BURGUNDY Episode 9 – 10 By Amah’s Heart

BURGUNDY Episode 1 By Amah's Heart

BURGUNDY Episode 9 By Amah’s Heart

I try to focus and act all professional with Sandra, especially now that I know she was in a relationship.

After a week, Jide stopped by my office to say hello. And we went talking like old friends. He was too excited because he will soon be a father.

“I’m happy for you man…that is a great news. I believe you are taking care of madam very well…

He laugh and I can sense excitement in his voice.

“I am… Ella is my queen and I treat her as such. How about you? I believe work is going on fine. Any plan to settle down soon? My man no time oo. But do not rush into marriage to avoid rushing out. Take your time and understand your partner. If she is the type you can spend the rest of your life with then go on with it.

I gave a deep breath as Jide talks. He was absolutely right. To avoid rushing out of marriage I have to be careful in the choice I make.

“I told you about my present relationship with Ireti…didn’t i?

Jide twist his face as if he was trying to remember.

“Ireti…Ireti. Who is she? Sorry man…I can’t remember.

“No problem. The first time I saw her was during a get together that you and your wife pulled up. We the men were there and your wife’s friends came. We went drinking and dancing at the party. That was before your wedding. She also attended your wife’s birthday party where you proposed to Ella. Ireti is one of your wife’s friends because it was during then I began to eye her. She was really beautiful and classic too. She looks so much like my type of woman and I was crushing on her but lack the courage to approach her then until during your wedding day. She noticed my shoe first. That my burgundy shoe that you also likes, yeah and we got talking from there. She was cheerful and nice, we exchange contact and that was how we started.

Jide smile and nod his head.

“That’s interesting Mart. Although I can’t remember who she is and my wife had never mentioned Ireti as a friend. I assume she was a mutual friend and probably came with one of my wife’s friends. She is probably not a direct friend because I know almost all my wife’s close friends. She gist me about everyone with their names but never mentioned Ireti who I believe is a mutual friend. She followed somebody that knows my wife and that was why you saw her during the get together and our party often. By the way, I’m happy that you are taking a step Mart. Is she a nice girl? Can you settle with her type of person or you are just having fun and not ready for marriage yet?

I pulled back my head, searching for a perfect answer for Jide. He asked me if everything was fine and I assured him I was but my heart wasn’t.

“Ireti is classy, she is damn beautiful and has a fine shape. She have a wealthy father who she calls “Papi” and they travelled to Dubai for some business meeting two weeks ago, but I have fears. Ireti, coming from a rich home believes everything should be done by a maid. I haven’t seen her cook before and in as much as I try to teach her she, is not willing to learn. I don’t really blame her is more because of her upbringing and I wish she can come down to the level that I desires. Now, why I have fear is about the girl that works for me at home. Her name is Sandra. Jide, I’m going crazy because of that girl. My brain is almost pumping out of my head…

Jide started laughing at the way I illustrated with my hand.

“Mart relax, God will not let your brain to pump out…hahahaha! I gat you my man. don’t be confuse and don’t disappoint oo because your parents are watching and waiting. You are their only boy and your choice matters to them and to us all. I personally want you to get it right. So why is Sandra bursting your brain out…hahahaha.

“Jide, you won’t understand. All I think of this days is Sandra. Did you know I got carried away one day and kissed her. I did! I wanted the ground to open that day and swallow me up. I couldn’t believe I did that. Jide, I think she likes me too but she has a boyfriend who she loves. His name is Jeff….hmmm! I overheard her speaking to him the other day. I almost ran mad, I was so heart broken when I heard her say she love another guy. But if I’m being reasonable enough, Sandra has every right to be in a relationship just as I am with Ireti but I hate the idea. I have never felt this way before…I care about her so much and I don’t….

Jide interrupted.

“You love her? I know you do not want to admit to that because she is not in your class but Mart you love that girl. Maybe what you had for Ireti is either infatuation or obsession due to the fact she fit in perfectly well to your caliber. You admire Ireti and have this passion to associate with her classy type but the real deal is with your worker at home. Sandra maybe who you truly love and not Ireti. Search yourself and be sure of what you want. Be bold and say your mind…don’t hold back. if is Ireti you wish to be with then get on with her and if is Sandra also get on with her but you must let one go. Stop being confuse and know what you truly want in a woman. Beauty may fade but a woman with a good character is like honey to food. Adding sweetness to life…such woman is worth fighting over except if she doesn’t want you or in a serious relationship. But if a God fearing woman with a pure character shares the same feeling and ideas with you then keep her…I mean marry her and start a family. They are rare! It may not come so simple but take every step at a time. Mart, marriage is not about riches, beauty, class or family status. Is far more than that. You know how I struggled through school, my wife was there…she came from a wealthy home but my family are just surviving. She believed in me and I try not to disappoint her. I graduated and got a good oil job that shot me out. I wanted to give Ella everything she will ever asked for. And I’m not stopping soon because she remains my Queen forever. More reason you should get a lady who believes in you and ready to stay with or without your money. it does not matter if she is from a high class or low one, all that matters is finding peace, trust and satisfaction with your woman…

I listened to Jide as he talks and I was thrilled. We drove out after work and chill in one of our usual cool spot but he couldn’t stay, he was so eager to go home and meet his wife.

I asked him to say hello to her as we entered our different car and drove off.

After talking with Jide that evening. I found my boldness and I was willing to get this heavy burden off my chest. Jide was right, is just that I do not want to admit to the truth. What I felt for Sandra is far different from what I had for Ireti. Sandra makes me happy, I enjoy watching her, and when we cooked together…it was a beautiful moment. Her laughter softens my sadden heart. She was hardworking, beautiful in her own way although Ireti is more pretty but Sandra was far more special. Sandra is intelligent, respectful, Kind and patient. She was loving and jovial. All this are qualities that Ireti does not possess. Ireti insults me, she was always in malice mood with every little quarrel, she was violent and do not know how to pick dirt up from the ground. She was possessive and will rather scatter instead of arrange. She lack home training and hardly listens to me. I want more than that and I really wish Ireti was like Sandra, possessing Sandra’s qualities but I know I cannot have it all. And I will go with what my heart beat for.

For over two weeks Ireti had refused to talk with me and only reply my message with few words. She was still angry. I know she had the right to be after the fight with Sandra and she was beating up. Ireti cherishes vengeance and violence far more than love and forgiveness. For the sake of my parents, for everyone who believes in me and for my own sake I just have to leave sentiment aside and choose wisely.

I wanted to go home and cook something with Sandra, we will sit and eat together. Watch comedy and have some good laughter. I wish to kiss her all over again, letting her know that she occupies my entire being and can’t think straight. I promised not to forcefully kiss her again, I will allow the feeling to be mutual. I want to know what she feels about me and Jeff. I will never force her to leave her man as much as I want to. She has the right to choose who she want to be with. I will think of how to handle Ireti whenever she comes back from her Dubai journey.

Right now the only person I want to sit and laugh with is Sandra.

I stopped at a female boutique and bought some beautiful dress, shoes and accessories for Sandra. I don’t really know her shoe size but I imagined the size of her feet and knows what will fit into them. Since I love Burgundy colour, I asked the boutique owner if they have any shoe or sandals in such colour but they said they needed to restock. I should check back in two weeks’ time, they will have different types of female shoes by then. I bought few beautiful ones for Sandra and left.

All I wanted was is to make her happy, to watch her laugh and to let her know that I truly care.

I was very excited as I drove back home. I removed all the things I bought for Sandra and started carrying them in.

I opened the door and dropped everything on a chair. Sandra was obviously in the kitchen and I can perceive some fine aroma. I was about shouting out her name with a beautiful tone of voice when I saw Ireti coming out of my room.

I was shock. I opened my mouth and closed it again as she cat and approached me with a smirking smile on face.
I swallowed hard and try to muster courage. I forced a smile and said

“Baby, when did you arrive? I did not see your car outside. How did you get here…you did not call me to let me know that you are back…

She came and kissed me fully in the mouth but I was so shock to respond. She went to the things I bought for Sandra, smiling to herself as she began to scatter just like her usual way. While scattering the thing she said

“Well, I wanted to surprise you. I parked my car outside your gate. Probably you did not see my car. You got all this stuffs for me…wow. Interesting. Mart, you don’t look too happy to see me…what is the problem, don’t you miss me?

I broaden my smile while watching her try one of the shoes that I bought for Sandra.

“I’m happy to see you and I missed you…welcome back. How was your business trip with your Dad? Hope it was a success?

She ignored and kept scattering. She tried the accessories. The ear ring and neck chain which all belongs to Sandra. Then picked up another shoe…

“Mart, I don’t like this colour. Is too dull. And even that dress is too long. There is no bum short here, no short jean skirt. No leggings. You know my style…why do you buy all this without adding any bum short to it and high heels too. The shoe is not even my size. You are supposed to know the colour I love, my shoe size and the type of dress that fits me perfect. I don’t wear all this dinner or church gown. I wear tight and short gown that brings out my shape. Did you see that what I carry on my body is asset? I love showing off, I like revealing it to the world and watch them look at me like a goddess. I hate dress that covers my thigh. My beautiful body is my asset so I love flaunting it. If you know how many men that are ready to pay billions just to have this body, you will cherish it more and stop behaving like a novice. Anyway. I will still take all this stuffs you bought. I will give out the shoes and some of the cloths to my friends because I know the clothes and shoes are expensive. I will use the rest…I love those Jewelries’. Next time, if you want to buy stuffs for me don’t disappoint me like you did today. I know you wanted to use this stuffs to beg me for watching your housemaid blow my eyes. You plan to surprise me with all this but I’m not surprise because this is a very low quality stuffs compare to what I got from Dubai but I will take them all anyway, after all they are mine. I wonder why you haven’t sacked that your maid. What is she still doing here? She was supposed to be gone by now or you should have even gotten her arrested but she is here and looking all fresh in your house. You should have beat the hell out of her for what she did to me not let her live here. Anyway, you can leave her for now, her presence is highly needed, I have forgiven her sins. I’m a loving person. But she is very stupid, you know that right? I asked her to make food for me and is over 30mins and the food is yet to be ready. A very lazy idiot that doesn’t know how to do anything. Let me not get angry over that stupid, low life girl. I miss you Mart…come let’s go inside…follow me right now…”

Ireti walked back to the room with all the gift packs belonging to Sandra in her hand.
I was speechless all through the time Ireti was speaking and trying out the things I got for Sandra. I had never expected to see her all of a sudden and she really shocked me. I looked towards the kitchen side as Sandra dropped the food on the table. She looked at me, greeted and I nodded with a smile.

I began to hate the inhuman treatment that Ireti passed out on Sandra. She usually have a lot of work to do whenever Ireti comes around. Sandra was cheerful in her dealing and she is hardly offended.

I have planned this evening and wanted to give her all that I bought, sit and watch comedy and have a good laugh together. I wanted to start proving to her that I truly cares but never knew Ireti will show up suddenly, surprising me.

“Are you alright?

I looked at Sandra and asked quietly. She smile and nodded and I returned the smile. I watch her set up the table, wishing I can grab her again and kiss her. Letting her know how much she means to me.

I snapped out of the moment as Ireti screamed my name so loud, asking me why I was delaying to join her in bed.

I went into the room and was happy that my wardrobe was still lock. If not Ireti would haves scattered it.

I did not have urge to be with Ireti that night but I forced myself. Hoping that after the deed I may come to see reasons to be with her. I tried but my mind was on Sandra. I almost moan out Sandra’s name as Ireti rides on. I was glad I didn’t.

This is really crazy, after the whole deal was over I showered and went to bed.

I later strolled out while Ireti was asleep, just maybe I will see Sandra in the sitting room but she was in her room. I could hear a little whisper and I wondered if she was on the phone with her lover again. Who was she whispering to at this time? I walked quietly to her door and lean my ear again. I found out she was praying. She was in a serious quiet prayer.

It was amazing, just the same way my Mum usually pray in the midnight when everyone was asleep it was the same way Sandra was praying. I heard her pray for her parents, she prayed for me but I couldn’t hear all the blessing she was calling down on my head and immediately I heard her mentioned Jeff, I disappeared.

I left and walk back to the room. Probably because I don’t want to hear her say “…God, you know I love Jeff so much bla bla…”
I don’t care what the rest of the prayer will be but I don’t want to hear anything about Jeff.
But I felt at peace hearing her pray. I also love the fact that she believes in God even though I’m not a spiritual type of person but I go to church and I love God. My parents where believers and they brought I and my elder sisters up in that way.
I turned and looked at Ireti, she was sleeping. I began to wish I was in the same bed with Sandra and not Ireti. I wish that I can take back all those gift packs and return to the rightful person that I got it for. I wish Ireti did not show up. She had claimed everything that wasn’t even hers and planned to give out some of it to her friends. That alone was annoying.

I try to catch some sleep and in no time I dozed off.


Episode 10.

By Amah’s Heart.

My Mum was back and Dad called me to travel down. I couldn’t even miss out on that. I see my Dad almost every month but is been a long time I saw my Mum last. Ever since she travelled to USA. Is been over a year, I haven’t set my eyes on her for real except through video calls.

The next day I prepared for my short journey. It was a good relief to be away from Ireti. She was going to stay with her Papi and plan his birthday party while I was away.

She told me that her Papi’s birthday was in three days’ time. I told her I couldn’t make it because I need to travel to see my parents. I expected her to be angry but she wasn’t, she just smile and said it was okay. Because her Papi wanted only family and few friends to celebrate with him. She said the party was strictly by invitation and even though she would have loved me to come but seeing my parents was very important. I nodded and sent my good wishes to her Dad. I would have gotten him a birthday gift but he was obviously a rich man and had everything at his disposal and I do not have time to source for a tangible gift.

I’m happy that Ireti will stay away from Sandra while I was gone. I don’t want them in the same house. Ireti may end up getting violence and stab Sandra with a knife, she was too violent and I’m glad she will be busy with her Dad’s birthday party.

I travelled to see my parents. After the whole hugging and petting from my Mum. I and my Dad had father and son moment. He gave me some important documents which he wanted me to hold securely. Mom said the reason why she came was because my last elder sister was getting married and my Dad also misses her and wanted her home.

I laughed at the two old people acting like new lovers.

My sister Joan was getting married to a white colleague of hers living in Georgia and it was a Court wedding. Which means we all supposed to travel back to the state but I needed to stay back to look after things while my Mom and Dad travels.

I heard a great time with my parents and did a lot of video calls with my sisters who wanted me to come over and was booking ticket online for me. Joan said she wanted her friends to meet me.

“… My friends saw your picture. Well I showed them my cute sweet brother that I usually boast off and they all went “aawwww” they want to meet you Martin, c’mon…you can’t miss out on my big day. You may even get to see a wife material among my friends. Don’t give me all this excuse. Fly down with Mom and Dad and let us all get together as a family. Gabi and Fiona will be here with their husband and children. Is going to be an opportunity for us to be together. Don’t be left out Mart and my fiancé will really love to meet you. Everyone want to meet my only brother. Please try and be in Georgia…

“I wish to be there Joan, but I can’t…we all can’t just leave like that. If Dad is away I need to foresee thing while he is gone. I’m sorry Joan…you have my best wishes and I will be waiting for more videos. I will come after the wedding when I know everything is safe and secured. Definitely next summer I will come for vacation and will get to meet everyone. Joan, please stop showing your friends my picture so that they will stop “awwwwing” I woke up with a lipstick the other day and realize a lady was kissing my pics and it affected me in real life…tell them to stay away because I’m almost taken…hahahaha

Joan laughed so hard over the video call and I couldn’t resist laughing at my own dry jokes.

I heard a deep talk with Dad and he was saying almost everything that Jide had already told me.

“Martin Jr, you are a grown man now. And you have to start thinking of settling down and having your own family. I’m an African man and I want you to bear children that will carry on the name. I’m not rushing you son…I do want you to take your time so that you won’t make a mistake but don’t take forever in making a choice. We love you dearly and wants only the best for you. All that matters to me and your mother is for you to be happy. Make sure you do not marry a troublesome woman. Don’t look at levels or class when making a choice…look out for the purity of the heart. sometimes love is not enough in marriage. Trust, prayer, understanding, patience and tolerance makes a fantastic home. I and your Mother are growing old together because we both made the right choice by choosing each other for better and for worst, through sun and rain. It was not a smooth journey but I’m happy that we are growing old together and having more years to celebrate with our children and grand children. We will be here counting our blessing from above and naming them one by one. Martin Jr, listen to me….i’m your father and I will never mislead you my son. An understanding wife is the greatest blessing of all time…do you understand me?

“Yes Dad, I do. I totally understand. I’m working towards that, just taking my time so that I will get it right like you did. I hope and pray to make you and Mom proud.

I had a great time with my loving Mom too. We got to talk and laugh and it was all beautiful.

Dad decided to drive us out for sightseeing. I wanted to drive but he said driving was one of his little way to exercise. Dad drives a high car, one of his old jeep that need to be jack up and down before its start. He has a smaller car but chose to drive this one that requires man power and muscles to function properly.

He said he was the only one that knows how to handle his car and no one else. I laugh and my Mum also laugh at the way Dad was handling the steering.

I attended church with them and Mom made one of her old special delicacy just as old time.
I later travelled back to my base after a week.

I will not let Ireti know that I was back because I wanted to spend time with Sandra and may do another shopping for her when I’m sure that Ireti is not coming.

As I got inside my house with my bag, the first thing that caught my eyes was the place my aquarium used to be was empty. I moved closer thinking maybe Sandra put it somewhere else but it wasn’t anywhere around. Sandra came out and greeted me but I was too consumed, scanning the whole place for my aquarium and did not respond to her cheerful greetings

I rushed to my room, hoping maybe the aquarium was moved to the room due to some reasons but another surprise met my eyes. My wardrobe was unlocked, the key was broken. I was shocked and began to wonder if there was a robbery in my house while I was away. The first thing I did was to rush to my Burgundy shoe and I felt relieved when I saw the shoe there.

I took a closer look at the shoe and it appears different from my main shoe. “This is not my burgundy shoe, what the hell is this? I cried out my shock.

I took it very close and began to examine it with my panting heart and realized that the shoe was not my original Burgundy. Someone exchanged it.

I began to sweat profusely. I screamed Sandra’s name and she came running to my room.

“What happened here, who came to my wardrobe while I was away and took my Burgundy shoe? Who was here? Where is my aquarium and my original shoe… answer me?

I screamed at her as my frustration grew with every passing second.

Sandra was shaking as fear gripped her. She was terrified. I guess she haven’t seen me really angry before.

I asked her again, standing up, I grabbed her by her clothe and shakes her while repeating the questions to her. I left her and held my head in my hands.

“I don’t know sir, I can’t lie to you. I don’t know what happened. I went to the market that day and when I came back the aquarium was no more in the sitting room. I asked Musa if anybody came and he said Big Madam came and left in a hurry. I don’t know what really happened. I thought you sent her, I would have called to let you know…I’m sorry sir. Please believe me…I can’t lie to you.

She said she doesn’t know. She went to the market and by the time she returns it was gone. She asked Musa and Musa said big Madam was around and later left.

What sort of crazy story is this? The whole story was not getting to my head. How can she not know? I pulled off my cloth angrily and was on singlet.
Ireti was a big girl, she will never want to steal from me. Ireti will never commit such crime when she had a rich dad that can afford everything for her.

I was in anguish and held my mouth from from the horror staring right at my face.
How can Sandra who is in charge of my house not know?
What sort of childish story is all this.

i kicked and started acting like a mad man. i felt like breaking and scattering everything in sight. and that was how i lifted the bed up and pushed it aside. i broke my lamp holder and when i turned, i saw something at a far end under the bed that i angrily pushed out. i rushed and picked it up and it was my old first polish, the one my uncle sent with the shoe from UK. i searched all over the house for it before but couldn’t find it, never knew that it was under the bed all this while. i looked around for my other polish the one that recently got missing but it wasn’t there. i searched around for my original shoe but nothing.

i screamed and threw the UK polish away, Sandra dodged from getting struck from the polish. tears stream down her face.

i was breathing hard, acting like a mad man. my favorite Burgundy shoe have been replaced with a fake shoe. my aquarium which has beautifully graced my house for long has gone missing. how can that be?

And the only thing I kept starring at was the fake Burgundy shoe lying carelessly on the ground. I picked it up and threw it hard on the wall before screaming out again in rage. Sandra crawled up to one corner and watch me rage on.

“Who could have done this to me”?

I must get to the root of this puzzle, this must be a bad dream.

“It can’t happen…no…no. there must be a reasonable explanation of where my original Burgundy shoe and my Aquarium disappeared to. I won’t take this…no, I won’t!

I took my phone and called Ireti.

Burgundy Episode 9

To Be Continued..
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