locating Gods Purpose For Your Life Mp3 Download by David Abioye

locating Gods Purpose For Your Life

locating Gods Purpose For Your Life by David Abioye

GOD designed you but he wants you to discover YOU. No one has the authority to discover you. If they did they would try to take the glory.

What you discover brings joy and excitement.

What God designs you for, is what he assigns you to. Your effective position in life is the location or the discovery of your assignment in life.  This is important because:

It is your assignment that determines your attainment. Great people don’t pray to go up. They climb up via their assignment.  Assignment is designed for gaining height.  Without assignment there cannot be attainment. Every attainment is a function of discovered assignment. Your assignment creates your future and enhances your height. It brings you your beauty, honour and riches.  It is your safety and covering. Therefore, the craving of your soul should be to know what your assignment is.  

People have misplaced priorities and that is why they are on the floor. It isn’t everyone who has a capacity to start a business. Such people might be doing well where they are. The moment they step out things go wrong.

This subject is so intricate that you should be involved by asking your Creator what you’re designed for.  You need to ask what you’re designed for and designed to.

God said to Jeremiah that he had been set aside and specified what his assignment was.

locating Gods Purpose For Your Life by Listening & Downloading Below;

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