I Saw My Sister Who Have Been Dead – Makuo Chukwu

I Saw My Sister Who Have Been Dead - Makuo Chukwu

I Saw My Sister Who Have Been Dead – Makuo Chukwu

I was dumbfounded when I saw my sister who have been dæd for ages ago, she was working as the head doctor at City hospital mōrtuary department.

one of my friends who diēd in a car accident was being moved inside the city hospital mōrtuary, I was in a deep pain for the dæth of my friend when I saw my late sister as she was preparing to embalm my late friend’s body.

I was totally shocked as soon as I saw her.

now, I once lived with my parents at Onitsha anambra when my sister was still alive.

that time, I was still a child of 12years of age, that was when my sister got admission in unizik University awka.

Both my parents were so happy for my sister’s admission.

After the registration and preparations for all the necessary things being needed for school, my sister had to left us for school.

my sister was a very intelligent lady who dreamt of being a doctor (surgeon), so she was a medical student in unizik University awka.

after three years, my sister was already about to enter her final year in school, we were so happy for my sister.

a week later, we got a call from my sister’s number.

“hello, sweetie m, how are you doing today?”… my mom asked.

“Good day, ma’am. me and your daughter are in the same department”… she said as she silently cries.

“ooh, you called with my daughter’s phone, hope all is well?”… my mom asked out of curiosity.

“all is not well at all, ma’am! your daughter is no more”… she cries.

“what!!! my daughter is what!!! you are lying!!!!” … my mom shouted and began to scream

“i’m so sorry ma’am, some cultists in the school were fighting due to a misunderstanding, out of a sudden, they started shooting, that was when some bullets mistakenly penetrate inside your daughter’s body, she diēd before they could take her to the hospital”… she cries as she explains.

that was how my sister’s life ended.

after many years later, I was already a 23years old guy, my parents forced me into entering college, but I disagreed. I can’t afford to lose my life, that’s what I thought.

so I was working in a oil company in lagos, there, I made a lot of friends, but James was my closest friend.

James was a gentle and honest guy who was in his late 20s.

so I was shocked when I heard that James had a car accident, quickly without wasting anytime, I rushed to the city hospital where he was admitted.

I almost cried my eyes out when they told me that James was already a dæd man before the ambulance could reach the hospital.

I had no choice but to go inside the mortuary to see James and give him my last respect.

as I entered inside the mortuary, a doctor was already about to embalm James’s body.

“Good afternoon, doctor”… I said.

“Good day”.. she replied as she turned.

she turned and it happened to be my late sister who have been dæd for ages, I was so shocked!

“wait! aren’t you chiamaka!”.. I shouted as soon as I saw her.

before I could touch her, she disappeared without a trace.

at first, I thought maybe I mistook someone else or maybe it was an illusion, in order to clear my doubts, i had to show some pictures which I took with my sister to the receptionist who was in-charge of the mōrtuary ward.

“please, ma’am. do you know this lady in this picture?”… I asked.

“yes, I know her. she’s even the head doctor of this ward”… she quickly said.

I was so shocked that I rushed back home.

“it isn’t possible for dæd to stay amongst the livings”… I kept saying to myself

when i woke up in the morning, I was so scared that I decided not to come any close to that hospital again. I wanted to tell my parents about it but I knew no one will believe me, so I decided to keep quiet.

that day, our company was so busy that I stayed till 6:30pm.

it was already 7:00pm when I boarded a cab which will take me to my house.

because of heavy traffic, I reached home around 9pm at night.

as I was walking straight to my house, my sister appeared right in front of me.

I wanted to run but couldn’t.

“makuo, it’s been a while, how you’re doing?”… she asked as she came closer to me.

“i’m fine”.. I said while shivering in fears.

“don’t worry, I won’t hārm you”… she said.

I couldn’t even say another word, suddenly my phone rang, before I could even touch my phone, she disappeared.

That same night, I saw her in my dream.

the only thing she said was “GOODBYE”.

After some days, I went to the hospital to know if I could see her, but all the workers denied knowing my sis. Even the receptionist said she doesn’t know who I’m talking about.

since then till now, she haven’t appeared to me, both physical and dream.


The End

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