If everybody minds their individual business in marriage, the Union would be boring so and marriage unappealing.

I am a loner,i just like being alone and I don’t like talking too much is not when it comes to your spouse.

Even if you don’t find the story he/she is telling you interesting, just smile and laugh along to keep the communication going between the both of you in order to build gist partner and friendship from there.

If you have a husband that sits close to you and tells you stories, don’t take it for granted by saying that he’s talking too much or show him attitude that he’s disturbing you.

The day he begins to keep quiet when he’s with you in the house is the day, the friendship in the marriage relationship begins to die and believe, no husband is enjoyable when he stays mute and business minded in the house.

I’m not much of a talker, in fact, talking too much makes me feel tired unless if I am preaching or praying but in terms of talking with people, if you talk too much around me, it gets me tired and if I talk too much, when I am alone, I feel regretful..

I expresses myself better in writing but hubby who though is not an extrovert expresses himself better verbally.

So, man any times, I had wanted to stay alone to enjoy solitude to get some inspirations or even catch a good sleep, he would come in and engage me in playful talks and be fighting me playfully so I won’t sleep and what normally comes to my mind is to ignore him and tell him that I don’t like the way he’s talking too much and the way he’s disturbing my rest.

Hehehe… If my husband keeps quiet on you here en, you will run away because you won’t like his mood when he’s business minded.
If you’re a visitor, you will feel like leaving the house immediately and if you’re living with us in the house, you will not need a prophet to advice you to behave yourself.. Lol

He can mind his business, he can stay without talking to anybody and would just scatter his bibles everywhere in the room studying and praying and when he’s getting up from his prayer and study, his eyes are always red and everybody around will be careful around him.

Now, that’s the man something is telling me to ignore and tell that he’s talking too much simply because he took the playful mood to play with me… God punish that something telling me that thing.

He’s not a talkative, he just chose to become one around me to keep our communication life alive so our friendship will not suffer and for our marriage not to be boring. If I push him away, I will be killing our friendship.


Sometimes he would be scrolling through his phone on the bed alone, I will come inside from outside and climb over his body, kiss him passionately then jump and pass for no reason and from there, the bedroom play begins.

We would play like children and I will be shouting and laughing at the top of my voice like no man’s business so the devil himself would know that I am enjoying my marriage and he can’t do nothing.

Sometimes I just hug him for no reason, other times, he turns in the middle of the night and cuddles me then pull me into his warm arms for no reason and through the sleepy eyes say, I love you..

Aww! That’s always sweet to hear and the rest of the night would be beautiful..

Intimacy in marriage is not only a matter of sex, you can have sex as couples and still not be friends but when you’re friends, every day is honeymoon with or without sex.

I laughs, talks and play more when he’s with me than when I am alone that makes him my best friend.

The same is applicable for him, once he leaves the house, he’s business minded but once he comes back home, he becomes a playmate and we flow along even when either of us is not in the mood.

I remember trying to kiss his lips some days he was fasting and he pushed me away and took to his heels, I pursued after him.

“I bind you in Jesus name..” He would be shouting and running while I chase after him.
I knew he was fasting, so it’s not as if I wanted the kiss, I just wanted us to play and laugh over something to keep the relationship lively..

The marriage you’re envying somewhere is a product of two people’s efforts, it’s not easy for them too but they go extra mile to add spices to their relationship in order to make their marriage relationship work .

My husband is not romantic, you can make him romantic by being romantic yourself.

My wife is not romantic, sir, you’re the problem. The day you become romantic for real, you will see the romanthickness of your wife.

Being romantic starts with inconveniencing yourself to do some silly and naughty things just to make the other person smile and blush around you..

Stop being too serious minded at home every time, it doesn’t make you a serious person and it doesn’t increase anointing or bank account, try being unserious and childish around your partner just to create an atmosphere for friendship.

Sometimes, I had to ask my husband questions like,
“Babe, is there anything you want me to be doing to make our marriage more enjoyable, do you want me to do anything for you..?”

Many times, he also asks me questions like;

“Baby, is there anything I am doing you don’t like, is there anything you want me to be doing to make you happy, are they things we can we be doing to make this relationship better and our friendship stronger..?”

No be joblessness dey worry us, marriage is a big work on its own and we are committed to making our relationship work with all the readiness to go out of our ways and go extra mile to achieve that purpose.

My marriage must give the devil headache and high blood pressure..
Heaven on earth I enjoy in my marriage.
Honeymoon everyday I enjoy in my marriage.
Holy Ghost fellowship I enjoy on the marriage bed…
If you know, you know.

©Your sister Precious, Obialor’s girlfriend.

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10 months ago

The devil is a liar……

10 months ago

I love this