JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 6 – 7 by Azeemah Salami

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 22 - 23 by Azeemah Salami

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 6 – 7 by Azeemah Salami

💞Anel’s POV💞

It’s it!

The necklace!

Com’on Anel,that’s just a duplicate.
Maniac can’t possibly have the real one.
The duplicates are so much.

I pick the tiny junks on my skirt, shifted my chair backwards and stood up.
I started walking out of the cafeteria,i got to Dan’s table about to finally walk out when i suddenly saw someone rushing towards me with full force with a plate of spaghetti in hand.


I closed my eyes tight waiting for the plate to hit me,instead i felt warm hands that jolted a feeling in my h.. heart.
My eyes was still closed.
The hands pulled me back quickly and the next thing i heard was a crash.

I didn’t open my eyes,I’m feeling something i can’t explain..
I’ve never felt it before..
Whose hands is making me feel this way.

When did i started allowing people touch me!
I opened my eyes, shrugging off the hands and pushing the person roughly at the same time.


I saw hit his hand on the glass table when i pushed him and he quickly held it in pain but i don’t care at the moment.

“Why the hell did you touch me!” I yelled.
“He was trying to save y..” His girlfriend said,the one who normally sat with him and Karissa.
“I didn’t ask for your help okay,i hate people touching me.. I’ll definitely be better off if it was the spaghetti that hit me” I said and turned.

Half of the students gaze was on us.
I saw the guy on the floor, nursing his wound from the crash i heard, his plate of spaghetti has become empty and i can see it on the floor.

I removed my gaze from him…he’s probably one rough player,that’s his reward.

“Fair warning,no one should help me.. don’t you guys just get it,i don’t want anyone association at all!” I said loudly and walked out if the cafeteria fuming.

Did i felt that because it was the first time an outsider was touching me..
No! It isn’t the first time.
I’ve had a few touches and it always end up with me slapping the toucher.
I just don’t know the reason i couldn’t slap maniac.

“Hey” I heard but kept walking.
“Hi” I heard again.

Now I’m sure I’m the one the anonymous person is calling but I’ll be the most stupid person if i answer.
I heard loud footsteps coming closer to me.

The fat girls appeared in front of me with flowers,they were smiling.

What for?

I tried to walk away but one of them blocked me with the bunch of roses she’s holding and i must confess it smelled nice.

“We’ve been trying to get your attention since you left the cafeteria” one of them said.
I looked on.
“Thanks for making us stand up for ourselves”
“We passed karissa’s table today and she wasn’t able to utter a word” They laughed.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” They asked.
I ignored them.
“Well,we’re offering you this flowers in appreciation of what you did for us” They said and stretched the flowers to me.

In as much as i didn’t want to collect it and just walk away,i also don’t want to hurt their feelings,they got this flowers all for me,if i walk away without collecting it,they are definitely gonna be hurt.

“Thanks” I collected it walked away, smiling and sniffing it secretly.
“We’re glad you accepted it” They called after me.

I walked into the classroom and the few students in the class looked from my face to the bunches of flowers in my hand as i walked to my seat.
My backpack can definitely not contain the flowers,i placed it on my desk and also created a small space for my books.

The sweet scent of the flower kept playing round my nostrils.
I peered out of the window and smiled.
I remembered how i walked into the garden yesterday..

I felt great!

I plucked two petals from the rose and stuck it round one of my pontsplait,i plucked another two and stuck it round the second pontsplait.
I smiled inwardly.

I wish I’m at home right now,Ana and i would have stuck a lot in our hair,play and sing.

I heard noise from the hallway coming down to our class and i know the cafeteria light has been switched off, students are now returning to their classes.
Our classroom door opened and students trooped in and started taking their seats.

Maniac and his girlfriend started walking back to his seat,she was holding the hand i think was wounded by me.
I felt a little bit sorry for him…it seems the hand is really paining him. He shouldn’t have touched me in the first place!

He sat down and his girlfriend glared at me before walking back to her seat.
I looked at him and felt pushed to say ‘sorry’

Damn! The hand is bleeding…

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat..
When did i started feeling remorseful?..
But this guy is bleeding because of me.
I’ve never made anyone bleed except the two fools, i broke their heads and they deserved it.
But maniac was only trying to save me..
What if that plate if spaghetti have hit me right on the face.

I looked at him again,he’s still holding his hand but with a smile on his face.
His girlfriend kept murmuring ‘sorry’ to him.

“Sorry” i found myself saying.
He stared at me for a while and i could swear my heart raced faster..
His eyes are charming.

He looked away without saying anything.
Damn! Did he just snubbed me!

I’m not gonna say sorry to him again,he should bleed to death.
I don’t care!

But looking at his hand changed my mind.
Did i push him that hard?
His hand is bleeding more.
I’m gonna be responsible if he bleeds to death.

I stood up and took his hand…
He gasped in shock,so as other students.
I felt that feeling again and quickly dropped his hand.
“I’m responsible for your bruise,so I’m gonna take you to the infirmary” I said.

He stood up slowly…

“You can lead the way,i don’t know the way to the infirmary” I said.
He smiled and started walking ahead.
Why’s he smiling?

I followed him..

“Dan will you be okay?” His girlfriend asked.
He nodded.
His name is Dan.. Maniac suit him better.

We walked out of the classroom and he kept walking and walking,till we got to some marble stairs,we descended it and was about turning again.
I saw Travis locking the door of a classroom.

We walked past him.

“You both should come here” He said and i ignored him, maniac stopped but i walked away.
Too bad i don’t know the way to the infirmary.

I turned and walked back to them.
“I thought you won’t come” Travis smirked.
“Why did you stop? Let’s go to the infirmary” I said to maniac.
“H..he’s the school prefect” Maniac said dumbly.
“And so what? Am i even supposed to be here with you,if i hadn’t hurt your hand,do you think I’ll ever have anything to do with you..why are you wasting my time, another class would have started” I said.

“Shut up! I’m the school prefect and you have to obey me” Travis said.
I stared at my nails and chopped off an outgrown one with my teeth.

“That’s dirty” Travis said feigning irritation.
I held the urge to laugh..dirty?

“Look! I gat dozens of nail cutter,i use my teeth whenever i like,who the hell am i trying to impress…if you are not okay with it then go to hell! I don’t just know why I’m standing here, conversing with a bitch” I spat.

“I’m sorry,you look cute while using your teeth. Can you go out with me over the weekend?” He asked.
“Hey! Are you ready to leave or not?” I asked maniac.
He didn’t say anything.
I dragged his hand,the feeling came again but was stronger this time and i found myself not able to drop his hand.

I suddenly jerked my hand from his.
“W.. where is the infirmary?” I asked.
“We’ll get there soon” He said and started leading the way.
“I’m gonna get you sooner or later” Travis yelled after us.
“You can say that to the bitches you’ve smooched” I retorted.

“You’re the only one who’s bold enough to stand up to Travis” Maniac said to me.
“Hey! Me being here with you doesn’t give you the right to talk to me. If i hadn’t hurt your hand,do you think I’ll be with you. Maintain your space okay?” I said.

“Okay… sorry” he said and batted his eyelids.
I swallowed..
where the hell is this school’s infirmary..why is it so far!

I groaned when i finally saw M.H.S infirmary inscribed boldly on a very wide door that can contain hundred people at the same time.
We both stood in front of the door and it opened itself,it’s actually a controlled door.

We walked in and i was wowed,every setting of the infirmary is just like a renowned hospital,it’s looking beautiful and well equipped.
There are two ladies seated behind a desk and one was walking towards us with a file in hand.

Their knee-length gown of the nurses consists of the colors of our school wears.

“Hi students,how are you?” The nurse smiled.
“Fine” maniac said.
I looked around without saying anything.
“How are you?” I heard the nurse said again and knew she wanted me to answer.
I ignored her and tapped my shoes on the clean marble tiles.
“How are you?” She asked.

Can’t she just get on with treating maniac!
Why am i here in the first place!

“I plead on her behalf,she doesn’t talk to strangers” Maniac said.
“Ohh…she’s the girl who doesn’t talk to people” The lady said and i can feel her gaze on my face even though i wasn’t looking at her.
“You’re way too beautiful to behave that way,try to loosen up a bit” She sighed.

‘World best adviser’ i laughed inwardly.
“So what’s the problem?” She asked maniac.
He stretched his hand to her.

“Ahh! Sorry,come with me to the ward” She said and we both followed her.
Other nurses said hi to us but maniac did the answering.

We got to the ward and maniac was made to sit on the bed.
“So,your name?” She asked maniac.
“Daniel S..”
“Who wouldn’t know your surname” She interrupted him with a smile and jotted it down.

“The cause of your injury?” She asked..
“I..i fell” he lied and looked at me.
Is he trying to make me praise him for not revealing the truth.

“I pushed him” i said and the nurse gasp.
“Did you just talk?” She asked.

I rubbed my palms together and sigh.

“Why don’t you talk to people? You’re beautiful plus your voice is angelic,you would have won many hearts if you talk to people” She said waiting for me to respond.
She saw i wasn’t going to and continued asking questions, jotting them down.

Isn’t she supposed to treat him first!

“Mind me,the petals on your hair looks good and smells nice” She smiled.
Oh! The petals are still on my hair.

She finally finished the jottings and grabbed a first aid box.
She opened it and started treating him.

Maniac gritted his teeth when antiseptic was poured on the wound.
I didn’t feel sorry for him this time,he deserve it.


We walked out of the infirmary after some minutes.
That nurse just wouldn’t stop talking..I’m glad to be out.
I’ll have to come with maniac tomorrow.

“Thank you” Maniac said to me.
I stared at his plastered hand and felt sorry.
The wound will surely cause a scar.
I hope the it clears soon.

He led the way till we got to the classroom.
We opened the door and collided into Mr Jones.
He was done teaching, about walking out of the class.
We stepped out of the way and he walked out after giving me a look.

We both walked into the classroom.
Karissa and his girlfriend rushed to him while i walked to my seat.
My bunches of flowers were still on my desk.

I sat down and sighed…i looked at the board and found it wiped off.
Well.. I’ll check the scheme of work and make a note myself.

Maniac also got to his seat,he sat down and rubbed his plastered hand.
No way I’m telling him sorry again!

I stared at the roses on my desk.
Would it be nice if i give him a bunch,just for hurting him and giving him a scar.

That’s the least i can do.

I picked a bunch and stretched it to him.
He stared from the flower to my face in surprise.
“I’m not giving you for any other reason apart from hurting you, this is my way of saying sorry to you…if you are not collecting it,then it’s fine” I said, about placing it back on my desk but he collected it and smiled.


The class erupted in an “Awwwn” and i don’t get the freaking reason they did that.
I glared at everyone of them and they all faced their business..the way they did it was so funny.
Maniac laughed and i held myself from laughing.

I quickly placed my head on the desk and laughed quietly.

“You don’t have to hide your laughter,you look even more beautiful when laughing” I heard maniac said.
My cheeks flushed.

Am i blushing!
Helllllllllllllll Nay!

I raised up my head trying to maintain a serious face but seeing all the faces of the class mates made me bursted out laughing again.

“Wow!” They exclaimed.

I suddenly heard camera shots,i noticed most of them,were taking shots of me.

What the hell!

Did i just laugh in the presence of everyone,what the hell prompted me to!
I never laughed in Neltodine high school despite the years i spent there but just three days in Makers high School……

👩‍👩‍👦 You look more beautiful when laughing.

👩‍👩‍👦Can you laugh again?

👩‍👩‍👦Wow,she gat dimple.

👩‍👩‍👦Look,i took the best shot.

👩‍👩‍👦Can i be your friend?

👩‍👩‍👦I love the way you smile.

👩‍👩‍👦You gat nice set of teeth.


Maniac smiled at me and i wondered why.

I unbelievable felt more free..

No Anel! This isn’t happening, remember your promise ‘Being mean’

💞 Dan’s POV💞

I walked into my room after greeting Mum and dad at the living room.

Mike is in his room having his siesta.

I dropped my backpack and sat on the bed and began pulling off my socks and shoes.
My pullover went off next and i stood up from the bed.

I opened my backpack and smiled as i brought out the bunch of flower psycho gave to me.
I’m the most surprised person today about her behavior.
It’s obvious she’s a nice person, situation probably changed her.

I don’t know what i felt when i held her in the cafeteria.
I deliberately touched by Jacq after i touched her but i didn’t feel anything.
I thought it was only imagination when but when she grabbed my hand in class,the feeling came again.

Well… whatever the feeling is,i just hope it’s a good one.
Psycho has a good heart but it is covered with her behavior,and i know she can’t behave that way without a reason.

I picked an empty vase and filled it with water,then placed the flowers inside .
I would not want the flowers to wither.
It’s already producing a sweet fragrance to my room.
I placed it beside my window.

I need to freshen up and eat,then do my assignment.

I pulled off my school shirt and trouser,hanged it on the rail and walked into the bathroom.
But how do i shower without making the plaster soak.

I walked back to my room and opened my shelf,i brought out a hand glove and wore it on the affected hand.
I used a rubber band to tighten it round my waist.


I walked back to the bathroom and started freshening up.


I walked out of the bathroom, dripping wet.
I retied my towel and walked to the wardrobe.

Selected black pants and green sweatshirt with a fresh underwear.
I dried my body and got clad in my clothes.

I thrashed the gloves and then picked a comb.
I combed my hair and pulled black footwear from the shoe rack.
I slide my feet into it and thought of the lie to tell mum and dad about my hand.
I managed to hide it from them when i came in,but i know i can’t hide it for long.

If my parents don’t find out about it,then Mike will.

I’m gonna figure out something once i get to them.
I smiled at the flower in the vase,the sun light on it made it shone.

I walked out of my room and headed downstairs.


“OMG what happened to your hand?” Mum rushed to me.
Dad also stood up.

“It’s nothing much,i hurt my hand while rushing to the cafeteria” I said.
“You should have called me” Mum said examining my hand.
“No..it’s just a little wound,the plaster only exaggerated it” I said.

Dad sighed worriedly “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine” I smiled.
“Are you sure it’s not much?” Mum asked.
“It’s not” I said.

“Okay,come let me serve you your lunch” She said and carefully held my hand.
I followed her.

I sat on the chair in the dining waiting for my lunch.
Psycho kept crossing my head and i will smile anytime i remember how she laughed.

I heard a sound on the dining table and stopped smiling.
Mum gave me a suspicious look.
I chuckled and glanced down at my lunch.


“Thanks mum” I smiled and started eating.
I didn’t realise i was this hungry.

She walked back to the living room.


I washed my dish after i was done eating and walked up to my room, leaving mum and dad to have more time to theirselves.

I shook my head when i heard snores from Mike’s room.
Yet he always deny he doesn’t snore.
I should have just took a video of him but i gat assignments to do.

I walked into my room and headed to where my backpack is.
I unzipped it and brought out my mathematics and biology.
I dropped it on my reading table, brought out my phone and zipped my backpack.

I sat on the reading chair and started doing my assignment.


I was done with the assignment in some minutes.
I read for another thirty minutes and then returned my books back to my backpack.

I picked a novel and went to sit on the bed.
‘Enchanted by Nora roberts’
I guess dad wants me to have nightmares but he said it isn’t very scary and i kinda like it,its looking interesting.

Psycho crossed my head again and i smiled.
She has a beautiful name..Asanel but psycho suit her better.

Psycho,i don’t know whatever it is that’s making you behave that way but i promise to bring you out of your shell.

I promise.

(Love, why?)🥀

🍭Season 2🍭
Episode 7🌺

© Azeemah Salami✓

(Zeemah writes📝)

You guys should read this one first,i had to source for where to charge.
My phone is not yet fully charged,i just had to quickly type this for you guys.
I will post the three chapters on Monday.

💞Milana’s POV💞

“Cut! Cut! Cut!” Director Dee shouted and everyone in set stood in total silence.
I breathed in and glanced at Harriet,my manager.

I was acting my role perfectly,why did director Dee have to cut!.
I looked at the male lead,Thack Holcomb,he’s one of the Hollywood biggest star.

“Thack, Mil. We need more action in this play,I’m not getting the action i want” Director Dee shouted.
“Really?” I sighed.

Like,how else do i put in more action,he should say that to Thack who’s so full of himself.

Of course,i know he’s indirectly referring to Thack but he couldn’t reprimand him alone for the fear that he might walk away from the set.

“Five minutes Break” Director Dee said and walked away.

Harriet led me to a corner of the rented room,where i took my seat.
She passed me a bottle of chilled water which i quickly gulped down.

I dabbed my face with my handkerchief.

“My script” I said to her.
She passed it to me and i started going through it, acting it alone.


“Everyone get back on set” Director Dee said walking back into the room with a glass cup of juice in hand.

“Camera rolling”

I handed my script back to Harriet and adjusted my pink skimpy gown and walked to the center of the room where Thack is also standing.

We stood facing each other.
He had this annoying side grin that always made me wanna hit him.
He act like he’s the most handsome being on earth,as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never seen a guy as handsome as my dad even if in his late fifties.

“Action” director Dee said and we started.

The first role was to slap thack on the face and i didn’t hesitate in doing that.
The slap echoed the room and almost everyone gasped.

We could have used a sound to represent the slap but director Dee likes everything looking real,he said the viewers need to see my hand print on thack’s cheeks and i even made use of that opportunity.
I’ve wanted to hit Thack.

We continued anyway…

I let down fake tears..”Joel why would you do this to me,why would you cheat on me just few days after our engagement”

He’s still holding his cheeks..I the slap stung him and he’s surely gonna get back at me after the play.
“Lena,I’m sorry. I never wished to, forget it let’s move on ” He said and knelt in front of me holding my hand.

I jerked my hand from him and turned to walk away,but he swirled me back and i landed on his chest.. everything was according to our roles but I’m not sure if my heart beating fast is among my role.

He lifted me up in his arms and started carrying me to the bedroom.
And then,our number one role was complete.

“Perfect! Camera cut!” Director Dee said.

Thack dropped me Immediately the camera stopped and i landed on my butt.


“A reward for your stinging slap” He smirked and walked away.
Harriet rushed to me and helped me up.

“Mil,do you want to sue him?” She asked.
“No,just let him go” I said trying to suppress my anger.

“Everyone go prepare for your second role” D. Dee said.

I found myself barging to Thack who was sitting on a special chair, studying his script with his body guards hovering around him.

One of the stopped me from getting to him.
“Hey,you insane!” Harriet shouted at the bodyguard and made to hit him but i stopped her.

Harriet is not just any lady,she’s a trained fighter and I’m certain none of the body guards here could beat her skills.
Dad got her for me when i refused to allow bodyguards follow me everywhere i go.

I gat couples of bodyguard at Mexico,more huge than this pieces of chicken.

Thack glanced up and saw me,that annoying smile appeared and my stomach rumbled.

“Milana Sydney,you are supposed to be studying your script” He said.
“Says a ruthless chicken who revenge on ladies” I said and was satisfied when his smile turned to a frown.

He grabbed one cigarette from the pack and lighted it,he drew in the smoke and puffed it out.

I held myself from coughing, it’ll make me look weak but i couldn’t resist the cough.
I coughed twice.

“Smokers are liable to die Young,you think that’s a joke?” I asked,he didn’t respond.
“I won’t care if you die young thought,but think of the damage this thing is doing to your system” I said and walked away with Harriet.

I can’t stand the smell of that thing.

“Get me an orange juice” I said to Harriet as i sat down.
She dropped my script and quickly went to get the orange juice.

I looked back at Thack and was surprised he had dropped the cigarette,our eyes met and i felt disappointed when he picked the cigarette and continued smoking.

💞Anel’s POV💞

“Anel! Don’t you ever disturb me about Bryan Shaw’s art again!” Liam yelled at me which brought tears to my eyes.

We were all watching a movie in the living room when i decided to bring up Bryan Shaw’s art,i really want it.
I didn’t know he’s gonna yell at me and this is the first time he did that.

I tried holding up my tears but i couldn’t.
I glanced at granny,mum and Ana,no one was saying anything.

I stood up and slipped my feet into my footwear before walking towards the stairs.

“Anel” Mum called after me.
I ignored her calls and climbed the stairs to my room,and then locked myself in.

I sat on the bed and cried .

I don’t know if it’s because Liam yelled at me or i want Bryan Shaw’s painting badly.

“Anel” I heard Ana’s small voice through the door.
“Ana, leave” I cried.
“Sorry, don’t cry anymore again okay..dad is also feeling remorse, granny scolded him already” She said.



I opened my eyes and realized they felt a little bit heavy.
I had cried to sleep.

I sat up and shifted to the window side.
I picked the vase of flower and inhaled the sweet fragrance.

First gift i ever collected from outsiders.

I don’t like the way I’m loosening up so fast,i just don’t like it.
I don’t smile nor laugh in the presence of people except my family.

“Anel” I heard through the door.
It’s Ana.

“Huh?” I asked.
“Your dad is here” She said.
“Tell him to leave!” I said angrily.
He didn’t call me for the past two days.

“He’s also hearing you” She said and then i know that dad is beside her.
“Princess” He called and my anger melted but i still retained my long face even though he wasn’t seeing me.
“Dad just leave” I said and dropped the flower vase back beside the window.

I stood up.

“Won’t you hear me out” he said.
“I don’t want to hear you out,just leave dad..I’m not in the mood for dialogue” I said and walked stealthily to the door.

I peeped into the key hole and saw him standing by the door with Ana,Mum,Liam and granny.
He’s looking worried and more handsome in his black T-shirt and blue jeans.
I wonder where Claire is … Is she still in his house?
They must have done a lot of naughty things.

I stealthily walked back to the bed,i cleared my throat;

“Well..I’m going to the bathroom,you can stay there all day,i don’t care just like you didn’t care about me and couldn’t call me for two days” I said and walked to the bathroom slamming the door shut.

I walked to the sink and turned on the faucet.
I rinsed my face thoroughly to clear any sign of tears.

I sighed as i glanced at my reflection in the mirror.
The tear-streaks are gone but my eyes still remained puffy.

I turned off the faucet and wiped my face with a towel.

I walked back to my room and thought they’ve all gone,not until i heard persistent knocks.

“All of you should just leave,i wanna be alone..I’m fine” I said.

“I’m gonna get you a piece Bryan Shaw’s art” I heard dad said.
My eyes widened and in few seconds i was unlocking the door.

I opened it and they all stared at me,my gaze stopped at Liam’s face.
“Anel,ask for any other thing,i promise to do it for you” He said.

“What’s wrong with asking for a piece of art?” I asked,still pissed at him for making me cry.
“Okay..I’ll get you another piece of art but not from Bryan Shaw gallery” He said.

“Then don’t get me any” I said.
“Anel,try to understand…” Mum was saying.
“Is there anything you guys are not telling me?” I asked and they all shook their heads including Ana who made me wanna laugh.

“Then why dont you wanna get me a piece of his art?” I asked.
They said nothing.
“Is Bryan Shaw a ghost as people rumored?” I asked.
“No” Dad said.
“Dad you said you’d get a piece of his art for me and that was the reason i unlocked the door” I said.

“Yeah..I said that but I’m sorry…”
“Everyone of you should leave,i wanna be alone” I said and shut the door on their faces,i bolted it and walked back to the bed.

It’s fine …..

💞Dan’s POV💞

“Dad,you think i should give her?” I asked staring at psycho’s in another drawing i made of her.

We were in the studio room..

“No, don’t give her yet,you wait for when she’ll loosen up and start talking to people.
“She won’t…but i promise to make her.” I said proudly like I’ve accomplished the task already.

It’s gonna be a tough one.

“That’s good,make sure you make her loosen up and then you present it to her” He said and i saw that hint of sadness in his eyes again but he was quick to wave it off.

I noticed his gaze is focused in a direction.
I traced it and my eyes landed on a painting of a beautiful teenager.
Dad adores the painting more than anything else.

“Dad” I called.
He turned to me and i can see his eyes unshed with tears,he’s trying not to make them fall.

“Who is that girl in the painting?” I asked.
“Mara” he said slowly.

This is the first time dad told me the teen’s name.

I was not expecting an answer cause this is not the first time I’m asking dad about the painting,he always ignore my question and move to another thing but i guess he’s in the mood to talk today.

“Is she your sister?” I asked.
“My best friend” He said.
“Really? Where’s she?” I asked.

He stood up and walked out of the studio room and i know he’s going to cry.
I walked closer to the artwork and studied it closely.

She’s a real beauty and her smile reminded me of psycho’s but what could be wrong with Dad?
He cries and look gloomy all the time.

Could it be the girl broke his heart,but he said they are just friends.
I turned slightly when i heard dad’s phone ring.
I walked to his chair and picked it up.


Who’s Kelly?

I thought of going to give Dad but he might not want to be disturbed and i don’t want to see him cry cause i know that’s what he’s doing right now.

The phone rang again and i had a second thought.

💞Bryan’s POV💞


I let out my tears immediately i walked out of the studio room.
I headed to my private bedroom to wallow in my sorrow.

I sat on the bed…

It’s been years and i never saw Mara again.
I don’t know where she was buried.
I didn’t give her my last respect.

I could remember vividly how we all stared at Mara’s corpse on the hospital bed,her baby crying beside her.


We were all shocked and no one moved,Reiya shook Mara in tears but she didn’t respond and we know she’s gone.

Everyone cried non-stop till night.
None of us went out of the ward,we only stared at the lifeless Mara.

Everyone of them except Laura sent me piercing gaze.
I’m responsible for Mara’s death.

I walked out of the hospital in guilt and headed home with my plans in mind.

No one was home,i walked into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.
I didn’t hesitate before stabbing myself in the stomach.


I opened my eyes on a hospital bed with my stomach hurting badly.
I saw Mum and Dad beside me.

“OMG he’s awake!” Mum said happily.
Dad sighed and rushed out,to call the doctor i guess.

“What am i doing here?” I asked slowly.
“Bryan you stabbed yourself because of Mara’s death” She said.

My heart sprung up as i remembered everything that happened.

“Mum,is Mara truly gone?” I asked.
She nodded sadly and tears rushed to my eyes.
I cried … “I caused her death”
“You didn’t, don’t blame yourself.. Mara is gone and there’s nothing that can change that..you almost gave me heart attack..i thought you weren’t gonna wake up,this is the third day you’re in the hospital without blinking your eyes” She said.

“Third day? Where’s Mara? Has she been buried?” I asked hoping not.
“Her corpse was taken away by her family yesterday and i don’t know if she has been buried or not” Mum said.

“I’m going to their house” I said and sat up ignoring the pains in my stomach.
I saw my hand was connected to a drip.

I jerked it off and mum gasped.

“Gracious! Bryan,what the hell is wrong with you?” She yelled.
I started getting up from the bed.
Mum pulled me back but i struggled with her, making my stomach hurt and bleed.

“Doctor! Darling where are you!” Mum shouted.

The door opened and Dad and the doctor walked in,they rushed towards us when they saw what was happening.

“Doctor do something,he’s insisting on going to Mara’s house” Mum said in what i read as fear.
Her hold on me was released a bit and i quickly stood up and started rushing out of the ward.

Dad drew me back and pinned me to the bed.
I couldn’t struggle with him cause he’s way stronger than me.

I cried and shouted instead.

📞Nurse Juliana, bring me the sedative injection” The doctor said into the landline placed in my ward.

The door opened few seconds later.
I didn’t know who came in,tears already blinded my eyes and i couldn’t escape from Dad’s grip.

I felt a sharp object pierce into my arm and just like magic..

I fell asleep..

🌺A week later🌺

I escaped from the hospital without getting discharged heading to Mara’s house in a cab.
I alighted and dropped the few dollar bills i stole from Dad’s pocket.

I knocked the gate..there was no answer.
I knocked severally,my hand was starting to get bruised.

I knocked on and on but there was no answer.

I collapsed when i heard they already relocated..

🌺End of flashback🌺

I rinsed my face in the sink and returned back to the bedroom.

I combed the whole city of Paris but didn’t find them including Kelly.
I went to Kelly’s house but i was told he didn’t wanna see me.
I resigned to fate and started living my life,i broke up with Laura and then went to college where i studied art.

I graduated as a loner,i don’t talk to anyone..
Mara’s death really affected me.

I planned on remaining a bachelor until i met Laura again after three years.

Our undeniable feelings clicked and i ended up getting married to her.

I didn’t stop feeling guilty about Mara’s death.

I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in Dan” I said.
He walked in with my phone ringing in his hand.
“Who is it?” I asked.
“Kelly” he said.

“Kelly?” I sprang up and grabbed the phone from his hand.
I received the call.

📞Kel..” I was saying but got interrupted.

📞I didn’t call you to exchange greetings..

His voice has gotten masculine..that’s expected.

📞Well…long time Kelly” I said.

📞What have you done to my daughter!” He yelled to my surprise.

📞 Your daughter? What’s wrong?

📞Have you enchanted her like you did to Mara!” He said.

My stomach rumbled in anger.

📞You’ve gone nuts!” I said.

📞Why did she keep wanting a piece of your artwork when there are many other artist far better than you.

📞I didn’t realise you’re still dumb after all these freaking years” I said.

📞Sonofabitch!” He swore.

📞Get off this call” I said menacingly.

📞Killer!” He yelled and disconnected the call.

I smashed my phone on the wall in anger.

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1 month ago

This is ridiculous 😷