Empire High School Episode 36 by Ademide


Empire High School Episode 36 by Ademide

Katherine’s POV
“I wonder why Angella is absent from school today” Temi said
“Mr Danny called her mom and she said that Angela isn’t feeling well”
Elena said in a sad tone
“I wish her quick recovery” Temi mumbled
Elena brought out a pink note from her front pocket.
“Another love note” she breathed
Temi collected it. And a smile formed on her face.
“Wow! Your secret admirer sent you a note again!” She said
“Yes..But its so annoying. Why won’t he show himself to me?”
“I think he’s scared” I said
“What would you do If you find out its me? Yell, snub or insult me..?”
Temi read out loudly
“So what would you say or do if he comes to you?” I asked
Elena was silent
“Would you fall in love with him and accept his love?” Temi questioned
Elena didn’t respond
Temi and I exchanged glances. Elena sighed loudly and stood up. We were seated in the empty school hall. Elena said this place was safer to have the discussion.
“I need to tell you girls something..” She said
“Okay..” Temi said
“We’re listening” I gestured to Elena to continue.
“Temi you are aware of what am about to say..” Elena said
“I doubt it” Temi muttered
“You do..”
Temi raised her eyebrow
“Its about Joseph” Elena said
I tried to make sense of her words. Elena fiddled with her fingers for a seconds.
“The truth is..I’m in love with someone” she said
Temi whistled and said
“And that person is Joseph”
Elena nodded
“Kate, remember that day you asked who I was in love with?”
I nodded
“Yeah.. I know its Joseph” I said
Her forehead creased
“H…How -“
“I figured out it was Joseph few days after. On the day you dragged me to the Basketball room to watch Joseph’s game”
Elena shot me a confused and shocked look.
“I watched the way you behaved..That look of love was clear when he gave you a kiss in the air”
I explained how I had figured she was in love Joseph.
“So why didn’t you tell me or say anything about it?” Elena said
“You didn’t want me to know about it in the first place” I answered with a shrug.
“Actually she doesn’t want anyone to know about her feelings for Joseph” Temi said
“So is Joseph aware?” I asked
“He doesn’t know and I can’t tell him because he’s in love with Angella” she said
“But they are not together anymore” Temi said
“You love him so why don’t you just confess to him?” I suggested.
Elena shook her head
“It can’t work” she replied
“When we were growing up Joseph told me the type of girl he likes and I’m really far from that criteria. Moreover he see me as just his best friend. And I feel confessing to him may ruin our long term friendship and I don’t want that to happen” Elena said
“You are right. Moreover if Joseph loves you then I think he would have make a move before now. So that means he’s only in for Friendzone. I advice you don’t confess to him” Temi added
We nodded in agreement.
“I want to get over the feelings” Elena said
Temi clapped unexpectedly
“I already told you a long time ago that you should trash those feelings and move on” Temi answered
“That’s my plan but -” she stopped abruptly
“But what?” I asked
Elena bit her lower lips.
“Lemme be honest, I always envy you girls anytime you display love with your boyfriends. Sometimes I always wish that I could be in such position too” Elena said in a low tone, with her head bent and gaze fixed on her fingers.
We lapsed into silence. No one said a word. Each of us lost in thought.
“Do you have any idea of how I can get over my feelings for Joseph?” Elena Broke the silence
“I guess..Falling in love with someone else” Temi responded
“I suggest we find your secret admirer” she added again
“That’s my plan” Elena replied
“Kate,what do you think?” Elena asked soberly
I was too silent!
“Hey girl! You should be happy! Someone likes you! So let’s find him!” I said
Temi laughed
“Sometimes I wonder who he is” Elena said
“Exactly who could it be?” Temi thought.
I pondered
“I saw this note on my locker very early around 6:25am. So I’m thinking the person must either be a boarder or someone who comes early to school” Elena said
“Who are you suspecting?” Temi asked
Elena sighed
“Something happened today..” She said
We asked in unison
“Cullen is aware that I’m in love with Joseph”
Temi gasped in shock
Well it won’t take a genius to know that Elena was attracted to Joseph.
“How did he find out?” Temi asked
“He said that he had studied me years”
Then Elena narrated the morning event to us.
“Could it be that Cullen is your secret admirer?” Temi asked
“We can’t say because Lawal acted weird too. I see no reason why Lawal won’t respond to Cullen’s greeting” I said
Something was fishy.
Cullen advising Elena to love another boy. Could it be that he was indirectly asking for a chance in Elena’s heart?
“Lawal didn’t take his eyes off Cullen’s hand on me..” Elena voice trailed off
If Lawal is the secret admirer then maybe he was jealous of Cullen touching Elena.
“This is so complicated” Temi breathed out heavily.
“What do I do? How can I find my secret admirer?” Elena cried in frustration
“If we want to write him back, how do we reach out to him?!” Temi walked jokingly.
And we laughed
“Wait..What if he turns out to be Lawal or Cullen?” Temi said
“Or both?” I teased
“Yeah so who will you choose?” Temi asked
Elena arched her brows
“It can’t be both of them. The writings in the notes are the same” Elena said
We nodded
That’s true! And I know I was only trying to tease her.
“So it belong to one person” I said
“I suspect Cullen” Temi said
“Why?” I asked
“He persuaded her love another boy..”
“No he was advising me” Elena replied
“Is that how you see it? Well I think Cullen was indirectly asking you to give him a chance when he said there is a guy waiting for you”
Temi confirmed my thought.
“I don’t think…” Elena paused
Probably to think.
“You tried to leave but he blocked you, caged you to the wall and made an attempt to kiss you”
“He wasn’t trying to kiss me” Elena countered
Temi rolled her eyes
“Then what do you call that?!” She said
Elena cheeks coloured in embarrassment.
“He..He wanted to whisper into my ears” she replied shyly.
I stiffed back a laugh.
“And he couldn’t say it without acting like he wanted to kiss you. Why did he grab your wrist again? Don’t you think he wanted to say something?”
“Like what?”
“Love me Elena”
Temi teased her
Elena shot her a glare.
“Why would he ask me to love him?!”
“Go and ask Cullen if you are really curious” Temi answered
And we busted in laughter. Elena placed her face in her palms.
“You are so annoying Temi” she shook her head
“Don’t mind me..I was pulling your legs”
“Fuck you” Elena smiled
“We can’t be sure of anything yet” I said
“To be honest, who do you prefer? Cullen or lawal?” Temi asked
“Hmm..Let’s see..” she paused
I said
“Cullen?” Temi added
She shook her head
“I don’t even know” she replied
“So go and prepare yourself”
Temi said
And she nodded in agreement.


🕸 Emeka’s POV 🕸
I walked into the library, glancing around the large room, trying to find Caroline. I needed to apologize for my actions. I found her! She was reading a book at the far end of the room.
I inhaled my breathe. It was time to man up and right my wrongs.
I settled in the chair facing her directly. And I cleared my throat.
“Hi Caroline” I greeted with the brightest smile I could make on my face.
She looked up from her book and our gaze locked.
“Can we talk?” I asked in a tight whisper.
A deep frown crossed her face. Then she stood up, packed her things and walked away.
I deserve to be ignored!
But I’m not going to give up until she grants me an audience.
I stood up and follwed her.
I caught up with Caroline and blocked her pathway. She turned ready to walk away in another direction.
I latched my hand on her arms and immediately a chill ran down my spine and I could feel the pit in my stomach. Caroline froze in her spot, and moved her eyes down to where my hand was still pressed against her arm. She stopped and turned to look at me. I quickly pulled my hand back in a pathetic attempt to make this less awkward.
“What Emeka?” She said
Her response didn’t seem bitter or even annoyed. Maybe she was coming around.
I scratched my head and said.
“Caroline, I know have offended you. I was a jerk for using you to find the truth. I am a fool for toying with your emotions and for playing you. A real man shouldn’t make any girl unhappy but I did and I even broke your tender heart..My bad. For that I’m really really sorry. Please forgive me”
I apologized with a serious face.
I wanted her to see the sincerity in my words. I looked at Caroline, studying her expression.
She stared at me in shock and confusion, taking a sharp breath and she let her jaw hang. I glanced at Caroline’s shock expression. She must be like this because she didn’t expect me to walk up to her and apologize.
“I thought I was trying to help a friend but I didn’t realize I was hurting another” I added
Caroline managed to close up her jaw. She started to say something but soon stopped.
I flinched when I saw the tears that sat at the corner of her eyes. My heart tightened as she blinked back unshed tears.
Caroline looked away from me. She nodded and turned away and without saying a word.
Has she forgiven me?
“Caroline!” I called at her but she started running. So I didn’t bother to follow her.
Maybe she wanted to be alone.
Argh! What have you done Emeka?!
Well I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me. Slowly, I made my way back to class.


🕸 Katherine’s POV 🕸
“I’m really sick and tired of this!” Elena sobbed with her face buried in her palms.
“Stop being a cry baby Elena”
Temi pats her gently.
Elena found a new note on her locker again this morning.
“It doesn’t make any sense” she cried
The previous note came in on Monday when she decided to get over her feelings for Joseph and try to love someone else.
Who? The Secret Admirer!
Elena was curious to know her Secret admirer.
And she won’t stop crying because today’s note touched her heart. It created butterflies in her stomach.
“Hey Ladies!” Jones greeted us cheerfully.
Jeffrey, Emeka, Lawal, Jamal and Cullen settled in the empty chairs close by.
“Why is she crying?” Cullen asked
Jones snatched the note on the desk before we could reach for it.
“Bring it back Jones!” She glared at him
He ignored her.
“What’s this about?”
Jamal joined him.
And Jones read it loudly. We couldn’t stop him.
“You are the nicest, kindest and most amazing girl I’ve ever met. The more I learn about you, the more I want to know. You’re incredible! To me, you are the most beautiful girl! You are the dearest person to me! And I am ready to share with you both grief and joy! I love you with all my heart! I hope you are starting to feel the same way about me too. Love ❤️ your SECRET ADMIRER”
it ended
The boys gasped out
“This is so romantic” Jamal said excitedly.
“Secret admirer?” Emeka furrowed his brows.
“Is he a ghost? I don’t understand” he added
Elena sniffed
She should be the one to decide if they deserve to know about the love note she has been receiving.
Who knows they may have a clue on how to find him?
He may even be with us right now!
“I have been receiving these notes since last term” Elena wiped her face
“What?!” Emeka gasped
“So you are crying because of the note?” Cullen asked with a raised eyebrow.
Temi and I exchanged glances.
“The words in the note are touching. Its probably melting her heart” Jones said
“No she’s sad because she doesn’t know the person sending these notes” Temi said
“Really?!” Jones said in surprised tone. Glancing down at the note in his hands.
“Olodo you hear secret admirer..Are you not supposed to know that the person is hiding” Emeka tapped his head
Jones huffed
“I haven’t seen this writing before..And I’m tired to cracking my brain to figure his identity” Elena said
“Who do you suspect?” Emeka asked
We exchanged glances.
Cullen or Lawal?
We aren’t sure yet.
“I don’t. KNOW!” Elena said emohazing the word ‘Know’.
She was frustrated!
“I think we should find the person” Culle said
“Wait,before we start finding Ghost..Elena what would you do if you find the person?” Emeka asked
Elena sighed
“I don’t even know why he’s scared of showing himself. I won’t eat or bite him. I just want to know him” Elena said
That didn’t answer the question.
“This is too childish for my liking..”
Cullen blurted
“Your secret admirer is a coward” he added
Elena glared at him
“He is not a coward!” Elena shot back.
Wow! She was defending her secret admirer!
“Only children writes
love notes” Cullen added “Hey! Its okay!” Jones silenced them
“Have you guys heard?” He said
We chorused
“Angella was hospitalized yesterday. I heard she’s down with Malaria..Or fever..Or is it typhoid..I can’t remember but she’s sick” Jones said
Angella had been absent from school since Monday. Poor child! Now she’s in the hospital.
“I suggest we go and check on her” Elena said
We nodded in agreement.
“Let’s visit her after school” Jeffrey spoke up for the first time since they joined us.
The Bell rang
“I’ll find out the name of the hospital for Joseph” Emeka said
“I wonder if he knows” Jamal muttered
“He should be aware that his Ex is ill” Cullen added
Then students started walking into the class. We all settled down for the next Subject. Economics.




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