Empire High School Episode 33 by Ademide


Empire High School Episode 33 by Ademide

Elena’s POV
It was the beginning of second term. The English class was filled with serious faced students. After the drama from last term, I pray this term turns out to be a good one with no hating, unnecessary fightings and gossiping.
I’ll say Amen to that!
“Look at Temi, she’s dozing..” I heard Cullen’s voice. I looked at Temi beside me. Waoh! She was really dozing! I nudged her side and she jerked back to life.
“I can’t believe you are dozing first day in a new term” I whispered
Temi yawned
“I slept late..” She said
I knew that would be the reason why she was dozing in class.
“Wake up girl..” Kate said in a low tone. Temi nodded
“Miss Kate, is there any problem?”
The English teacher asked
“Hmmm.. LNo problem Ma’am”
She replied
“Why are you distracting me with your whimpering?” The teacher snapped at her. Oops!
She must have caught Kate when she was talking to Temi.
“I’m sorry Ma” Kate apologized
The teacher expression relaxed and she turned back at the board. Kate placed her hand on her chest..relieved that the teacher didn’t tell her to stand up and place her books on her head till end of the class.
I glanced up from my book and caught Emeka staring at Caroline who was busy writing in her note.
Mr Daniel our class teacher had re-arranged the class this morning. Angella wasn’t sitting with any of her girls. Emeka sat with Caroline, Angella with Lawal the headboy while Lizzy sat with Jamal the Genius in the front row. Cullen sat with Kate on another row beside me and Temi was on the right while Jones sat with another girl right in front of us.
Guess what?!
Joseph was paired with Jeffrey! Two seats behind Kate’s desk just by the window!
And I really love this new arrangements.
But something was wrong with Emeka!
Why is Emeka stealing glances at Caroline since the beginning of class? Looking at her different like he had something in his mind to say to her. I don’t know but it is not as if Emeka doesn’t like the fact that he was asked to seat with Caroline. Normally, he would have objected or probably change seat with someone else after maths class but he didn’t say a word today. He agreed willingly!
Caroline would have been happy that her dream Man was sitting next to her but judging from how Emeka used her last term to find the truth.. A kiss and she confessed to him. Does it mean that Caroline was deeply in love with Emeka? She didn’t smile during arrangement. So I guess she is not happy with him.
It so sad falling for someone who doesn’t love or can’t love you for some reasons.
I fell in love with Joseph but he was in love with Angela. And I did my best at hiding my feelings from him.
I recalled Kate’s words from the previous term “Unrequited Love”. Thinking about it now, Joseph and Elena are not together anymore so should i confess to him?
What?! Oh no! Don’t be silly Elena!
I snapped out of the thought
Because he broke up with Angella doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her anymore. I mean it isn’t the first time they are breaking up..Or the second..Probably the third time. They keep coming back together. And who knows Joseph may accept Angella again now that she has changed for good.
“So Elena take your mind off Joseph James!” A voice barked in my mind.
Yeah! You’re right since I’m not his type.
The Bell rang. Lunch Time! I sighed.
“Thank goodness, I’m so farmished. I didn’t take breakfast at home cause I was late” Temi said as she packed up her notes into her backpack.
“Who’s heading to the cafeteria?” Temi asked loudly
Some students in the class raised their hands
Temi stood up with a surprised look on her face
“Oh! I wasn’t talking to everyone..Just my team” she pointed
Some rolled the eyes while some hissed before walking out of the class.
“Sorry Children!” She apologized
Jeffrey came to Kate’s desk and he gave her one pinpop sweet. He had one in his mouth too. kate’s favorite. So he always brings two to school..One for him and the other for Kate. That’s so sweet of him!
Even Jones is not left out in taking care of Temi. He buys her stuffs every week. They are all in love!
And I found myself wishing that someone would treat me well someday.
“I’m joining your team today!”
A loud voice said, snapping me out of thought again. I looked up and Lawal was standing beside Jones. His arms went round Jones shoulder but Jones pushed him away gently and held onto Temi’s right hand.
“I’m holding my babe to the cafeteria so don’t clinch to me” Jones said
Lawal huffed
We all filed out of the class. No one was in expect Angella. Her head was bent on the desk with an earpiece plugged in her ear. I looked at her before stepping out of class. She was alone! And I felt pity for her!
“Is t because you have babe? Pele o” Lawal said
“Ehn you sef go find babe na” Emeka said
“I’m in love with one babe but she doesn’t love me..or maybe she hasn’t gotten over her feelings for another boy” Lawal explained as he moved to Emeka’s side.
“And have you confessed to her?” Emeka asked
“Yes..And no..Hmm maybe.. Not really” Lawal blabbed
“Alaye stop blabbing!” Temi shunned him
“What do you mean?” Jones asked
“I don’t have the courage to confess to her” Lawal answered
“Come on! Don’t be a coward!” Emeka said
“Confessing your feeling to a girl is not an easy task” Lawal coaxed
“It is easy if the one you love feels the same way” Jeffrey added
Lawal stopped on track. His gaze falling on Jeffrey and Kate locked hands
“Everybody wait..” he said
And we all stopped to look at him.
“I’ve alwasy wanted to ask you a question” he said
“What?” Jeffrey asked
“Jeff, you’ve really changed” he said
“Why did you say that?” Jeff asked
“You don’t act like a ghost amymore” he paused
And continued
“And I noticed you are close to Katherine now. Is there something going on between the both of you?” He said without missing a beat. He pointed to their locked hands.
“Why are you asking us question when you are not part of our team?” Temi said
“Yeah! What are you even doing here? We can’t tell you anything” Jones supported
Laws smile dropped
“That’s unfair” he said
“I want to be part of the team too” he pouted
Suddenly behaving like a baby.
“You can’t join us” Emeka blurted
“You wouldn’t be able to stand our initiation” Jones teased
Lawal eyes widened
And we continued walking, leaving him behind. For some reasons I didn’t want to join the conversation. I just wanna watch them and listen.
“Are you guys some kind of secret cult In school?!” Lawal said. And he was damn loud!
And we all busted into laughter! He didn’t realize that Jones was teasing him. He has forgotten Jones previous lifestyle. Jones used to be Empire High School Prankster! He was given names, “Mr Teaser and Whine Forever” before he started dating Temi. He was so annoying! But all thanks to Temi who changed him. She gave him a condition before agreeing to date him. Temi asked him to stop pranking students if he wants to be with her. And he agreed after days of thinking and the started dating.
We laughed for seconds. Lawal stood with a confused expression on his face.
“Why are you laughing?”
Laughter erupted in the hallway again
“Jones you were joking right?” He asked
“Jones was teasing you” Emeka replied him
Lawal sighed and said
“You can never change Mr Whine Forever” Lawal said
“Trust me, am a changed person..Thanks to mama” Jones leaned down and kissed Temi’s forehead.
“Stop making us jealous” Emeka said
Lawal moved to Jeffrey
“So are you guys -“
“She’s my girlfriend” Jeffrey interrupted him.
Hmm.. He was proud to be Katherine’s Boyfriend. One could tell in his tone!
“Wow! You’re so lucky Man!” Lawal clapped
So lucky! He won the love Game against Emeka and Joseph!
Seriously I never imagined Jeffrey becoming Kate’s Boyfriend. One can’t really tell what the future entails. Only God knows!
“It seems everyone is In a relationship except me” Lawal said witga loud sigh
“Oh boy! You are not alone!” Emeka said
“I’m single too” he replied
Lawal hissed
“Eh! I can’t even believe you! Minister of girls affairs! You that many girl always come to your house to party” Lawal rasied his hands up to hail Emeka
“Past tense..Emeka is a serious man now” Jones said
Lawal laughed
“So you are not the only single person here. Elena is also single” Temi said
My head snapped up
Lawal looked at me for a second before turning away.
“Oh really?” He said
Scratching the bridge of his nose.
“So why don’t you pair up and become one?” Jones said laughing out loud.
How can he say that without thinking?!
“You would make a great couple!” Emeka clapped
“Stop the matchmaking scheme” I said
“Why?!” Emeka placed his arms around my shoulder.
“Why are you trembling Elena?!” Emeka asked
I pushed him away.
I was trembling!
I don’t know!
“I’m not -“
“I agree with you Emeka” Lawal said
“What?!” My jaw dropped
I couldn’t believe he was agreeing to the silly notion.
“Who! Headboy and headgirl in a relationship” Temi clapped
“That’s awsome!”
Why is she so excited?
“That’s nice!”
“I like that boldness Lawal”
They continued talking. I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t interested in staying behind and listen to the rest of the conversation. So I walked away..Ahead of them to the cafeteria.
“Hey Elena..Wait up” Lawal said. He was following me
How dare he agree after he made it clear minutes again that he was in love with a girl who likes another boy.
He is also a victim of unrequited love. Like me.
I didn’t wait for him him catch up with me. So I hastened my steps.
“I was only joking Elena!” He screamed but I didn’t stop
Now why am I mad at him for saying he was joking about us becoming a couple?
Come out of it Elena!
Lawal better be joking! And I’m going to deal with my crew later.

This is the continuation of EHS! ?




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