I K!LLĒD MY WIFE 7 – Yùñg Tygä stories



She was holding a kn!fe in her right hand.
She started walking slowly towards my direction with a mischievous face.

She’s here! She’s here!!
She’s coming!!
She’s holding a knife!
She wants to kill me. I cried.

Only me could see the spirit, Evelyn couldn’t.
She looked towards the direction in which I was looking and crying, but she couldn’t see anything.

I can’t see anything, so who is here? Evelyn asked, looking confused with tears running down her chin.

Please Andrew, I’m loosing you, please tell me what’s wrong. She held my hands trying to calm me down.

I immediately pulled my hands from her in aggression and Ran to the other side of the room.

My behaviour seemed so uncountable till Evelyn instantly rushed out wake our next door neighbours, to tell them that something was happening to her husband.
Initially, from the way I was shouting in our room, some of them might have heard me, but in Grand Gedeh, people don’t interfer into other people’s affairs until they are summoned.
It’s normally part of their culture.

Now Famata spirit has attacked me, While Evelyn has gone out to seek help from our neighbours.

Our neighbours came.
Evelyn was with them.

This is what he had been doing to himself, I don’t know whats exactly going on with him. Evelyn explained. (Crying).

When those neighbours saw me fighting vigorously with the air, they were confused. because they couldn’t see anyone else.

But right in the room, The spirit of Famata was there fighting me like a mighty lion.
All my body was covered now in blisters.

That was the word I could hear from the ghost of Famata, why she kept tormenting me.

One particular neighbour entered and I heard him told the others in a shocking tone: “This guy needs help, he’s not just wrestling with himself, I can see him fighting with a lady in dark gown!,
We need to help him very fast.”

Immediately he said that, almost everyone ran outside in fear., only Evelyn remained but she seemed so frightened.
She didn’t even come close.

When he said that he rushed out to get a leaf.

I guess he was a seer.

He rushed back in, few minutes later, bringing with him the leaf of a plant,🍃 trying to devolve it in his both palms.

The moment he rushed over to me and rubbed it on my forehead, Famata disappeared.

To be continued…

Yùñg Tygä stories ✍️

© “I’m a fountain of endless inspiration and that’s God’s gift.”✍️

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