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Episode 2

The day of my wedding came, my mother walked me down the Isle. I was almost in tears seeing Jake standing close to the Bishop, I was excited. My heart was full of joy and love, we exchanged vows, ring was place and some seconds later I became Mrs Anna Jake marrow.

I was so excited, same with Jennifer. She was very much excited for me, after the church settings we moved over to the reception. I changed my wedding dress to my reception dress, I made a grand entrance with my maid of honor Jennifer.

Paparazzi was all over the place taking photos, some news casters covered the event live and I was excited that the world will witness my day of joy and beginning of new things. I was always the invisible girl but now am someone everyone in world wants to see.

I and Jake’s danced, we cut or cake and did alot of photoshoots with friends and family. At the other hand only Jakes sister and other relatives came to the wedding. His father is late and same with his mother, his elder sister is the only family he had.

My wedding was going well not until Jennifer pushed me aside while dancing with Jake. She quickly pushed me aside and started dancing with my husband, it was funny but at same time quite strange. Jake was feeling uncomfortable so he asked his body to take Jennifer away from him.

Jake grabbed my hands and we left the event, he was pissed at Jennifer for doing that to me. At first I tried to convince him that it was nothing but a joke but he scolded mw that it wasn’t a joke but a mockery on me.

Jennifer knew what she did and now the journalist and other casters are going to make a news about it. I was quite sad, Jennifer has started her act of taking something that is mine. I loved Jake so much and I can’t give him up like that because of the friendship I have with her. Jake is my husband she should grow up and look for hers.

We arrived at Jake’s private jet, we took a flight to Paris for our honeymoon. I must say that was the best time of my life, I had lots of fun. I went to places I haven’t been before, went for shopping. Jake loves it when I look good, smell good, eat good and even give myself to him real good.

We spent 3 months in Paris and i was really sad about how swiftly our honeymoon ended. Jake was missing his company and he needed to work. We got back to Nigeria and things began to fall in place, Jake never wanted me to cook or stress myself.

He hired a cook, cleaner, gardener and a personal body guard for me. I was wondering why he wanted me to have my own bodyguard but he never really disclosed too much about it.

“I just want you to be safe”, Jake said.

“Am safe with you, you have given more than what have asked for and I love it simple just with you”, I replied.

“Anna you don’t understand, I have lots of people who will do me harm and it’s very easy to get to me through you. You are my weak point now, I really don’t want anything to happen to you. please let frank be your personal bodyguard”, Jake said.

I could see the fear in his eyes, the terror he had experienced without him telling me. His eyes spelt everything to me. I lived my life like a celebrity, Jake opened a clothing line for me. I got the best designers from Paris and Colombia, I was so excited because I had always wanted to have a clothing line with my name on my dresses.

My clothing line started making waves, I got invited to shows and big events. I started making huge sales in just few months after unveiling my clothing line. At the other hand I kept in touch with my mother and made sure she had everything she needed.

I got her car, a personal driver and a very nice and classy apartment. I wiah ny father was still alive he would have enjoyed what ever I brought to the table. I tried reaching out to Jennifer but her line was going through, I went to where she worked but they haven’t seen for months after my wedding.

It was strange I wonder what might have happened to her, I became worried. I spoke to my husband about it but he said she maybe alright, I shouldn’t worry myself. But I knew something wasn’t right.

Some days later I got a text message saying:

Dear Anna, your living a perfect life while I live like a begger. I need two hundred million naira from you by 8pm Tonight, if you don’t make an attempt of bringing that money. I will take your mother’s life.

I can’t believe this, who is even sending this messages to me? I asked myself. While in thoughts I heard the front door cracking sound and my heart limped. I rushed downstairs with my hundred golf stick in my hands ready to whoop any moving thing I see shockingly it was frank my bodyguard.

“Frank, I almost hit you. Are you insane?”, I said trying to catch my breath.

“Am sorry ma’am, I just needed to get milk from the fridge”, he replied.

“Where is my husband?”, I asked throwing the golf stick on the floor.

“His in study, is everything okay? You look stressed”, frank asked.

“I need to see my husband now”, I said walking to the study.

Jake was busy with some paperwork when I Burst in, he looked at me like he has seen a mad woman.
I quickly showed him the text message and he was furious, he gave in the thought of investigation and got his security to find out where the messages where coming from.

I quickly informed my mother the current situation, I invited her to stay with us till they find who is behind the message.
I was feeling uneasy, I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. I passed out when I was trying to get out of the bathroom, immediately I opened my eyes I found myself at the hospital. Laying on the bed, my head was spinning but I could see a bit clearly.

The doctor was standing close to me reading my report.

“Ma’am your pregnant, we will prescribe some drugs for you”, the doctor said while leaving the room.

Jake came close to me with a smiling face then I realized he was also in the room with me. He was so excited that he was going to be a father, I was excited too but at same time scared.

Someone is out there trying to end the life of my mother, the next thing that was precious to me was Jake and now a baby has surfaced how do I go about this? I asked myself from within.

© Tishania Ginikachi

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