I waited outside for hours, Then finally I saw Dad coming out from a bus that had just arrived at the bus stop opposite our shop. I ran and hugged him. It felt like forever. He grabbed on my waist and carried me up,a little chuckle escaped my mouth.He seemed to be in a lively mood. He put me down and then stared at the food stuff parked outside. “What happened?”he demanded, curiously. I hesitated then said slowly “The caretaker said..”.

Before I could finish.my sentence. He called on the pedestrians along the road and asked them to pick anything they like and go home. The neighbors and fellow businessmen wondered if he’s gone nuts ,same with me. People started rushing towards us and he will give them whatever they need. He ordered them to be gentle and stay in a queue so as to avoid misunderstanding and fights. “Daddy please stop it! What are you doing, giving them all out!” I yelled ,still shocked at his reaction. Even the caretaker returned to the shop and took pity on him, thinking maybe he was emotionally drained by the situation and decided to give up on life. “Oga Kelvin, Wetin you wan do ,abeg go back to the shop,make e no be like say na me wicked pass”. She told daddy, but he played deaf. I had to go and hold him back. “Daddy, seriously I am worried”.

“Don’t worry baby it’s fine” He said with a broad smile, I knew that was genuine and not fake but what could have made him do this, to give away everything we depend on? What was he thinking? I glanced at the caretaker, she seemed like she lost it,staring at dad with her mouth ajar,just then three flashy cars drove into the plaza’s parking lot. My mouth went wow and opened widely. Dad looked up too but he looked less impressed,and what’s with that devil smirk! He seemed to know who they were and was less surprised to see them here. I got even more excited but more curious though. The men in the plaza and everyone started gushing over the cars. Also some had many negative ideas about it. “All this G boys self”. “Na this year lambo be this ooo”. “Na our politicians, thieves, na tear rubber be this no be second hand”. “Wetin politician dey find for here,abi na Yahoo boy wey come market”. They argue between themselves ,some folding their hands in awe, staring at the cars, neat and sparkling like it was prepared for a commercial video shoot.

Our caretaker took the courage to approach them,she was walking slowly to them. My dad walked towards them too and walked past her, the caretaker eyed him,in a way that says this man don’t embarrass yourself. A huge man in black outfit bowed to daddy and opened the door, dad went into the car. I Felt my feet frozen, my jaw dropped. The murmurs from the crowd was deafening. Could it be ,no it couldn’t be. Have you voted for me today,please Fam,the competition is very tough, let’s not relax “Is daddy in some sort of government problem?” My heart raced ,what does he have to do with this kind of person? Everyone else and myself watched like we are just stuck into a thrilling movie eager to know what next. Caretaker stepped back, seeing the hugeness of the men, I didn’t know she could be that scared.


“I told you not to come here, I will get her for you later,you will create a scene”. I snapped with my arched brows. Chief chuckled. “Come on, there’s nothing wrong in coming over here”. “How many times do you see otedola or dangote in a place like this!” I yelled again. “Well my granddaughter is worth it” He opened the door and stepped out. I slapped my forehead and got down too. Everyone’s facial expressions were of confusion and doubt, reacting to my father’s identity if he is the real Chief or not. Chief doesn’t need to ask who the girl is, Special is just a carbon copy of her mom Sarah. He walked to her and hugged her Special yelled out like a kid about to be kidnapped. “Calm little one”. “Daddy!” I shook my forehead and went to Special, isn’t she old enough not to call daddy out in a situation like this.

“I am I whispered to her and she screamed loudly “You are..Chief, the one they taught us in school African’s second richest man?” Chief giggled heartly “When was the last time you read your current affairs?”He asked softly. He was never that soft to me. “Hmm,” Special said, thinking about it. “I am 3rd now……” Then he whispered the rest to her, of course third in the world. Special stood with her mouth wide open. “So you ..”she turned with her beautiful enlarged eyes full of surprise sparking at mrle “Daddy he is really..he is.. my ….grandpa?” I closed my eyes and nodded. “Can we at least get in the car now Chief before even more crowds surrounds us” I told him after I noticed that the crowd had doubled and everyone had that certain smilley faces about meeting such an icon. He agreed and made a promise to those around. People got their phone cameras busy ,I had to protect my daughter, the security men were protecting Chief’s son,me …yeah I was used to that before. I avoided their camera getting a glimpse of my daughter then I carried her inside the car immediately and entered. Some lucky business men,Chief gave them cash gifts and some motorcycles and others were blessed with paychecks.

He entered the car and we about to leave the plaza’s premises. My caretaker ran to the car I was in,I wined down the window. “Mr Kelvin this better be a dream ooo,if it’s not remember me,I am not that bad you ..”. The driver drove off.. “You should have let her say her mind” I mouthed even though I only wanted to watch her embarass herself. “Sorry sir ,the other driver moved so I got orders to follow up”. They drove us to my former place, there was a lot of changes he made ,it looked even better. I tried to hide my excitement but I just couldn’t. My daughter was even more excited, seeing her happy is everything.

“Daddy,could this be a dream? How is he grandpa?” I chuckled and kissed her cheeks. “You didn’t answer my question!”Boss Special snapped then she went back to he excited mood. “Sweet Angela won’t believe this”she said excitedly, sniffing the new leather seat she was sitting. “Smells so new!” I forced a smile, suddenly the whole excitement was shaken when she mentioned Angela. As soon as we drove into the last heavily security protected gate. They are 4 gates in number,each filled with military men and few gardeners working the giant flowers. The military men saluted and our driver parked at the garage. I opened the door ,I totally forgot ,I wasn’t supposed to do that myself, the man on black felt bad about it,that’s his job ,if he don’t do that,then he will be unemployed. I had to apologise and make him understand,I didn’t do it on purpose. He nodded then carried Special out of the car. “Please next time I will do that” I said trying to protect her because she felt so uncomfortable with him carrying her. “Yes sir”he responded. As soon as my Dad stepped out of the car,Special ran to him,he held her hand,the two had developed a bond already,I won’t lie,I am jealous.

Have you voted for me today Adam? I am pleading,if you think I have a talent in writing,support me with your votes. “Where have you been all these years ,you made my daddy sad,he broke down and…”. She started rapping words in a second,with a very aggressive tone as the duo walked towards the door. I smiled and followed behind them. I was glad ,she was scolding Chief,I bet he will listen to her than me then she saw something and stopped. That was the building “This place is so beautiful, is it a hotel?” I shook my head with a light chuckle. “This used to be your daddy’s house ,I built it myself, I designed it and daddy didn’t put a dime on it” I said proudly. “Well I made a lot of changes,those gates ,and securities and even in the house ,don’t you see that?” Chief cuts in, asking for his credit. I rolled my eyes “Omg grandpa you are the best!!” Special hugged him. “Hmmm I just said I built it you know,I designed it too,I should be the one recieving a warm hug”. I said to her,she chuckled and hugged me. “I love you Daddy, but I still don’t understand, why did you left daddy?,we suffered so much ,and you don’t know how it hurts to see you cry every night and… ”

“That question should be for your best grandpa,honey”. I said and glance at Chief. He laughed. “My little angel let’s go in,and I will explain everything to you and Kelvin..crying infront of your child, is that the man I thought you to be?” “What man plays a stupid game in the name of a tradition!” I snapped back. He swallowed then smiled at Special. “Shall we?” He held his hand. Special smiled and slapped hers into it. “We shall Chief!” “What a tough kid!” Special jogged inside ,chanting . “My daddy’s house is big, my daddy’s house is fine”. “Hey behave, you’re no more a kid,you said so yourself” “I am still your baby!” She yelled back. We got inside the house,everywhere was so beautiful, expensive and those vases and paintings, father did made changes. “Good day Chief, Welcome young master”. Lined up servants and maids bowed in sync.They startled me with that. Chief nodded at them. I waved. Special was waving at each of them giving them reason to smile more. I have an adorable daughter so they can’t help but like her already.

“Hello little Miss Special”. They greeted her in sync. Special cracked up into a loud giggle. “I’m just special”she replied shyly,then greeted them in return. “Dear you will get used to it”Chief stated then two women came and asked to change her dress into something else. I nodded at them then whispered to Special. Special went with them,I could hear her screams from her supposed room. I am glad she is happy,that’s all that matters,I considered her before accepting to come back here. She came back dressed like a princess with a bow clipped to her natural hair Dresses do change one’s appearance. I couldn’t help smiling, she looked so cute and her afro hair texture was defined giving her natural curls. “Daddy, you need to see my room!! I have a whole apartment for my clothes and they are so beautiful!” She ran towards me.

“Well all the best for you,this is temporary though,you won’t stay in the country for long, you want to visit Disney land?”I winked. “What!!! Now this is a dream,I was scared it might be a dream, now this proves it”. Special said sadly. “What a drama queen”. Chief cracked up at her facial expression when saying that. “How much I missed watching this precious grow up”. “Sir the food is set” A maid informed him. “Well let’s go feed the tummy”father said and we all stood up and held Special’s hand as if she was a kid on a busy road. Then i took a closer look at the maid that announced about the food,I think I have seen her somewhere,she also kept stealing glances as if she knew me from somewhere. She stood aside with others, as we approached the dining. Then I remembered ,she was the fair girl with iPhone 13 in the bus the day I came to visit my father ,she quarreled with the conductor and continued to pick on me. “What is she doing here? Why is she not putting on a makeup and wig,that gender is something else”. I said in my mind.

Chief raised his hand after we all settled in the dining, Special in between. The hand raise was a signal, they all bowed and left us. The fair lady was still stealing glances as she left with her colleagues. “Daddy?” Special broke into my thoughts. “Yes baby.. “If Grandpa is really Chief here,why did you leave in the first place?” “Your grandpa should answer that my dear”I replied. Chief clears his throat. “Very well I will tell her”.


“What!”I screamed my head off. “What tradition grandpa, if you were a kid younger than me,I will spank you soooo hard,you don’t know what that did to dad ,to me..”. Chief wanted to laugh but seeing me in tears changes everything. “Tell me, what happened,did anyone hurt you?”he asked softly,he knows nothing so I won’t blame him completely. “I..was..” I sobbed this time. “Shhh,it’s fine”Daddy snapped.I sealed my mouth. Daddy seem not to let Grandpa know about that. “What did you say happened to you..?” Then he turned to dad impatiently. “Kelvin, what is she talking about?” “I don’t think it’s important to you,since you didn’t even think about the bad effects of your so called family tradition” Dad snapped. Grandfather looked like he was going to explode then he looked at me and calmed down.

“Come over here, Special”. He said and tapped on his leg,I looked over to dad for his approval He nodded at me,I went to him and he made me sit on his leg. “You grown into a big girl now Special, you remind me of your mom Sarah,I apologize for not being there all these years,I promise to make it up to you,so I have a surprise for you”he said with a smile. My eyes lit up in excitement “Surprise?” “It’s infact a person, who made the food we are eating”he responded. I wondered who that might be. “Sarah!” I heard daddy snapped out loud. Have you voted for me today? Fam I am depending on y’all.

I looked towards the sitting room and found mother, or should I say, the woman who abandoned me and Dad, then rejected me the a second time. I didn’t feel any emotion seeing her looking so pale and sick. She went on her knees.

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Akinwemimo Abosede
Akinwemimo Abosede
1 year ago


Am so happy for special and her dad bt Sarah there should b no second chance for her cuz she neglected her duty as a wife and especially as a mother when things were though now she want to come back when she sees things are glowing

Can’t wait for the next episode

Adewale akande
Adewale akande
1 year ago


Nnamani Odinaka Immaculate
Nnamani Odinaka Immaculate
1 year ago

Next pls

Bukola Abbey
Bukola Abbey
10 months ago

What an interesting story