JODA Episode 16 by Amah’s Heart

JODA Episode 4 by Amah's Heart

JODA Episode 16

by Amah’s Heart

Is Denis… He collected money from me with false pretense… He said he was in trouble and needed money, and he was to go to jail if he doesn’t get the money… I was scared Binta with the way he was crying and sweating…so I wanted to reduce the amount he asked for but he insisted on the exact cash he asked for, he said if I truly love him I will do it…because I can’t watch him go to jail… And I love him, I know you will be mad at me but I love Denis and as he pleaded I gave him the money…I use to tell him that my money was also his money…what is the use of the money when I can’t use it to save him… And he has being acting like a changed person since the news of the pregnancy got to him… Lots of thought was going through my mind and I gave him the money… Binta… I believed Denis and signed the cheque for him…I just found out he wasn’t in any trouble, after you told me he has being hiding to receive and make calls, I went through the CCTV iPad and there he was telling somebody he has collected the money from me and will give the person his/her own share, he even lied to the person whom I think is probably Vanessa, he didn’t tell her the actual amount he collected from me… Binta…the sad part is that is my Dad’s personal current account, that I’m only signatory to… I froze my dad’s account Binta, I can’t even explain how Denis got me into doing that but he really got me… I want my money back…I did the worst foolish thing, my father would have called me an illiterate fool, because I suppose to know better, I was trained to be smarter than that…I don’t even know why I do lots of foolish things, things that i regrets later…I loved Denis and he knew I love him why will be hurting me deliberately, why… I deserve better than this… I thought he has changed… He has being super nice of recent… And I was beginning to fall in love all over again with him, I was beginning to trust him again… I stop watching him constantly on the CCTV, I thought he will never use something so serious as that to lie, he was sweating and crying… Denis deceived me, I don’t totally blamed him…I shared in it because I acted so foolishly without thinking… I’m already 9 months and Will be welcoming my baby any moment from now.. I don’t suppose to be going through things as serious as this… I hate Denis… No…no…I so much hate him for being s wolf in sheep clothing… For betraying my trust…I hate Denis for taking advantage of the love I have for him…I so much thank God he isn’t the father of my child, For this thing he did…I will never accept him back into my life again, He is a fraudster, and he dupe me, but the thing is i was wide awake when I signed the cheque book, he will never go Scot free… This is the last straw for me, that jail he said he didn’t want to go that was why he needed the money…he will rot away in there…Denis will rot in prison, I will make sure of that… He has chewed More than he can swallow… I will tell him I’m not blinded in love anymore.. God…I hate Denis… Binta men… Men are terrible…

“Hey…is only your Denis that is terrible… My James is a good man and of course Kuria is an Angel… So your Denis is the only terrible person I know, calm down joda, remember your condition, don’t tell Denis that the love you have for him is not blind… Show him… Prove it to him joda, I’m so tired if him manipulating you all the time, You are venting out venom and hating Denis now by the time he comes rubbing his hand on your back and acting like he was going to slump and die….by the time he comes begging you to forgive him…I won’t be surprise if you later come telling me… “Binta, I have to forgive him…because he is my husband and i love him… Don’t come telling me that Joda. Please be serious this time and mean it… I keep saying it, if you had listened to me when I told you not to marry that man, you would have save yourself from all this drama, you did not mention the amount Denis collected from you..or are you ashamed to say it…

I told Binta the amount she screamed, she stared at me with her eyes wide open and mouth open, and asked if i was charmed to have given Denis such a huge amount, it sounded so unbelievable to her, but we eventually planned, Binta calmed me down and said we will get the money from Denis, I called my lawyer, who said he was on his way the police, before my lawyer with some police men could get down to my house Denis drove in, he was happy and Even got a set of bouquet of flowers for me, Binta gave me sign to play along until my lawyer arrive with the police men, but I was done playing along, i threw him the stupid flowers he gave to me, I asked him where he kept my money, he tried to play drama by acting as if he doesn’t know what I was talking about, when I told him that the police was on their way to pick him up, he laughed and said it wasn’t possible, my love for him will not allow me to hurt him, I laughed back and told him to watch out, as he was still talking the police siren blew, signifying that they are near by, he got scared and dialed something on his phone, I tried to get the phone from him but he pushed me off and i landed hard on a cushion, I started having contraction, as I screamed Binta rushed in, on seeing me in pain she turned to Denis who was still pressing his phone fast and gave him a heavy slap, Denis tried to slap but she dodged before kicking him hard on his manhood, Denis shouted in pain,

“Gold digger like you… You can lie to her and steal from her I won’t be affected because she bargained for this but if you dare try to physically hurt her or lay a finger on her you Will have me to contend with, I will use my last blood to make sure you rot in hell, gold digger like you… Your cup has filled up with your sins, shameless fraudster that even dupe his own wife, I hate you Denis, and the hatred has even, but what I feel For you now is sympathy, foolish man…

Binta rushed to me and placed my leg on a table, as she was still doing that, Denis was saying, ” Joda you watched your Friend slap and insulted me, Binta you will regret ever raising your hand on me, he was still threatening when the police came in with my lawyer, because I was in a little pain Binta spoke with them, they handcuffed Denis who was saying is a family misunderstanding that does not require the police, he said that the Police wasn’t suppose to be involve,
They ignored him one of the Police men took him away while others stayed behind with my lawyer, as I played the video to them, only the part Denis spoke with somebody about the money he collected from me, it was enough evidence that he collected money from me through false scheme,.
Binta told them not to mention anything about the CCTV camera to Denis, they later Left and Binta collected my car key and drove me to the hospital.

I was admitted in the hospital, and gave birth after one week, my daughter arrived by exactly 3am on a Saturday, she was flawless, so beautifully created,
Binta was with me all through the difficult moment even after I gave birth to my girl,

My lawyer said Denis was in jail but there was no money in his account, they checked all his account but found nothing but has agreed to pay me back my money, Denis told my lawyer that is family thing and no law is needed to resolve it, “she is still my wife and her money is equally mine” he will find means to borrow so that he can return back my money, he told the police men that he needed to go and see his wife and his baby girl,
my lawyer asked me what I wanted I told him to tell the police to release him, and after he returns the money he should served him a paper for divorce, I finally made up my mind I was divorcing him,

Denis came back home, and went on his knee, begging me to forgive him, he said he was actually in trouble, he met some 419 men, who threatened him, they said if he doesn’t get them such a huge amount of money because they knew my father was a rich Man when he was alive, according to him the 419 threatened to kill me and my unborn child if he doesn’t bring the money, so he lied because he does not want me to get scared, he gave all the money to them, that the Police didn’t find any money in his account because he has emptied his account to the 419ers and was koboless before coming to me, so I told him that I don’t believe his story, all I needed was my money, he cried and pleaded that he doesn’t have any money, I told him even if is half of the money he should bring it or he will be going back to jail, he said he will run around to see if he can borrow to give me, I told him I don’t Care where he gets it from all I want was at least 5million, let me leave the remaining 5million for him and his stupid stories which I’m not sure if they are true or not,

It was a tough moments For me but my baby, Luella was my Joy, she has her fathers beautiful eyes, Kuria was already a father without Even knowing it.

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Enny Pat
Enny Pat
1 year ago

This is serious oooooo ?

1 year ago

This Joda abi wetin be her name na just idiot! Person dey mumu like this for real life?

1 year ago

Cant believe this lady has a chicken mind, N2m is believeable but any thing more dan dat is nonsense, nw her dads efort has been washed down d drain