I K!LLĒD MY WIFE 9 – Yùñg Tygä stories


———————————————————- (Final)

I hastily ran outside to enter my car, and behold… Famata’s Ghost was sitting at the backseat in the Car…

Jesus! -I screamed

Get in now and drive!!. She commanded.

I tried running away but instantly, I got out of the compound, I saw her sitting under a tree just right outside of the compound.
I screamed! And took another direction.
I started advancing towards the direction of Sam’s House,
Shouting in fear.
People started raising concerns.
Is that not Andrew? Couple of people questioned when they saw me running.

“You shall never have peace,
unless you confess about what you did to me.” I heard a voice echoed.

Author’s_Pov: ✍️

After days of torments & his one and only Evelyn, along with their two children encountering a mysterious death, Andrew finally returned to his home town. With a heavy heart and fraustration, he confessed to Famata’s parents that he was the one responsible for their daughter’s death, out of Jealousy.

Angered by his confession, the mother and Father of Famata threatened to make him pay for his deed.

They vowed to make him suffer.

She used everything they could to turn everyone against him, including his own family.

Faced with constant turmoil, Andrew believed that relocating to another city would provide respite from Famata’s parents torment.

However, on the other hand, Famata’s relentless pursuit continued even in the new city, haunting Andrew’s every step.

Just when he was losing hope and going totally mad on the streets, fate intervened. Andrew encountered a man of God who delivered him from the clutches of darkness and the torments of the ghost. Instantly, his life took a turn for the better.

Soon after the deliverance, Andrew’s phone rang, and it was his concerned mother urging him to visit the village. Determined to confront his past,
Written by: Yùñg Tyga stories.
Andrew returned to his hometown weeks later. To his surprise, his family welcomed him with open arms, forgiveness and love in their hearts.

Rejuvenated by his family’s support, Andrew’s confidence soared. He met a kind friend who introduced him to a thriving business, which ultimately led to his immense wealth and success.

Andrew’s transformation inspired awe among the villagers, who once again embraced him as their own.

Andrew had moved on, his heart mended by the love of his family and the new opportunities that life had presented him.

And so, in the end, Andrea’s journey proved that love, forgiveness, and the power of faith could conquer even the darkest of challenges.

It was a stark reminder that true love cannot be forced and that choices made in haste can have far-reaching consequences.


Yùñg Tygä stories ✍️

© “I’m a fountain of endless inspiration and that’s God’s gift.”✍️

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