ANGELINA Episode 40 FINAL EPISODE by Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 1 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 40 FINAL EPISODE by Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

(Under the sea=Marine Kingdom).
The sea was roaming violently and splashing around. People at the beach who were enjoying themselves began running for their lives. The people who were already in the sea was carried away and couldn’t come out. They were carried away by the sea and were not seen again. The sky turned dark and sounds of storms blasted from the sky to the earth. The wing blew violently as if of was going to rain but it wasn’t anything about rain. The whether was cold and wicked and it went all over the country.
The marine kingdom was however calm and silently, as Lady Pratt arrived with an unconscious Angelina. She arrived and the other ladies met her on the way into the queen’s chambers. A very big and shiny cage had being prepared there, waiting for Angelina. One of the goat men took Angelina from lady Pratt and took her straight to the cage and layed her in front of it. It was a very large and long one.
Lady Pratt used the power of thunder to open the door and the goat man gently layed Angelina into the cage.
” Where is the queen? ”. Lady Pratt asked.
” She is going to renew her powers ”. Lady Bino replied.
” Now that Lady Sona has being brought back…we will be four ladies and we can all work together to win more souls to the kingdom ”. Lady Zara giggled.
” And who told you that Lady Sona is here to work with us? No. She is not even one of us anymore, she is not our class… because the queen mother said she was going to be our slave so that’s what am looking for ”. Lady Pratt said.
” Are you really sure? ”. Lady Zara asked.
” Why do you ask? The queen gave us her word. She will have to keep her word. That is what makes her the queen. And after she has got enormous powers today,she will give herself a new title and I will take her place as the queen. You will see,you will all start bowing down to me! ”. Lady Pratt said in arrogance.
But unfortunately for her,the queen had heard her speech and arrived in her chambers. She was looking very scary now because of the powers she had gone to possess. Her neck was longer and her hair was longer. Her fave looked very skinny and she looked ugliest than Lucifer himself. She held a sword in her left hand and her snake rod in her right hand. She was in a long wet gown and she was barefooted.
She was frowning, proving that she wasn’t happy at all about what she heard from Lady Pratt. She looked into the cage and saw Angelina lying unconscious and she smiled evilly.
” So…Lady Pratt,you are not even yet the queen and yet,you are already making threats. Uuuuhhh… am so scared of you now ”. The queen said.
” My’s not what you think,please I can explain, I….. ”.
” Oh you shut up! Hm,listen carefully… you are just lucky that you succeeded in bringing Angelina back into the kingdom. Else,your head would be swinging from your neck ”.
” Sorry queen ”. Lady Pratt said in a shaking voice.

” And for your information…hell no would you become queen of the ocean. I only said that for you to have the audacity to bring Angelina back here. There is no way you can be queen when? Angelina still exists! ”
” What?! But your Highness that’s not fair! You can’t be serious about this decision of yours! I mean,you are the same person who took an oath to make me the queen and now you are changing your own words? You must be joking!!! ”.
The queen was enraged and stretched the sword to Lady Pratt’s neck. But she fell on her knees in tears with her head bowed.
” No queen! Forgive me..please. Imam your servant and your decisions are final! ”.
” You fool! I didn’t even make Lady Nash who did a good job by introducing Angelina to the cult, queen. And you expect to be queen. When did you even join this cult that you are expecting to be queen? ”.
” I am sorry ”. She sobbed.
” There is only one favor I can do for you though. That when Angelina becomes queen,you will coronated to be her right hand servant. That is all I can do for you now. By it is Angelina I have chosen to be the queen of the sea ”. The queen said and raised her voice like a loud speaker. ” Prepare for the coronation! Every spirit from all the parts of the sea and the other elements are coming to this grand gathering. Prepare a bath,prepare a gown,prepare the purification water,prepare a new crown.. Prepare everything, because
Angelina is about to be coronated into queen! ”.
They all quickly rushed away to prepare themselves and everything the queen said. The queen went closer to the cage and locked the cage with thousand locks. She charmed and a chair appeared behind her and she sat in front of the cage,starring at Angelina who’s as still unconscious.
(For Life Hospital=Doctor Graham’s ward).
All the nurses and some patients joined Mr Brandon and the others to pray hard. Mr Brandon quickly lifted his Bible up and even Mrs Graham had arrived to join in the prayers. The prayers was intense and Mr Brandon touched Doctor Graham’s forehead. He was speaking in tongues. And suddenly, the whether was darker than ever,it looked like it was getting to night time with force. The people were scared and some of them stopped praying to hide behind Mr Brandon. The thunder couldn’t stop rumbling and lightening was tearing itself up in the sky.
” No one should dare stop praying because the devil will not stop until we are defeated, the Bible says we should pray without season, so if you loose your guard and stop praying, you might be snatched the mighty name of Jesus! God I pray in Jesus name,any spirit of paralysis that has attacked your servant.. I command this paralysis in the mighty name of Jesus, leave this body! Now! You have no power here anymore, go back into the pit of hell where you truly belong! In the mighty name of Jesus! ”.
Doctor Graham suddenly began to scream. Somebody who couldn’t even open his mouth was now screaming out loud. He was sweating and he quickly got out of the bed and stood on his feet,he was about falling when Kelvin caught hold of him to stand. Everyone was amazed as the doctor stood up like he was born yesterday, fresh and tender. Mr Brandon kept quiet for a while with his eyes closed and everyone was wondering why. They stood there,starring at him until he opened his eyes.
” Dad,what is going on? It looks like time is going, I wonder what they must be doing to Angelina right now ”.
” They are about to do something that is going to put all our efforts in vain ”.
” Something like what pastor? ”.
” That queen of the sea,is planning to coronate Angelina. That’s what she has wanted all this while. To make Angelina her next of kin. She is going to coronate Angelina as the queen of the sea right now ”.
” Oh my God! ”. Everyone screamed.
” The Lord has shown me to go to the Magad beach. That is their gate way to the kingdom,and that is where all this nonsense will end. That is where we will get back Angelina ”.
” I will go with you dad ”.
” Me too Mr Brandon! ”. Danny said.
” Same here sir ”. Diana said.
” Look,this is not a physical battle that am going to face,I am not taking any of you with me ”. He said and started walking away.
” We have all learnt from you dad. We are alls strong in spirit now. Let us go with you in case any physical disadvantage occurs at least…please don’t be stubborn dad! ”.
” Yes Mr Brandon, you need us. Let us go with you! ”.
” Okay fine! Only the both of you. But stay here Diana, we will be back ”.
” Poor Angelina has not eaten for getting to three days now. Oh God,how long will she be saved. When will she stop facing all this? ”. Diana cried.
” Today Diana. All this will end today. God says today is her salvation day. Meanwhile, all of you here should pray to support us whiles we are gone. Let’s go boys ”. Mr Brandon said and left with Danny and Nickel.
(Under the sea=Marine Kingdom).
Everyone from the four different kingdoms arrived and joined the marine kingdom. The servant s served human blood into a golden cup to their masters. Everyone was drinking and waiting for the queen mother. They walked around talking to each other.
The Queen was in her chambers with the sword and rod in her hands. She was still sitting and Angelina was still unconscious. All the arrangements were made and Angelina had to wake up and they would get everything done with. Lady Zara entered with a golden cup of blood in a tray.
” Your highness… everything is ready please. And the hall is now full of people from the different kingdoms. Everyone is waiting for the final showdown ”.
” Good. And Master Lucifer? ”.
” He sends his blessings to the coronation. The information reaching us from him is that,when the coronation is over,you should bring the new queen to see him ”.
” Alright ”.
There were mumbles and Angelina opened her eyes with a sneeze. She felt sick and her body was shaking. She could barely get to her feet,so she sat down with dizziness. Her vision was blur and she had no idea where she was. She moaned in pain and she looked up at the two people standing in front of her but her vision was blur and she couldn’t I identify them.
” She is awake my queen ”.
” I am not blind you idiot. Now go and call the other ladies to get her bath of coronation ready. We must bath her. Hurry up! ”.
” Yes queen ”. Lady Zara left.

” Where..where am I? ”. Angelina asked in the cage…. ” Nickel? ”.
” Nickel is on planet earth Lady Sona, and soon when you become queen,you will hate him so much and kill him yourself ”.
” Huh? ”.
Now to me. My vision became clear now. And I saw queen Marina standing outside the cage I was in. I was unbelieved. I couldn’t believe I was user the sea. I was so sad of my life,more than ever. I forced myself to get back on my feet. Queen Marina came closer to the cage and smiled.
” Oh my dear Lady Sona. Very soon, you will be queen Sona,how amazing is that? ”.
” You are crazy,I will never be the queen..why won’t you just leave me in peace?! ”.
” Because you break your commitment to this kingdom and fell in love with Nickel Brandon, then later turned against us!!! So I will never let you live in peace! You have so many commitments ahead of you now,so just make up your mind and accept to be queen ”.
” No! ”.
” There are so many people here. So many spirits! So there’s nothing you can do now. You can’t fight us at all okay ”.
” You look terrible. Get out of my sight! ”.
” Have it your way then! You are never getting out of this ancient cage until you have accepted this offer. Anyone else would die for this offer…it is up to you! ”.
After saying that,four goat men appeared from no where.
” You called us your Highness ”. One of them said.
” Yes. I want you four to have fan with Angelina. Make sure you push in harder. Make the sex hurt her,make sure you make you make her remember the experience she had with her late uncle ”.
” What?! Uncle Tom is dead? ”.
” Oh yes my dear. You see,I know everything. I have being taking record tracks of your life lately. I am an all knowing being. He died of anal cancer ”.
” What..did you do it? ”.
” What, me? Oh come on Angelina, I don’t give cancer okay? I kill directly. It was all you! You were the one that pushed a rolling pin into his anus and pressed it in and out ”.
” I…..I ”.
” Oh yes,and your little cousin. Danny’s little brother also died of a car accident. A car hit him on the road when he was selling oranges. And all this is your fault ”.
” Nooo! ”. It was so painful to hear because I was willing to forgive uncle Tom as a sign of my repentance.
” If you had not thrown his parents out of your parents mansion, he wouldn’t become a street boy to sell oranges on the road to get hit by a car. You are a murderer and you don’t deserve repentance. Do you know how many people have died in your hands? Six people ”.
” Stop! ”.
” You killed Lydia, that girl you used for rituals, you killed your cousin Ellen, you killed Lady Nash, you killed Lady Molio, you killed your uncle and killed your little cousin as well! ”.
” No stop! Atop accusing me! ”. I couldn’t take it anymore and I was exploding.
” You are a murderer! And you think that man in heaven is going to forgive you like that? You think he is going to recognise you as his daughter? No Angelina, that pastor Brandon was just deceiving you okay? That man up there,he loves no one. It is only we that loves you. We are ready to accept you even though you betrayed us all this time ”.
” Enough! ”.
I raised my hand up and stretched it at her but nothing came out of me. No fire,no thunder, no arrows…nothing. I was shocked. But she stood there and kept laughing at me like a mad woman.
” You no longer have any powers Angelina. Unless you become queen. Here in my chambers, it is only I who has the powers. Unless I give you the authority! ”.
As soon as she said that,the entire marine kingdom shook. There was total chaos and tons of fire started falling in there like rain,I heard thousands of people shouting outside the chamber. And I heard people running and there was total disaster, the goat men took to their heels and queen Marina was super angry.
She had no idea of what was going on. And in was still in the cage and was amazed to see that, the fire didn’t even come my way or where I stood. Lady Pratt quickly entered with half of her body totally burnt.
” Your Highness! ”. She shouted and fell at the queen’s feet.
” What in hell is going on? ”.
” Your highness.. It is the pastor. Mr Brandon and his son with Angelina’s brother, they are standing at the gate way of the kingdom, and they are praying earnestly ”.
” Noooo!!! ”. The queen said and her voice was deepened into a man’s voice and it was louder than ever ”. Everyone paraded.
The goat men the other ladies arrived. The queen unlocked the cage with her powers and the goat men grabbed me. I tried to resist,but they were stronger than me.
” Hurry up, we are going to bath and coronate her right now. Hurry to the bathing room! Hurry ”. The queen instructed and they pulled me out,followed by her.
” Leave me alone now! I won’t be your queen,leave me! ”.
I then remembered, I couldn’t only use my powers in the queen’s chambers, as soon as we were out of the chamber I used the little strength I had to beta myself up,the goat men left me and I used my power of storm to strike them all,including the queen down. I took to my heels and I don’t know where to run to. The tons of fire was still falling into the ocean and kings and queens were being burnt to death. I run as fast as I could whiles the queen and the others chase me. I got to a certain door,I opened it and entered. I saw weapons in there. Swords,arrows and so many in there. So that’s where they kept their weapons.
I then lifted my eyes up to the top and saw a very small knife,it was kind of special since it was kept away from all of the others. Hanging in the air. I closed my eyes and lifted myself up by wind power and I grabbed hold of it. And the queen and all her goons also entered… the queen screamed in agony when she saw me with the knife,but I suddenly disappeared. I appeared on the island and fell in front of Mr Brandon, Nickel and Danny on the soft sand.
” What happened? ”. Mr Brandon asked.
” I don’t know ”. I said and got up with the knife.
” What a shiny knife. Where did you get that knife? ”. Danny asked.
” I found it in a room under the sea. But the queen screamed in anguish when she saw me with it,I wonder why ”.
” Because that is the knife that can be used to kill her ”.
” Oh my goodness! Then I can end her forever! ”.
And the queen and her goons appeared there. Pastor Brandon stretched his Bible to them and the goat men and the ladies were caught in fire,they burnt into ashes. The queen started running towards me but I disappeared and got behind her,I caught her hair and she hit me from her front with her sword. I vomited a big anaconda and the knife fell from my hand. The queen swallowed the snake herself and she was heat up.
She threw Mr Brandon and the boys away by the power of wind. She took the knife and started laughing as she was immerging to victory. I saw Mr Brandon stood up with the boys and started praying hard. The queen caught my hair and it was demn painful. Suddenly, a bright light. The brightest light I have ever seen in my life appeared from the sky and came down to the queen and I and she screamed in agony.
She scratched her eyes and I used my knee to hit her abdomen so hard and pushed her down,the knife fell and I took it and. bent down over her. The light disappeared and I raised the knife up in the sky.
” Bye bye queen Marina! ”. I whispered and stabbed her in her heart.
She screamed and the sky became dark,and thunder rumbled and there was a violent rain. I got on my feet and she turned into the biggest and largest anaconda I had ever seen. It started chasing me and I raised to Mr Brandon’s back. He took over.
” God,just like you defeated Lucifer, I know this is even small for you my Lord. I command you to leave our lives for good! In the name of Jesus!!! ”.
Fire from ever fell from the sky and landed on the anaconda and immediately burnt it to ashes. I felt strange in my body. And black smoke disappeared from my body.
” Your evil powers are gone now Angelina. You are free forever ”.

(17 years later=Brandon’s Mansion).
So that is the story of my life. I am Angelina Brandon. Mr Brandon is now so old,holding his eight grandchildren in the garden. I have two boys and two girls,Danny has three boys and a girl with Diana. Diana is no longer a maid,she’s my sister in law. Nickel has taken over the Brandon’s milk company in America, he came home yesterday from his trip.

Kelvin has gotten married to one of the nurses in the hospital and has taken over the hospital. Doctor Graham is now in the garden with Mr Brandon and this two old men can never stop talking about their young ages and laughed about it. Danny is now a mechanical engineer and Diana is also professional chef. She owns her own restaurant. Hey guys,not forgetting our own famous aunt Okereke… well,karma worked on her. She has a mental problem now. And is admitted at the mental hospital.

The wicked will never go unpunished.
And me,I am now a pastor in Mr Brandon’s church. Today is also my birthday and you are all invited. The party will be big. (Smiles).


ANGELINA Episode 40

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9 months ago

Awesome. God bless you

9 months ago

wow! this great.
well done Daisy and opradre

Patience Brown
Patience Brown
9 months ago

This is awesome story God bless you opradre

9 months ago

This story brought tears to my eyes.
Victory at last

9 months ago

Victory at last

9 months ago

Who can battle with the Lord? NOBODY! This is superb. Weldone Daisy and Opra

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There is nothing too hard for God to do nd He will fight all our battles for us… A very nice story. thanks to d writter more wisdom nd God bless opradre.

Home gal
Home gal
9 months ago

I believe in the one true God. Thank u

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Great! Victory at last tanks to opradre and the writer

9 months ago

Thank You Jesus. i love this our God is Great

Bae Nifty
Bae Nifty
8 months ago

Wow. So inspiring

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God is Almighty, Allpowerful

8 months ago

Victory at last..!!

Thank you Miss Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

Thank you Mr Opradre.💪
Kudos to Angelina👏

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Beautiful story, more wisdom

Adeyemo Funmilayo
Adeyemo Funmilayo
7 months ago

Great story 👍 more blessings to you

Deborah str
Deborah str
7 months ago

Wonderful. God is good

Gesem Garba Gadi
Gesem Garba Gadi
11 days ago

Oh Angelina u have really suffered… God is in control over every dealings… Never settle for less coz God will always be ur God and protector… Bravo to d writer