JODA Episode 15 by Amah’s Heart

JODA Episode 4 by Amah's Heart

JODA Episode 15

“I haven’t seen you for some days, and I also called but no response, do you really want to stop the Work just like that…why are you upset..more reason I came…

” I’m fine Joda, I decide not to stop the job, I will come and continue ones the materials I ordered for arrive, I called they said they will deliver it tomorrow, so I wanted to wait until tomorrow before coming over, because I really need the wood materials, yeah..I missed your call I plan to return it later but forgot, sorry about that, I would have told you or your husband about the delay but you seem busy with him most time… Well never to worry I will continue your decors tomorrow…

He fell silent, and picked up his Biro and a note book, jotting something without really paying much attention to me, I sat opposite him, why is he acting so formal with me…

“Kuria, are you angry with me or with anyone, you look dull and you aren’t even paying attention to me… What is the problem…

” I’m fine Joda, you have my ears, need to write this measurements down before I forgets it,

“Did Vanessa came down here, I mean did she visits you… Being seeing both of you… Back in the house though…and… She said she likes you…. Do you like her…

He looked at me fully, and smiled mischievously..before saying..

” Joda is that your way if pushing me off, pushing me to your friend.. I don’t, I hate it when she acts like a harlot around me, I warned her about that the day she asked me to drop her off and she suddenly pecked me, I don’t go around with every Lady, I got lot to do with my time, falling in love with you was never in my list this year, and don’t think i go about falling for everyone, I’m better off than that, I’m planing to take off more Street kids off the Street, is going to be a big project and I have to work hard towards achieving that, I don’t invite every body to my House… If you notice all the while you or Binta has being coming over if I was inviting everyday Lady that showed interest in me or I came across to this place you would have being meeting lots of them, i don’t keep friends, I’m afraid to love the wrong person… I’m taking my time to get it right, Vanessa is a beautiful Lady but she is just like everyone out there… I don’t just allow anybody into my life Joda, I fell for you from the first day I saw you, you even saw through me and flashed your engagement ring to My face…. Just to scare me off, I took precautions but I don’t know how yo stop thinking about you or stop loving you even after you got married, I still don’t, you know you are my weakness, I can’t say no to you, I have really tried hard to take you off My mind but I just can’t, and when your husband goes about kissing and holding you in my presence I felt like I was punched to the face, no matter how cool I appear physically i was seriously sweating inside, is driving me crazy, I know he is your husband and he is free to have you anywhere but can you please Tell him to keep bedroom things to the bedroom, your intimacy with him shouldn’t be a problem to me if I could stop thinking or loving you but you are my weakness Joda, please for me to be able to do my job effectively I will need all the concentration I can get, I almost stop because of you last week, when I couldn’t Bear it any longer, is as if my face or where I’m working was always the perfect place to kiss you, I’m only doing the job because of you Joda, I want you to be happy, stop allowing him to taunt me, tell him to keep private things private, I still don’t know why he does that Or do you believed what your husband said about me… Is fine though, it doesn’t matter because you are happily married and carrying his child, and he kept on rubbing the whole thing to My face…and now you are asking me if I like Vanessa…

“He is my husband Kuria, but not the father of my… My…I mean he only does that because he felt threatened by you, he just did that to show off, Vanessa was the Lady he had an affair with…

” so what is she still doing in your place, she had affair with your husband why is she feeling like is all normal and you are so cool, looking at what I witness in your place you seem so fine with that, and why are you still asking me if I like her…I seriously don’t understand anything about you…

“I’m gathering an evidence about them, I’m planing to divor….. You won’t understand Kuria, let’s leave it like that…there’s so many things I wish to tell you…but words fails me every time I open My mouth,

He moved to where I Sat, and sit beside me, he drew me close to his body, felt so relax lying in his arm, non of us said a word as we Sat quietly, he kissed my hair and relaxed his Head on the cushion while still holding me, we stayed that way for a very Long time until I felt sleepy and slept off in his arm

When he tapped me awake I discovered that i was in his bedroom covered with a duvet, he carried me down as I slept to his bed room, covered me up, he Sat besides me and smile,

he said is getting late I need to be on my way home before my husband start searching for me because he has being calling my line, Kuria also said he prepared a chicken soup for me while i slept, and packed it up, I thanked him and step down from his big bed to Wear my sandals, he grabbed My legs into his laps and wore them for me, I smiled and went down to take my chicken soup so that I can be going, it was already 8pm, I slept for two hours, if not that Kuria woke me up I would have still be sleeping,
As I got into my car he bent over and kissed my forehead, and said he will be driving behind me until I gets home, and he did, he drove one of his small car behind me wearing a face cap, until I got in to my estate, he turned and drove back.
Denis was pacing up and down when I got home, i just told him I was with Binta after which I visited the hospital for check up and he said I would have told him to drive me to wherever I was going or pick his call because he was worried, he said he will get me a driver and i told him I don’t need any body driving me because I love driving my self

The next day Kuria’s wooden materials for the interior decoration arrived, he came with 2 young boys, Who worked with him, they were his student, he was teaching them about the interior deco thing
He smiled at me when he saw me and asked if I rested well I smile back and thanked him for the soup he prepared for me because I really enjoyed it,

Vanessa suddenly stopped coming over again, days turns into weeks, and months, kuria finished the deco and it was fantastic, so beautiful, I paid him but the returned back the money, I insisted but he refuse to collect a dime, I couldn’t thank him enough for the perfect work he did, he said he Will be travelling out of the country to visit his Mom, which he does ones in a year and will spend just a month there. I hugged him and wished him a farewell, I Will Miss him a lot while he is gone.

Binta was mostly with me as my time to give birth drew near,
Denis has being so nice, that i don’t bother to watch him again on my CCTV iPad,
he came back one day without his car, he came in a taxi sweating and acting as if he was in trouble, I became scared when he said he needed a very huge amount of money because he knocked down somebody with his car unknowingly and the police also ceased his car, because I was the only signatory to my father’s company account, i told him the 10million that he was asking for was huge, it will cripple the account i can only give him 7.5million, he held me and begged me to give him the 10million he was requesting For if i truly love him and don’t want to see him in jail, I was thinking so hard he can’t be lying with this kind of stuff,
but taking such amount out will affect the account, I didn’t know what to do because of the way he was acting I took my cheque book and signed 10million to him, after i handed him the cheque he kissed me and ran out,
After one week, he was always going out whenever he wants to make call, it was binta that Drew my attention to it, Binta asked me one day why Denis is always hiding and making call,
so i decided to watched him from my CCTV iPad and saw as he called somebody, I listened and heard him say to the person that she should wait for him there, he has gotten the money from me, and her cut will be 2million because he only collected 5million from me, the person argued with him that he collected More than that and he started swearing that he only collected 5million.

already the money has being transfered to his personal account, Binta wasn’t aware of this, I didn’t Tell anybody because I felt foolish after giving him such a huge amount, Binta wasn’t around, there’s was nobody to talk to, father Will be so disappointed in me if he was alive, I almost fainted because Denis used a false pretense to collect 10million, crippling my late father’s account, this was the last straw for me, I Will get my lawyer and see if I can get my money back, I’m so done with Denis, is probably Vanessa he was planing with and I actually thoughts he has changed,
I’m calling my lawyer right away, I was shaking all over as I dialled Binta s number instead she will be equally disappointed but she will Tell me what to do, I don’t want to make a rational decision that will backfire or have regrets but I needed to get my money back before is too late…

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1 year ago

Why is it that she acts before thinking.?! So annoying.

Enny Pat
Enny Pat
1 year ago

Let me ask this question pls…. Is love foolish too