MEANT TO BE Episode 58 – 59 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 43 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 58 by Azeemah Salami

Zeemah writes📝

💎Dianne’s POV (Elva’s sis)💎

I cried silently on the bed with Selena my maid comforting me.
We have been in a hotel in the countryside for a lot of days now.
We’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find my Dan, I’ve made up my mind that this is the last place i will give up my search on Dan.

Is my son dead?

If that witch had not seized my ATM card,who knows if i might have seen my Dan.

Am i not going to see my Dan again?

My dear son…I’ve missed him.

“Selena … Will i still see my Dan again?” I asked in tears.
“Yes Boss Dianne,we are gonna see Dan again” She said but i knew she said it only to comfort me,I’ve told her to stop putting ‘Boss’ behind my name. It makes me feel uncomfortable cause she’s far older than me but she just won’t listen.

“We’ve searched the whole countryside but couldn’t find him..where else am i gonna see My Dan again” I cried.
“Boss Dianne” Selene called.
“There is a place we haven’t searched”
“Where?” I asked already getting up.
“An hospital named “WE CARE AND HEAL” She said.
“Really?” I asked.

“Then let’s start going” I said slipping my feet hurriedly into my flip flops.
“No Dianne…it’s getting dark,we can’t go now cause going out now is not safe..we will go first thing tomorrow morning” She said and i nodded slowly sitting back on the bed.
I rested my head on the bed’s headboard,”that hospital is my last hope..Lord i pray to find him there..Lord please” I pleaded in my mind.

My iPod rang out and Selena quickly brought it to me.
I collected it and checked the screen;

It’s dad.

📞Hey Dad

📞Hi Angel.. how are you?

📞I’m fine dad” I said forcing my voice to remain calm,i don’t want him to get worried.

📞How’s the search?

📞There is only one last place we need to visit before coming home.


📞Yes Dad

📞I hope you find him

📞Thanks Dad..

📞If you need anything,just put a call through me okay?

📞Okay Dad..I love you.

📞I love you too Angel..bye” He said before disconnecting the call.

I sighed and passed my iPod back to Selena,she placed it on the shelf.

“What do you care to order Boss Dianne?” She asked.
“Thanks i don’t want anything..I’m okay” I said.
“Boss you’ve not eaten since morning..I’m gonna order casserole,your favorite meal” She said already punching in some numbers into the hotel telephone.
“No Selena I’m okay,i don’t wanna eat anything” I said.
“Okay then,i will just have to call Mr Winters that you refused to eat” She said already bringing out her Android phone.
“Damn..why did i have you get that phone for you.. okay okay I’m gonna eat” I said not wanting her to call Dad. I bought the the Android device for her on her birthday.

“ now I’m gonna order it” She said and started punching in some numbers in the telephone.
“Order a plate for yourself also” I said and she nodded.
“Thanks boss”
Having Selena beside me is really great,she had become an older sister to me.
She comforts me when I’m sad and she she relieves my pain.
She was Vinnie’s favorite..

Oh… Vinnie,I’ve missed her.
Her angel like voice,her beautiful face,her envious figure,her boldness and her kind heart.
Losing her was a great blow to me and Dad, we’ve not gotten over her till date.
I rolled to the other side of the bed to avoid Selena from seeing my tears.

If only i can just see Dan and Vinnie,then my tears will be replaced by joy but a part of me keep telling me it’s impossible while another part keep telling me it’s possible.

Which do i believe?

💎Mig’s POV💎

I yawned standing up from the bed.
Wow i enjoyed my sleep..I’m feeling more relaxed now.
I walked to the kitchen to get a glass cup of chilled water.
I got to the living room and found it silent with no one there.
“Is Fleur and Elva still in the garden” I muttered to myself.
I walked into the kitchen and fetched a glass cup,i poured some chilled water in it and gulped it down my throat.

I sighed and dropped the glass cup loudly on the kitchen cabinet.
I’m having a bad hunch,i need to go check on Fleur and Elva.
I rushed to the garden and shook in fear at the sight in front of me.

I saw Fleur and Elva sitting beside a were wolf,with shock written all over their faces.
They are both trembling in fear.
“OMG OMG” I muttered.
“Mig please save us” Fleur screamed and i looked at the were wolf’s eyes. Fear gripped me.
“Ple-a-se le-t th-e-m g-o” I plead in fear.

“I’m not here to hurt anyone,i need to tell you some things and also give you something before i finally disappear” The wolf said in it’s gruff voice.

Geez a talking were wolf?

“Yeah..i can speak” The wolf said.
“Okay” I said still breathing fast.
“This house has been built over centuries now and it has been my abode since then” It said.
“You mean you have been staying in this house with us for years now?” I asked shocked.
“Yes..I own this whole garden” It boasted proudly.
“Really?” I asked,I’m starting to get comfortable with it.
“This garden has a lot of treasures,it has been protected by me for years.. i normally protect the garden against evil doers” It said and we nodded

I’ve also sat down beside them.
The wolf paced to and fro in front of us still talking.
“You see those leaves,they are golds,just pluck it and it will instantly turn to raw gold in your palms cause you are the rightful owner of the treasures..your fore fathers contributed a lot in building this whole house centuries ago”

“Wow you mean those leaves are golds?” We asked together.
“Yes” The wolf replied and we squealed excitedly.
“I will be gone soon,i will disappear forever cause my time on this part of the Earth is over but i have to tell you a thing and also give you a thing.

“What?” We asked.
“ both mustn’t separate due to any circumstance cause you are meant for each other” It said pointing to Elva and I..we both grinned happily.
“And you” He said pointing to Fleur who flinched beside Elva.
“You will meet your prince charming soon” it said and Fleur screamed loud in excitement.
“Now i need to give you something” He said bringing out a green substance inside a bottle.
“Here is the cure to your disease” It said and i felt my stomach rose instantly.

“Really?” Fleur asked..I couldn’t speak.
“Yes,he has been battling with his disease for long so i went all length to get him the cure..his disease has no medical cure except spiritual cure and here is it. Are you ready to take it?” It asked and i screamed loudly happily, rolling on the grass.
“I’m gonna pursue my dream” I chanted happily,nearly hugging the wolf.
The wolf seems nice,it doesn’t look scary anymore.
“Open your mouth” It instructed and i did. It poured the whole substance in my mouth and my body system change immediately i swallowed it .

“Consider this minute the end of your disease” It said and i grinned happily, excitement bubbling in me.
Elva and Fleur hugged me feeling damn happy for me.
We disengaged from the hug and looked at the wolf.
We were surprised when a tear slipped down it’s hairy cheek.
“Why are you crying?” We asked.
“I’m leaving soon and i will sure miss this place,it had been my abode for years but I’m a warrior. I will get over it” It said sadly and our faces dropped.

“Why don’t you stay?” I asked and saw Fleur clear her throat before sending me a glare.
“I have to leave for another earth,I’ve spent centuries here and it’s a rule i must obey” It said sadly.
“Thank you so much for your help..we appreciate you and we will forever remember you” I said and Fleur and Elva nodded in affirmative.
“I will always remember you all also,you made me feel loved and I’m glad you all warmed up to me” It said.
“I will leave now..never to be back again” It said.

“Wait..can we give you a hug for all the things you’ve done for us” Fleur said surprising me totally.
“Really? mean you will hug me? A wolf?” It asked and we all nodded.
Fleur stepped forward first and she surprised me more by hugging the wolf even as her leg was shaking terribly.
Elva went second and i went third.
We’ve all hugged the wolf.
“Thanks for the’s the first hugs I’ve gotten from humans since my life time. You made me feel more loved and special.. thanks so much and i will leave now” It said.
“Bye” We said.
“Bye” It said before giving a loud growl and then disappearing into thin air.

Elva suddenly slumped beside us.
“Mig bring her in” Fleur yelled and i carried her as we both rushed into the house.


We sat beside the sleeping Elva on the couch looking worried.
“She will wake up soon,she was only gripped by shock” Fleur said and i nodded.
I smiled when her eyes opened.
“Fleur she’s awake” I said happily.
“Thank goodness..Elva how are you feeling now” she asked.
Elva sat up looking at us in a confused manner.
“Who is Elva?” Elva asked and i looked at her even more surprised.
“Elva what’s wrong?” I asked about touching her but she flinched away from my touch.

“Where is Dianne? Dad? Ryan? and Dan?” She asked and at that moment i knew Elva has regained her memory.


MEANT TO BE Episode 59 by Azeemah Salami

Zeemah writes📝

💎Mig’s POV💎

“Who is Elva?” Elva asked and i looked at her even more surprised.
“Elva what’s wrong?” I asked about touching her but she flinched away from my touch.

“Where is Dianne? Dad? Ryan? and Dan?” She asked and at that moment i knew Elva has regained her memory.
I don’t know why i felt sad, shouldn’t i be happy that she has regained her memory?
But who’s Ryan and Dan?…I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

“Mig,Fleur I’ve regained my memory.. I’ve remembered every single thing” Elva said happily with a different accent.
“Yeah that’s great” I said faking a smile.
“Wow Elva thank goodness” Fleur said happily.
“Can you please quit calling me Elva?.. I’m Vinnie” She said and i saw Fleur’s face changed.
“Damn…I’ve missed Dad,Ryan, Dianne and ..and Dan..
Oh ! My goodness…Dan is in your hospital” She screamed happily.
“Dan?” Fleur asked.
“Yeah Dan is my nephew,we have been searching for him before i also went missing…Fuck !! Dianne will be so worried” Elv.. Vinnie said brushing her hair down with her fingers… something she hasn’t done before.

“I’m gonna get Dan right now” She said already standing up.
“Stop Elva…you can’t go out now,it’s late” Fleur said.
“My name is Vinnie” Elva corrected blankly.
“Hey Vinnie…spare me that, we’ve known you as Elva for long. How do you expect us to quickly adapt to Vinnie or whatever you call yourself… seriously,i don’t like this new attitude of yours” Fleur retorted before walking out.
“Fuck !! Do you have to get annoyed over that” Vinnie shouted after her.
“Whatever !!” Fleur scoffed before banging her door loudly.
“Tch … Fuck !! I’ve missed my iPod” She said grinning.

“So you will be going back to Mexico tomorrow?” I asked.
“Of course,i will be going back with Dan with me..I’m so happy” She said jumping repeatedly on the couch.
Damn why does she have to regain that damn memory.
“Okay…I’m going to make dinner” I said and stand up.
I need some time to clear my head.
“Hey” She called me back.

*Really?…Elva just called me ‘Hey’ ?*

“Can i get pizza?” She whined behaving like a spoilt brat.
“No” I said curtly.
“Okay what are you gonna make for dinner?”
“Anything that comes to my mind” I replied.
“Really?…so bad there isn’t meals timetable here” She said.
“Like Elva are you serious right now?.. we don’t use timetable here,you might use timetable in Mexico but we don’t have one here…stop acting like you didn’t stay with us for some months” I almost yelled already pissed at her new behavior.

“My bad !! I’m sorry Mig. You can go make dinner I’m starving already” She said in a command-like tone.
I walked away sadly, going straight to my room.
“Fuck !! Mig that isn’t the way to the kitchen” She yelled after me.
“Make your dinner yourself” I shouted before banging the door to my room angrily.
I sat on the bed, with a terrible face.

She’s going back to Mexico tomorrow without even considering me nor my feelings..
How could she act like that to us right after she regained her memory.
Her new attitude sucks !! … She now act like a rich kid .
“Damn !! Elva, why the hell do you have to regain your memory now” I muttered pushing my fingers through my hair furiously.

💎Fleur’s POV💎

I laid on my bed facing the ceiling.
I knew Elva will behave like that after regaining her memory.’s medically normal for an ex-amnesia patient but something changed about her that i don’t like … She didn’t act like the Elva i liked,she speaks Mexican accent fluently and I’m damn sure Elva is wealthy cause she has started acting like a rich kid she is.

I overheard when she asked for Pizza and also talked about meals timetable,i had wanted to go out and put her straight but i know her behavior right now is normal .. I heard Mig replied her and i knew he’s getting pissed.
I know he will be damn sad in his room right now cause Elva is returning to Mexico tomorrow.. she’s free to,we can’t stop her and I’m glad her nephew is found.
She once told me,her heart felt funny around Dan … Well… blood is thicker than water.

I know there is more drama to come tomorrow… I better sleep.
I pulled the blanket over me and turned on my bedside lamp falling into a deep sleep.

≈≈Next morning≈≈

💎Dianne’s POV💎

I finished dressing up eager to go try my luck with Dan at the last place which is the hospital..
“Boss Dianne I’ve ordered a breakfast of sandwich and a hcup creamy cappuccino” Selena said and i groaned.
“Selena you shouldn’t have ordered breakfast,we are going to search for Dan at the last place. If we didn’t find him there then we leave for Mexico..I don’t think i can have any breakfast” I said.

“Boss Dianne I’m sorry for not informing you before ordering for breakfast but i know if i had,you wouldn’t have given me the approval to do it and we are going to search for Dan,you need a lot of strength” She said with her bright green eyes shining brightly.
Selena is so beautiful.
“Ok Selena but i won’t take it lightly with you next time if you don’t inform me before carrying out your decision” I said and she nodded with a smile.

“Should i help you massage your feet?” She asked.
“No will do that when we get to Mexico” I said.
“Okay Boss” .
The door bell rang.
“The order has arrived” Selena said and hurried to open the door.
She collected the tray of the sandwich and cappuccino with a ‘thanks’ before closing back the door.
She placed it on the bed beside me,then shifted a stool to my front and placed the tray on it.
I opened it and smirked.

“It’s only a plate of sandwich and a cup of cappuccino here. Didn’t you order for yourself?” I asked.
“No Boss Dianne .. you didn’t gave me the permission to do so and I’m okay without breakfast ..I will eat once we get to Mexico” She said and i gave her my normal pointed look.
“Come-on Selena,you don’t need my permission to order breakfast for yourself and you know that.
“Now come sit beside me,let’s eat this together” I said and she shook her head negatively.
“Come-on Selena,i can’t finish all these,do you want it to be a waste?” I asked and she quickly took a seat beside mine.

She doesn’t like wasting anything.. she’s a good manager (haha)
We started eating and i was eating so hurriedly.
I’ve put all my hope in the last hospital …
We headed out of the hotel with our luggage.
Selena opened the back seat of my white Benz and dropped our luggage there.
We both entered the front seat,i on the driver seat and Selena beside me.
I turned on the ignition, reversed and drove out of the hotel heading to the last place I’m hoping to find My son.

💎Mig’s POV💎

We sat at the dining having our breakfast.
I’m not happy,so as Fleur .
Elva is leaving today and she isn’t even acting nice to us.
I saw her eyes looking puffy like she cried or something but i guess I’m wrong cause why would she cry?
“I don’t need any of those clothes in the wardrobe anymore…I’m going to Mexico after i get Dan from the hospital.
I gat some cash with me for the tickets” Elva said to us and i felt my heart breaking.
“Okay you can leave from the hospital as you want…Mig and i will go with you to the hospital though” Fleur said.

“You don’t have to go with me” She said.
“Ohh…you think it’s because of you we are also going to the hospital?.. of course we can’t go with an ungrateful person like you” Fleur said.
“What !!” Elva exclaimed.
“ are an ungrateful person. As you know Mig is already cured of his disease so I’m taking him to go see Doc . Steph so he can help Mig process his modelling to the city since he has some connections” Fleur said.
“Okay” Elva said slowly.
I knew Fleur lied about that,we are not meeting Doc . Steph for anything..we actually want to follow Elva to the hospital but Fleur being that lady she is,she won’t let her pride down.
We finished eating and Elva piled up the dishes to go wash but Fleur collected it from her.

Today is your last day here … I don’t think it’s a good idea idea for you to help with any chores. Just go sit .. we will all go to the hospital after I’m done with dishes” Fleur said and walked away to the kitchen.
I know she’s annoyed..Elva shrugged and went to sit at the living room.
I joined her but didn’t sit on the same couch with her.
We sat in silence with different thoughts running through my mind.

Elva is leaving today and she’s not even talking about our relationship.
Gosh !!..what am i gonna do?
“Mig I’m done..let’s go” Fleur said walking into back into the living room.
I stood up followed by Elva and we all walked out of the house.
Fleur locked the door and we walked to the hospital in total silence.
I tried holding Elva’s hand but she flinched away from my touch making my heart break more.

We got to the hospital and was about walking in when Fleur stopped us.
“Wait…is that not Dan?… who’s that young lady carrying Dan” Fleur said pointing to a direction.
We followed the direction of her hand and saw two pretty young ladies,one of them carrying Dan looking so happy than happy itself…Dan also giggled in her arms calling ‘Mum’
Wait… could she be Dan’s mom?
That pretty means that’s Elva sister… whoa.
I looked at Elva’s direction and saw her face drop in shock mixed with happiness.

“Dianne !!” Elva screamed loud in happiness,her voice echoing the whole hospital.
Dianne turned and i saw an unreadable expression on her face as she saw Elva.
“Vinnie !!” Dianne also screamed in happiness,her voice louder than Elva’s.
She pushed Dan into the other lady’s arm and they both rushed to each other hugging theirselves tight in tears.
It’s quite an emotional scene.

Fleur and i walked towards them.
“Dianne I’ve missed you” Elva said.
“Vinnie i missed you more…where the hell were you? We thought you were kidnapped and killed. Dad and i still haven’t gotten over your proclaimed death” Dianne said in tears as they both disengaged from the hug.
“Dianne…I had Amnesia and i only regained my memory just yesterday night…I remembered i was kidnapped by some masked people,they hit a large rod on my head before i went unconscious and was saved by this people and I’ve been staying with them since then” Elva narrated and Dianne stared at us.

“Did she just referred to us as ‘this people’ ” Fleur whispered in my ears and i signalled for her to keep calm.
“OMG really?” Dianne asked.
“Yes Dian” Elva replied.
“Thanks so much guys…for taking care of my sister till date. I really appreciate your help and you are so cute” She said to me and i forced out a smile.
I’m gonna tell Dad to reward you.
“Thanks but we don’t need anything from you nor your dad” Fleur said bluntly.
“Ohhhh” Dianne said.

“Elva you will be leaving now right..?” I asked and pulled her in a hug kissing her forehead but she pushed me away roughly and i stumbled almost falling only to be stabled by Fleur.
“Don’t caress me like that,i have a fiance” She said and i felt my heart shattered.
Fleur’s face had turned red with anger as she faced Elva.

“Are you crazy..Why would you push my brother that way just because he’s trying to show some affection to you who is nothing but an ungrateful fool..
We took care of you from day one till date,do you know how much we spent on you even with the little we had. Elva or Vinnie or whatever,do you know how much i use in buying you clothes,do you know the queries i went through just because of you alone.
Only for you to regain your damn memory yesterday night and started behaving cold to us.
You didn’t even thank us didn’t talk to us,you acted rude,behaving as if you didn’t stay with us for a while.
You just concluded you are leaving for Mexico today without even filling us in on anything.
Just for Mig to hug you and you pushed him away roughly.
Thank your stars…you didn’t hurt him,if not i would not have taken it lightly with you.

Have you forgotten how Mig loves you,have you forgotten about everything we all shared,have you gone out of your damn mind.
Of course i know this behavior is normal for an ex-amnesia patient but yours is getting out of hand.

Even if you can’t consider our help to you,consider the love You and Mig have for each other.
Don’t you dare break my brother’s heart or else I’m gonna break your freaking head,i don’t care if you have some ugly fiance somewhere who probably didn’t even made an attempt to search for you.
We are parting now…you are going to Mexico from here right.
Bye..I never thought we would say Bye this way to you and we will try to clear our memories of you.
Heartless Fool ” Fleur spoke angrily,took my hand and we both walked out of the hospital heading home in tears.

MEANT TO BE Episode 58

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Mayowa temitope
Mayowa temitope
1 month ago

I dnt really expect Elva/vinnie to behave like that

1 month ago

Unbelievable, is Elva or whatever her name is pretending or she’s for real. I thought we read that she’s nice, she’s a complete fool if she’s not faking it. I just hope Miguel would have gotten over her before she knew what really happened.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Why this behaviour from Elva naawwwww……..hmmmmmm

1 month ago

I wasn’t expecting this from you Vinnie….. Not to worry Mig,she’s for you and will be back soon. And you Fleur i love that attitude of yours you put on,she’ll surely have a rethink about it one day when she sees the real boyfrd she claim to love

Shelunim Utam
Shelunim Utam
1 month ago

This is getting messy🥺
I hope Elva sorts things out ASAP

1 month ago

But the warewolf said they were meant for each other …….am really disappointed viennie/elva is a spoilt brat…. I thought she’s a nice person…..gush ..,am really pissed of right now

1 month ago

Elva why? I don’t expect this from you

Bae nifty
1 month ago

Oh no i didn’t expect this from her…. They will still come back that’s wat I believe

1 month ago

This is too much to bear from Elva..
What happened?

1 month ago

Elva why, why, why?

1 month ago

I believe ur are just testing them if not…

1 month ago


Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
1 month ago

I love your action Fleur but ure a fool Vinnie for treating them like that I don’t expect it from you Vinnie ure ingrate

1 month ago

Serves elva right

1 month ago

Hhmmm this Elva/Vinnie’s new found attitude is another ball game entirely

1 month ago

I feel like breaking ur head why would u do this to mig and fleur. Mig please 4give her she will come back to u when she sees what ryan has done

1 month ago

Wow so disappointed with elva

1 month ago

Am waiting to see Fluer handsome prince charming….he could be Elva’s boyfriend

1 month ago

This is ridiculous 😷 wtf is wrong???
Vinnie is very disrespectful 😫😫

I’m saying sorry to Fleur & Mig on behalf of Elva😋

Derin Leu
1 month ago

This is wow

1 month ago

What just happened…… 😭😭😭
The wolf probably knew this was gonna happen. No wonder he assured them of being together cos they’re meant for each other..

But, this change is shocking!
The worse part is dah she doesn’t know her fiance is responsible for what happened!
Hmm, she will be walking straight into her enemies with open arms 😭😭😭
Poor Mig!

Oni Kikelomo Priscilla
Oni Kikelomo Priscilla
1 month ago

Ungrateful soul