ANGELINA Episode 24 – 25 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 1 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 24 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

I heard aunt Okereke screaming and begging me from the kitchen to leave uncle Tom alone and not to hurt him. Uncle Tom was gradually loosing his breath. I didn’t want him to die just yet. I got the rolling pin out of his anus and blood clot followed and fell out.
I threw the rollings pain aside and pushed uncle Tom away from my sight and he just shivered on the floor,not being able to even turn himself to the other aide. Rahul dressed uncle Tom up but hr was still bleeding. It was quite disturbing. He requested for water but I decided not give him anything. What really got me much more heartless was the remembrance of Katherine’s death.
All my misfortune started from uncle Tom. And I was not going to spare them at all. Not even one bit. I was getting impatient as to why aunt Okereke was keeping too long. And finally, she came out of the kitchen with a plate of rice and hot egg stew,followed by one of the boys,Faruk.
She served me on the table on front me and I laughed. She quickly bent over to uncle Tom and checked on him to see if he was okay. She then looked at me in a cursed manner.
” Hey,don’t look at me that way okay? I am just paying him with the same coin ”. I said and took the spoon.
” Maybe I am the one who treated you wrong,but what did Thomas ever do to you Angelina?!!! ”. Aunt Okereke screamed in anger.
” Hahhahahahaaa….you want to really know? Aunt? Why don’t you ask him yourself? Tell her uncle Tom! Your wife wants to know ”.
Uncle Tom kept quiet, still lying there like a dead body. I hit him with my leg and he opened his eyes,followed by lots of tears. He looked at his wife in sadness.
” Forgive me Helena. It wasn’t my intention to do what I did,that has brought us to this day ”.
” What are you talking about? Can you explain yourself? Thomas, don’t waste my time and talk now! ”.
” What ever Angelina is doing now,she has all the right to do so. Because it all started from me ”.
” Abeg make me understand now. I am totally lost at where you are trying to head to ”.
” Yes uncle Tom… make your wife understand please,stop speaking in proverbs okay? You are not king Solomon ”.
” What Angelina told you that day was absolutely true. It was true,that I was responsible for her pregnancy… Because I had raped her multiple times,even when you and the kids traveled to America ”.
” Oh my God!!! Thomas,you monster! ”. She said and slapped him harshly even though he was dying. ” You fool,even though I had being rude to my niece,I wouldn’t have gone that far ”.
I scooped the spoon into the rice and out it in my mouth. It was heavenly delicious. But I remember when I was done cooking for she and her family, she intentionally poured whole stew on me. So I spitted it out with a frown and coughed.
” What is this?! ”. I roared. ” Is is food? ”
” Why? What’s wrong with the food Angelina? ”.
” You are asking me? Okay…I will show you what is wrong with it right now okay? ”.
I ordered Faruk to bring the saucepan of stew to me. He entered the kitchen and came back to me with the saucepan. I took it and went closer to aunt Okereke. She begun to beg me because she knew what was about to go down.
” Please Angelina, don’t do this please. Have mercy ”.
” You are even lucky you are not dead aunt ”. I said,as I poured the stew all over her head and it drizzled to her. I was so excited about what was going on.
I flipped a finger and the boys went upstairs and packed their things. Then they came downstairs with their luggage. They threw the bags outside. Aunt Okereke’s eyes were closed because of the stew. Then I threw a glass of water on her face and she started screaming as her face started itching. My phone started ringing loudly. I checked it and it was Mr Brandon. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I begun to think that maybe something was wrong with Nickel. I quickly answered and excused myself into the kitchen.
” Hello? Mr Brandon? I am okay sir ”.
” Okay. We thank God. Where are you now,the doctor says he can discharge Nickel today,so I was wondering if you could come so we go together ”.
” I am in my house sir. I have not got out because am having a slight headache ”.
” Angelina, I am standing in front of your house. Can I come in? ”. He said and laughed.
” You…you are in front of my house? But Mr Brandon….”.
” Why are you lying to me and yourself Angelina? I know you are not in your house. So wherever you are and whatever you are doing, just stop and come to the hospital okay? I am taking the lead ”. He said and hanged up.
I didn’t get to tell him another convincing lie before he even hanged up. This man was truly powerful. I went back to the hall and made the boys throw aunt Okereke and uncle Tom out of the mansion. When we got outside the mansion, everyone walking around stood to watch this embarrassment. Aunt Okereke couldn’t open her eyes properly because of the stew. And uncle Tom could not stand tall,the bleeding had stop but it had stained his trousers.
A taxi came parking itself in front of us. Danny and Joshua stepped out from the taxi. Aunt Okereke snatched Joshua from him as he was her last child.
Danny was surprised about whatever that was going on. He didn’t even recognise me. But I couldn’t control my emotions either so I embraced him tightly. He had grown so tall now,!making me very surprised. He pushed me away because he had no idea of who I was.
” Who are you? ”. He asked.
” Danny? Don’t you recognise me at all? It’s me…Angelina! ”. I said.
” What?! Angy? As in Angelina my cousin? Is that you? Is can’t be possible! ”.
” Oh come on Danny! Just look at me very well…it’s me! ”.
He was overjoyed just like me and we hugged each other so much,he didn’t want to let go.
” Oh my dear cousin…you are finally back! I thought you were already dead and gone. I seriously had no idea you were going to return back home one day ”.
” Well as you can see cousin,I am here. I am back,and mainly came back for you ”.
” But,Angelina, what is going on here? I don’t understand anything at all. Why are my parents outside, with their bags….”.
” You know nothing at all Danny! Your dear parents killed my parents and the woman who was supposed to take care of me ”.
” What woman? ”.
” My parents did not leave me in the hands of this monsters you call parents. I have the legal documents here which says that…a woman named Gina Flair was supposed to be my guardian when my parents were no more. But your parents went to make a deal with my father’s fake lawyer and brought a fake documents which stated that, it was them who were supposed to take care of me ”.
” Mum…dad…is that true? ”.
” And why would I lie to you Danny? Don’t you trust me anymore! ”.
” Oh my God…I can’t believe this. How can I have such heartless parents?! So you two are murderers on top? ”. Danny said with tears in his eyes. ” In fact,Angelina…. What ever you have done to them,they do deserve it. Let’s even report this case to the police ”.
” No…kicking them out of my father’s mansion is enough for me ”.
” Danny….we have no where to live anymore my son. We are homeless and poor again. You will have to stop schooling and start working to take care of us ”. Aunt Okereke said.
” No way! Because I am taking Danny with me. Danny, you are my real family… Will you go with me or go with your parents? ”. I asked.
Danny looked at me and back to his parents, then walked to my side. We decided to take Joshua too but he refused to go with us and aunt Okereke also refused to give him to us. The boys locked the gate of the house and got into the cat and drove away. I layed the boys when we got to the compound and they left. Danny couldn’t believe that the mansion belonged to me. We entered the room and he begun to ask so many questions about the house but I ignored him because I needed to get to the hospital very fast.
I finished changing my clothes and left the mansion with Danny.
(The Hospital).
We got to the hospital and I met Nickel in a wheelchair being rid by Mr Brandon towards their car. He was so excited to see me and so was I. I quickly got to his side and gave him a hug. He wished he could get up but his waist was twisted and he had to remain in there.
” Angelina… Where have you being? ”. Nickel asked.
” Hello everyone… Mr Brandon, Nickel… meet Danny.My big brother ”.
They greeted each other warmly. I took the doctor’s report from Mr Brandon and it is said that,Nickel needed a therapist. Mr Brandon decided to take care of that,and I also decided to be closer to him. We all drove back into the estate.
In the mansion, I told Danny everything I had being through and he wept. He knew there was one thing I was hiding from him. And that,was killing his sister. I was not able to tell him even though I started feeling guilty.
” Tell me! ” .
” You are going to hate me Danny ”.
” Is it that serious? ”.
” I..I know you would hate me for sure…”.
” You have being through a lot Angelina…. I promise that I will perfectly understand you. Just tell me….because no secret. It is better you tell me than I hear it elsewhere ”.
” Danny….”.
” Just speak up Ang! ”.
” It’s about Ellen. I…”.
” What?! ”. I had not even completed my sentence but he understood where I was driving at.
” Forgive me. I was carried away by the anger. And the betrayal of your parents. Understand me please ”.
” Angelina… You? You killed Ellen? I can’t believe this ”. He sat down,paralysed.
I went on my knees in tears.
” I want to be free Danny….I don’t control myself anymore. Please… Mr Brandon has decided to deliver me. And I need you in my life,you are the only family I have now. I need your support ”.
” It is okay Angelina. I forgive you my sister. You also the only family I have now ”.
We got on our feet and embraced each other tightly. My eyes faced his back side and I saw queen Marina and the rest of the ladies,they stood there with snake faces. And spiritually, they held both Nickel and Danny’s head with blood oozing out of it with a big cutlass, immersed in blood in the queen’s hand and she was not looking happy at all,she threw the cutlass in our direction and they disappeared.
I pushed Danny into the chair and the cutlass came slaying towards me…

ANGELINA Episode 25 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

(Angelina’s Mansion).
The cutlass came slaying towards me and I was lucky enough to get hold of it. It was too hot and I let it slip off quickly to the floor. Buy the cutlass just suddenly developed unseen wings and raises itself up high. And started slaying it way towards Danny who was in the chair.
Danny quickly jumped out of the chair and got behind me as I was as I was going to teach this cutlass what u am actually made of. I clapped my hands together twice, commanding blazing fury,Danny could not believe his eyes and what he saw. I looked back and pushed him down then turned to the cutting edge, I blew enormous wind into my hands where the powerful fire was in. I looked through the fire and pointed it at the flying cutter,making it face up together with it .
And suddenly, Mr Brandon entered the hall with his Bible and in a pyjamas. I was flabbergasted. I wasn’t expecting him at all. He raised his bible up to the cutlass. And started his things.
” In the mighty name of Jesus. You powers of Lucifer! Where ever you have being sent from,I send you back into the pit of hell! I bind you in Jesus name! Go back to the debt of the ocean where you belong in Jesus me! ”.
” Mr Brandon… what are you doing?! Leave me to take care of this please! You might get hurt if you continue with this…”. I shouted as he stood at the entrance and praying in tongues.
” Nothing is bigger than God…and nothing is difficult for him…Lucifer has never defeated the Most High God and he will never defeat him…join e n prayers right now Angelina… help me in prayers for the devil has taken over tonight. Oh you spirit of the devil… I bind you in the name of Jesus! Go,now! Go! In Jesus name, you know you are afraid of that name Satan… Get out!!! ”.
And suddenly the cutlass disappeared into the thin air. I w surprised. Danby was safe now. He was breathing so fast,he had being scared and I didn’t blame him. Mr Brandon was also breathing like crazy. He must be tired from all the shouting and movements. I on the other hand,was calm.
” Thanks for coming Mr Brandon. I will admit, it wa quite difficult ”.
” I have told you this before Angelina… When this kind of fight comes…don’t fight this battles on your own! Do you think you can protect yourself, and add your brother’s protection as well as Nickel’s? ”. He asked.
” Oh my goodness! Nickel!!! Mr Brandon, is Nickel all alone in the mansion? ”.
” Yes……Jesus Christ! ”.
” Shit!!! ”.
With this scream, I took to my heels,out of my mansion towards the Brandon’s mansion.
(Brandon’s Mansion=Nickel’s Bedroom).
Nickel was asleep. He had suffered enough and he layed on the bed with bandaged head and legs. He was not paralysed, his legs were just weakened and he couldn’t move them like he used to. Unfortunately, Queen Marina appeared there with three ladies. They stood there in bloody attire. The Queen tried opening her mouth to let out her snake to consume Nickel but it didn’t come.
It was dark in the room. Thunder clapped and it looked cloudy.
” Are we going to kill him your Highness? ”. Lady Kash asked.
” Angelina killed Lady Nash. My favourite lady. What wrong will it be if I also kill her favourite person? ”. The queen did.
” Not wrong my queen. Killing him would be our greatest revenge against Angelina ”. Lady Pratt said.
” You are right ”.
She opened her mouth widely and when the snake did income out,she pointed a finger at Nickel, together with the rest of the ladies and blue lightening rushed out of their fingers. As it WS rushing fast to Nickel’s side,I batched into the room and pointed my hand to the window glass,unknown wind blew them off the window, throwing them out and bursting the window’s glass.
Nickel quickly opened his eyes and I rushed to the window and saw the queen and the other ladies, flying without wings ,towards the sea side and I opened my bare han at their direction nd the third eye appeared in my hand,blowing fire after than that of hell,racing after them.
And it quickly consumed lady Kash,she screamed so loud in pain and she fell from the sky ,hitting herself on the earth. I don’t know where she fell though, but I se the queen very far in the sky,she turned her front to me and threw frozen ice shaped like arrows towards me,I saw it coming fast towards me an di blew blazing furnace to melt this ices and made fall like run,Mr Brandon quickly entered the room with his Bible and pushed me away from the widow and opened the Bible then faced it with the Queen, and before I realised, she and the ladies were no longer there.
They had disappeared. Danny also entered the room and closed the door behind him. Nickel was so confused. He had no idea about what as going on, I went closer and sat besides him and caressed him.
” Are you okay sweetheart? ”.
” Yes,what the hell was all those noise about? ”. He asked and we all laughed.
” It’s nothing sweetheart. You are okay now. I will never live you from today,okay? ”. I said and kissed his sweet lips.
” What,does that mean that,you gonna live here with me? ”. He asked smiling.
” Well…..”.
” Angelina, can we speak in private? ”. Mr Brandon asked.
He and I left Danny and Nickel alone in the bedroom and went downstairs into his study room.
” What is it Mr Brandon? ”.
” I don’t think living in that mansion of yours is safe anymore. I would suggest,you leave tat house and come to live here with your brother. So that we all live like one family. What do you think? ”.
” The war between the Queen nd I is not yet over Mr Brandon. If I move in here,the danger surrounding Nickel will be more ”.
” You are wrong. Because if that was the case,then those evil spirits wouldn’t have come here. They are evil,and they will go any length to get what they want. Also,as you are coming to I’ve here,I must be able to obey God’s revelations and deliver you and break NY contact or connections you have with them,the earlier the better okay? ”.
” Mr Brandon, are you sure of the decision you have made? Do you really think it’s a good idea that I move into this house? ”.
” Come on Angelina, you and my sin are in a relationship now. You two are made for each other… so at least,you can be closer now…at least,u til you two are old enough for marriage ,and you also need serious deliverance. So,you can spend the night here then,tomorrow… You and your brother can go to your mansion and pack all your clothes to come here. Okay? ”.
” Okay Mr Brandon… I really appreciate all this. Thanks a lot. Okay,I will go and see Nickel now ”.
” Go ahead ”.
I left the study room and Mr Brandon took his phone and called his best friend who is also a doctor in one of the best hospitals called For Life Hospital.
” Hello…doctor Graham. My friend my friend!!! Hahahaa,how are you tonight brother? ”.
” I am absolutely fine my friend. I am absolutely okay. Ei Charles… this one that you are calling… I hope there is no problem again ”.
” Oooh,it is o problem, it is just the same old issue my friend ”
” The Nickel’s problem? ”.
” Exactly… I am reminding you again, we really need a therapist for your nephew John ”.
” Oh,don’t worry Charles, no matter what happens, when I get to the hospital tomorrow, I will make sure to look through all my nurses and I will get you a qualified therapist to come and look after Nickel… Okay? ”.
” Okay my friend,but let her know that,she’s coming here to spend some few weeks. Like four weeks,so please… make her prepare herself very well. Nickel will need her 24 hours everyday… so she would be living with us for a while ”.
” Oh,leave everything to me,man of God…I will do everything tomorrow ”.
” Okay…I hope our wife is okay ”.
” Hahaha…yes she’s okay ”.
” Okay,enjoy the rest of your night ”.
(Nickel’s Bedroom).
I layed in the bed with Nickel. I told him so many jokes,the ones my parents used to tell me when they were alive. I also told him about my life. I expected him to be upset,but he was rather smiling. I out my head on his fair chest ad he brushed his fingers through my hair. I really enjoyed that feeling.
Thunder stroke and it started raining had. And the feeling became perfect. His breath continued spreading through my head. He also told me about himself. He w eighteen yea old. His mother died on his birth bed. And his father had took care of him since.
He complete his education in America, and he had interests in games and movies. So he created his own company called Nickelodeon. They produced movies and other stuff. After his life story,we both fell asleep.
(Deep down in the Ocean).
The Queen’s face was completely burnt and she was fuming in anger. She wanted revenge.
” I will never forgive Angelina! Never! I want to pay her back. I need her blood,on y tongue! ”. She screamed, walking to and fro.
” Yes my queen ”.Lady Roti said.
” Lady Molio!!! ”. The queen shouted.
” Yes my queen ” Lady Molio bowed.
” You are new here! I need you to go to earth! Go and pretend to be the pastor’s son’s therapist! ”.
” But my queen…how is that possible? That man is so powerful,and undefeated! ”.
” Shut up!!! I am the one sending you so just shut up. I will reward you well,when you succeed. I have a great idea…on how that stupid pastor wouldn’t even know that you are an evil spirit ”.

” How please? ”.
” You will leave all your powers here,and become a normal human being. And that will blind that pastor’s eyes. And we…we can destroy him,and get Angelina! Hahahahhaahaa….

They all joined in the witchy laughter….

To be continued….

ANGELINA Episode 24



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