Empire High School Episode 35 by Ademide


Empire High School Episode 35 by Ademide

Elena’s POV
It was on a cool Monday Morning. The time was just 6:25am. I got to school earlier than i used to. Only the boarders moved around the school premises picking up some dirt. Some greeted me. I walked down the silent hallway, my footsteps echoing in my ears as I motioned towards my locker. I found a Pink note and a Rose attached on my locker.
I looked around hoping to see who had placed these things on my locked, but everywhere was silent!
No one was around except EHS boarders.
I wondered who has been sending me notes since last term.
“Coward..” I muttered
Why won’t he show his face? Or come to me instead of sending notes?
How can I acknowledge the notes when there is no name attached to it. And damn it! I don’t know who owns the writing in each notes!
My Secret Admirer won’t show himself to me!
This is so annoying!
I glanced down at the note and read it.
“My feelings for you keeps growing all the time. I’ve run into few girls I’ve gone out with a few of them but I’m really not interested anymore. I find myself thinking only about you and not wanting to see anyone else. And i wish I could really express myself face to face but I’m scared of facing you. What would you say if you find out its me? Yell? Snub? Insult me or mock me? It bothers me”
It seems My Secret Admirer has been in a relationship with some girls in the past.
“Why won’t you just show yourself to me?” I mumbled
I opened the locker and picked Mathematics my Textbook. My gaze fell on the letter and rose in my hands again. I walked to the dustbin to drop the stuffs in it. I have a lot on my mind, worrying myself about my secret admirer is a waste of time. I was almost dropping it but I stopped when I heard a voice.
“It’s unfair”
It was in my mind
“It must have taken him a lot of time to put that piece together for you”
The voice said
I moved away from the bin.
Then I went back to my locker and dropped the letter and Rose in it. It was the first letter I saved. I threw the previous ones in the bins.
My mind was right. It wasn’t fair to throw them away.
What excuse do I give to my secret admired when he shows up?
Wait..Am I even ready to face him too?
It was the first time someone was admitting his feelings for me. As in –
“Elena someone loves you!”
Secretly. And I suddenly wished he would sum up his courage and come to me.
“Don’t worry too much Elena”
I sighed and moved to class.
I didn’t do my Mathematics assignment because I left my textbook in my locker on Friday. And I was too busy over the weekend to come and get it.
I jumped in fear when I heard a voice behind me. I turned my head to face the person. It was Cullen! Well Cullen was a Boarder at Empire High school too.
“Geez! You startled me”
He rolled his eyes
“Sorry Elena, I was a bit surprised to see you. You came too early today” he said
“I haven’t done the Mathematics assignment” I said
Cullen opened the class door and I stepped in.
“Same here, I don’t even understand the questions” Cullen breathed heavily.
I settled on my chair and he sat beside me. I stared at the questions for a long time
“I’m not sure i can solve any of these question” I covered my face with the textbook.
“Ah! Give it a try Elena” he persuaded
“You know I’m not really good in math..” I said soberly
“Yeah I know, but you are better than me” Cullen laughed
I studied the questions for minutes again and nothing came to me. I didn’t get the right answers!
“Mr Danny will flog plenty people today” Cullen wailed
I glanced at my wrist watch. The red light beeped 6:35am.
“Are you with your cellphone?” I asked Cullen
He nodded and gave me his phone from his backpack.
“Who are you calling?”
“Oh! That’s true! She’s good in mathematics. Why didn’t I even call her during weekend so she could forward the solutions to me!” He palmed his forehead
“I saved it as Katie” he said
“Katie?” I repeated with a raised eyebrow.
“Yes Katie for Katherine” he explained
I dialed Kate’s number and she picked.
“Hello Cullen ” she said on the other end.
“Good morning Kate, its me Elena”
“Oh! Elena! How come you called with Cullen’s line?” She asked in a confused tone.
“I’m in school Kate?”
“Oh sorry..I didn’t think about that -“
“Have you done your assignment?”
“Which one of them?”
“Yes..What about you?”
“I can’t solve the questions. I’m not getting the correct answers” I cried
I can’t stand Mr Danny strokes! And he would be so disappointed if I don’t do his assignment!
“Where are you?” I asked
“I’m just leaving home” she said
I let out a loud cry. Kate won’t get to school on time. The journey from her house to school is about 30 minutes or even more if there is traffic.
“I’m sorry Elena” she apologized
“Its okay..”
“But you should have texted me during the weekend.. “
Yeah I went to a party (owanbe) with my mom on Saturday. And on Sunday when I wanted to do my assignment in the night then I couldn’t find the textbook in my bag.
“I left my textbook at school”
“Don’t worry I’ll tell my driver to be fast” she said
The line dropped.
“So we have to wait for her” Cullen said in a low tone.
I nodded
And we lapsed into silence.
“Hey Elena do you know if Joseph and Angella are still together?” He asked after a long pause.
“They broke up” I said
Cullen gasped
“Last term. Joseph broke up with Angela the day he found out she posted those pictures” I explained
“That’s sad but do you think Joseph will accept her again? You know have we have a different Angella now”
“It’s up to him” I muttered
“Well I think they are meant to be together”
What?! Meant to be?!
Cullen won’t stop thinking?
“Why did you say so?”
“They fought countess times and break up for sometime and they get back together again. Don’t you sense a future between them?” Cullen grinned at me.
I frowned at him.
Why would he think that Joseph and Angela are tied together? Or meant to be?!
Like..Having a future together!
“Why are you frowning at me?”
Cullen grin disappeared
I sat back in my chair and relaxed. I shouldn’t be annoyed because of his useless points.
Its none of his business if they decided to get back together!
“Oh! I get it!” He exclaimed
“Your feelings for Joseph” he spat
My eyes widened in shock and sheer surprise.
How did he find out i have feelings for Joseph?
“Well..I’ve always known you love Joseph. You’re just hiding your feelings to save your friendship” he said with a serious face
He knows so much!
But I can’t admit it!
I should laugh it off! And I did!
I busted into a painful laughter! It was a painful one because I could feel my heart was hurting! I love Joseph! He was my first love! The first guy I fell for but we can’t move pass the friendship stage because he doesn’t love me and there is nothing I can do about it. He only sees me as his Best friend.
So let’s keep it that way!
“Why are you laughing?”
“Your words are funny..How could you say that i have feelings for Joseph -“
“Its the truth but you don’t want to admit it to me”
“No..No..You are wrong. I..I don’t have any feeling for Joseph..Not even the slightest one”
How did i let this conversation get to this?
I wasn’t even close to Cullen one bit. I mean we don’t talk except if he joins us during lunch. And we all roll and chat.
I should put an end to this conversation.
“Time for inspection” I stood up
I had to inspect the school surrounding, laboratories and all before students comes in. General inspections was one of the reasons why I come early to school. It was one I the duties as the Headboy and Headgirl.
“Why don’t you tell Joseph about your feelings? Let him know how you feel?”
I heard him say when I was almost at the door. I turned to face Cullen. He was already out of his chair, walking close to me.
“You’re mistaken Cullen”
He shook his head
“I have studied you for years Elena. And I also can tell when a girl loves a boy”
“Joseph is my best friend” I said
He nodded in agreement
“I’m not disputing the fact that you’re his best friend”
I looked away from him
He huffed
“Joseph Is really a fool to not realize that you are in love with him” he mumbled
I placed my palms together
“Cullen..You’re wrong. I don’t love Joseph” I said avoiding his intense gaze.
Cullen wanted me to admit that I was in love with Joseph but I won’t admit it. I did my best at hiding my feeling for years since the one in question loves another girl. And am definitely far from his ideal type of girl.
I should leave
“Elena -” Cullen closed the door and before I could figure out anything he stepped forward. I stepped backward. He kept walking to me and I moved backward until i hit the wall. He caged me with his hands on the wall.
I glanced at him in shock. His expression was stoney. And he started to bend his head.
What was he trying to do?
He wanted to kiss me?!
Hell no! I shoved at his body he didn’t sway. I moved my head to one side and said.
“Wh..What..are..you -” my voice trailed off
“Have you ever considered loving another boy? I believe there is a guy out there waiting for you. Someone who will love you, accept and cherish you” He whispered into my ear
I rolled my eyes
Oh! Thank Goodness he didn’t try to kiss me!
“Thanks for the advice but can you step back a bit?”
“You thought I was going to kiss you right?” He chuckled, looking into my eyes.
I held his gaze with wonder and shyness. What’s wrong with this boy?!
“Fuck you Cullen” I muttered
And he laughed
“Sorry babe, I don’t kiss girls without their permission” he gave me a wink. His charming smile suited his cute face. Cullen was handsome but too big for my liking. He was given “EHS biggest boy” No doubt Cullen was a regular at the gym center because of his chiseled muscles and sculpted chest. You can’t tell he’s just 18..He looked like he was in his 20’s.
And I can’t imagined a small girl like me dating a bigger boy like him.. Lols! I’m not close to his chest region.
Gosh! I’m really a short girl!
“Elena, I’m serious about what I said earlier..”
“Okay..Cullen step backward”
I could hear footsteps in the hallway now.
“No I like us like this -” he teased
Whoever was coming in would get the wrong idea if they see us like this!
“Please Cullen” i pleaded as I bit my lower lip.
He nodded
And stood straight
“Thanks for the advice Coach” I breathed out heavily
“You’re welcome”
I moved away from him immediately but he held my wrist again.
My head snapped up to look at him. The door opened at the same time. I turned my head at the door. It was Lawal.
I watched him do the wide eye as his gaze fell on Cullen holding my wrist.And I withdrew from his grip.
He looked at me and then Cullen. Lawal raised his eyebrow. A deep frown crossing his face.
Now what was he thinking?
He shouldn’t get the wrong idea!
“Good Morning Lawal” Cullen greeted
Lawal didn’t respond
He mumbled indifferntly and walked to his seat.
Cullen and I exchanged glances.
“Lawal, its polite to answer a greeting” Cullen said
“Yes..But I decided to not answer your greeting” Lawal said in a harsh tone.
My forehead creased at his response.
That was too harsh!
Wait..Was there any grudge between them?
I looked at Cullen for answers.
“Your choice Lawal” he replied with a shrug.
“Hey Elena don’t forget my advice” Cullen walked out of the class.
I think I need to talk to Lawal.
“Lawal you went too harsh on Cullen. Don’t get the wrong idea..we were just talking”
He looked at me for a second.
“Are you fighting with him?”
He didn’t respond
Lawal focused on his notebook.
Seriously? Was he really doing the silent is the best answer?
Why am I even bothered about explaining what he saw earlier?
I should just let him be!
“I’ll go ahead and do the inspection” I said and turned towards the door. Three of our classmates walked into the class.
“Hey Elena have you done your assignment?” One of them asked
“What about Katherine?”
“She’s on her way”
The girls sighed
“Maybe we should wait for her”
They moved to their seats. I stepped out of the class. Trying to push Lawal out of my mind and everything Cullen told me.
I should consider loving another boy?
Cullen was right!
I should give up on Joseph! I already knew I should have to put an end to my feelings for him.
Maybe I was the right thing to do. Joseph would never see me as more than a bestfriend!
Thinking of Lawal, why did he act like that?!
I felt anger rising within me. Dummy! I hate it when someone ignored me!
And why am I so mad at him?
I clenched my fist
I think I need help here!
I should confide In someone who can give me good advice.
“Elena! Elena!”
I heard Kate’s voice. I looked up and she was running towards me.
Oh thank God!
“Sorry I’m late.. I tried to get here -“
Does she have to apologize all the time?
“Its okay. You made it to school real fast!”
“Yeah I asked my driver to speed up to school that I needed to rescue a friend in trouble” she said with a bright smile
And we laughed
“.. Off to inspection?”
I nodded
“Where is your note? Lemme write for you and we’ll do the explaination later” she said
Exactly! Just to save me today!
“Its on my desk”
She was about walking Away but I stopped her.
“We need to talk” I whispered
She nodded and replied
“Lunch tine”
Kate rushed to class.
She was indeed a good girl. And I bet I can trust her with my deep secrets. Temi wasn’t left out too. They are my best female friends.
After I succeeded in getting over my feelings for Joseph completely then I think I need to find that someone who loves me. My Secret Admirer!

Lawal and Cullen?
Do you sense Rivalry between them? ?
And who do you think is sending Elena letters?
And will Elena get ovee her feeling for Joseph?
Well me know your answers in the comment section.




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