MY GHOST BOYFRIEND (High school Teenagers)? Episode 1&2 by Ruthie Lee

MY GHOST BOYFRIEND (High school Teenagers)? Episode 1 by Ruthie Lee


(High school Teenagers)?

Episode 1 by RUTHIE LEE

Stacey’s Pov
It was Saturday evening, I sat down alone in my room staring at my dad’s picture with tears in my ears, me my mom and my two little twin brothers who are just nine just came back from my dad’s funeral, he died in a car accident, some part of my thick blond hair was glued to my face due to my tears,
“I can’t believe you left me, Jack ,jace and mom Alone” I said to the picture even though it’s worthless talking to it my dad can’t come out, my dad was fun loving kind and sweet he’s the best dad ever..

I heard my mom arguing with someone downstairs and I cleaned my tears, who dares bother my mom when we’re going going through all this trauma with my dad’s funeral.. Immediately I opened my door my one of my little brother (Jace) popped in and said

“Stacey, it’s that mean old man that who owns this house, he’s yelling at mom”
“don’t worry I’ll go check it out” I said and hurried downstairs, and then came face to face with my mom and Tomas our landlord.. I know he’s asking for his stupid rent money..

“can’t you see we just came back from a funeral ” I yanked interrupting my mom
“I don’t care, tomorrow’s final you’re leaving this house ” Tomas yelled and walked away and my mom sighed..


“I can’t believe I’ll start looking for houses this evening, ” my mom said worriedly and I got closer to her and said “it’s okay mom we’re both in this together”
“it’s okay sweetie but you and your brother should get some rest you’ve had enough for today, ” she said, mothers!! They’re just too over protective..

“please mom ” I begged but she shook her head negatively and walked to her room, i decided to make dinner but didn’t have an appetite and my two little brothers are asleep and later, I went to bed, how is life going to turn out for a seventeen years old girl when she wakes up tomorrow and gets thrown out of her house..


The Next morning, I heard my mom’s voice in my ear, “honey wake up its the next day” I shrugged and wake up immediately..

“go take your bath and brush your teeth we’re moving ” my mom said playfully and spanked my ass laughing, I was kind of surprised is this my sad and depressed mom yesterday, this playful and happy woman!? I ask my self as I took a shower and brushed my teeth,.. I put on something simple and head downstairs and was surprised some of our stuffs were gone..

“When did.. How did all this happened ” I asked my mom
“yesterday I stayed up late, and searched for houses in the internet and found one, in lexy estate” my mom said and sipped her coffee..
“what? Houses in that estate are like a billion dollar, how did you get to rent one ” my Tone comes out very high and pitchy..

“I’m surprised as you are honey, it’s very cheap it’s times threw lower than this ” she said gesturing her hand in the air.. And I gasped
“and it comes furnished too” she said and I smiled..

“so.. Are you going to stand there or join your brothers in the car, I’m just so glad I’m getting away from Tomas and his outrageous behaviour” my mom said and we laughed lightly before joining my brothers in the car..

My headphone was place on my Ear,as I listened to the song “hello” by Adele” .. We’re moving to a new house, a new environment am I going to make new friends here, I asked my self. Cause I’m actually a loner I stay alone and away from troubles, I don’t like making new friends cause they’re always had to trust..


The drive to our new house was a two hours drive, every house in these estate seems the same and beautiful it was all painted with the colour, white and sky blue, but when we got to our house I was surprised it was the same duplex as others but was painted with white and dark blue.. Huh?
The men who drove us there took our stuff in and my mom tipped them..

The man who seems like the owner of the house approached us and my mom gave him a friendly smile..
“welcome Mrs Turner, I hope you enjoy your stay in lexy and in one of our finest duplex ” he Said his English very thick..
“yes thank you I appreciate” my mom said
,he handed my mom the receipt and we All walked in happily,

“okay sweeties, go pick your rooms and let’s that arranging” my mom said and we all ran up the stairs and wow the house looks so amazing, I found a room it’s wide but looks kind of that, so I skipped it and went to the next room, as I opened the door, I smiled it was like it was calling me.. Yes This is it, I said to my self, jack and Jace found their room also and we all head back down stairs..

And wow to rearrange stuff in a new house is not as easy as it sounds we all worked out butt off putting everything in order,and my room was almost ready but I was damn tired..

My mom made late night dinner and we all ate happily, she told us we’ll finish tomorrow, and we all went to bed, during nighttime I kept hearing noise like someone walking around the hallway and that someone was wearing boots thick ones because the sound was heavy, and disturbing, I didn’t dare to check it out. So I just forget about it and slept till the next day..

I woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom, I met my mom brushing her teeth and I joined her, I wanted to tell her about nighttime but I just let it slide I don’t want to freak her out because of my psychotic-ness..

Maybe it was just my imagination. Since I’m just observing adaptation,
After breakfast we started to work again and finally we were done, my mom told me to take the trash bags out and throw them in the trash can behind the building and I grabbed the trash bags and walked out, I got behind our building and spotted the trash can, I threw the trash bags inside and closed it and I was ready to go inside when I spotted a boy about my age, i guess, seated on our short fence, he was staring at me..


And I was surprised maybe it’s our neighbour
“hey.. Who are you” I said looking at him, he has clear eyes and blond hair matching his golden eyes his skin ,smooth and his lips.. Outrageously pink..
He jumped down from the fence and moved closer to me, he waves his hand in the air and I smiled awkwardly and asked
“what are you doing” ..

“you can see me” he said
“dude you’re freaking me out ” I said and walked away..


MY GHOST BOYFRIEND (High school Teenagers)? Episode 1 by Ruthie Lee


Stacey’s Pov continues
I walked inside feeling a little paranoid, who’s that guy anyway, and why was he acting so weird.. I thought and shook him off my head immediately,
I got inside and my mom was making a phone call, while my brothers were playing on the couch with their action figures toys..

“mom.. Who was that” I asked as she was done making her phone call..
“oh that was the principal of Lexy high school” my mom said, Great she didn’t even give me at least one day to breath and I’m in my final year in high school and starting a new school is gonna be tough with all those rich kids acting all cranky and proud ugh.
“you’re going to start tomorrow” my mom tells me and I nod and sipped from her coffee she kept beside her without saying a word.

“I’ll go rest I’m so tired” I said and she smiled “go do so honey you’ve tried ” she said and I nodded and walked upstairs to my room.. I slammed the door behind me and sighed, I sat gently on my bed and stared around my room, I started to think about school, and everything I brought out my diary and started to write what had recently happened, but I later dropped it on my drawer, cause it’s kind of childish now for..

Some how.. I heard something hit my window And I flinched, I turned and walked to my window and I looked down and I saw that guy I met downstairs..

He waved at me Smiling, it’s like he threw a Rock at my window
“who are you and what do you want” I half yell, and tuck my hair behind my ear, his eyes glowed and his smiled grow more..

“when you’re ready to talk, you’ll do so ” I yanked and closed the window, shutting it hard.. Some guys can be so stupid, I mean if he has a crush on me he should just speak up.. Ugh.. I laid back on my bed till I fell asleep.


I woke up late in the evening and cleaned my eyes, I moved my hair back and and turned to my right, the direction of my closet only to find that boy again, standing and staring at me..
“ahhhahahhhh.. What do you want” I screamed
“and how did you get in here ” I added and his smiled turned to a frown..

“I don’t care just leave the way you came here” I yanked and got up from my bed and moved towards the door.. “leave” I yelled and he backed away..
I opened the door and closed it, I sighed, heavily he better not be there when I come back. Ugh some neighbours can be pretty annoying..

“honey you missed dinner yours is in the kitchen” my mom said as I got downstairs.. “thanks mom” I said and hurried to the kitchen, I grabbed my meal and ate till I was satisfied… I didn’t want to go back upstairs because of that weird boy there..

How did he even get in ,did mom let him in?..
I went to join my mom on the couch watching TV but was thinking about something else
“hey mom what are u watching” I asked and she came back to her senses..

“I just found out about something and it’s kind of awkward” my mom said and I gave her a what-is-it look..
“actually you were right the houses here are like a billion dollars except ours, and it’s kind of freaking creepy ” my mom yanked and I laughed

“who knows maybe God is just doing one of his favours” I said and my mom nodded
“but mom do I really have to go to Lexy high school” I said, for starters I’m starting to feel less happy she more nervous..

“hey, you live in the estate, you go the estate school ” my mom said and I sighed
“how can you even afford the fees” I said and she laughed
“I just got a job down the estate at a bakery shop and trust Me they pay like gold, good thing my mom thought me how to bake” my mom Said and I gasped
“how did you get everything done so fast ” I half yelled, In a surprised tone..

“I have my ways ” my mom Says and I smile, she is one instant mom..
“well I’ll head to my room” I said crankyly
“don’t fall asleep your uniform will be here soon” my mom said
“I just woke up I can’t fall asleep again ” I said and hurried up the stairs
As I got to my door I crossed my finger and closed my eyes and prayed not to see the cute boy..

“what are you doing” Jace my little said
“um.. Nothing, ” I said and laughed nervously
“oh.. Kay” he said suspiciously and started to walk away, Jace is always the curious one, his just like my mom,

“um Jason, ” I called and he turned
“did you see any boy here by any chance, kinda taller Than me, blond hair blue shirt and black pants” I asked
“nope, why?” Jace said

“nothing, never mind ” I said and he shrugged and walked away, I turned my door knob and opened my door and closed it.. Oh geez there he was seating at the edge of my bed looking sad,
“seriously dude,who are you and why are you on my bed, and where did you come from, and why the hell are you bothering me” I said and he stood up and said lowly
“I’m sorry” ..

“you should be now leave, ” I yelled angrily..
“please look I mean no harm to you” he said his voice very thick and soft,.
“how did you even get in here” I yanked..

“can you be less angry please I just want to talk to you” he said and licked his bottom lips
“no just get out or I’m calling the cops ” I said and grabbed my phone from my drawer.. “look please just listen ” he said and grabbed my arm and his hand was so cold too cold I flinched and so did he, he immediately removed his hand and gasped
“I just touched you” he gasped

“I know and I’m going to call the cops and it’s final or leave now “I shout does this guy understand English at all.
“I just touched you, do you know what this means to me ” he said smiling, his teeth white and charming I guess, but he’s seriously getting on my nerves.

I opened the door and said “out” he looked at me and we made a really freaking eye contact and I could swear that I saw gold sparkle in his eyes..
He walked out of the door and I slammed it, I was about calling the cops even though he’s gone he might still Come back.. Then my mom called me.. Maybe she has run into the weird boy..

I ran downstairs and met my mom collecting my school uniform from a middle aged man
“honey your uniform’s here” my mom said smiling,
“did you by any chance run into a boy here ” I asked
“no, why” she asked and I was shocked I could swear I saw him walk down here..

What Is happening here
“ma’am please could you get me my money lemme get out of here” the man said and my mom nodded and walked away, I looked at the man and he was looking at everywhere weirdly, he seemed scared and wants to leave in a hurry, what’s up with that??


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1 year ago

Welcome back here Ruthie Lee.
I somehow knew I could count on you for a mouthwatering encounter ??

This is too sweet for a starter!!

Solomon Ade
Solomon Ade
1 year ago

Owesome.. definitely there’s something wrong about the house they’re living