JODA Episode 14 by Amah’s Heart

JODA Episode 4 by Amah's Heart

JODA Episode 14 by Amah’s Heart

“I knew you wanted to surprise me with the news when you get back so I decided to surprise you instead by getting your best Flowers and things you love, I’m so happy Joda, we will finally have the baby we have being anticipating for, doctor knew how we wanted this,that was why he called thinking you have already told me…I love you so such Joda… You are my beautiful wife and the mother of my child…

” Binta was sitting at one corner looking at us as Denis hugged me I face Binta who rolled her eyes and stick out her tongue for Denis who was backing her, I suddenly boasts out laughing as Binta made funny face to Denis, calling him a loser silently that only me saw and understand… I suddenly boast out laughing and Denis thought I was overjoyed over the baby news just as he was, he also joined in and laugh not knowing exactly why I’m laughing…he was actually laughing at his own foolishness without knowing
I felt so sorry for him because he is happy over another man’s pregnancy…
Denis was so happy that he even ask me and Binta to dress up he was taking us out, it was very surprising because he was never a friend of Binta, we both said were tired maybe next time, he agreed and said he will go and buy whatever we want to eat For us…
We were already filled up from Kuria’s place so I called him and asked him to relax we will have another day to celebrate,

Vanessa came, when she hard the news she came to congratulate me, Binta looked at me without a word, I thanked Vanessa, she stayed a little while before going, Binta boasts out laughing again, as she closes the door behind her, i looked through my CCTV iPad and saw her behind my door trying to eavesdrop on us, I showed Binta and she tiptoed to the door and forcefully pulled it open Vanessa fell on the floor like a bag of sand, Binta acted surprise and said “Vanessa didn’t know you are relaxing on the door…thought you are already gone”
Vanessa frown before standing up and walking away, Binta shut the door and we started laughing again,
Binta stayed with me for three days before going, Denis was unable to come to me at night because of I told him I needed my friend to stay with me, he listen to whatever I say and does whatever I demand since he discovered about the pregnancy, even from My CCTV videos, he no longer touches Vanessa at night, which resulted to one of their silent quarrel in the mid night when they thought every one was asleep,
Binta has asked me to go and warn our family doctor over his unzipped mouth, he wasn’t the one to pass the news to Denis but me and now Denis will not allow me to rest because of the Baby he thought is his,
Before Binta left I drove with her to the doctors place and cautioned him over letting my husband know anything about me and the baby, he sincerely apologised and promise it won’t happen again, Binta also warned me about having intimacy with my husband, she asked me to try and avoid it until my lawyer serves the divorce paper which will still take time because of my present condition, the truth is I don’t know how Long I can avoid Denis,

I called Kuria and asked him when he was coming over, he agreed to come the following day I sent him my address
The following day he drove down in his brown SUV jeep, immediately I sighted his car driving towards my gate I knew he was the one, I already told the security to open gate for him and as I watched from my upstairs they quickly opened the gate for him and he drove in, I was already down stairs when he came into the House, Denis was around, Vanessa wasn’t home, i have already told Denis about one of my friend who is into deco, coming to renovate our House and he quickly agreed and said I can have anything that makes me happy,
Denis was acting all Nice this period,
So I forgot myself and ran to Kuria throwing myself in to his arms, I knew he was surprise but he held me for sometime and quickly released me immediately Denis came down, they exchange pleasantries by handshakes, Denis came to where I stood and gently held my waist as he spoke with Kuria

“In few months time there will be an addition to our family… My beautiful wife is expecting a Baby and she wants everywhere to be renovated, she mentioned you are her good friend and also good at what you do, please decorate any design she chooses, money is not the problem, feel at home here because it Will make my wife happy, especially since you are her good friend, me I’m so Happy and her happiness is my top most priority…please feel at home here and eat or drink anything you so desired, take your time and do your job if it will take you months or weeks just take your time and give her exactly what she wants

Denis bent over and kissed me in front of Kuria Who stood watching and have to look away, I pulled back my face and frowned at him he quickly apologised with a smile and looked at Kuria before saying he loved me so much and couldn’t get enough of me.
Kuria smiled and flashed his white teeth as he thanked Denis and me for the job, and for having him, he was acting all formal, I wish hr can look at me more but he was focusing on Denis and only glanced through me,
as we were about to move to show Kuria round the house Vanessa came in, she made a new hair and had this heavy make up on her face,after saying hello to me and Denis who was still holding me, she exclaimed shamelessly when she saw Kuria

“Wooow…what planet do you fall from…you looked like the god of mars, you are handsome… I’m not flirting, just saying the fact…

Kuria laughed and thanked her, Denis smiled and said

” you must be getting lots of compliments from ladies, with your body built, I know most ladies can’t get pass fine Man like you… But people like you are mainly a play boy, they don’t have or love one person…they are Casanovas, players that easily deceive women…
I immediately slapped Denis hand off me, he was embarrassing Kuria Who was just smiling without a word, Denis saw I was angry and quickly apologised, “
“Kuria please don’t take offense, I said “people that have your kind of look” I didn’t mean it to be offense, Joda I was only joking with him, I’m sorry if that offends you, Kuria my sincere apology,

Kuria smiled as usual and said no offense was taking, we showed him places, he wrote and Drew somethings in his working sheet,
After that Denis took me upstairs, Vanessa refuse to leave Kuria to work, she follows him wherever he goes, talking non stop, Kuria was only smiling as he worked without paying much attention to her,

As I was in the room with Denis my heart was where Kuria was, what if Vanessa seduced him, if I know I would not have ask him to come over and sending Vanessa out now Will be suspicious,
I was still thinking about Kuria when Denis came again thinking I’m angry with him and started apologizing,
He looked so innocent as he knelt down holding me, I allowed him to kiss me which led to another level, I still love Denis, and I love Kuria too, I’m carrying Kuria’s child, he doesn’t know yet,
Denis thought is his and have totally change to a good Man, deep down I love the man lying down beside me, I have always loved Denis, I don’t even know how to stop, despites everything I have seen and heard from him, what I feel for Kuria is so different, I’m always happy being around him, for the first time in almost two months i finally lay with Denis, my mind was on Kuria as the whole thing went on,
Kuria came the following day, i didn’t know when he left the previous day, denis purposely like kissing me where kuria can see us, Kuria is never comfortable when ever Denis start acting all lovey dovey around him, I pretended because I don’t want to be suspected, Kuria always shows his discomfort when ever Denis is holding me,
is being two days Kuria started the decor thing, I watch him from a distance as he worked sometimes, it was difficult having him close yet I can’t get close, because this days Denis refuse to leave my side and Vanessa always want to be where Kuria is,

Kuria does not really pay attentions to Vanessa, I started feeling bad about Kuria and Vanessa, what if Vanessa succeeded in seducing him,
many things went through my mind as Kuria drove in one day, it was a Saturday he came with Jude
Denis wasn’t home, Vanessa was swimming, my girls are busy in the kitchen, I allowed Kuria to start work before i went down, Jude greeted me as he saw me, Kuria looked at me and pulled off his gloves, he wasn’t happy as he said he may not be able to continue the work, reasons Best known to him, I pleaded with him not to do that, he asked jude to get him something from the car, after the boy Left he said he couldn’t Bear it anymore, watching my husband kiss and romance me in his front, he said it was a silent torture to him, he losses concentration because of that, as he saw Jude approaching he kept quiet and he didn’t say anything again,
he wore his gloves back and went back to work, he wasn’t happy, if is just because of what Denis does, it wasn’t really enough reason For him to decide to stop work like that, Denis is still my husband
I wanted to know why he isn’t happy but I know he won’t answer me, Vanessa came in wearing her swimming pant and bra, she used a pieces of scarf to tire her waist, she came to Kuria who didn’t pay her attention, or turned to look at her, he was busy working,
I later left them, Vanessa followed me and asked me why Kuria doesn’t like her, she said she really likes him and she begged me to talk to Kuria about her since he is my friend, I agreed just to dismiss her,
In the evening when Kuria was about going I saw Vanessa telling him to drop her off that she was going out, I watched from my room balcony as Kuria opened the passenger door for her as she suddenly kissed his cheeks Kuria’s face was a mark of shock as he used his left-hand to clean his cheek and spoke to Vanessa silently. She frowned and nodded, kuria entered the car and drove off,
I felt so bitter, I was jealous that I wish I can tear Vanessa into pieces, but deep down I trusted Kuria but what Denis said about him do ring in my Head, kuria is not a player or Casanova, i know is not true, Kuria is hard working, he has being training two street kids for years now, and doing it happily, he is a people’s person, Denis is only being threatened by him, Kuria is successful and good looking too,
Tomorrow was Sunday he won’t be working I wish I can go over to his place but I can’t,
I can’t Tell Binta about me giving in to Denis, I know she will be mad but Denis is still my husband and I still feel something for him,
I can’t confront Vanessa about Kuria and asking Binta to do that may attract questions,
I’m still in this act nobody must know what I’m up to except Binta,
But how do i Even tell Kuria that the baby I’m carrying is his,
How can I love and still hate Denis at same time, he seem to be acting all Nice and fully devoted to me, why now that I’m pregnant, when I have a bucket full of crabs about him,
Is it possible to love two people at same time because I love Kuria and I feel very bad when I see him with Vanessa,
Kuria won’t be around tomorrow but I will talk to him when he comes on Monday, a lot of talk, I just hope nobody will be home except the securities so that I can have enough time

I waited For Kuria Monday he didn’t come and I didn’t see Vanessa either, on Tuesday Vanessa was around but later left, she was not happy, I didn’t bother to ask why she looks so sad because she’s non of my business, still no sign of Kuria,

I called him but no response, after Wednesday morning came and gone I drove down to his place, he was home, and opened the door as I knocked, I stepped in, he wasn’t looking happy and I wasn’t happy either, and I need to sort things out, today I made up my mind to tell him he is the father of my child, he deserved to know although I still have double mind about telling him but I can’t keep punishing myself, I truly love Kuria, or I’m probably confused.
I wish I can finally be happy with the man I truly love, I planned to get it done with Denis as soon as I can, but his recent behavior is what i don’t even understand but I really need to be focus on the task before me, just as Binta will say.


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Enny Pat
Enny Pat
1 year ago

Eyaaaa…. This is serious