, to forgive his cousin Ibrahim.
Am sure, Ibrahim was the one who called him, for him to come plead on his behalf, as kazeem is his best
cousin, they are just like brothers.
For him to had taken his time from where he lived to come to our house and when he just recovered
two weeks ago, i felt he was really nice.
I had to pretend again, like i had truly forgiven Ibrahim.
I prepared food, we all ate happily. Johnson, too was happy.
He spent hours, before he left.
When he left, we came in and sat on the same chair.
“I’m happy we back together, happy again”, Ibrahim said.
Don’t think i have forgiven you, i said and got up.
“But”…he said, i cut him off.
But what? I told you the only reason i’m here is because of my son Johnson, i said and walked away.
Joyce and Abel, still kept on calling me to forgive him. After so much persuasion from Joyce to send my
address that they wanted to come, i sent it.
Some days later, Joyce and Abel came.
Johnson, was so happy on seeing them.
To cut the long story short, they talked to both us. They talked to me to forgive him.
I told them, i have heard what they said.
When they were about leaving, i approached Abel.
I don’t know why you want us to be back together. His mom dislikes me because i am a christian, his
elder sister dislikes me ever since she got to know i converted to a christian after we got married. I have
been through a lot. Not all my story i can tell now, i said to Abel, as tears rolled down my face.
“I understand you. You have to be patient. The Bible says tho sorrows may last for a night, but joy
commeth in the morning”, Abel said.
I sighed.
“Yeah, don’t try to destroy what God is working out well for you “, Abel said.
But he is a musilm, i don’t think God is really the one who wants us to be together again, i said.
“You are married. The Bible never supports divorce or separation. God is in control. Just keep on
praying, there is noting God can’t change.”
Yeah, i said and sighed, whipping my tears with my hand.
Abel placed his hand on my shoulder and told me it’s well. Joyce, hugged me. They both hugged Johnson
too before they entered their car and left.
When they left, i entered the house and walked up to the room, Ibrahim followed me.
“I’m sorry”, Ibrahim said, looking at me.
I’m sorry too, i said.
He was very surprised.
“I love you”, Ibrahim said.
I love you too, i said smiling.
He walked closer to me and hugged me.
“I want to let you know something”, Ibrahim said.
What’s that? I asked him.
“I love you, no matter what happens i will never let you. My life is just noting without you. Today is one
of the happiest day in my life. I missed you so much”, he said, still hugging me.
I miss you so much too, i said holding him with my hands at his back and my head on his chest.
I missed him so much. I missed that nice smell of him. I remembered the day a man walked into my
boutique and came closer to me to ask me some questions, i kept on looking at him, his perfume
fragrance made me remember Ibrahim so much that day, when the man left i broke down crying. I only
treated him that way because of what he did to me, i still had feelings for him. I really missed him. I love
him right from the first day we met.
We started kissing, after a while he carried me and placed me on our bed.
To be continued.
I’m sure Abel must have prayed for me to forgive him before he and Joyce came.
The next day.
He woke up before me.
“Good morning, baby”, he said smiling.
Good morning, i said yawning.
I looked at him, smiling. He came closer to me and kissed me on my lips.
Stop..i said smiling.
“What is it again?” He asked.
You know i don’t like it when i haven’t brushed.
“I do”, he said smiling.
He held me closer to himself, our faces were closer to each other. We were both smiling, staring at each
“You can’t maintain an eye contact “, he said.
I laughed.
” Tell me how you want us to spend the day?” He asked smiling, adjusting my hair that was covering my
I kept mute, smiling.
“Answer me”, he said, looking directly into my eye.
I don’t know, i said to him still smiling.
“I wish i could spend the whole day in bed with you alone”, he said.
His hand was still on my hair, and the other of his hand on my body.
You not serious, i said and giggled.
“I’m baby”, he said and kissed me on my lips.
We kept on talking and smiling, till we heard a knock at the door.
“Mommy! Come and and open the door!” Johnson yelled, turning the knob of the door.
Son, i’m coming, i said.
“Okay!” Johnson said.
Ibrahim, got up to go open the door for him.
“Daddy!” He said happily, as he opened the door for him to come in.
“My boy”, Ibrahim said and carried him.
Hope you slept well? I asked Johnson, smiling.
” Yes”, he replied, nodding his head.
“Are you sure?” Ibrahim asked him.
“Yes, i am sure”, he replied.
Johnson, looked at both of us surprised, he kept on smiling.
Johnson, why are you looking at us like that? I asked him, smiling.
He didn’t say a word, he just smiled.
Ibrahim and i, both laughed.
“Where do you want us to go today”, he asked Johnson.
“Anywhere”, Johnson replied him.
Is anywhere a place? I asked him, laughing.
“Mommy, why are you laughing”, Johnson asked me.
“Don’t mind her”, Ibrahim said.
You have started again o, i said to Ibrahim.
He looked at me and laughed.
“I will take you to go cut your hair first”, he said to Johnson.
But, it’s still okay, i said.
” Yeah, but i want him to have a different hair cut like mine”, he said smiling.
No o, i like the hair cut. It fits him well, i said.
“What do you know about men’s hair cut.”
I looked at him, smiling.
“Don’t you want to change your hair cut?” He asked Johnson.
“Yes”, Johnson replied.
So, you don’t like your hair cut? I asked him.
” Yes”, Johnson said.
“I told you”, Ibrahim said and laughed.
You and your dad are the same o, you are the younger version of him, i said.
Ibrahim, laughed out loudly.
I prepared breakfast, we ate happily.
We went out later, we had a lot of fun before we came back.
In the evening, we tuned the TV to our favorite channel to watch.
Things were going on well. Johnson, was registered in a new school. I took him to where i relocated my
boutique to.
We started living happily, than ever.
A month later.
Johnson, later kept on telling his dad not to call him ” Ahmed”, that he is a christian and not a muslim
Ibrahim kept on complaining, that he didn’t like the way the pastor changed Johnson. But, i was very
happy the way they brought him up in the way of Christ.
One saturday, Ibrahim was outside washing his car. Johnson was outside too playing. I sat in the
“Ahmed!”, Ibrahim called him.
He stopped playing and turned back.
“Daddy, have told you my name is not Ahmed again”, he said, walking up to meet him.
“And who even told you that?” He asked Johnson.
“Mr and Mrs Abel, my second mommy and daddy said Ahmed is a muslim name and i am a christian”,
Johnson said.
“Wow! He said surprised. They are not your parents okay! He shouted at Johnson. Ahmed, is your name
Johnson, stood still looking at him.
Later that evening, Ibrahim came to me, still complaining about Johnson.
“I will change him myself”, he said angrily and left.
It was serious, he wanted Johnson to practice his own religion. But Johnson wasn’t ready to.
Two weeks later.
Bayo, called me.
He told me he fell ill and he went to that same hospital for a check up. To cut the story short, he said the
doctor confirmed him HIV negative. He said even the doctor couldn’t believe it, the doctor had to carry
out the test twice before he believed. He said he went to another hospital for a test to be very sure, and
they said he is HIV negative. Bayo, was just so happy. He thanked me so much for inviting him to the
program. I told him not to forget to share the testimony at Abel’s church, he said he was going to do so.
He asked me about my family, i told him we were doing fine that we had settled. He was happy that we
were reunited. I was so happy for Bayo too, i went down on my kneels to thank God.
One thursday evening, we were in the living room. I was about leaving for an evening service.
Johnson! I called him, he was in his room.
“Church, church, church again. Don’t you get tired?” Ibrahim said.
I’m a Christian. I must go to church, i said to him.
“If you are true christian you will pack your things and start living in church”, he said.
I will soon do that, i said.
“Everyday church, sometimes you won’t sleep at home at night, in the name you are going for vigil”, he
I looked at him and laughed.
Son! What are you still doing!? I shouted so he could hear me.
” Rara o, he is not going with you”, Ibrahim said.
Huh… I said.
“Yes, you are free to go but he isn’t going”, Ibrahim said.
Why? I asked him.
“Church early morning, church morning, church afternoon, church evening, church night, church
midnight, na wa o!”, he said.
I almost wanted to laugh.
“Ahmed, isn’t going with you “, he said.
And you, are you not supposed to me at mosque now? I asked him.
“Am not going”, he said.
Do you ever go, i said to him.
“I pray you realise yourself one day, and stop going every time, early morning, morning, afternoon,
evening, night, midnight. Sometimes you leave this house for days, that you going to camp. Na wa o.
You had better start going now, before you go and tell your pastor i delayed you”, he said.
And i pray that one day, you will give your life to Christ, i said to him.
“Na you know that one. Ahmed isn’t going with you, that’s it”, he said.
So you want him not to go to a church or mosque? I asked him that so it won’t be like i was against his
“He will soon start going to mosque”, he said.
I looked at him and sighed.
“Ma lo o”, he said.
Have heard you, i said to him.
“That your church that likes money. They can collet offering up to ten times.”
Haahann, i said with my mouth open.
“E gba”, he said giving me two five hundred nair notes for offering.
I collected it from him.
I will use this as a contact to pray for you, so you can give your life to Christ.
“Na, you know”, he said and turned to the TV.
That’s how it continued stopping Johnson from going to church with me.
Four months later.
We were in our room in the night. I prayed as a christian, he said his prayer as a muslim, before we laid
on the bed.
“Baby”, he said.
Yes dear, i said.
“Thought you were already sleeping.”
No, i said.
“Why? What are you thinking of?”
Noting, i said.
“Then why are you still awake?”
We just prayed not up to 45mintues ago na, ha!, i said, tired of his questions.
“Am not ready for all those your attitudes this night o”, he said.
Whatever, i said and hissed.
“Anyway, my mom is coming tomorrow”, he said.
Tomorrow? I asked him.
” Yes.”
And you didn’t tell me since.
“C’mon, you know how she does, she just told him this evening”, he said.
Wow, i said.
“What’s wrong?” He asked me.
Noting, i said.
“Ok oo. Good night. I want to sleep now”, he said, and put off the light, covering himself with the

The next day in the afternoon, his mom arrived, greeted her well.
I prepared food for her, she ate.
At evening time.
“Ahmed, wa bi,(Ahmed, come here), she called Johnson.
Johnson, stopped what he was doing and walked up to her.
“My name is not Ahmed”, he said, looking at her.
She looked at him, surprised.
“Ahmed, is not your name?” She asked him.
“Yes”, he said boldly.
“Haaaa”, she screamed, and looked at Ibrahim.
Ibrahim, kept mute. She turned to look at Johnson.
“Who told you, your name is not Johnson?” She asked Johnson, looking at him seriously.
“I’m a Christian. Ahmed is a muslim name”, Johnson said to her.
She turned her face to me, looking at me in anger, i turned my eyes away from her direction.
“Muslim ni yen o! Don’t let anyone deceive you, ok!” She said to him.
“No, i’m not”, he said, angrily.
She kept on telling him he is muslim. Johnson, kept on auguring with her.
Later he started preaching to her.
“Haaaaaaaaa”, she screamed in surprise with her hands on her head, as Johnson was preaching to her.
Ibrahim, looked at Johnson in anger, like , ‘You this boy, i have been warning you.’
“Ha, kiloshele o?” She asked her son, still surprised.
I got up and walked away, because of the angry face she was giving me, like i caused it.
They still kept on auguring, i heard Ibrahim talking as i walked up the stairs to the room.
At night, we kept on auguring.
“Now, you can see all you have caused”, he said, looking at me angrily.
Am i the one who told him his name isn’t Ahmed? I asked him in anger.
“As if you are not in support, or you think i don’t know you still take him along to your church when i am
not at home”, Ibrahim said.
I do not force him like you do ok! Johnson, has the right to choose which of his parent religion he wants
to practice. I’m not forcing him like you do! I yelled at him angrily.
“Just keep quite, do not annoy me the more. My mom is mad at everything, and you are the cause.
Don’t frustrate me the more”, he yelled at me angrily.
He was standing, i was sitting on the bed.
I never did anything wrong, don’t shout at me! I yelled back at him in anger.
“I shouldn’t shout when my mom is very angry. You know all this will be a problem, but you still kept on
taking Johnson with you to church. I wonder if you ever want peace in our home, he said, angrily the
Johnson, has the right to choose any religion he wants. After all, according to the law one has the right
to practice any religion, and Johnson chose to practice mine, is that why you are just so mad, i said in
“Wow, Mrs Lawyer. Are you not the one who doesn’t want him to practice my religion, my religion is
bad like you say”, he said.
I never said your religion is bad ok.
“Even though you don’t say it, your reactions show it, because if you don’t feel it’s bad you won’t stop
Ahmed from practicing my religion. You have no respect for my religion “, he said, looking at me angrily.
I did not force Ahmed, if that’s your problem.
“You do. I let him practice your religion yet you don’t want him to practice mine. Now you see the
problem it has caused”, he said.
Enough! Enough! Ok.
We kept on qurelling, till the door opened, immediately we paused, Johnson, walked in.
“Weather you like it or not, your name is Ahmed, and you are a muslim”, he said to Johnson in anger.
Johnson, stood quietly looking at him, before he walked away.
We continued qurelling again, till i got up to leave for Johnson’s room.
I opened his door, as i switched on the light, he raised his face up immediately, Johnson, was crying. I
knew the reason why he was. I sat on his bed petting him.
Johnson, don’t cry please. All will be fine, i said to him.
“Grandmother, shouted at me angrily, she said if i say i am a christian again she will beat me very well”,
Johnson, said as he was crying.
She won’t beat you, she’s just lying to you, i said, to Johnson almost in tears. I knew at that time she
hated me already, thinking i changed Johnson.
“She will beat me. She took my Bible from my room today, she took my super book and other books Mr
and Mrs Abel bought for me. She said i must not say ‘Jesus’ again”, Johnson said, as he cried out.
I was surprised, i didn’t know she had done all that. I still kept on petting him.
“Don’t mind her. It’s ok, don’t cry. Everything, will be fine”, i said, to Johnson.
“No, she doesn’t even like you again, she said you are the one forcing me to be a christian. She said
daddy is the cause for marrying a christian like you”, he said, crying.
This is really serious, i said in my mind, as the tears in my eyes began to roll down my face.
“She said by tomorrow, i will start going to mosque and i will start going for ‘ilekewu'”, Johnson said,
crying out the more.
No, you will not. I’m here with you ok, i said, as tears still kept on rolling down my face.
“Mommy, you are crying.”
No, i am not, i said, whipping my tears with my hand.
“You are lying, stop crying.”
I sighed.
“Mommy, why did you marry daddy that is a muslim? Johnson asked me.
His question hit my heart, as i flashed back, tears began to roll down my face again.
Johnson, looked at me waiting for an answer.
Johnson, it’s a long story you can’t understand now. I will tell you when you grow older, i said, crying.
Johnson, took his T-shirt on the bed, using it to whip my tears. I held him tightly to myself, we were both
“Mommy, daddy is in support with grandmother. I don’t want to go to mosque, if I don’t go
grandmother will beat me, i am scared of her, mommy”, he said.
You don’t have to be scared of her, ok. You are not going anywhere i am here with you, i am your
mother, i said, to Johnson.
I’m not going to let her have her way, like i did then, i said in my mind.
” Mommy, what about daddy too?” He asked.
Just leave him. Don’t cry, i am with you, son.
I kept on petting him, i tried hard to hold back my tears.
The door opened, and Ibrahim walked in.
“Continue, just continue, no wonder! Later, you will be the one telling me, you are not the one who
changed his mind. Just hear what you are telling him, he shouldn’t listen to his grandmother. You are the
cause of why he is now stubborn”, he said in anger.
I kept mute, looking at him.
“Ahmed, you had better listen to your grandmother and not her”, he said, and walked away angrily.
Mommy, see daddy now”, Johnson said, crying.
Don’t worry i am with you, he won’t do anything to you. I hugged me tightly, petting him.
I slept in his room.
The next day.
I still stayed in Johnson’s room with Johnson, to avoid his mom. Ibrahim, would open the room door,
look at me and Johnson and then leave.
Since she didn’t say a word or do anything hours, Johnson left to the living room in the evening. I felt
After about an hour i heard his mom shouting, i got up immediately from my bed, to go see what was
Oh! No! O my God, i said in my mind.
Johnson, was crying. She was shouting at him angrily to follow him to the mosque.
“I’m a christian, i am not going”, Johnson cried out.
“I said, don’t say that again!” She yelled at him angrily.
Ibrahim, stood watching. I stood on the stairs.
“I’m a christian”, Johnson said.
She raised up her hand, and slapped him on his face.
No, O my God, i said in my mind. I couldn’t believe it. I felt the pains like i was the one she slapped.
She held his hand, forcing him to go along with her.
“I’m not going to mosque”, Johnson, cried out.
I couldn’t stand to watch my own son, being forced, i walked down the stairs.
Enough!! I yelled at her angrily.
Ibrahim and his mom both turned to look at me in surprise. She still held Johnson, who was crying.
Leave my son, i said to her.
They looked at me surprised the more.
She hissed and turned her face away, pulling Johnson to go with her.
Ibrahim, walked up to me.
“You don’t just want peace, right?” He whispered in my ear.
I turned away from him, as tears rolled down my face. She was still pulling Johnson along with her. I
walked to the door, i locked the door with the key and held the keys in my hand. When she got to the
door, i pulled Johnson away from her angrily. Johnson, stood by my side, holding me tightly. Ibrahim,
stood still watching.
Me and his mom both stood still looking at each other in anger, as tears rolled down my face.
“Give me the key now”, she said, in a great anger.
No, i won’t. You can’t treat my son anyhow, i said boldly, looking at her.
The anger in her increased the more.
What’s she going to do now? I asked myself, holding Johnson tightly to myself to protect him.


“I can see you now have the boldness to dare me”, she said, in greater anger.
I still kept on looking at her.
“Let me have the key now”, she demanded.
She was about to hold Johnson, i pulled him away from her.
She looked at me, she was surprised at my reaction, she turned to look at her son.
“I can now see, you have grown stronger. For the last time give me the key”, she said.
Ma, you can’t force my son to practice the religion he doesn’t want to, i said to her.
“Will you shut up!She shouted at the top her voice. Shey o mo pe, muslim omo mi ni. Didn’t you know
my son is a muslim before you even agreed to date him to at first, or did he force you to?”
Indeed, that was true. Of course i knew he is a muslim, but i love him. I couldn’t just leave him then,
even when i did i would go back to him and tell him i am sorry. I wonder why it all happened that way.
“And just look at who calls herself a christian behaving in such manner without any respect.”
Ibrahim, was giving me signals to agree to her, but i pretended not to see him.
“You think you are wise, after getting married to my son you converted into a christian back. I have been
trying to take it easy with you and here you are opening that mouth of yours to tell me my grandson
must practice your religion”, she said with so much anger.
When you forced him to go to mosque then, i never said anything, and now he doesn’t want to, you
have no right to force him, i fired back at her.
“Am i the one you are talking to?” She raised her hand and slapped me hard on the face.
I wasn’t expecting the slap, it resounded in my ears.
“Don’t slap my mommy again!” Johnson shouted at her crying.
I placed my left hand on my face she slapped me, tears were rolling down my face.
Ibrahim, walked closer, pleading on his mom to calm down.
“Look, don’t get me annoyed the more! There are other muslim ladies but you chose this christian. It
was your fault. Look at what she is causing now”, she said, angrily looking at her son.
He still kept on pleading. He turned to me to agree to his mom for peace to reign.
I couldn’t hold my tears, i stood still crying.
“Leave, my grandson now!” She shouted at me.
No! You can’t force him! I yelled at her, crying.
“I can see, you are still proving stubborn”, She said.
She slapped me harder the more.
I felt the pains harder. I felt like reacting but i stood still crying, because she is Ibrahim’s mother, i didn’t
want to disrespect his mother up to the extent of slapping her back especially in presence.
Ibrahim, held his mom pleading on her to calm down.
I walked away with Johnson to the room.
“Don’t think because you had your way today, you will next time”, she yelled at the top of voice in great
Why did she come with her son to plead on me to come back. Not that she was even pleading, when
Ibrahim locked up Johnson in the car, she was just so satisfied like her grandchild was all that mattered.
I sat on my bed, crying in pains.
I wish i had listened to my mom, she saw a lot of things ahead i didn’t see, i said in my mind as i recalled
all what she told me then. His mom was really against my religion. Ibrahim, was just trying to be neutral,
he didn’t want to be on his mom side to hurt me and he didn’t want to be on my side to offend his mom
mother, i understood him well. Although, he was still in support of Johnson practicing his religion and
not mine, but he wasn’t imposing it on him like his mom.
“Mommy, stop crying”, Johnson kept on saying.
Why all this pains?
Lord, why me! I cried out in pains, flashing back in noting but regrets.
Why am i passing through all this this pains, why? I asked myself, crying.
What did i do to deserve all this?
I have been facing a lot of problems, about my family and his against my religion, but Lord why is it after
my fasting and praying to you two years ago my pains increased. Lord, i am not ungrateful, i am still
grateful for you keeping my son through Abel and Joyce. But, what have i done to be going through all
this? Lord, please i am sorry for questioning you, please Lord take away my pains, i cried out.
I had no one to express myself to. I laid down on my bed crying, bitterly.
” Mommy, don’t cry na. Mommy it’s okay “, Johnson said, crying also.
I’m leaving, and once i leave i am never coming back, i said in my mind as i cried out.
I took my phone to call Joyce, she picked up immediately.
“Why are you crying? What’s is happening? What’s wrong? Please, talk to me na”, Joyce said on the
I told her what was going on.
She felt for me. She encouraged me not to give up that the enemies are only trying to fight the more for
my marriage not to stand. She told to be strong that God is changing things, i just have to be patient.
” Please, dear please, don’t just give up now. There is noting God can’t change. Just keep on praying, i
am praying for you also. Please, don’t cry please. My husband wants to speak with you “, Joyce said.
Abel still kept on encouraging and telling me to keep on praying.
I’m tired of everything, i am tired”, i cried to Abel on the phone.
“I understand you well. You have to be strong don’t give up now. God is with you, He is seeing all. God is
working everything for good, you won’t know now. You still have to keep on praying, there is noting
God can’t change” Abel said.
I have fasted, i have prayed, i have tried to be patient. I don’t think God is seeing all this that’s
happening, because everything just seems to be getting worse day by day. I’m more than fed up, i just
can’t be strong anymore. I want to leave for life”, i said to Abel on the phone crying bitterly.
Abel, sighed.
“Don’t talk like that, God sees all. Just know the prayers and fasting are not in vain. God is in control.
God does not support divorce please, you have to be patient. You know what my wife and i are also
passing through, but yet we still keep on praying and believing God over the years, we believe God has
his reasons and at the right time he will answer us”, Abel said.
I cried out.
He still kept on talking to me not to give up.
” There is noting God can’t change. Your husband may the one to even become a pastor later on and he
will change his family. There is noting God can’t do. Be strong”, he said.
Have heard you, i will be strong, i said.
“Yes, my wife wants to speak to you”, Abel said.
Joyce, still spoke to me to be strong. She asked me of Johnson, i told her he was with me she told me to
give him the phone, i did. She encouraged him not to give up, that he should still keep on praying and
serving God. After talking to Johnson, she talked to me again, before i hanged up.
I’m leaving. It was all my fault for coming back with him, i am just so stupid, i said in my mind.
I still kept on crying.
The door opened, and Ibrahim came him.
“Please, it’s okay. Don’t cry please”, Ibrahim said petting me.
Don’t touch me, just leave me alone. You watched your mom slap me twice and you didn’t even say a
word, i said, to him crying.
“Please, i am sorry. It’s not that way. Please, forgive her please.”
Ibrahim kept on pleading and petting me.
Please, don’t beg me anymore. I’m tired already, i want to leave, i said, still crying.
“Baby, please don’t leave me. Please, i love you. Remember our promise then, we said we were going to
fight through even if both parents were against our religion. I love you, please. We have come this far
please don’t give up now. My mom will be going soon”, Ibrahim said.
He kept on begging and petting me, till i slept off that night

MY PAINS Part 61

To be continued.

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Bakare Temidayo
Bakare Temidayo
3 years ago

The mother-in-law is wicked

3 years ago

She’s not wise. I don’t blame Ibrahim’s mother, she made so many mistakes and marrying Ibrahim was the greatest

3 years ago

Truth of the matter is; if you’re a Christian marry a Christian and a Muslim should marry a Muslim. Love isn’t enough, can never be enough, except you’re ready to convert if not japa!

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
3 years ago

The Mother didn’t have the right to Slap her it’s not fair now and Ibrahim can’t Caution his Mum

3 years ago

Muslims marry muslims
Christians marry christians

Let peace reign pls ????????
I can’t imagine such ????????