Empire High School Episode 38 by Ademide


Empire High School Episode 38 by Ademide

Authoress’s POV
On Monday morning, as soon as Angella got to school, she went in search of Elizabeth. Luckily for her, she found Lizzy closing her locker about to leave for class. Angella walked over to her.
“Good Morning Elizabeth” she greeted
“Hi Angella” Lizzy replied
“How are you feeling?” She asked
“I’m fine..thanks for sending me a card” Angella said
Elizabeth gave her a short nod.
“You’re welcome”
Seconds passed and none of them made an attempt to leave. They stood staring at each other awkwardly.
Angella was glad Elizabeth didn’t ignore her today like she used to.
Angella began to say.
“Look, Lizzy I’m sorry for everything” Angella apologized
“I’m very sorry” she said again
“I’m very very sorry” Lizzy muttered
“I’m very very very Sorry” Angella added.
Tears pooled in their eyes
“I’m very very very very Sorry” Lizzy said
They continued until they hugged each other tightly.
“Excuse me? Can I join the hugging crew?”
They pulled away when they heard a familiar voice behind them. Caroline!
Caroline leaned forward
“Forgive me Lizzy..And you too Angella” she muttered
“Its okay Caroline we are all at fault”
Lizzy held her hands
“Can we be friends again? I mean good friends and better girls” Angella said
“Yes” Lizzy answered
And they hugged again
“I missed you girls so much” Angella said loudly
“Days without you girls were lonely days for me” Caroline responded
And they laughed
Angella withdrew and held their hands respectively.
“Well I’m part of Kate’s team now. They meet up to study on Saturdays” Angella announced
“Can we join their study group too?” Lizzy asked
Angella nodded
“Emeka asked me to join the team too” Caroline said biting her lip
They gasped out
“Emeka?!” They chorused
“Are you guys talkng now?”
Angella questioned frantically
“Actually, he apologized to me…” Caroline answered
“When was that?” Angella asked
“And what did you say to him?” Lizzy added
“The first time he came to me, he asked for my forgiveness but I couldn’t say anything..Well you already know the reason. On Friday I went to him and told him that I’ve forgiven him and then he asked if I wouldn’t mind joining their study group. And he asked if we could friends”
“And what was your response?”
“Yes but I couldn’t make it to the meeting on Saturday”
“I know you couldn’t say no to that because you are in love with him” Lizzy gave her a wink
Angella pinched her cheeks
Caroline smiled
“Yes..you are right but I’m not going to make it obvious to Emeka that I still love him. Don’t blame me I don’t wanna be a fool in love again”
“What if Emeka decides to take your friendship to another level?” Lizzy furrowed her brows
“Would you turn him down?” Angella added
Caroline rolled her eyes
“Ahmm..No” she answered
“So let’s talk about you..Angella. I suggest you talk to Joseph and sort things out”
Angella smiled and said
“We reconciled on Thursday”
“You mean..You guys are back together!” Caroline clapped
“Yes he visited me at the hospital. So we are a couple again”
Angella said happily
“I’m happy for you girls” Lizzy said in a sad tone
“Hey what’s wrong?” Angella asked
“Spill it girl!”
Lizzy sighed
“I broke up with Deji on Saturday”
Lizzy said soberly
They gasped in shock
“What happened?!”
“Why did you break up with him?!”
“I found out he’s dating another girl at his school” Lizzy mumbled
“And did you ask him about it before breaking up?” Angella asked
“Yes I did”
“So what did he say?”
“Deji admitted it”
“But why did he do that?!”
“He said that he wasn’t feeling the relationship”
“That’s lame” Caroline mumbled
“Deji wants me to sleep with him but I told him I’m not ready to have sex with any boy. He said if I love him and I still want the relationship then I should give in but I declined and announced the break up” Lizzy explained
“I’m sure he wouldn’t expect you to turn him down and break up easily” Angella said
“Yeah..” Lizzy breathed out
Angella and Caroline took turns in hugging Elizabeth
“Hey babe don’t think about him” Angella said
“Well I’m over him now” Lizzy replied
“And education first before anything else” she added
They nodded in agreement.

One week to the end of the term after examinations, Empire High School Basketball Team was playing a friendly game against Achievers Academy. EHS students gathered in the large room to cheer their team.
“No doubt we are going to win this game!” Angella screamed
“We’ll take our cup back again!” Elena added
Yells followed when Jones scored a point.
“Oh!” Temi stood up happily.
“Happy girl” Lizzy whispered to Kate.
Kate laughed
“That’s my boy!” Emeka cheered
They’ve all been cool together since the last few weeks. Each of them had a blue bandana tied around their head to support their team.
“We’re champions!” Jeffrey screamed
And soon, EMPIRE HIGH School won the match against Achievers Academy.
Drums and yells followed at the victory.
Winner o o o winner
Don win again o
We’ll always win forever!
They sang a song of victory!
And soon the students trotted out of the room still singing the song of victory.
The boys rushed to the court to congratulate Joseph and Jones!
“Congratulations Bro!”
“We did It again!”
“This calls for celebration!”
They embraced each other.
“Well it seems you guys are forgetting something..” Angella snapped at them
The girls stood at an akimbo.
“What?” The boys chorused
“Us!” The girls screamed in unison.
The boys rolled their eyes.
“We weren’t planning on leaving anyone out of the celebration” Jeffrey spoke up
“That’s better” Adesewa replied
And they busted into laughter.
“Location! Location! Location please” Caroline sang
“The class is available” Angella answered
“Let’s use the class so others can join us” Elena said
“That’s nice” Lizzy said
“What should we buy?” Temi asked
The boys exchanged glances
“Give us a minute”
Joseph called the boys together. And they discussed in a low tone.
The girls watched them impatiently.
“What are they planning?”
Ella whispered
“I’m sure they are planning on excluding us from their get-together” Lizzy said
“They dare not!” Temi gritted
“If they do then we would ruin their party” Elena said
“And what if they are planning on bringing other girls to the party?” Adesewa muttered
Fury crashed over them.
“They won’t dare have any party behind our backs!” Kate gritted
The boys turned to face them
“What party?” They chorused
“The party you are planning now” Angella answered
The boys exchanged glances and then rolled into laughter.
“What’s funny?” Adesewa snarled
“Why are they laughing?” Kate said
“This is so annoying!” Caroline yelled
“Let’s teach them a lesson!” Ella gritted
The girls charged towards the boys, climbing on their backs, hitting and fighting.
The boys didn’t stop laughing at their silly acts and it made the girls annoyed. They all felt silly.
Kate went to Jeffrey, she grabbed his right arm and twisted it. And he went down not wanting to hurt her.
Angella tickled Joseph’s sides and he fell on his knees..Laughing loudly.
“Hold them down! ” Temi screamed.
She went to Jones again but he side stepped her.
“Let’s not do this Mama” he stepped backward trying to avoid her.
“Okay..On your knees” she ordered and he obeyed.
“Good boy” she rubbed his head
“Don’t laugh!” She barked
“Yes Ma” Jones stiffed back a laugh.
Caroline surged towards Emeka but he didn’t let her take him down easily. He grabbed her waist and pulled her to his body. She gasped a little.
Angella groaned
“Let her go!” She snarled at him
“Why are you all behaving like angry she wolves?” Emeka mocked.
And the boys laughed again.
Adesewa snatched Jamal’s eyeglasses and twisted his hand behind his back. He went down in second and cried.
Adesewa had joined the team a couple of weeks ago because she was going to write Waec with their set. She and Angella settled their differences and agreed to be on good terms. All thanks to Kate!
Caroline struggled in Emeka’s hands. And Angella gestured to Lizzy to save Caroline from Emeka’s grip but Cullen stepped In front of her blocking her path. She raised her eyebrow.
“We have some unsettled business” Lawal said to Elena when she grabbed his wrist.
“I’m fucking tired of staying on my knees!” Joseph screamed
Lizzy avoided Cullen when he reached for her. Suddenly Angella screamed. They turned to face her. And she was down with Joseph laying on her. She hit him!
Joseph whistled
And the rest of the boys moved into action except Jamal. He couldn’t see properly without his eyeglasses. Adesewa looked down him with pity and fixed the glasses back in his face.
“Thank You” he said shyly
Lizzy tried to hit Cullen but he swirled her and lifted her up in his arms.
She gasped at the swift movement, staring at him In shock.
“I’m single” Cullen mumbled
Lizzy arched her brow, trying to make sense of it
“S..s. So..Wh..What?” She said unsteadily
“You’re single too. And everyone here is taken except me, you, Adesewa and Jamal”
She avoided his gaze
“Cu..Cullen kindly put me down..” She said
Her forehead creased
“Don’t pretend, I know you like me” Cullen smirked
Lizzy looked away again
“You..know..what..Just put me down and then we’ll talk”
Cullen dropped her.
She tried to outsmart him but he was quick to grab her waist.
“Smart” he grinned
“What do you want?”
He bent his head and Lizzy thought he wanted to kiss her. But he whispered into her ear.
Caroline looked up at him.
She was stunned. Slowly she looked at the other girls. They were all engaged with their partners.
Jamal was smiling sheepishly at Adesewa.
Kate was laughing with Jeffrey.
Joseph tickling Angella, her laughter could be held in the room as she begged him to stop.
Temi leaned up to kiss Jones cheeks.
Emeka still held on to Caroline. She laughed when Emeka said something into her ear.
Lawal pulled Elena into his arms for an embrace.
Caroline looked back at Cullen who gave another huge grin.
Lizzy couldn’t deny the fact that she had fallen for Cullen over time. During the meetings she was paired up with him to study.
Cullen was better in Maths and Economics that she was and He helped her alot. And most of the time she was distracted during studying with him. She always finds herself staring at him instead of reading even though she had tried to tell herself to stop thinking about falling in love again after the break up with Deji.
Cullen on the other hand knew Lizzy liked him. During the cause of studying with her, he just found himself falling for Lizzy too.
“So let’s be together like them” he said confidently
She was amused by his courage. He didn’t say “can we be together like them?” He blurted it out..Clean and straight!
Lizzy smiled
“I’ll take the smile as a yes” He kissed her forehead
Damn it! That was too straight!
She thought
“We were talking about the Menu Menu for the celebration” Jeffrey explained to Kate
“Really? We thought you guys were planning a party behind our backs” Angella replied Jeffrey
Joseph had stopped tickling her when she promised him a kiss after school.
“Why would you think like that?” Joseph said rolling his eyes.
“Don’t mind them” Cullen said
Emeka brought out his ATM and gave it to Caroline.
“The Menu Menu is on me, so discuss it with your girls and bring the stuffs to class for everyone” He said
Caroline nodded and went to Angella and Kate.
“See you in class!” Joseph said
And the boys moved out of the room.
“Guess What?!” Caroline said
A happy expression on her face.
“Spill it out girlie!”
“Emeka asked me to be his girlfriend!”
And they screamed
“I guess you said Yes” Kate said
“Yes..I said Yes” Caroline answered
“Hey! What about you Lizzy?” Elena tapped her upper arm.
“Yes he said..Let’s be together like them” Lizzy replied mimicking Cullen.
And they laughed
“I like his confidence” Lizzy added
“And I think someone is yet to get a proposal” Kate cleared her throat.
They turned to look at Adesewa.
“Your turn..” Caroline said
“Oh! Nothing happened” She replied giving them a small smile.
“Sorry about that..” Temi said
“Jamal is very shy so I don’t see him confessing anytime soon. Anyways its not a big deal” Adesewa said
“So why don’t you help him out?” Lizzy suggested
“Confess to him” Elena added
“What if he doesn’t like me” Adesewa panicked a bit.
“We all know Jamal likes you” Kate said
“Yeah..He’s just shy” Temi added
Adesewa sighed
“We’re meeting this Saturday”
They clapped excitedly
“A date” Kate winked
“Maybe he wants to confess…privately” Caroline said
“Well I hope so” Adesewa mumbled
“Then do the confession if he doesn’t!” Angella advised
“Now..Now what should we buy? I’m hungry”
Temi asked
“Foodie girl” Lizzy said
“I know I like food” Temi responded
They laughed
“Pack of Juice”
“Cake and snacks”
They listed
And they made their way to the tuckshop.
The term ending well, on a happy note!

Wow! Interesting right?!
Everyone got a partner at the end of the term. Everything is settled and they are all together!
So what’s going to happen in the next term which is the last session?!
Find out in the next episode of EHS!
Thanks for Reading!




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