Empire High School Episode 34 by Ademide


Empire High School Episode 34 by Ademide

Emeka’s POV
I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling trying not to think about her. I tossed on my bed for several minutes before I groaned out in frustration. I kept trying to push her out of my mind but her face kept appearing in my mind’s eye.
And once again the memories of the kisses we had shared in my car flooded my mind. And I sat up immediately.
What’s wrong with me?!
During the holiday I couldn’t stop thinking about Caroline. Why?
Its probably because I was still finding fault in myself for using Caroline. Joseph found fault with me over how I used Caroline to find the truth the day I told him Jeffrey plan in the open field. Though He was glad that we had managed to exposed the posters but he was also against me pretending to love Caroline.
“Its like you toyed with her feelings. You clearly know how much Caroline loves you and she already confessed to you a long time ago. Pretending to love wasn’t a good idea. She might feel like she’s not worth anything or your love, that’s why you played her” Said Joseph
I was indded stricken by his words. And feeling of guilt had swept over me on hearing his words. I never thought of my actions as “Toying with Caroline feelings” I was only determined to help Kate as a true friend. I wanted to prove to her that I would always be there for her during good and bad times. But in the end I found out she was dating Jeffrey! I didn’t expect anything like relationship! I thought they were just close since Kate was pretty close to everyone of us!
And I wondered why she chose Jeffrey of all the guys in the school “Mr Ghost”. Well, one wouldn’t know Jeffrey had something up his sleeves too. He was a smart boy!
Now what should I do about Caroline?
I couldn’t stop stealing glances at Caroline in Class. She’s my seat partner. At first I was happy Mr Daniel paired us together. I saw it as a chance to apologize to her and make things up to her. But Caroline ignored me completely. She never spoke to me!
I couldn’t blame her. It was my fault! I shouldn’t have admitted that I loved her or even kissed her. I acted real! Like I wanted something between us..that was why Caroline told me the secret.
Whereas I was only faking things to her.
Will Caroline ever forgive me for playing her heart?
If I decided to talk to her and apologize will she give me a chance?
I thought deeply
“Maybe I should seek advice” I muttered
From who?
I wondered
I hopped out of my bed
“Where are my keys? And my phone?”
I searched and then I found them in the drawer next to my bed.
I moved out of my room.

? ******* ?

Katherine’s POV
A beeping sound jolted me up from my deep sleep. I groaned out loudly. I didn’t want to wake up from the sweet sleep. Damn it! Who is calling me?!.
I peeled open my eyes, blinking hard to clear my vision. I reached for my phone on my bedside drawer. Emeka was calling me!
“Hello Emeka” I said
Sitting up slowly on my bed.
“Where are you?” He asked
I yawned loudly
“I’m at home” I said with a sigh
“Ahmm..I’m at the estate gate can you talk to the guards so they can let me in” Emeka said
What?! He’s at the estate gate!
“Hello” i heard a voice.
“Good afternoon sir, I am Katherine from Adebowale home” I said
“Oh! Mr Adebowale’s daughter”
“Yes Sir”
“And who is he to you? I mean this guy here?”
“He’s my friend..Please let him in”
“Okay” the guard muttered
“We need to talk” I heard Emeka’s voice on the phone.
“Can you come outside for a while?” He asked
“No..problem” I said
Then the line dropped.
I went to the mirror and recombed my hair and moved out of the room.
“Mom..” I called at her.
“Yes Sunshine..i’m in the kitchen!”
She said loudly
And I made my way to the kitchen. I was welcomed by the smell of fried plantain. Nanny Pat was washing dishes while my mom was doing the frying.
“I’m preparing dinner” She said
“I can see that -” I tried to pick a plantain in a bowl but it was too hot. I withdrew my hands quickly.
“Aush! I just burned the tip of my fingers!”
My mom laughed.
“Sorry I just dropped the hot ones now”
I gave her a puppy face.
“Where is my daddy?” I asked
“Omo baba e, your dad went to play golf with his friends”
“At the men’s club” she nodded
“Mom, Emeka is outside, Can I bring him in?!”
She raised her brow
“Emeka? are you expecting him?”
“He just called now. He said we need to talk” I answered
“Any problem?”
She asked with a concerned tone.
“I have no idea” I replied
“Invite him in” mom said
She dipped her hand into the bowl and gave me plantain.
“Oh! Thanks Mom!” I kissed her cheeks before collecting the plantain.
“Careful!” She said as I rushed out of the kitchen. Emeka was leaning against his car when I opened the gate. He gave me a charming smile.
“Good afternoon Kate” He waved
I went to him.
“Hi” I greeted with a smile
“Can I tell you something?” He asked
“Sure” I nodded
Emeka’s eyes did a slow crawl on my body.
“I am astounded by your natural beauty” he said
I felt the heat rising in my cheeks but I shied away from it. I was simply dressed in a white joggers and black crop top. I was dressed like this because I’m home and I have no plans of going out today.
“Stop the flattery” I said punching his arm in the process. He laughed
“I’m serious Babe” he said
I held his gaze with shyness. And I slowly folded my arms.
“You said we -“
“We need to talk” Emeka completed my intended sentence. I nodded
“So let’s go in and talk”
“Inside? What about your parents?”
He arched his brow
“My mom is at home but my dad is out with his friends” I responded
Emeka gave me a lazy smile.
“Can’t we just talk in my car Or we go somewhere else”
He scratched his head with his car keys.
Why is he suggesting that when my home is comfortable enough to accommodate him?
Oh! I guess it is because of my mom!
“Come on! My mom is nice!” I said
“She asked me to invite you in. So don’t be scared”
I said
I grabbed his wrist and made an attempt to drag him but I found myself hitting his chest. It was a swift movement. I couldn’t explain how I got locked up in his arms. He was holding me close to his body. And I could feel his breathe on my skin.
“Let’s talk in my Car” he said seriously, holding my gaze.
Jeffrey crossed my mind. He would definitely be annoyed if he see us in such position.
He sensed I wasn’t comfortable. Emeka released me, giving me a smirk. I stepped away from him and gave him a nod. He opened the Car door and I entered. Emeka walked round and settled in the driver seat.
“I have a problem and it is only you I can trust to help me and give me a good advice” Emeka said
“Tell me about it” I replied rubbing my palms together.
“It’s about Caroline”
“Caroline?” I repeated
“I did something bad to her” Emeka said.
“What did you do to her?” He sighed
“I feel guilty for using Caroline last term. Remember I had to fake a love act to get the truth”
I nodded
“Well Joseph said I toyed with her feelings and emotions. I know how Caroline feels about me but -“
“You don’t feel the same way” I said hoping to complete his sentence.
“I’m confused Katherine” He mumbled with his eyes closed.
“I’m feeling a different thing now. As in I can’t stop the image of the kiss we shared, Caroline keeps popping up in my mind every now and then. I Can’t stop glancing at her in class and I feel bad for playing her last term. She must be feeling that she’s not enough for me”
He opened his eyes and looked at me.
“Am I just feeling guilty for my actions or do you think I’m in love?”
“Emeka I don’t know much about Love but -” i paused
And swallowed hard
“I feel bad too for using Caroline. And I had apologized to her the day she turned in her apology letter to me” I said
“You apologized to me?”
“Yes..I did it on everyone’s behalf. Though she’d admitted that she wasn’t happy you lied to her..But she also felt it was the only way to finding the truth. Practically, she blamed herself for everything”
I explained
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Emeka asked
“I didn’t know you were feeling bad for using Caroline. I’m sorry”
Emeka clasped his hand over mine.
“I understand”
“Emeka I can’t tell you If you are falling for Caroline” I said
He nodded
I mean am not in his body system!
From the look of things maybe the feeling of guilt was turning into feeling of love for Emeka. But I still think he needs to differentiate his feelings.
“Kate I don’t know how to say this to you”
He gulped
“Say it anyhow”
“How come you fell in love with Jeffrey? To be honest I was shocked when he announced that you were dating”
He tightened his fingers over mine.
“He’s a good guy”
I whispered
“Yes I know…”
I nodded
“And I just found myself falling for him” I said with a shrug
The truth is..I was already crushing on Jeffrey before he made his attempt on me. I was so concerned about him that I wanted to know so much about Jeffrey!
“Okay..I get you. But you know I like you too even before we became friends”
I looked up at him. And our gaze locked. His other hand rested on our hands.
I looked away starting to feel shy under his intense gaze.
I know Emeka likes me! That’s why Jeffrey is still feeling insecure whenever he see Emeka with me.
“Somehow the feeling went down…” He muttered
“I’m sorry”
“No apologizes needed” he said
We sat in silent for about two minutes.
It’s a pity I can’t be more than friends to him.
“I realized what I felt for you is just a mere infatuation. But I’m glad to be your friends”
He let go of my hands.
“So what do I do about Caroline?” He breathed out
“Try talking to her..”
“I want to make it up to her”
“Okay.. Let’s go this way..” I stopped
“I’m listening” he said
“Why don’t you try to get to know Caroline. She’s a better girl now, and I’m sure you will get along well if you try to figure out each other’s feelings and see if things can work out”
“You mean relationship?” He asked
“Uhmm not really..You can start off as friends too”
I replied
“I want to apologize to her but I don’t know if she will ever give me a chance. Do you think I should write a letter to her first?”
“No..Apologizing orally will make her see that you’re serious”
“Yeah you are right. Thank you Katherine. One more thing -“
“I’m thinking of something”
I rolled eyes
“What is it?”
“Let’s try to reunite Angella and her girls and everyone. I don’t like the fact that we are all apart. We should all be together. It’d be fun if we reunite everyone and study for our exams together” Emeka said
“That’s a good idea. We’ll discuss it on Monday”
“Can you bring it up?”
“Yes probably during lunch time”
“Thanks for today” he said
“You’re welcome”
“Say me hi to your mom” he said
I nodded and got out of the car.
“See ya on Monday!” I waved
Emeka started his car and drove off.
“Where is Emeka?” Mom asked
“He left..”
“Why didn’t you bring him in?”
I breathed out heavily as I flopped down beside her on the couch.
“I think he’s scared of you. So he prefered we have the discussion in his car”
“I was really hoping to see him” my mom mumbled
“Don’t worry you’ll get to meet all Of them on my graduation day” she said
I rested my head on her chest and she held me tightly, stroking my hair.
“Still sleepy? “
“Yes sing for me mommy”
And she started singing her native lullaby to me.
“Omo mi to dara
Morenikeji mi to rewa”
And soon I found myself drifting into sleep.
“I love you mom” I mumbled
“I love you more Sunshine”
She responded
And soon darkness claimed my vision. Off to Dreamland!




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