Blemished Love Episode 32 – 33 Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 1 - Loudest Thoughts

Blemished Love Episode 32 – Loudest Thoughts

Melisa angrily pulled out five blocks away from Tom’s house. It was already dark when they arrived on the main road.

‘Just get out and find your way there.’ She told Stella who had a distress call from Tom earlier.

Stella suggested they should check on him but Melisa was of the view that Tom needs to grow up.

‘But Lisa you heard how he sounded on the phone earlier. Why aren’t you worried?’

‘You think I’m not?’

‘Yeah, if you were you wouldn’t drop me off in the middle of nowhere.’

‘Tom was bluffing and if you keep pampering him, he would never grow up. Grissel did the same thing and see where it landed them both.’

‘But this is your brother Lisa.’

‘So?’ Melisa asked looking back on the road.

‘Suit yourself. I would walk alone in the dark.’ Stella said and got out of the car angrily.

Melisa drove off without looking back.


She was a few minutes away from where she dropped off Stella earlier when her phone rang.

It was Grissel. She gasped and her conscience pricked her.

‘Hello, I’m almost home.’ Melisa said slowing down.

‘Lisa what is going on?’ Grissel asked when she answered.

‘Is something going on?’ She asked with pretense lacing her voice.

‘Ella called.’

‘Tom is fine Grissel.’

‘What happened to Tom?’

‘I thought you said Ella called.’

‘Yes, but she didn’t mention Tom.’

‘Oh okay. Let me get home and call you back.’

‘What is going on? I can feel something is wrong.’

‘Nothing is wrong, just relax and don’t work yourself up.’

‘I don’t believe you right now Lisa.’

‘Stella and I had a misunderstanding and I dropped her off to walk home, that was why she called you.’

‘What? At this time of the night?’

‘She was misbehaving and I had to.’

‘Can you pick her up?’

‘She should get a car by now?’

‘She sounded worried when I called.’ Grissel was obviously worried.

‘Okay, she’s just five blocks away from Tom’s.’ Melisa said forgetting herself.

‘Tom’s?’ She repeated.

‘Emmm, never mind.’ She said and hanged up quickly to avoid further questions.

Grissel who had no idea she hanged up kept yelling over the phone when Dane knocked on her door and peeped in.

‘Are you fine?’ He asked when his eyes caught Grissel on her bed with her phone.

‘I’m fine.’ She said once and took her eyes off him.

‘Alright, can I grab you anything?’

‘We are not friends Dane.’

‘I would go now.’ He replied sadly and was closing the door when she called him back.

‘You need to sit your daughter down one of these days. She hates you now.’

‘Would that change anything? She only listens to you these days.’

‘Just try, I would be at peace knowing she gave you a listening ear and the rest we can work it out later.’ She was being her calm self at that moment.


‘Yes, in as much as I resent you now, I still think having a daughter with you wasn’t a mistake.’

‘Thank you but are you staying with us? He asked

‘We are done here.’ Grissel told him and focused back on her phone.

Dane walked out quietly towards Dani’s room and met her struggling to sleep and at the same time a talking in her sleep. He walked up to her and cuddled her to sleep until she was able to sleep.


‘Get in,’ Melisa rolled her glass after blowing her horn several times and Stella was kept walking.

She pulled up, for her to know she was the one.

‘Aaahh it was just you.’

‘Yeah, just hop in.’

She didn’t hesitate because she was scared walking on that street alone.

‘I was scared when I saw your head light directly on me.’

‘Sorry I left you behind.’

‘That’s okay, I knew you would come back for me.’

‘Let’s talk first before I drive off.’

‘Ooh Ooh, Grissel called herself and I didn’t tell her anything.’ She thought that was why Melisa made her earlier comment.

‘I know and she’s the reason I came back.’ Melisa slowly said.

‘Okay, what’s the problem then?’ Stella questioned curiously.

Melisa looked at her and drove off. ‘Is there going to be a problem between you and Grissel when it comes to Tom?’

‘No, and if it’s about earlier you should know I’m just worried about a friend.’

‘A friend?’

‘Yes, I know what you mean but it’s not like that anymore.’

‘How is it like then because I don’t understand why you should run to his aid anytime he feels like being lazy?’

‘I don’t know, it just happens. Trust me, I’m trying my best here and for the fact that I’ve not slept with him yet should tell you I’m doing my best.’ Stella swallowed hard. ‘You of all people should understand.’

‘Good, you deserve some accolades.’ Melisa smiled.

‘Thank you Lisa.’

‘It’s okay, now let’s go.’ She sped off and smacked Stella’s hand off her jaw.

They laughed and drove off to Tom’s apartment which was just a few blocks away.

When they got there the gate wasn’t locked yet which was unusual. They packed their car along the road and entered. The main door to his hall was widely opened.

Stella’s heart skipped and fear registered on Melisa’s face.

Just then they heard shouts and noises so they rushed in. Their met Tom standing with his hands on his head watching a match between Germany and Argentina.

It seemed his team was losing that was what the shout earlier was about.

As if on cue Stella and Melisa glanced at each other.

Stella’s phone rang drawing Tom’s attention to them.

‘Lisa, Stella, we are winning!’ He exclaimed happily as if he was expecting them.

For a minute Melisa thought she was in the wrong apartment when she noticed the bottle of beers surrounding him.

‘Gosh Tom. You are abusing the beer.’ She said walking closer while Stella hanged up when she realized it was Grissel.

‘I’m not, I took just a few bottles. Stella Join me.’ He gestured to her.

Stella realized he wasn’t in any danger and he wasn’t drunk either. That kind of fun is what she needed at that moment.

She hurriedly left Melisa standing and jumped on the couch beside him grabbing a beer while Melisa looked on.

She also decided to settle for the beer and join them celebrate their team when it turned out Stella was a football fan as well. Melisa feared those two were getting along too well which could destroy whatever Grissel had for Tom. Her thoughts were filled with a million questions which she wasn’t going to find answers to.

‘Guys, why don’t we plan this wedding alongside watching the match.

Tom looked at Stella who gave him a go ahead.

He turned the volume of the TV to the lowest and they began their planning.

Tom didn’t notice the many times he had made mention of Grissel and how they went about their own planning some months back.

It made both ladies happy to see him smiling when he mentioned her.

They did a few other stuff which ended up late in the night. Tom insisted they slept over. He was drunk and they didn’t want to leave him alone.

Melisa woke up the whole time to check if Stella was still in bed with her and whether the key to their room was still under her pillow.

Melisa just didn’t know how to trust Stella hence she locked the door to the room they both slept and kept the key hidden.


Grissel and Melisa had been talking every day since the day she left their cabin. It has always been one pregnancy advice after the other and to add to it, Grissel had a lot of needs for the wedding. Melisa ended up extorting money from her brother who didn’t understand why he has to be the one paying for her wedding.

It has been a fun week with Tom around and Melisa on the other hand had been avoiding her dad and auntie since Sculley reached out to them about the wedding. She stayed back at Tom’s when Stella left the next day. She’s either out of the house with Paige early in the morning to get the venue and other stuff sorted out or with Stella. The only time she’s seen back at Tom’s was late in the night.

Tom didn’t want to interfere in her sisters decision because he felt she was so happy going about the whole planning so when Julia and Gina stormed into the house that dawn to drag her out of the house to Morris end he pretended not to be in the house until they had left with Melisa.

‘Lisa, can I talk to you for a minute?’ Morris called her out. They were all gathered in his apartment. He didn’t want to complicate things in the midst of Sculley and his son.

Morris wasn’t so sure about the impromptu wedding when Sculley called him up four days ago. He called Julia who said she had no idea there was a wedding coming up but suspected Melisa was pregnant.

Melisa frowned her face and dragged her feet on the floor after her dad. Earlier that morning, Julia and Gina had to drag her out of the house to her dads end because she claimed it wasn’t necessary to give his dad an explanation as to why she wants to get married at thirty-five.

Bryan and his dad looked on while she went out to meet her dad. When asked that morning if they both were sure, Melisa avoided the question for a while before she responded with a nod.

She saw her dad leaning on the balcony and she walked closer.

‘I’m here.’ She said with an angry tone.

‘Where’s your brother?’

‘How should I know where Tom is?’

‘You should know since he’s in support of this whole wedding game.’

‘It’s not a game dad. It’s your only daughter’s wedding so embrace it.’

He glanced at her angrily and then let out a sigh. ‘Okay, is this what you want?’

‘Yes, and I thought you wanted Sculley Junior for me, what happened to that dream of yours.’

‘Is this some kind of a payback for leaving your mom?’ He asked painfully because he felt Melisa wasn’t thinking right.

‘Dad, payback at my own expense?’

‘Yes, because you are not thinking right at the moment.’

‘Seriously this is happening not because I want to pay you back but because I’m happy doing this.’

‘But it’s too early and unplanned?’

‘It’s better now than holding on and besides I’m starting work soon.’

‘You are going back to being a doctor?’

‘Yeah, I thought I told you.’

‘No, come here.’ He drew her closer into his arms. ‘Congratulations Princess.’ That at least calmed him down.

‘Thank you and please let me go before I start crying.’ Morris released her from his arms quickly and looked into her eyes smiling.

‘Are you pregnant?’

‘Huh, no. Don’t pay any attention to Auntie.’ She told him.

‘Alright but you are warm.’

‘Oh that? I have a headache right now.’ Melisa replied feeling her temperature.

‘Then I should let you get some rest before tomorrow.’

‘Thank you daddy and be there on time just in case Tom doesn’t show up to walk me down the aisle.’

They went back in to finalize whatever was left. Julia may not be in support of the rush wedding but she smiled through it all.

Julia dropped her off at the venue where Melisa said the wedding would be happening. Paige and Stella were already there waiting for them when she got there.

She suspected something was off about how Melisa was pushing her away. Julia knew they both had plans for her wedding and Melisa asking her to stay out of it now that it was happening was unusual. She drove off sadly and Gina looked on sternly.

‘Is she here yet?’ She inquired when they entered the hotel room.

‘No, I’ve been calling and she’s not answering.’ Stella replied.

‘Let me try Dane.’ Melisa said and went off.

‘I thought you don’t want him to know you are getting married.’ Paige chipped in.

‘Yes, but it’s necessary for Grissel to be here this evening.’

‘Call Jessy to talk to her if she won’t listen to any of us.’ Stella interrupted.

‘I don’t know why you two are forcing her to be here but its okay if she doesn’t want to be part of your lives anymore.’

‘What would you have us do when she’s pregnant for Tom?’ Melisa asked Paige.

‘Emm, it’s good you are worried but let’s not force her right now.’ Paige said again.

Melisa rolled her eyes at her and proceeded in dialing Jessy’s number.

After telling her everything which she was angry at point for not being told from the start assured them she would talk to her. Melisa called out Grissel’s new number to her and hanged up.

Melisa went to sleep leaving the work for Stella and Paige who demanded to be paid after their services.


That morning as well Grissel was behind the door listening to father and daughter have their conversation. She was happy Dane listened to him when she asked him to at the same time her daughters concerns were genuine.

‘But daddy, why were you that mean to mommy and I?’

‘I don’t know princess and I’m really sorry.’

‘Okay, I would think about it.’ She said staring at her dad’s face.

Dane laughed which confused her. ‘Emmm princess, mommy won’t like it if you don’t forgive me.’

She looked up at him and with one finger in her mouth she smiled. ‘Emm daddy, maybe there’s one thing you can do for me first.’

‘Anything you want princess.’

‘Can you make mommy happy again. She’s sad all the time.’

Danes face went from pale to dull then he smiled.

‘But princess, mommy doesn’t want me around.’

‘It’s because you are not trying harder.’ She frowned.

‘I have tried everything from being nice to breakfast.’

‘Dadd…dddy,’ She stressed. Breakfast won’t cut it.’

‘Then what would? Can you help me?’ He asked his daughter with all seriousness, he thought Grissel had forgiven him due to her reaction when Melisa and Stella were around but she went back to her old angry self.

‘I know you still like Melisa but can’t we all stay as one big family together with mommy.’ She asked smiling.

Dane didn’t understand what she said at first so he was in deep thoughts until reality hit him.

He thought for a while because he’s not so sure which language to speak for her to understand. Dane shook his head and smiled too.

‘No, you can’t have two mothers in the same house.’

‘But I love them all.’ She said with frustration.

‘Yes but daddy doesn’t love them all, he only loves Melisa.’

‘I love Melisa too but my mommy is always going to be my mommy and I want her around the house.’ She was getting irritated.’ We have a very big house which she hasn’t seen yet and my friends are waiting to see her.’

Dane saw the frustration on her daughter’s face and knew she’s just being a kid like every other child and she’s the only one hurting in the midst of all these.

At that moment, Dane was not so sure Grissel would still want to go back with them though he wished she could since Melisa still hasn’t called him back yet. He contemplated on what to tell her for a while as Dani was obviously waiting for an answer from him.

‘I’m sorry princess, we can only have one mommy in our house.’

‘Then my mommy should come with us and I can see Lisa on vacations.’

‘No, she can’t princess.’

‘But isn’t that why we left Uncle Tom crying the last time.’ She was almost near tears.

‘Yes, but things have changed Dani.’

‘No, don’t tell me that. You are being mean to us again.’

She threw tantrums and laid back on her bed crying. And Dane was helpless as she cried.

He heard a faint knock and turned. It was Grissel gesturing him to come out.

‘Princess, can you excuse me.’

‘Don’t come back, I hate you right now.’ She threw her pillows at him one after the other.

‘Stop it before I smack you.’ He flared up raising his hands which he didn’t intend to do at first.

Grissel peeped in again with a stern look and he knew he had over stepped his boundaries again.

Dane left quietly obviously broken and near tears. He went out and saw Grissel pacing around with her phone swinging. She was obviously nervous.

‘Hey, you asked me o…..’

‘I would leave with you to Dallas.’

‘Huh’! He exclaimed and jaw dropped.

‘Can we leave today because I don’t want to spend any more time here in Seattle?’

‘But you wa……’

‘Is it possible you start organizing things already?’ She told him obviously asking him to save his breathe.

‘Al..ri.. ght.’ He stuttered with a confused face on.

‘Good, tell your daughter the good news. I have to get some sleep now.’ She said and was walking away when he called her back.


‘Ahuh,’ she turned around.

‘Are you sure this is the right thing to do?’ He asked though his heart was leaping with joy.

‘Do you want an honest answer or a fake one? She threw back at him.

‘An honest one.’ He replied with a scratch on his head.

‘I don’t like you right now and I’m not sure when my heart would finally be free of the pain you’ve caused me’ She paused and feigned a smile ‘but I just want to grant my daughter her wishes. She deserves that after what she’s been through lately.’ She masked her pain carefully.

‘You don’t have to do this?’ Dane muttered.

‘Why? You think you have another chance with Melisa?’

He nodded. ‘Yes, I think so.’

Grissel laughed mischievously. ‘You are naive Dane. That was goodbye kiss.’ She teased.

He became embarrassed and sadness filled his heart. He quickly put on a smiling face which confused Grissel.

‘That’s okay, at least Dani gets one of her wishes.’ He smiled through his own pain as well.

‘Good, so get to work already and please I don’t have any obligations towards you.’

‘I know that Grissel but is it possible if we postpone it to tomorrow because I was in the midst of selling the house in Dallas so I could move here wit…..’

‘With Melisa? Oh come on Reed, you don’t even have a house right now.’

‘I haven’t signed the contract yet.’

‘You can always get a new place.’ She replied him nicely.

No, Dani loves her playground.’

‘Just explain to her why you had to sell because I can’t spend the weekend here in Seattle.’

‘Please, just be patience with me.’ He pleaded.

‘Alright, when is it possible for us to move out?’

‘I could go today and sort it out so I come back and pick you and Dani tomorrow evening.’

‘Tomorrow is Sunday.’ She said with a sad tone.

‘Yes, is there a problem?’

‘No, just come back early.’

‘Okay, would you two be alright in here alone.’

‘Just go already Reed.’ She said sternly and rushed back into her room holding her breath after closing the door behind her. She rushed into the washroom as she was feeling nauseous earlier.

Grissel threw up instantly and her sobs could be heard outside.

Dane couldn’t help himself with his own tears. He kept wiping his face until Dani came out.

She rushed to the door and knocked but Grissel didn’t want her daughter to see her that way.

‘Daddy, did you hurt her again.’

‘No, we were just talking an….

He wasn’t finished when Grissel opened the door letting her daughter in. She managed to hold herself back from the tears and her eyes were clear when she came out to meet Shirley.

‘Mommy, is my brother okay.’

‘Yes, I think so.’ She rubbed her belly instantly as if she forgot she was pregnant.

‘Can I?’ Dani asked politely referring to touching her belly. Grissel reached out for her hands on her stomach and Shirley rejoiced.

‘So you see, your brother would be just fine.’ Grissel encouraged.

‘Mommy, do you love me?’ Shirley asked suddenly.

‘Yes of course. You don’t even need to ask.’

‘Then why did you change your mind of moving away with us.’

‘Who said I changed my mind?’

You didn’t?’

No, we are leaving to Dallas’s tomorrow and that was why your daddy traveled this morning to sort things out.’

‘Yaay, my mom to the world.’ She was much happier when Grissel told her, they would be moving to Dallas tomorrow.

Dane left the house that morning with a few of their stuff to the airport.

He was sad at a point but he also knew having her daughter’s mother around would actually be the best thing for her right now.


Grissel decided to nap after she tried to call Tom several times and his phone was off. She wanted to say her goodbyes and inform him about the pregnancy. Her phone rang and she picked up without checking the number as she still had sleep on her face.

She covered up Shirley who was napping beside her quietly and greeted the caller.

‘Hello.’ She said twice before the caller spoke up.

‘So you are this stupid.’ Jessy announced.

‘Jessy!’ She exclaimed. ‘How did you get this number?’

‘You can run but not hide.’ She told her obviously angry and at the same time happy.

‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait for you before taking that decision.’

‘Good, but it’s not too late to come back home.’ Jessy informed her.

‘It is too late Jessy, I’ve decided to leave with Dane tomorrow.’

‘Grissel, why do you keep on repeating the same mistake all over again? Are you alright up there?’

‘I know what I’m doing is wrong but Shirley doesn’t understand anything yet and I feel like I failed her a second time.’

‘So you leave with Dane with Tom’s pregnancy?’

‘Who told you that?’ Grissel asked with surprise.

‘Walls have ears Grissel but this time we are not going to allow you embarrass us again.’

‘We?’ She asked and knew at that point Melisa must have told everyone she was pregnant even after she promised not to.

‘Yes, Adam is here.’

‘You told him?’

‘Of course, my husband seems to be in support of every silly mistake you make.’

‘Jessy, I don’t want to talk to Adam and besides I know Tom, he would make me regret coming over to ask for forgiveness.’

‘So you would rather not tell him he’s going to be a father?’

‘That’s not even my problem.’

‘What is the problem then?’ Jessy asked flaring up.

‘Coming back into his life could either bring us back together or stir up his other side.’ Grissel complained.

‘I’m much aware of his other side so come on. I would be there the whole time.’

‘Jessy, No. I’ve settled everything with Dane already.’

‘I understand you can leave anytime so why is it so difficult for you to leave and work things out unless there’s something you are not telling us.’

‘There’s nothing Jessy, I just don’t want to complicate things further.’

‘So you are not coming?’

‘No, I prefer my life out of Seattle now.’ Grissel swallowed hard.

‘Adam, would you leave that TV remote and help me out here.’ Jessy yelled out from her end.

Adam quickly left what he was doing and rushed over, he knew how Jessy could make an issue of everything once she’s pissed off.

Grissel heard Jessy yelling out on Adam. She knew it was her fault she had to yell at him so she thought of hanging up when Adam spoke into the phone.

Grissel always paid attention anytime Adam was speaking. After his questions and her numerous answers he told her to think about what he said and hanged up.

She sighed heavily and was in deep thoughts when Shirley woke up hungry.

Blemished Love Episode 33 – Loudest Thoughts

Adam drove to Grissel’s end and succeeded on convincing her to come over as that would be a perfect opportunity for her to see Tom. She knew that was her initial plan with Melisa but she had already given her word to Shirley who was angry at her and Adam when they were at the cabin.

After a long talk with her and Adam promising her a phone she had agreed to leave with them. Though Grissel thought her daughter shouldn’t always have to get something in return for good deeds, she also knew it was necessary for them to leave before Dane gets back.

She thought about Dane’s reaction when he gets back and the door has been locked but she knew where to keep the key for him to find.

Grissel hesitated for a while before beckoning on Adam to knock. Everyone jumped on her like children do.

‘Please don’t hurt my baby.’ Grissel pleaded.

‘Oh sorry.’ Paige muttered and they all withdrew their hugs.

Dani must have heard their voices in her sleep so she woke up.

‘Mommy, is Lisa’s wedding over?’ Dani asked in her sleep. She was resting on Adam’s shoulder.

‘No, I’m here princess.’ Melisa said walking closer to take her from Adam whose phone has been ringing since they left the cabin.

The sleep suddenly vanished from her face as she was staring at Melisa.

‘I don’t have a dress for the wedding.’

‘I got one for you and mommy.’ Melisa pointed at the dress hanging on the wardrobe.

‘That’s so pretty.’ She struggled to be put down and rushed towards the dress.

‘Don’t dirty anything there?’ Her mom said sternly.

‘Come with me.’ Stella said to her when she paused on Grissel’s stern warning.

‘Okay, that’s the tenth time. Your sister wants me home.’

‘Thank you Adam,’ she reached out for a hug.

‘I would see you guys in the morning.’

‘Sure, don’t forget to pray.’ He read out from his phone.

‘That’s from Jessy I guess.’ Paige chipped in. Everyone forgot she was in the room.

‘Hi, Paige. Thanks for agreeing to this crazy girl’s plan.’ Grissel smacked Melisa gently and they all laughed.

Adam left after a few minutes and the ladies proceeded in sorting out what was left for the next day.

‘Lisa, is Uncle Tom going to be here tomorrow?’ She suddenly asked leaving the whole room so quiet.

‘Yes, why did you ask Princess?’ Stella asked quickly when the rest were lost in their thoughts to even ask.

‘Because he wasn’t answering mommy’s call earlier today.’

‘Shirley, did you use my airtime again?’ Grissel knew that was the only way she could have known.

‘Just a little bit mommy. Sorry, I didn’t ask.’ She pleaded with her tiny hands on her forehead.

‘Move to the next room now?’ Grissel instructed and she got up lazily.

‘Wow, you were actually calling Tom.’ Stella enquired.

‘Yes, wanted to inform him about the baby before we leave for Dallas.’

‘I heard about Dallas, and it nearly broke me.’ Stella muttered uncomfortably.

‘I’ve hurt him Ella. How do I face him?’

‘You were calling him and I think that’s the same thing as facing him.’ Paige chipped in.

‘Facing him and his wrath is different than him yelling over the phone.’

‘But you’ve stayed with this man for close to eight months and you still think he is capable of hurting you.’

‘Yes,’ she muttered unclearly. ‘I don’t know Paige.’

‘Why did you marry him in the first place?’ Paige asked expecting from her to admit Tom wasn’t capable of hurting her.

‘Because he told me he would never hurt me.’

‘Good and has he ever laid his hands on you?’ Paige who didn’t know the other instances where she was raped and nearly strangled to death kept pushing.

‘Paige, the interrogation is over.’ Melisa feigned a smile.

‘Okay madam.’ Paige teased.

‘And oh Tom is just in the next room.’ Melisa said for fun.

Grissel gasped and that very moment a knock came on the door. She stood up abruptly from the bed where she laid with her legs on Stella.

‘Relax, Lisa was joking.’ Stella calmed her down while Melisa laughed walking towards the door.

She opened the door still laughing and teasing Grissel when the door hit her face and Julia entered.

‘I knew you three were hiding something.’ She said literally jumping up towards Grissel. Gina came through the door after the whole noise dragging their hand luggage.

‘Aunty, what are you two doing here?’ Melisa questioned while Gina walked towards Grissel, giving her a warm hug.

‘A sleep over.’

‘Huh!’ Paige exclaimed.

‘You three thought, you can outsmart two equally young women.’ Julia teased.

‘But aunty, this meeting is for ladies.’ Melisa frowned.

‘We are here to stay.’ She glanced at Gina and Grissel who were still in each other’s arms.

Their hug lasted for a while until Grissel sneezed.

‘Are you okay?’ Her mom asked.

‘Your perfume.’ She answered sitting back on the bed.

‘Yes, the same one I’ve been using since you started growing up.’

‘Mommy, should I come out.’ Shirley hid herself behind the curtain waiting for Grissel’s approval.

‘I forgot you were still in there.’ She beckoned on her to come.

Shirley run to Gina first then to Julia. She was all over the place.

They all got talking about the wedding and how Tom was going to react when he meets Grissel.

‘Are you pregnant?’ Gina suddenly asked staring at her daughter.

‘Me?’ Grissel pointed to herself awkwardly.

‘Who else?’ Julia chipped in.

‘Emm, no.’

‘Mommy you lied.’ Shirley laughed.

‘Thank you Shirley for that honest answer.’ Melisa cheered her on.

Gina sat beside her on the bed and Grissel shifted uncomfortably. ‘You don’t want me to know you are going to have a baby or what is going through your mind right now?’ Gina asked with a raised tone and everyone looked away.

‘Sorry mom, I was just embarrassed.’

‘Embarrassed you have a blessing growing inside you?’

‘No, this is not how I planned to have another baby.’ She responded with her face down the whole time.

‘Tom would obviously make a scene tomorrow but he would never throw you out.

‘I know I deserve every bit of what might happen tomorrow.’

‘So just keep quiet and let him rant, he’s human just like any of us here.’

‘Yes mom.’ Grissel replied calmly.

‘Good, you can stop shying away from me now because I could just smack you.’

Grissel raised up her head and noticed everyone was looking at her.

‘I’m sorry mom. You told me lying is wrong.’ Shirley covered her mom’s face with her palms.

Stella noticed the tension in the room and scoffed while everyone tensed up.

‘It’s okay Shirley, it’s bed time.’ Melisa finally stood up dragging her away.

‘Congratulations Grissel,’ Julia came over checking her out.

‘Thank you Aunty.’ She tried to smile but it kept disappearing.

Her mom just gave her a scare so she was in no mood to chat. They all retired to bed late waiting for the next day.


The next day was too long for them throughout the night but they all fell asleep later on. Gina noticed her daughter was avoiding her throughout that night so before they went to sleep she explained to her why she has always been strict on her. Grissel admitted that was the reason she never told her any of her problems.

They both apologized to each other and she slept off in her mom’s arms. Julia who came inside told Gina she did the right thing by raising her with strict values but she should try to be close to her so Grissel could open up to her a lot more.

Soon enough morning came and Dani was the first to wake up watching over everyone. She glanced at them all and her eyes fell on Stella’s phone.

Dani picked it up and tiptoed into the washroom. Stella gave her the password to her phone the last time so it was easier for her to call her dad.

‘Daddy, it’s Lisa’s today.’ She stammered without waiting for a Hello.

‘Princess, I’m on my way back.’  Dane obviously didn’t hear the last part of her daughter’s words.

‘Dad, did you hear me? I would send you address and time to Lisa’s wedding.’ She said quickly and hanged up. She sent a message then switched off the phone.

Dane probably heard the last part as he was still in thoughts when Dani’s text message came in. He rushed to the reception to check what the delay in the flight was.

Shirley went inside just then Stella woke up. She hid the phone and walked closer putting it under a stack of bags.

‘Are you okay Shirley?’

‘Yes, I just miss my mom.’ She made a weird sound.

‘Your mom is still asleep but can we start sorting ourselves out before they wake up.’ Stella led her out of the room

Soon enough everyone was awake and everything was in place as people started coming in so early.

‘You invited all these people?’ Grissel asked Melisa nervously glancing through the wedding invitation list.

‘Yes, it’s a big day for us.’ She said throwing herself back on the bed.

‘And why is everyone dressed and the bride is yet to take her bath?’ Julia came in from outside where she left with Gina earlier to receive the guests.

The ladies glanced at each other and focused back on what they were all doing.

‘You are all acting weird.’ Shirley said buckling her shoe.

‘You are right, they are hiding something again.’

‘Don’t worry aunty we would find out.’ Shirley said cheekily.

‘Emm is Tom in yet?’ Grissel asked.

‘No, he mentioned he soiled his suit so he’s getting a new one just around the corner.’ Julia announced.

Grissel’s heart skipped for a second and she held on to the bed, then sat quietly.

‘It’s time Lisa, get up before I get back here.’ Julia cautioned.

‘Has Bryan arrived yet?’ Melisa asked reluctantly.

‘Yes, over an hour ago with his dad and yours.’

‘Great, give me just a minute.’ Melisa responded as her friends looked on weirdly.

Julia shook her head and left them.

‘Lisa are you sure about this?’ Grissel asked.

‘Uhmmm, it’s totally fine.’ Melisa replied.

‘Mommy what is going on?’ Shirley asked from where she sat.

‘Princess, I would have to explain latter.’ Grissel told her.

After a few minutes, she rushed after her in her morning coat. Julia and the others who were closer to the event room wondered where Melisa was going undressed.


To be continued

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