MEANT TO BE Episode 26 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 4 by Azeemah Salami

MEANT TO BE Episode 26 by Azeemah Salami

Zeemah writes📝

💎 Elva’s POV💎

Daisy left for her room immediately we finished eating
“I will do the dishes” I said and started packing the empty plates.
“No Elva,your finger” Fleur said.
“Oh..” I said remembering my pinky finger is plastered and i can’t allow water touch it.

“What happened to her finger?” Mig asked.
“She accidentally cut her pinky finger while preparing Daisy’s meal” Fleur said.
“Really?” He asked and i nodded.
“Sorry” He said.
“Thanks Mig”
“Let me have a look” He said and i stretched out my pinky finger to him.

I was surprised he took my finger brought it closer to his mouth and placed his red lips on it.
I shivered.
Fleur smiled,I blushed,Mig grinned.
“My kiss is magical,it will make your pinky finger heal faster” He said and we laughed.
“Fleur do the dishes,Elva and i will be at the library..Elva come i gat a new novel” He said pulling me along and i gladly followed him.

“Novel freaks” Fleur shouted after us and we giggled.
Mig opened the door of the library and we stepped in closing the door behind us.
I sat on the library’s stool and Mig stood in front of me, staring directly into my eyes.

“Mig where is the novel?” I asked, not feeling very comfortable with the way he’s staring at me.
“Hmm” He said scratching his head..”to be sincere,i don’t have a new novel” He said and i widen my eyes.
“So you just made me excited for nothing” I said with a playful glare.

“I thought you need some punishment for not telling me first that you hurt your finger” He said and i laughed.
“Serves you right” He said playfully sticking out his tongue.

“Ohh…you need some spanking” I said standing up,i picked up a small rod from the shelf and hit him playfully on his shoulder.
“Ouch” He cried out.
“Does it hurt ?” I asked but i knew i didn’t hit him hard.
“Yes” he said.
“OMG sorry” I said but then i saw him biting his lower lip,the only time he does that is when he’s trying to hold his laugher and i immediately knew he was lying.

“Liar !” I exclaimed hitting him again.
“Ouch” He cried out again.
“Lies it doesn’t hurt” I said about to hit him again when i saw that he has flew to the other part of the library.
I went after him, trying to hit him again but he keeps dodging till we both fell hard on the floor, laughing hard.

“Let’s go to the lake” He said standing up.
I also stood up,placed my palm in his… Together we walked out of the house heading to the lake.

We got there and the sight is more beautiful at night.
The moon reflect brightly in the lake making the water sparkle.
We sat beside eacthother on the sand with our legs dangling in the cool water .

“Elva” Mig called.
“Uh” I answered.
“I once love Daisy” Mig suddenly blurted out and i felt a little pinch of jealousy.
“Yeah” I said staring at the water.
“I thought i will keep loving her but i was wrong,i don’t feel the tingling anymore whenever she’s around me and you know what?..I’m glad to have gotten over her,the arrow of my heart is now pointing to someone else.” He said.

“Really?” I asked suddenly feeling sad. How i wish the person can be me.
“Yeah..I’m still trying to figure out my feelings” He said and i nodded turning to look at him,he was still staring at the water not aware that I’ve turned.

The moon light shone brightly on his thick black hair making it glitter,i resisted the urge to to dip my hand into his hair right now.
He suddenly turned and caught me staring at him.
I turned to look back at the water,a bit embarrassed.

“Come on face me” He said and i turned to face him. His long lashes blinked at me..God..I hope I’ve not started drooling.
We stared at each other in silence.
“Mig let’s lay down on the sand” I said lowering my back into the sand.
Mig also did the same. Our legs are still in the water.
The night breeze blew softly.

“Fleur told me you are good at singing. Will you please sing for me” Mig said.
“Hmm…I’m not very good so don’t expect the best but i will try” I said shyly.
“Ok go on” He said stroking my hair.

During the last few days,i found myself composing songs,i have a special desire for music and i always think it’s related to my past .
I will just pick one of the songs i composed over the week.

I cleared my throat and began;

🎶There is a feeling greater than love and that’s what i feel for you.

🎶I wish to be with you with all my heart.

🎶I realised that as long as I’m by your side,

🎶Even my worst nightmare turns to my best.

🎶If only i can be by your side forever.


I continued with my eyes closed and felt Mig’s finger stroking my hair.
The song got intense and flowed more fluently from my mouth.
I can swear my voice sounds perfect.

I finished singing and opened my eyes to meet Mig’s eyes staring surprised at me.
“Wow Elva your voice is amazing” Mig said and i blushed a little.
“Yeah but not as amazing as the voice i always hear when we get home” I said and his face suddenly changed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing I’m just still surprised you can sing this well.
Were you some kind of musician or what?” He asked.
“Well how would i know” I say and a tear dropped from my eyes.

I should be able to remember a thing.
Would my parents be worried ?
What of my siblings?…Do i have siblings?
I kept thinking crying silently, I don’t want Mig to know that I’m in tears.

My head started aching and i know it’s because I’m forcing myself to remember my past which Fleur warned me about. I just can’t help it.
“Elva why are you crying?” Mig asked using his thumb to wipe away my tears.
“Mig why can’t i just remember a thing? hurts” I cried louder.

“It’s okay Elva,i perfectly understand..just give it a little time,then your memories will flow back in” He said in a comforting way and I felt relieved kneeling over me.

“Thanks Mig”
“It’s okay Elva” He said.
He shifted back to go to the position he was in.but i held him back looking into his eyes.
I know once he goes back to his position. The warmth I’m feeling right now will reduce,my heart will stop beating faster and i want my heart to beat for him forever.

I felt his breaths on my neck and jolted back,his face already close to mine, our lips are few inches apart and ;

Guess what?🤗

Awwwn 😊


MEANT TO BE Episode 26

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2 months ago

Interesting, next pls

2 months ago

This story is wonderful..keep it up
Please release the next episode I can’t wait.

2 months ago

It’s getting more interesting

2 months ago

Next Pls 👏