Cut off the show!!!
My legs ran faster than my mind as I followed shylock to wherever she was taking me.
I mean how could I be disqualified from the competition, I worked my butt off to get to the final stage and now I’m hearing I’m getting disqualified… This is….. I don’t even know what to call this outrageous stupid situation.

Shylock stopped in front of a door and so did i…
“okay breathe in.. Its not bad news” she said turning to me.
“what? How could it possibly not be bad news, I’m getting out of the competition and this is the only road to my dream shylock don’t you see” I barked angrily.

“okay see I don’t really know if you’re out of the show or not” shylock sighed.
“can you be more specific” Erick said behind me. Oh he followed us.
“Mr Dhousten and Mrs mitch were talking about taking you out of the competition”.
“they were only talking about taking her out but they haven’t right”? Erick asked and shylock nodded looking away.

“come on” Erick said and he held my hand and we both walked in with shylock behind us.
Mr Dhousten and Mrs mitch stood together looking at a particular thing on Mrs mitch’s tablet cause they were so engrossed with whatever they were Watching.
I looked at the other side of the room and I found klay standing there.

I wonder where Travis is??
“dad… Mitchell.. What’s going on?” Erick asked stepping in front of me.
“what”? Mr Dhousten and Mrs mitch turned simultaneously.

“i heard you’re taking June out of the competition” Erick voice was almost angry.
His dad and Mrs Mitch glanced at each other then at me and then at shylock, who shyly looked away.
“we are thinking about taking her out.. So yes it’s true” Mr Dhousten said.
“why?” Erick and I asked at the same time but my voice was weak and wasn’t audible.

“cause.. Mrs Mitch sighed and handed Erick the tablet in her hand.
Erick took the portable computer and stared down at it. He tilt his head and his brows arched up. His hard expression softened.
“what is it” I asked softly.
“you’re the one who sang with Erick isn’t that right?” Mr Dhousten suddenly started making me turn to him.

“yeah…? I nod.
“everyone knew it was Erick but no one knew it was you who sang with Erick, your identity wasn’t revealed so everyone called you the mystery girl and as a mystery people got curious to see you and believe me if I say half of the people here today are here for you and the other half are here to see the new star DH will be unlocking”.. Mr Dhousten explained though I felt jubilant listening to all this I kind of wanted him to go straight to the point.

But he still continued.. “one of our computer colleague helped us create a website for the competition, the website is too let the people here and all around the world who will be watching today’s competition vote for who they think performes best, but now the competition hasn’t begun yet and the website is already in chasm, different comments from thousands of different people talking about one particular thing…

All talking about the mystery girl, talking about you!.” Mr Dhousten said and I turned to Erick and he slowly handed me the tablet. I looked down at the screen and thousands of comments laid down there for me to read. And with a weird feeling I was feeling I started to read them.

*can’t wait for DH competition!!*
*for DH to hold a competition like this, it’s gonna be epic #.hashtag mystery girl is going to be revealed*
*mystery girl!!!!!!!!!!”
*I am screaming at at top of my lungs right now I can’t wait for the competition and mystery girl!!! I’m preeeetttty sure she’s from DH entertainment industry*

*is mystery girl in the competition cause if she is she already won it LOL*
*my votes goes to mystery girl if she’s going to participate in the competition*
*mystery girl!!! Took my vote*
*I hope she’s revealed #.mystery_girl*
*hastag mystery hastag girl*


I slowly looked up and I couldn’t help the sweet feeling that danced around in my stomach. They’re all voting for me even without knowing who I am. Or seeing me.
“now you see why we must take you out of the show” Mr Dhousten said “cause you already won” Mrs Mitch smiled.

“really.”? My voice came out low.
“cause if a everyone votes for the mystery girl without the competition starting then it’s unfair and yep you’re already qualified, now it’s just shylock Travis klay and Cassie.. So congratulations miss Peterson!” Mrs Micth smiled while Mr Dhousten walked away.
I am screaming right now, but no one can heart it, it’s loud so loud but at the same time it’s silent, I could pass out of happiness right now.

Mystery girl….!! I am so glad I am the mystery girl, this is happening because I sang with Erick.. This is all because of him.. And his father.. I could cry any minute now but everyone is watching me. |
“okay everyone…” Mrs Mitch called reffering to shylock and klay, “come with me, we have to get this show on the road”.

“and June…” Mrs Mitch called and I leaned my head forward.
“you have to wait till the end of the competition, Mr Dhousten has suddenly put in a little surprise for you and everyone” she continued, smiled and walked away.

Before going out shylock walked up to me.. “you’re lucky June. So lucky you won without even trying, now your nervous system must have died down.. Congratulations and wish me luck” she grinned.
“well thanks… And I’ll just tell you what my grandma said to me. You’re way better than lu—
“shylock!!” Mrs Mitch yelled.

“gotta go” shylock sighed.
“good luck” I quickly said as she disappeared with the others..
The quiet room made me look up to see that it was just me and Erick remaining in the room.
I slowly walked up to him and my hand circled around his waist. He wrapped his hand around my body and placed his chin on my head.
“thank you” I sniffed.

Wait… Am I crying!!??
“why”? He asked “why are you thanking me”?
“cause didn’t you hear what Mrs Mitch said, I already won, I won without trying Erick, do you know how happy I feel about this” I said on his chest.. “I didn’t do anything you did it on your own” Erick commented..
“but still… Thank you” I said.
“no problem babe” Erick said and kissed my hair.


Erick and I sat in a room I didn’t know exist in DH Entertainment, it was more like a living room. A long curved couch almost covered the whole room, a small table stood firm at the center and a plasma TV was hanged on the wall. Well beautifully a small vending machine stood at the corner of the room and beside it was a small water dispenser.

When I asked Erick what was the place for cause it was neither a studio nor a dance practice room.
“it’s just a place for resting… When my dad and I don’t feel like going home we come here to call it a day, that’s why it looks comfy and like a real house” was Erick reply when I asked him about the place.

His dad, Mr Dhousten told us to hang out in here and watch the competition that we’re the main event and I don’t know what he meant by that but I don’t care cause I did… I passed the final round without even participating, I can’t wait to share this news with my grandma!!!


With Erick and I on the couch his hands around my body and my body resting on his, in a sweet cuddling position we both paid attention to the TV screen in front of us.
Where we could see a stage set, hundreds of people around the stage.

Mr Dhousten must have quickly prepared for this cause I don’t know how he manged to get this all done in just a few days, the stage, the lights, the effects everything was amazing. I suddenly wished I could perform up there, I mean it’s my dream.. To perform for an audience for the whole world to see…. …

As Erick and I both watched the screen attentively a middle aged man who I don’t know walked up on stage with a microphone and a thick pamphlet in his hand… And with a big smile he faced the whole audience
“whatsup everybody!!!” he yelled in an energitic way and the crowd let out a wild scream and I felt it both from the TV and reality.. “don’t worry its happening downstairs two floor just below ours, I know you would love to go there and see it live but I don’t want to i just like it being the two of us” Erick said.

“yeah me too” I agreed and he suddenly kissed my cheek..
I turned back to the TV and it looked like the emcee (the middle aged man) had already said a lot of things.
“i am called the Zoomer and I’ll be your host for today’s show.. Before we begin we can all take our precious time to get a good look at our contestants for today’s show” the Zoomer said and a screen suddenly lit up behind the stage.

“our first contestant is…” the screen shone brighter and klay’s face appeared there with his name at the bottom, and I think they just took that photo cause he’s still wearing the same shirt from this morning “everyone we have the klay man as our first contestants” Zoomer said and everyone gave a round of applause. “and the second contestant is…” shylock’s face appeared next and she was so cute cause she was smiling pretty hard.. “there we have shylack.. Oh I mean shylock..

I miss-spelled.. Everyone a round of applause for shylock” Zoomer said and everyone laughed with their applause coming after.
Cassie was introduced next and she didn’t look happy in the photo, Travis was introduced next and he looked funny and cute, cause I don’t think he knew his photo was being taken cause he was laughing pretty hard and it made me giggle.

“Travis is so cute” I laughed.
“I can’t believe you’re telling me that” Erick said with a tint of sadness in his voice.
“well.. I mean.. Travis.. Okay.. Sorry” I apologized and turned Back to the television.


After Introducing all the contestants zoomer turned to the audience..
“though you guys are the voters we can’t still have a show like this without any judge.. So for your first judge I present to you… Ricky goodman” zoomer said and the building almost crushed down on how loud the screams came out.

“whoa… I wonder how they would scream if Daniel is going to walk out of that stage” Erick said with a small scoff.
“well I just can’t wait for Maria li” I said standing up and walking yo the vending machine.
“okay I just don’t get what you see in her” Erick said lowly.

“at least I see what you don’t” I smiled at him.
I eyed the vending machine and the mouth watering potato chips that’s been looking at me.
“so what do I do here, do I shove a coin in here or what”? I asked.
“you have to shove a coin, isn’t that what all vending machines do” Erick said, standing up and walking up to me.

“move..” he said and I moved.
*this story is written by Ruthie lee*
I didn’t know how much he shoved into the machine but it ended up bringing out my chips.
“thanks” I smiled at my boyfriend when he handed me the chips
“now let’s go enjoy the show” he said and we both went back to the couch, this time Erick pulled me down to sit on his thigh, and immediately I opened the bag of chips, Erick and I breathed out “whoa” at the same time cause the sweet smell engulfed out noses.

“here” he said taking a chip “you can have the first bite” he smiled and I slowly opened my mouth while he shoved the chip inside.
“oh my God.. Its so good” I cried, screams suddenly shook the building and Erick and I suddenly turned to the TV to see that Daniel has been introduced to the audience. And even when he walked up to his seat and sat down screams still fill the air.

“now.. Let’s enjoy the babe” Erick said and circled his hand around my waist.
Yeah this is going to be one heck of a show.

$$✍️NARRATOR’S POV (RuthieLee)✍️$$
The four contestants could be seen in a room filled with busy men and women taking dresses and boxes from one place to another.
Cassie looked pretty with her blonde hair all tied up with a pink ribbon her pink dress gleaning like the sun, she looked pretty and she knew it but she isn’t as confident as her dress, she wanted to get out of all this everyone could tell she was scared.

Shylock looked stunning with her azure coloured dress that crawled with the floor, it was shiny enough to bring out her lip gloss and eyes. Her hair was black and added with streaks of azure. She isn’t confident but she believed in herself
Travis and klay both looking handsome in the same kind of suit like outfit, gleaming with small sparkles added to the outfit. Both feelings were hidden as they both laughed out loud enjoying the Video game they were playing.. Well that feeling didn’t last until Mrs Mitch walked inside.

“okay you guys get ready… Cassie you’re the first to go”.. Mrs Mitch said and Cassie breath hitched.
“uh.. Mrs Mitch, can you give me a moment I need to go to The bathroom” Cassie said standing up and shylock and the others turned to her.
“okay this is the sixth time you’ll be going to the bathroom, Cassie don’t take a whole year in there Okay!” Mrs mitch said and Cassie nodded.

Cassie excused herself to the restroom and slammed the door pretty hard.
She walked up to the bathroom mirror and admired her beautiful self.
“it’s only a competition Cassie.. Its not the end of your life” Cassie tell herself and breathed a sigh of nervousness.

“you can do this!” she said and immediately the door opened and shylock walked in.
“Cassie…” She called
“yeah..” Cassie answered with a swift turn and as both girls looked at each other one couldn’t tell who was more beautiful.
“you’re being called up stage” shylock said calmly.

“okay..” Cassie said and slowly walked out of the bathroom with shylock behind her.
The two girls walked glamorously to the boys and Mrs Mitch and together they all went to the arena of the competition.
At the back stage Cassie couldn’t help but shook like a drenched cat. A small TV was placed at the back stage, a TV showing the live video of the competition.

“„and our first contestant..is.. Not only the talented but beautiful Cassie Akers!!!”„ zoomer the emcee of the show yelled and the audience let out an amazing scream as Cassie face lit up on the stage screen.
Travis turned to Cassie to see her shaking and suddenly feeling a whole lot of sympathy for the girl
“Cassie just imagine you’re still in school and this is just a game you and your clique are running” Travis said to Cassie who turned to him.

“thanks.. But I don’t think that imagination can come now” Cassie tried to smile.
“anyway.. Just… Good luck” Travis smiled at her.
Before walking inside Cassie paused and turned to Travis, she was about to say something but Mrs mitch interrupted her with a quick “I’ll be right back guys” and left the teenagers.
“can I hug you”? Cassie asked.

“who me?” Travis asked to be sure.
And Cassie shyly nodded..
“oh… Um sure..” Travis said and glanced at klay, Cassie circled her hand around Travis body and so did Travis, the two teenagers let each others warmth overwhelm each other. And Cassie slowly smiled
Warmth… that was what Cassie needed.

As Cassie tried her best to be confident as ever, she walked up to the stage and received a round of applaud, Cassie was handed a microphone and as she stared at Daniel, Ricky Goodman and Maria li, who were the judge, she couldn’t help but want to get revenge on her nervousness and perfect her performance.

She waited for the instruments to start playing and began to sing as every where went dead silent.
She remembered practicing the song at home and not too long ago with the people playing the instrument for her.

At the back stage klay, Travis and shylock watched as Cassie tried her best to impress everyone watching her, shylock sighed occasionally, now she was feeling a bit shaky cause she’s going next.
**maybe a hug from Travis would do the trick** shylock subconscious mocked her which made her giggle a little.
Cassie performance ended and she received one hell of screams.

Cassie came to the back stage smiling from ear to ear sweating a little at her forehead. “wow you did great” klay said.
“yeah” shylock agreed.
“how do you feel..” Travis asked.
“i feel great… I mean hearing the screams being up there, it just took all my sadness away and goodness I can’t wait to tear up your asses cause that stage felt like mine” Cassie grinned making the three of them laugh.

“now the real Cassie is back” Travis smiled.
Shylock was next on stage and after receiving three thumbs up from klay, Travis and Cassie, she walked confidently to the stage. Shylock received screams as her picture lit up on the screen and her astonishing dress made everyone cheer even more.

Shylock made a powerful eye contact with Daniel and he smiled at her. Giving her a “good luck” kind of look..
Shylock’s voice started singing before the instrument started and some people cuddled their chest to prevent them from melting.


Klay performed next and he chose a slow song that matched his voice and look, one could tell Ricky Goodman loved this particular person he was seeing, cause he smiled very much. Klay received an applaud when his song ended.

As Travis performed everyone loved the vibe he carried, his spirit, his aura was fun and cheerful, he added a little dance moves to his singing and when he ended his song the building almost broke down.

“Now that round was over it was time to compete against each other.
By singing to one song, two by two.. It is more like a two can tackle game. And it’s going like this.. Cassie Akers against Travis Blakely, and shylock wilder against klay Bolton and if one person happens to win from each sides then those two are going to be the ones competing” zoomer the emcee announced and received a whole lot of screams.

“well this competition is just getting worse and I thought the panic was over” Cassie sighed.
“me too” shylock added.

**Narrator’s Pov continues…**
The four contestants, klay, Travis, Shylock and Cassie were instructed to leave the backstage and head to the dressing room.

Inside the dressing room the girls were already dressed in another outfit, simple but magnificent, both were wearing the same kind of dress, black flay dress with a small yellow flower at the waist side. And the outfit was completed with both girls wearing the same type of black stiletto heels and both of their hair up. As both girls waited patiently for what to do, a lady in her mid thirties walked in smiling and gently she called.

“Cassie Akers… Can you please come with me”? The woman said and Cassie stood up to attend to the woman, Cassie and the woman walked out leaving shylock to listen to the annoying sound of her heart beat.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror in and breathed out the most Frustrated sign in all of Frustrated history.

“you’re going to win okay!” she tell her self but quickly rolled her eyes.
“who am I kidding… This is the most— the door opened which prevented her from talking to herself and immediately she turned to see it was the same woman who came to get cassie.
“would you come with–
Shylock nervously stood up before the woman could complete her words, she wanted to get out of here she was nervous and tired of being alone.

The woman took shylock to a room, where a piano was placed at the center the pianist was standing there, and a guitarist and his guitar.
Immediately klay walked inside looking breathtaking, his blonde hair was pushed back and his dress code was all back too, but with a yellow bow tie.

“now this must happen within ten minutes we don’t have any time yet, Cassie and Travis are already learning theirs, they are the ones going first, and you guys know you’ll be singing the same song, so we picked a popular song everyone knows how to sing by Daniel, and you’re both going to practice it together and George over there is going to be your guide, he’s a music teacher and also a guitarist” the woman said and George introduced himself by just waving his hand up in the air.

“here this is the song” the woman said and handed shylock and klay a sheet of paper.
“oh we are singing second chance” shylock said.. “no kidding” klay added sarcastically.
“okay, I’ll leave you guys to it and I’ll be back here at exactly ten minutes later” the woman instructed and shylock nodded.


Zoomer the emcee of the show excited the people with some of his funny jokes and stories and in order to kill time, as planned he surprised the people by saying.

“before we get to the next stage of the competition, I want everyone to go to the competition website and vote for whoever they think was the best singer from our four contestants, and as you do that let’s welcome our very own nation’s prince with a mighty applaud for he will be bringing this building down with his song, let’s give it up for Daniel Anderson!!..” zoomer yelled and as promised the building shook with screams that almost tore down the building.

Daniel smiled from his seat and slowly stood up and walked up to the stage, everyone there started to chant his name and his smile just made the audience loved him even more that moment.
As Daniel performed one of his songs, the audience sang along creating a sappy feeling for Daniel, because “this” is “him” and this is his happiness. His fans were his happiness.
Like they say you only find happiness with doing what you love.


“okay… We can do this..” Travis said to Cassie.
“why not, we’re already heading to the event there’s no going back” Cassie added with a shrug.
“don’t you feel nervous again”? Travis asked cassie. As they both walked to where the competition was taking place, Daniel was done performing and it was time for the second round to begin and they are the first to go.

“i do feel nervous… But still what can we do, we just have to find out who gets to go and stay in DH and truth be told am really tired I don’t want to seem like a chicken who chickened out but I really want to go home “Cassie said making Travis laugh.
“let’s just go out there and try to beat each other asses” Travis said.

“and now we are welcoming the first two contestants cassie Akers and Travis Blakely please give both of them a generous round of applause” zoomer voice echoed around the place before the crowd clapped and cheered for Cassie and Travis.
Cassie and Travis walked on stage and one could tell how magnificent they both looked with their matching outfits of black and yellow.


After their performance ended it took a while before the cheer and applaud died down, it was zoomer who asked for silence as he walked up to Cassie and Travis. The hall went dead silent and as zoomer balanced the microphone under his lips he asked.

“so our amiable judges, what would you say about their performance.. Ricky”?
“uhm… Okay… I don’t know why I have to go first but sure”… Ricky Goodman started and everyone giggled before he continued “okay both of you, both of your performances were great, you both tore up the whole stage, but what’s your name again.. Uhm right cassie..

You sing beautifully but everyone could tell you were nervous, if you want to be a diva on stage, the first thing you have to do is to never show your fears, but you failed that task even when you have a good voice and the boy Travis… You’re good too but a voice like yours isn’t what anyone is looking for, I’m not saying your voice is bad it just lacks something”
The crowd let out a loud “boo!” which made Travis and Mr Goodman smiled at the same time.

“okay so everyone you don’t have to listen to what Ricky Goodman you can vote for who you think sang best, our judges are just here to tell us what really came out from the contestants but you can make your own choices” zoomer said and murmur filled the hall as everyone starts to vote.


It was shylock and klay’s times, the two of them walked nervously to the backstage, they both looked elegant in their Marching outfit but nervousness filled their nerves, but it wasn’t as high as the first round. The two of them didn’t say a world and when they were called on stage they quickly hurried to the stage together.

As zoomer left the stage for them, a sweet sound of an acoustic guitar starts to play and everyone clapped happily cause it was everyone’s favourite song ‘second chance’.
As klay and shylock ended the song the whole audience clapped with excitement. And zoomer with a smiley happy face walked up to the stage.

“okay everyone it’s okay… Now we will now wait and listen to what one of our judges have to say about them” zoomer said and everywhere went silent again.
“Daniel”?? Zoomer arched his brows at Daniel but instead Daniel shook his head negatively with a smile. Zoomer understood Daniel had nothing to say so he turned to Maria li.
“Maria” he called and Maria li smiled beautifully.

“i thought you’d never ask” Maria Li smiled and everyone giggled.
“what I think about these two”… Maria Li started, “what these two displayed here just now is what we call entertainment, it was beautiful, the way their voice merged when they sang together and when they also sang alone, it’s hard to tell who’s the best, cause I’d be a liar if I had to pick one of them cause both of them are just…

Happy screams didn’t let Maria Li finish her words cause what she just said was perfect enough for everyone’s hearing, it was like she was reading audience mind.

“okay everyone you know what to do, log on to our website and starts voting cause the next round is the final round and your vote is all we need for the final round, and while doing that let’s take our time to welcome Maria Li as she will be entertaining us with het award winning song soaring high ” zoomer said and the crowd cheered with happiness while klay and shylock walked out of the stage.
“we did our best all we need now is to hope for the best” shylock said lowly as she and klay walked with Mrs Mitch to the dressing room.

“yeah” klay agreed, his expression seemed unhappy and bothered.
But all they need now is to hope for the best.

June could be seen dancing and singing happily to Maria Li’s song dancing to every step and singing every single lyric which got Erick smiling.
Yeah, he’s an audience for his girlfriend, if he was asked to go to any concert in his life, he’ll definitely pick this.

Well June show didn’t last for long, she’s been shaking ever since her friends started to perform on stage feeling nervous for them and just now when she starts to have fun, Mr Dhousten and two other men walked in.
June quickly froze and she breathed out a sigh of relief Mr Dhousten and his friends didn’t caught her dancing.

“oh Good, you’re both still here” Mr Dhousten smiled.
“why… What’s going on”? Erick asked.
“oh did I forget to tell you guys, you’re actually the show’s main event” Mr Dhousten smiled making June and Erick share a brief glance.

The audience cheered happily as Maria li went back to her seat, and zoomer appeared on stage with a tablet on his hand.
“okay everyone, let’s give Maria Li one last round of applause” zoomer said and everyone did so.
“okay the votes are out and it is time to know who will stay and compete in the last round” zoomer said with seriousness making the four contestants who were watching in the dressing room feel deadly nervous.

The screen behind the stage suddenly lit up and Cassie and Travis face appeared there with their names at the top and the number zero point zero zero (0.00) was at the bottom of both of the contestants face.

“and now, everyone knows whoever gets the highest vote wins” zoomer said and like a tensed dramatic movie everyone watched the screen attentively and the zero numbers starts to add up in one, two and towards up with speed, cassie’s heart became foible as she watched Travis number rise up to five thousands vote while hers remained in three thousands..

Finally the numbers stopped moving and Cassie eyes gathered all the water it could find.
“wow.. Travis Blakely got a vote of one hundred and ninety nine thousands while Cassie Akers got a vote of one hundred and one votes” zoomer announced while everyone clapped happily…
“looks like Travis is up for the next round, now let’s see who’s up against Travis” zoomer said and the screen went blank and later lit up with the faces with klay and shylock.

Shylock bit her lips anxiously as she and the others watched as the numbers starts to rise, she prayed and prayed and so did klay, they both did. But they needed just one person for the next round.
The numbers stopped counting and klay yelled from where he was seated.
“whoa… This is unbelievable shylock got a vote of one hundred and sixty seven thousands votes while klay got a vote of one hundred and sixty six votes, shylock is the winner with just one vote ahead” zoomer said happily and the crowd cheered with excitement.

“that’s it everybody, our last and final performance will be all about Travis and shylock put your hands together for them as they walk on stage please”. Zoomer said and Travis and shylock happily walked on stage, Mrs mitch has already told them to run there because she knew they would called on stage any minute.

As Travis and shylock got on stage the audience went wild with excitement. And shylock couldn’t help but smile.
“before you guys perform, we would like to hear what you guys think about this, how you guys feel about all this” zoomer said and placed his microphone under shylock’s lip, and shylock began.
“i..i feel so nervous.. Right now” shylock said cutely with a smile and the audience let out a sweet “awwwn”..

“but I’m also really grateful, and I want to thank every….one” shylock said and the audience cheered for her.
“so Travis..” zoomer moved to him “tell us what you feel” zoomer added and placed the microphone under his lips.
“okay… am I supposed to feel anything, the only thing I feel now is my voice cause all my body has gone numb” Travis said making the audience, the judges and zoomer laugh.
“okay, there you have it, we all know how are contestants feeling, and now I think they’re ready to perform”.

They were asked to pick any song of their choice and like it was planned, Travis and shylock coincidentally chose the same song.
Feeling a bit confident about themselves, they lit up the stage with their cheerful spirit and happy smiles as they performed the song happily,
Theur performance ended and it was time to vote, instead of leaving the stage, zoomer told them to wait and after waiting, the voting ended and it was time to see who the actual winner is.

The screen lit up and a picture of shylock and Travis shone with the numerous zeros down. Suddenly the votes starts to count and everyone was surprised when the vote surpassed five hundred thousands, shylock started to wonder how many people voted for this round cause its higher than the last round.
The numbers to nine hundred thousand and immediately stopped counting at exactly one million times votes…

“what is this… It is… A tie!” zoomer exclaimed.
“but there can be only one winner” he added and audience started to yell almost the same thing saying.
“both of them are the winners”
“they can both win”

With the opposition of the audience having only one winner zoomer smiled and turned to the backstage to see Mrs mitch who beckoned for him to quickly come over.
Zoomer zoomed out of the stage and immediately was in front of Mrs mitch.
“yeah?” he answered.

“Mr Dhousten is planning on having three winners and you’re here making a fuss about having one winner you just came back from your trip yesterday, what do you know about this competition, just declare the two of them winner and let’s get this competition over with I’m tired and so is Mr Dhousten” Mrs mitch said and zoomer gave a small bow to her before walking back to the stage.
“okay everyone, the decision has been made finally” zoomer started and every where went silent.

“between the two of them, there is no loser and there is no winner which makes THE TWO OF THEM WINNERS” Zoomer yelled and the audience roared happily.
Shylock and Travis couldn’t believe it, they both won, they won!!!!
“this is unbelievable” shylock said happily as she and Travis walked to the backstage.
“yeah” Travis smiled.
“hey..” they heard klay’s voice and looked up.

“congratulations you guys…” klay tried to smile.
“yeah, thanks bro” Travis said as he and klay shared a side hug.
“Congratulations to you too” klay smiled at shylock who breathed out a warm thank you.
“where’s Cassie?” Travis asked.
“she’s still in the dressing room I guess” klay said.
“oh” Travis said and immediately starts to walk to the dressing room.
“where are you going”? Klay asked
“to meet Cassie”
“because klay, she lost okay.. And people like that don’t lose she might try to do something silly” Travis explained and walked away.

“okay everyone that’s it… That’s the end of the DH supernova teens contest..” zoomer said and the crowd starts to shout a loud “boo” so zoomer continued with a smile “But before we call it the end, we are going all going to witness what we all came here for live and direct and for those of you watching at home or anywhere, don’t be disappointed for not being here”
The audience starts to murmur and zoomer smiled even more, he has captured the audiences attention and curiosity.

“for Erick-J is going to be performing live with…. The loud outburst of happiness from the audience made zoomer sighed and shook his head negatively.
“can you guys please let me finish” zoomer said tiredly and everyone giggled. But remained silent
“Erick-J is going to be performing with—.
“mystery girl”?? a girl yelled from the crowd.

“exactly!!” zoomer exclaimed and the building almost came down with screams of happiness..
“okay everyone let’s give it up for Erick and mystery girl who’s not going to be a mystery within seconds now, but give it up for Erick-J and mystery girl!!!!!” zoomer yelled and the building almost crashed down with the excitement the audience displayed with their voices.

Zoomer walked out of the the stage and immediately the whole place went dark, everyone remained quiet as the hall lit up with shinning lights minutes ago is now dark and no body could see anything, everyone happily waited patiently for the show.
At the backstage, June and Erick stood together both wearing matching outfits, Erick wore a white t-shirt were half of it was silver and his pants were wants with a silver shoe, Erick’s blue hair was jellied back and he looked deadly handsome with the way he was dressed, he wore a black double earring on one ear and a silver earring on the other ear.

June looking like the most beautiful female on earth, wore a small silver short that glued to her body exposing her long legs, also added with a white crop top and a silver cropped jacket, and lastly silver boots that stopped right exactly at her knee, June hasn’t wore something as short as this before and she’s feeling uncomfortable, well she was actually blaming her clothes but she’s actually nervous because she’s about to go on stage, where the where world will be watching.

As one of the backstage people adjusted Erick’s shirt, he glanced at his girlfriend to see her having a silent panic attack, which made him smile, she was really pretty and the hairdressers did a really good job with her hair, turning her straight hair to a magnificent wavy curls.
Erick was handed a microphone and the lady who adjusted his shirt tapped his shoulder before saying “be active, you’re going first”.
“i know” Erick replied and walked up to June.

His hand slid around her shoulder and he smiled at her.
“how are you feeling”? He asked.
“nervous” June said sincerely grinning nervously.
“well you shouldn’t be, this is a big moment, don’t show any sign of weakness, just take it as its just me and you alone singing together” Erick said.

“i can’t.. ’cause I already know the whole world is watching, so my nervousness is inevitable, but don’t worry I’ll deal with it” June shrugged.
“okay that’s my June..” Erick smiled and pecked her lightly on the lips, Erick stood straight after kissing June and she laughed.
“what”? Erick asked.

“you’ve taken a part of my lipstick, your lips are looking a bit red” June smiled as she use her hand to wipe off the colour from Erick’s mouth.
“Erick… it’s time” a woman yelled “thanks babe, I’ll see you on stage” Erick said as he walked away while June breathed out heavily and silently hyped herself.

As the audience waited quietly looking around the darkness waiting for the show to begin, a blue spotlight suddenly lit up on the stage and everyone’s attention was suddenly there.
It was Erick!
The whole audience screamed happily chanting his name and immediately his songs starts to play the crowd went silent.
Erick starts to sing but he couldn’t hear his own voice cause all of a sudden screams filled the whole place and everyone starts to sing along.

It was June’s cue to get ready to sing and she already stood at the entrance of the stage waiting for the right moment,
Finally Erick ended his part and all of a sudden June starts to sing hers but she was still transfixed on that spot, she was really nervous to go out on stage, and feeling very surprised the crowd starts to murmur and look around the stage to see if they could get a glimpse of who’s singing but it was only Erick on stage.

Erick sighed as June’s sweet voice filled the whole place and everyone starts to get curious to see who the mystery girl really is… After singing and getting a bit of the song in her system June legs starts to move and immediately she appeared on stage, Erick smiled and the audience went wild..
She wasn’t just talented but beautiful, a white spotlight shone on her slender body, and as she and Erick sang the chorus together the whole place lit up with different coloured lights matching the beats and vibe of the song.

Mr Dhousten smiled as he watched Erick and June display talent and happiness on stage, he couldn’t be more proud, he was just happy because his son found his happiness. Mrs mitch suddenly walked up to him and handed him his tablet.
“here… Take a look” she said and Mr Dhousten looked down at the tablet, and he was schocked to see different kind of people bombarding the website with comments of *the mystery* girl, talking about how pretty she is… Mr Dhousten laughed and said. “looks like DH will be getting a new celebrity signed”.

June didn’t really seem to care about the audience anymore because she was now enjoying herself as she sang with Erick, all her nervousness were now converted into engery and happiness. She felt like it was only Erick she was seeing as she sang and dance to the beat of her heart, she finally realised they weren’t alone when the song ended and the whole building almost came crashing with one heck of screams…

And the building actually came crashing down with screams when Erick held June and kissed her in front of everybody..

Daniel smiled at the couples in front of him, and so did Ricky Goodman and Maria li, everyone loved their performance, they were made for each other..!

It was a moment I could never forget! My first actual performance, and it was with Erick, and it was amazing, I felt like I was at the top the world.
As Erick and I walked out of the stage, sweating and out of breath we met his father who smiled at us.
“good job.. The both of you”.

“thank you” I smiled politely.
“okay Mitchell, Xander, let’s round this up” Mr Dhousten said making Mrs Mitch and a man trail behind Mr Dhousten as he walked away.
“June…” I heard my name and turned to see shylock and Travis coming towards me, and immediately shylock spun me around In a hug.

“wow… June that was magical, you guys literally lit up the whole stage with your killer vibes” shylock said happily.
“yeah.. And you look…” Travis said and kissed his fingers in a dramatic way.
“thanks guys, and congratulations, you guys won” I said.
“yeah, I almost had a nervous break” shylock said making me smile.
“June..” a woman called me and I turned, I’m not sure I’m going to memorize all the faces here In DH.

“Mr Dhousten is asking for you he’s at the last floor, you have to go there as fast as possible cause he really wants to see you” the woman said and I nod.
“guys I really have to go, I’ll see you guys later” I said.
“sure thing” shylock smiled and so did Travis.
As I walked towards the room I was dressed, I met Erick on the way and his hand curled around my waist.

“where are you going” he asked.
“to your father… But first I need to change, these clothes are pretty uncomfortable” I said.
“uhm… But you look pretty good though” Erick complemented which made me smile.
We both walked into the dressing room and I grabbed my old clothes from it was lying and got into the changing room while Erick waited outside.

I came out on my old clothes and Erick escorted me to his father.
He let me walk inside alone and then he left, Mr Dhousten welcomed me with a smile and I smiled back and beckoned me to sit down on a very comfortable and soft couch.
“June..” he smiled and started to utter the most amazing words he could ever say.
He asked if I would love to one of DH’s finest.

Of course I would love to be a trainee at DH but he said I wasn’t just going to be a trainee since the world see me as a celebrity now.. I am mean going to be a trainee at DH but also a celebrity who’s signed under DH entertainment industry.. Is this a dream or what..
It sure feels like a dream.

“June…”.. “June..” I heard my name softly and my eyes suddenly flutter open and I woke up from my deep slumber to see Erick in front of me.
“yeah..” I said and moved back a bit.
“whoa you’ve been sleeping for hours now” Erick said as he bent in front of me.
Wait.. Was all that a dream?
“when did I fall asleep”? I asked cleaning my eyes
“right after speaking to my father, you might have been really exhausted after the performance” he said.

Good.. It wasn’t a dream.
“okay aren’t you ready to go home it’s almost eight pm” Erick said and I stood up.
“eight pm!!” I asked.
“yeah the competition ended around four pm, so I think you slept for three hours, and I can see you’re still really sleepy” Erick smiled.
“yeah kind of” I said
“okay.. Everyone’s gone home, exclude my father and his workers we’re the only ones here, and I can drive you home but first you have to eat, you can’t go around on an empty stomach cause you’ve used a lot of energy today, so I bought you cake and milk” he said snatching a plastic bag lying on the table.

“sit” he said making me sit down back on the couch and he handed me the cake and box of milk.
Erick watched me fill my stomach up with the cake he bought for me and kissed my cheek occasionally as I ate.

“i would love to have this in peace” I tell him.
“that’s not gonna happen cause you’re too cute when you eat and I can’t help it” he said making me smile.
After eating Erick and I made our way out of DH and I finally took my time to notice he was back in his old clothes and it was still matching outfits as well.

Erick drove me home and the young night seemed so beautiful, it felt like my whole world had changed, and it’s changed cause my dream had come true.
Erick told me how the competition really ended, with his father making klay also a part of winning team and Cassie was the only one who left, I feel so sorry for her.
Finally we got to my home and Erick and I walked upstairs.

“okay I would love to come inside but I know you wouldn’t want that–.”
“why wouldn’t I”? I smiled, held his hand and pulled him inside with me.
As we got in everyone was fast asleep and Erick and I just stayed in the living room, Erick and I talked for a while before he finally left.

Immediately he left my grandma came out still looking sleepy and after using the bathroom she came to meet me and asked me about the competition, I told her about everything including the great news and she was seriously happy about it.
That night I got a call from Annie and she yelled at me for being so perfect, she said she came to the competition but didn’t get a chance to see me face to face, that I’ll have to make it up to her and i did promise to make it up to her.

I got a good night sleep and my thoughts and dreams were just clouded with rainbows and unicorns.
+ +
+ +
It was Tuesday morning, I woke up and when I checked my phone I saw nine missed calls, two from Annie two from Daniel and five from Erick.. Why are they calling me, what’s so important that they need to talk to me about.

I turned to Auggie’s bed but I couldn’t find him there, I shrugged and came down from my bed and to the bathroom to brush my teeth.. For the past four days my name has been reigning all round the city “June Peterson” as “mystery girl” and everyone knows I am dating erick because of the kiss we did publicly and they all totally shipped us, I mean isn’t this what you call “LIFE”.

Mr Dhousten said he’d be accommodating me with everything now and did I forget to mention we’re moving.. Yep we’re moving out of this rooftop house and going to a better place ‘tomorrow’…
But the only thing is that I can’t go out, Mr Dhousten warned about walking around carelessly, and I also forgot to mention as a rising star, I’m getting my very own manager today! I’ve heard about her but I haven’t seen her.

Things are just going smoothly for me now, I don’t know what to do but to be grateful to the heavens above.
I got to the living room and I met my grandma, I greeted her warmly and she replied politely with a smile, I asked for Auggie and she told me he was gone to school which I think it’s a lie cause his school bag is in our room. I questioned her no more and after showering I put on a plain shirt and Jean pants. I was brushing my hair when my phone rang, I quickly picked it up cause it was Erick.
“June.. You have to come downstairs immediately..” Erick said.

“what.. Why what’s wrong” I asked walking out of my room and heading downstairs immediately. I came outside of the building and spotted a white fan, it opened and someone quickly pulled me in.
“Erick.. What’s all this about” I asked.
“nothing… we’re just going out” he smiled.

“going out to do what.. Where”?
“you ask questions too much” he smiled and gave me a kiss.
I sighed and remained quiet as his driver drove the fan to a familiar destination.
“you heard right” Erick said.
“heard about what?”
“me and you… On Friday.. We’re having a concert, I mean it’s my concert but since you did a remix with me we’re both going to perform that song together” he said.
“oh well I didn’t hear” I said.. “but it’s nice anyway”.

“your new manager is going to tell you anyways, but listen and pretend like I haven’t told you okay” Erick said and I laughed.. .
“and about Ella, it’s sad I had to lie to Auggie my mom took Ella to Paris but its for the best” Erick nodded.
“yeah.. but wait when did you talk to Auggie.”

“that doesn’t really matter does it” Erick grinned suspiciously and I narrowed my eyes at him.
We got to Erick’s house and I finally understood why the route was familiar,.
As we walked in, into his living room, he stopped me and smiled.
“i love you June”
“okay… What is really going on..” I asked I am starting to get nervous.
“it’s nothing” he said and peeped inside his living room before pushing the door open and letting me in.

“Happy birthday!!!” voices yelled from nowhere and I flinched to see, Daniel, Annie, shylock and an unfamiliar woman I don’t know and.. My baby brother…
“whoa… Is.. Today my birthday”?? I looked at Auggie.
“it’s the fourth of June, June, what do you think” Erick smiled.
Oh my God it is my birthday….!! How could I forget that.

“and you guys did all this for me”?? I asked.. Staring at the gigantic cake on the table.
“we love you June” Daniel smiled at me.
“yeah” Annie added and I found out she was standing really close to Daniel..
“thank you all so much” I said hugging Erick. I turned to the unfamiliar woman and she smiled at me.
“hi.. I’m Hannah Greg, your new manager” she smiled and I gave her a small bow. She looks like fun.. She doesn’t look mean.

As we all had fun in eating my cake and me still thanking everyone, shylock had to leave cause she took permission from DH to come here and Travis and klay couldn’t make it cause they’re caught up with whatever thing they were learning in DH.
Hannah had to leave too leaving just me Erick, Daniel, Annie and Auggie.
Auggie went upstairs to do what only God knows and Annie kept following Daniel around like a lost puppy, but I think he loved her company.

Erick and I were left alone in the living room, cause Daniel and Annie were in the kitchen and as I laid my head on Erick’s chest he stroked my hair
“once again babe… Happy birthday May all your wishes come true” he kissed my forehead.
“all my wishes are already granted” I smiled and held his waist.
“okay… That’s perfect”.

I glanced at Annie and Daniel and Daniel was laughing pretty hard at what Annie might have said or done. But they looked happy. And that’s all that matters.

“Erick-June!!! Erick-June!! Erick-June!! Erick-June!!” the huge crowd chanted our name as Erick and I sang together on stage, it was Friday and Erick’s concert was really full.
I enjoyed myself as I sang with Erick on stage and we danced till our legs starts to cry and our hearts almost gave up… It Was really fun, when we both ended the song the crowd suddenly starts to yell.
“kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” the whole world knows we’re dating so we gave them what they asked for and they almost tore down the city stadium.

My dreams came true and I found true love, this is a life I can never get tired of. Cause it’s filled with nothing but happiness.


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PLEASE no matter what, encourage the writer RUTHIE LEE with comments (She is BLESSED)…

Please Don’t be Ungrateful ? Don’t Leave Without A Comment , One Love ❤.

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2 months ago

You are blessed ma…. Thank you so much for this interesting novel… I almost cried at the end .. God bless the works of your hands.

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Peter blessing
2 months ago

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Sulaiman zainab
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Abdullahi Olamide
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Woooo such a very lovely story……so interesting

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Arit Thompson
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That was beautiful

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Sherri Adejoh
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What a perfect ending, nice story, I really enjoyed it

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So interesting
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Ejire Damilola
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This is Magnificent
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God bless Opra Dre

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Emmanuel Chukwuemellie Okoye
2 months ago

This is a story that ended well. No rush. None at all. Wow! Well done Ruthie this is great! And thanks Opradre. I had my fill. I really enjoyed the story. Thanks a lot. Love you guys😘.

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Interesting story

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Best peace
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Orlukwu Susan
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Reply to  Mukktty

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Edith Akosua Feda
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