JODA Episode 13 by Amah’s Heart

JODA Episode 4 by Amah's Heart

JODA Episode 13 by Amah’s Heart

“Yeah, I’m very serious…I’m pregnant Binta…I’m so confuse..I don’t know what to do now..I didn’t plan to be pregnant now.. Not now when I’m almost actualizing my plans…I’m pregnant…7weeks gone already… Binta you aren’t saying anything… I said I’m pregnant…

” I heard you the first time Joda, exactly what Denis wanted, well with a Baby on the way that will thwart plans for you… But all the same be strong, I didn’t want you to marry that man and you finally did, now you are pregnant with his child, he will be so happy, slow down with the plan, things will still work out for your good… I wish I can happily say congrats to you Joda.. But I still don’t like Denis but I will love you and that baby as if we came from one womb, Denis wanted to get you pregnant by all means so that he can tire you down, now he has succeeded, but you must not allow him to put you where you don’t want to be because you are his wife or soon to be mother of his child, you are still going to divorce that guy, he was never the Man for you, any way congrats… I don’t want to make you sad…

“The baby is not for Denis..

” funny you Joda… If the baby is not for Denis, your husband or soon to be ex…then who are you pregnant for… Holy spirit? I’m sorry… I’m not really joking because this is serious issue… How do you mean…?

“Is for… For Kuria… I’m pregnant for Kuria… He was the last Man I met…Binta…

” waaaaat…are you kidding me…oh my God… Joda.. You are really pregnant for Kuria…then big congratulation girl… So happy everything is turning out fine… Denis will definitely loose, he will loose every thing he acquired through you, he will loose you and he will loose your child because is not his, ooh that guy thought he was smart… He is the biggest loser of the century, we are gathering enough evidence on him… Oh mine I love this…Joda you don’t need to be a thing of Joy… Get up let’s pay Kuria a visit…I know you and Kuria have being avoiding each other.. Is high time you face him and apologise because when I see a good Man I will know…and Kuria is a nice person who hates to be hurt… And you actually bruised his ego, but it can be amended…and you will amend it with your self and by yourself… Get up baby girl… Smile, no more sad face because I got you…

“Binta…you don’t understand… I still love Denis… I hate to watch him and Vanessa on my CCTV iPad… I stop watching because it hurts so much…I love him and he is still my husband…

” snap out of that.. Did he use jazz on you that after seeing and hearing how he plan to take over everything from you, dump you and have a better life with his Vanessa… You listened to everything they planned…you watch them have sex in your house…thinking you aren’t aware.. They use to drug you to do it until you found out… What is it in him that you love… Tell me what you love about Denis… Are you crazy Joda… Or he bewitched you with love…I would have given you are slap so that your brain can reset in order…get up my friend…I know when you see Kuria you will forget about Denis… I’m ready to cure you of that stupid thing you call love…

We later drove down to Kuria’s place..he wasn’t at home, his car was at the garage, which means he was at his store, we knew he will be there since he isn’t at home, we drove down to his vegetable shop,
We didn’t see him but he was around in his office, he probably saw us from the CCTV in his office because immediately one of his staff Left to call him we saw him walking toward us, my stomach made a sound… My heart began to beat faster, I couldn’t look at him fully on his face, suddenly I felt headache… I rob my forehead…Binta spoke as he met up with us

“Hey Kuria… How are you doing today… We were at your place earlier but got the sign that you will be
at the store… You look good as usual…

” yeah Binta… I’m good… Thanks… Joda…how… Are you… Is being a while I saw you… Hope you are okay…

I looked at his face and he smiled… He acts as if he wasn’t angry with me… I replied him with a smile too that I was fine, he nodded his head before looking at Binta, I miss his fine smiling face… I missed everything about him…Binta was right when she said I will forget Denis ones I set my eyes on Kuria, the headache was coming with force… I moved close to a wall to relax, Binta told him I have something to Tell him, he said okay without really listening to Binta as he came to me and held my shoulder asking if I was alright I smiled, Binta replied him, she told him I was just tired… He suggest we go to his place and we Left, he collected my car keys and he drove us down.

When we got into his place, something nice filled my nose, it smells like food, Binta asked what exactly was the smell he said it was cake, Jude did his birthday yesterday, so few of his friends came around and he made cake for them, that the remaining one was in his fridge, before Binta could ask for some he already got it for us, it looks so delicious, it was a fruity cake, I wanted some, i wanted binta to look at me so that i can give her sign to cut out some for me but she was busy loading the cake into her mouth, without a care, my stomach made another sound, i seriously wanted some but he was looking at me and I was shy to cut by myself, as if he noticed and got a disposable plates out and cut for me, allowing Binta to served herself, I wondered how he knew my thought, I couldn’t even tell Binta because she may end up embarrassing me, Binta love food.
Kuria is good with what he does, a super good Cook and an interior deco Who runs a vegetable store, I envy him..I envy the woman he will get married to because she will have a super Man as husband, I silently wish i was his wife and not Denis wife, I thought of my baby, my heart began to beat faster, how do I even tell him he is the Father of my unborn child, how will he take the news, I looked at him and he was still looking at me and suddenly looked away, Binta was busy with cakes and drinks that I prayed for her silently so that it won’t have a side effects on her, with her mouth Full she glanced towards me and winked at me, with cake crumbs scattered on her face, she looks so crazy that I boast out laughing, she’ always feel at home whenever she’s at Kuria’s place, she act like is her house and Kuria likes her realness, as I laughed, she held her mouth and laugh too, the scenes looks so funny that Kuria joined in the laughter.
After she swallowed the thing in her mouth she stood up with another plate of cake with drink, she told Kuria that I have something to say to him, she stood up and walked out on us
The living room fell silent, Kuria who was sitting at the dining with me looked at me shyly before saying

“I missed you Joda.. So much…I’m Glad you came…how are you doing…

” I thought you didn’t want to see me again after the last time… I’m really sorry Kuria… I didn’t mean to take advantage of you…I know you were hurt…I’m so sorry…

“Yeah…me too, I was so hurt Joda… But later I started missing you, I wished I could just see your beautiful face again, is being more than a month…. Is all in the past Joda.. I’m Glad you came…how are you…

” thank you Kuria… I’m fine just having headache…

“Headache… I’m coming let me get you something, you will feel fine in a seconds..

He stood up and Left and returned with a glass of green content, and gave me to drink, I didn’t want to take anything that will harm my baby, but i trust Kuria but I wanted to know if is safe for a pregnant woman,

” go ahead and drink it all, you act like you are scared, don’t be, I will never hurt you joda…is herbal green tea, it will Stop the headache…

“I trust you Kuria…I..I…don’t know if is safe for… me…if is safe for preg…..woman….. I’m… Pre….

The word got stock on My throat, I looked at him his face changed, I looked away, he gently turned my face to him

“You are pregnant… Uuuh….is nothing to be ashamed of, congratulation Joda… Your husband will be so happy… I’m also happy for you… Is called for celebration… Hmmm….how I wish I was your husband… I Will be extra joyful….that’s crazy….take your drink is safe for you and your baby…
I love you joda… I still do…and will be here for you if you ever need me, is sound very stupid to hear that I’m in love with another Man’s wife, I Will get my woman someday, love her with all my heart and she will give me children be cause I want a big happy family…relax Joda and take your drink… Is safe…

I smile and didn’t know what to say him, I went close and kiss his forehead, I sat back and took the drink, he smiled expressing his white well set gaped teeth,

I wanted to be seeing him everyday because he is an antidote to my happiness, I love Kuria, he is truly a good man as Binta will say, some day i will muster courage to tell him he is the father if my Baby, today isn’t the right time, i told him to come and starts the architecture work in my place and he agreed, atleast I will get to see him everyday,

I drove home with Binta and saw Denis, he bought so many beautiful bouquet Flowers for me, many gifts
I asked him what we are celebrating because today wasnt my birthday
He was so happy and was kissing me all over, he was full of joy as he said that the doctor called congratulating him, he said we are expecting a baby.


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1 year ago

This is dangerous, delay is dangerous

1 year ago

Wow wat a risk

Agborie Vivian lroro
Agborie Vivian lroro
1 year ago

Wahala. You can’t tell the heart who to love. Jeda you are so confuse