His Body Built Like Aquaman by Marline oluchi | A Funny Short Story

His Body Built Like Aquaman

His Body Built Like Aquaman by Marline oluchi

So, last week, I finally entered my neighbor’s house and set myself up???

Fine young man. Body built like Aquaman.

I was working on an application with a deadline and there was no light. The application had so many processes and I knew it would take me hours to finish.

So, immediately he put on his generator, I had to knock, and asked him if I could plug my laptop and finish my work there. Since he moved in here in November, I only greet when I see him outside the compound and pass.

Well, he seemed very happy and asked me to please charge on. I plugged my system, balanced on the floor and was working while we started gisting.

He complained that he didn’t like the way we all keep to ourselves in the compound. He didn’t even know my name. He assumed everyone would be friendly and close, as it gets very lonely living alone?

Apparently, he’s new to Abuja. I told him everyone minds their business here o. It’s nothing personal. Everyone is even too busy sef. He told me to always come around and visit/gist sometimes. I shouldn’t be a stranger.

He has been seeing me, looking at me, wondering what I do and all. Well, he likes having the feel of family as neighbours and who else will we run to when we have problems, if not neighbours?

He’s a lawyer, so we had really good conversations and he helped out with my application. He was so much fun to gist with. Plenty to talk about. He even offered me dinner. Man can cook?

Well, fast foward to a few days ago, I came back home around 8pm and there was no light. I needed to finish an urgent write-up, so, as I entered the compound, I went straight to knock on his door to ask if I could shower and come to charge my laptop. Of course, he welcomed me back home.

I went into my house, quickly showered, wore my boxers and sekzy singlet, flirted my house for mosquitoes, grabbed my latop, dead phones and all their chargers, even grabbed my extension.

Fam, I carried a plate of hot chips and chicken I bought on my way back home. Put it on a tray with fanta and water. Balanced the tray ontop my laptop and marched towards his door, to be charging, working, eating and gisting for the next few hours. My heart was already turninoniown ?

That’s how I knocked on the door and two small kids ran to open the door for me. A beautiful woman was sitting down on the seat beside him. Travelling bags were strewn in one corner. The kind of eye appraisal I received eh?

He immediately told me to meet his wife and kids who just paid him a surprise visit that night, unexpectedly. How exciting is that? He told them to meet the neighbor.

You say? Wife and kids? And you’ve been all chummy? Egba mi???

Nobody told me to greet with plenty excitement, welcome them, tell them my name, ask how their journey was, plug my phone and laptop and carry my plate of food out.

I acted as if I just wanted to plug my stuff and disappear to wherever I was going to with food, unto my neighbour that has gen na?

I couldn’t even go back to my house because I flirted it. That’s how I sat down in the dark, under the mango tree behind the house, eating my chips while mosquitoes were eating me?

Ha! I haven’t felt that uncomfortable in a long while. My phone and laptop slept there o, because I didn’t even know how I will knock on their door again that night?

Very early in the morning, he knocked on my door and gave me my stuff. I’m so heartbroken right now?

Should we send thunder to him?


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Ruth Omodiale
Ruth Omodiale
1 year ago

Sorry for the mosquitoes eh