JODA Episode 12 by Amah’s Heart

JODA Episode 4 by Amah's Heart

JODA Episode 12 by Amah’s Heart

“What is Vanessa still doing here, the wedding has being over for months now, what is she still in my house doing…she is not my close friend, and i don’t need her for anything, she have a place of her own…I only allowed her to best me doing the wedding because you wanted her and not Binta… So why is she still here… Coming and going as she likes…is there something you aren’t telling me. Because I’m not blind to see the way two of you acts around me and in this house…Tell me what I need to know Denis because I’m tired of this whole shit…

” are you in any way accusing me of having something with Vanessa… This house is equally mine, and i can’t cheat on you Joda I have already assured you that before now, How can you even be so cruel to van..she likes you and wanted to stay around as a friend.. There’s enough rooms in this house that can take up to 20 people, or Even More, can you sleep in all the rooms at ones, Binta your friend is shrewd and she hates me as much as I do…Binta has a bad influence on you…van adores you.. Why don’t you like her..

“Van…really Denis… Van…is that your new name for her now…because to my knowledge you calls her Vanessa… Stop lying, you look so stupid when you lie like this… I actually saw you kiss her inside that car which you denied when i confronted you, I saw you look at her on my wedding day, instead of me, the signs has being there but I was such a fool in love to even understand, guilt is written all over you and you Smell of it… Why do you have to use me to cover up…knowing well we are not close, you wanted her close by, I’m not a fool Denis..

” Joda please stop it… I don’t have anything with are My wife.. I assure you she will leave as soon as this discussion is over…I’m just close to her because she is a nice person…and she likes us…I love you Joda… Stop assuming the worst of me..

I looked at the face of a master liar, if not I caught them red handed during the night they thought they succeeded in drugging me..if not I saw and hard everything I would have believed him but I had a plan for both of them. I pretend like i believed him.. I need them to be caught in the act together..

“Okay, she can stay, I believe you.. Is just that I will so much hate it if you cheats on me…let her stay.. I’m cool my love…I’m sorry for doubting you…

He smile so broadly, and tried to hold me but I dodged it, the idiots doesn’t know what is coming for them.. Let’s play this game,

I stop the intimacy with Denis, whenever he ask or try to force himself on me I push him off and threatens him, he constantly reminds me of being my husband and deserve to have me any time but I also remind him that a wife sometimes needs break, and my doctor said I should not have anything intimate with him for now so that the drugs I’m taking can clear my womb for a baby to enter when we finally do it.. He has no choice than to believe the lies,
I called Binta with my landline since i forgot my phone at kuria’s place, she said she has being trying to call me i begged her to come over, Denis left very early in the morning and Vanessa Left after an hour, my girls are also out of the house, she said she was coming over

After Thirty minutes she came in, when we were together, she opened her hand bag and brought out my phone

“My phone, I forgot it at Kuria’s place.. He gave it to you?

” he called me over and gave me the phone to return to you…Joda what did you do to that fine man.. He wasn’t happy and refuse to say much.. He hasn’t even gone out since yesterday and he is obviously not himself… He only asked me why are women so manipulative, they takes advantage of you if they finds out that a man loves them and can’t say no to them…. Well I didn’t understand where the question was coming from so I told him is not all women, he shakes his head and gave me the phone to give you, I urged him to talk but he said he was done talking, so I want to know exactly what happened Joda…tell me what’s going on…

I told Binta everything that happened right from the house to Kuria’s place, she listened without a word, after I was done she slapped My face and said I was foolish, I was shocked that she strikes me, I opened my eyes wide and asked her what has gotten into her,
acting like she was my mother, she asked why didn’t I call her before rushing to Kuria’s house to have sex with him in other to revenge Denis, Binta was scolding me like a child, well I needed it I felt stupid myself after the act with Kuria, after all the whole shouting she held my hands and said I need to be wise and do things right because two wrongs can never make a right, she asked what I achieved now after I made Kuria to go down with me, I left him shattered and full of regrets, he is a good person and he truly loved me, what I did was very unfair to him, she said all this drama could have being avoided if I had listened to her right from the beginning, I would have being more happy with the man who truly loves me, that is Kuria, than the one that is after my money and properties, Binta talks as if she was send to me to direct me on the right track,
After the talk we called the CCTV Office and sounded so urgent, they came and planted the cameras round the house and rooms, where nobody can ever imagine anything of such is there, they worked so fast and gave me a small iPad where I can be watching and recording everything going on in the house, I paid them off and they Left.
I was happy and scared too because I know unknown things may eventually unfold, but I was fit and ready, a trap has being set for the culprits.
Binta gave me more advice, one which is to act all friendly with them in the house and i should always lock my wardrobe where I have important thing and avoid Denis touching me, I needed to divorce him but first of all let’s sees what he is up to. Finally I need to make amend with Kuria, I have to call him or go with Binta to ask him to forgive me, I know he will not like to see me alone, but deep down I felt so betrayed by Denis but I still love him.
I agreed to everything Binta said planned, i was following them accordingly, I must try not to mess anything up,

Everything was going on fine, I make my own food sometimes or watch them from my CCTV iPad prepare it, so I know when is safe or not safe to eat or drink, I also told Denis I needed a room to myself that period so that I can concentrate on my doctor tasks, he later agreed after much persuasion, so I lock my room whenever I intend to sleep just to feel safe in my own house because I began to see I wasn’t all safe from the things I hear and watch from my CCTV iPad, my evidence was building up I needed more to nail him. I felt bad for Denis, the man I love, but Binta said I should put my feelings aside so that I don’t complicate things.

No day past that I don’t think of Kuria and how to face him,
I suddenly started feeling sick every morning and evening, I feel like throwing up sometimes, so without wasting time I drove to My doctor’s hospital,
After the check up he confirmed that i was 7weeks pregnant,
it was supposed to be a thing of Joy but I wasn’t happy because I haven’t being with Denis for weeks now, Kuria was the last Man I met and i have being so occupied that I never listen to my body changes,
Oh my God…I’m pregnant but not for my husband but for Kuria, but it was just ones, this can it be, Denis has being with me severally and I’m never pregnant, Kuria touched me once and I’m pregnant for him

I was so devastated as I called Binta who asked me to come over to her place so I drove down, I felt so confuse, it was a very wrong timing to be going through this. I felt so tired, is very hard to be a human with multiple worries.
What I’m I suppose to do, why now I was almost actualizing my plans.

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1 year ago

Hmmm…may God help her…

Enny Pat
Enny Pat
1 year ago

Hm..mmmmm… Issa ok

1 year ago

Post more please ?

1 year ago


Tracy Ike
Tracy Ike
1 year ago

Very hmmmmmful sontin. All the same, I’m happy for Joda. Knowing the truth about that snake, Denis has set her free. Whatever the outcome, Joda is better off without Denis and her frenemy Vanessa.