BURGUNDY Episode 6 – 7 By Amah’s Heart

BURGUNDY Episode 1 By Amah's Heart

BURGUNDY Episode 6 By Amah’s Heart

I summoned courage and called the girl.

“Can you work as a cleaner and a cook for me?

I asked her, she was silent and later said.

” Sir, do you mean like a maid?

She must have hated the word “maid” which means servant. That was my guess though but I decided to upgrade the job description for her, to make it sound better.

” Not precisely a maid. I mean like a housekeeper, a chef and having a total affair of my house. Is that okay by you?

” Ofcurse sir, is very okay but I need to know how much salary you are willing to pay?

I told her the amount and she went quiet.

And later said.

” Are you serious sir,? Wow… Yes I’m ready to resume anytime you want me to start.

” How about saving you the stress of transporting to and fro everyday by letting you live in my house, you can pick your day off within the week or during the weekends….

She screamed excitedly into my ear.

” Oh my God. Is this for real? I’m so grateful sir. Thank you so much sir. I won’t disappoint in my duties.

I ended the call and sent her my house address and the day she will resume. I also asked her to bring her curriculum vitae while coming. That will enable me to know who I’m dealing with.

She came the following week with a bag containing few of her things. She handed her CV to me, I kept it on the center table with the hope to check it later.

I showed her the room she will be sleeping which was a visitor’s room.

I took her round the house and showed her different things and how to carefully handle some of the sensitive household appliances.

She looks so excited through out the introduction. I even introduce her to Musa, the gate man.

I asked her to make a chart for weekly food.

As I turned to leave, she called my attention.

” Excuse me sir, please pardon my question. Are you married or do you have kids..?

I looked back at her and went quiet, wondering why she will even asked that.

” Did you see children’s stuffs in this house? Why did you ask…

She breathed deeply, clamped her hands together. She felt uneasy and it was written all over her.

” I’m really sorry sir, please don’t be offended. The house settings looks more like a family house. Is well furnished, equipped with different things. Like the aquarium in the living room…is beautiful and I haven’t seen such before. Everything is really beautiful in here and that was what prompted my question. But let me get back to work, I’m sorry for asking sir.

She went back drawing a chart on an A4 paper.

I cleared my throat and she looked up at me and quickly look away.

BURGUNDY Episode 7 By Amah’s Heart

The malice period ended earlier than I thought.

She called on the second day and I took her out over the weekend.

Ireti continues to taunt Sandra and I try to take charge of things.

Ireti do not have a job but she is living large because of her Papi’s wealth. her Papi gives her all she wants and I also made sure she lacks nothing too.

I always wanted to be there for her at all time but not during my working days.

I’m usually in the office within the week, and hardly have time for other things aside office work.

I also helps my Dad in updating his agricultural products on his websites, I follow it up whenever I’m less busy.

Despite mum’s school was in good hands I still visit once in a while. mum sometime calls me to do some school signing on her behalf. I’m her next of kin and also signatory to her account. While she was away in Georgia, I was busy with some of her proprietorship work.

I always have alot to do for both my Mum and Dad during my spare time and also for myself. I run my own company and made sure that I attended to everything according to how important they come and I speak with my parents almost everyday, giving them updates and they don’t fail to fill me in on their activities.

Is mostly weekend that I have time for my rest and be with Ireti.

She wanted me to take her out during the week but I was too busy to do that. Ireti refused to understand even after explaining my busy schedules.

She said she wanted to eat out and not Sandra’s food.

” Your maid is a terrible cook, she doesn’t know how to cook or do anything. Her food is tasteless. I will rather eat out than to eat that her hurrible food.

Ireti said that Sandra does not know how to cook, she hates her cooking and wants to eat in one of the best restaurant that I usually take her to

I have to leave office early to do her biddings.

She ate to her fill and said she will be away for sometime, she was traveling with her Papi and will return after two weeks.

” Traveling to where… I asked while picking at my food.

” Papi is going for a business meeting in Dubai so he wants me to go with him. That’s the advantage of being a daddy’s girl. He enjoys having me around and I can’t say no to him…

I smiled, looked up at her before saying.

” you hardly mention your Mom and sibling, why? Your Dad sounds interesting and lively. I wish to meet your Papi and the rest of your family members soon and to also know your place…when will that be?

” Maybe when I return from my Dubai trip with Papi. I will invite you over to my place… you will get to meet him and also know where I reside. I’m the only child of my parents. Though they are separated, Mom remarries and left me with Papi. So is just me and him for now. I have a good news. Well, I’m letting go of cigarette. I’m breaking free from that addiction. I understand how much you hates it and is dangerous to my health, so I’m quitting… for real but I’m a friend to alcohol.

” I’m so happy to hear that…I care about you and I love you…did you know that?

She looked at me and smirked her face.

” I’m serious… you are a beautiful lady, smart and classy you shouldn’t be smoking, is really dangerous. back in London, during my school programme, that was the only time I tasted cigarette and is because of cold. A friend gave me the tip to have a taste but it was just for a day and I have never tried it again, I will rather go for coffee. Yours have become an addiction which is bad. I try talking to you about it different times but you refused listening and I’m happy that you are finally calling it quit.

She smile and said.

Burgundy Episode 6

To Be Continued..
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