ANGELINA Episode 38 – 39 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 1 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 38 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

(Next Day=For Life Hospital).
It was exactly 6am and Kelvin was still walking around the hospital compound, he had brought a toothbrush and brushed his teeth, his mum had to bring the clothes he requested so that he could take his bath in the hospital bathroom and feel fresh again.
But his mother was not the reason why he was standing at the hospital’s compound, he was waiting for his order. He quickly made a call again, but no one answered from the flower shop and he was annoyed and devastated, even though Angelina already had a family, he wanted to be the first person to give Angelina this first special gift. Even though her birthday had passed,it felt current to him and he wanted to share it with her,so he wasn’t going to spare that flower shop at all if they delayed and spoilt his surprise.
He kept checking his wrist watch and it was already getting to 7am when had asked them ti deliver at exactly 6am. He was thinking that Mr Brandon and the family must have being on their way to the hospital with their surprises, he was so angry.
And the hospitals opened gate only showed people passing by,no sign of Amy car or a motorbike to assure him of them. One of the nurses immediately rushed from the building to him.
” What is going on? ”.
” Sir…the patient you operated on yesterday has opened her eyes. She is awake ”.
” Angelina? Okay….you go inside. Am coming ”.
The nurse left and Kelvin turned to walk inside when a private car quickly arrived and parked in front if the entrance. He turned with a frown and folded hands together on his chest. A man got out from the car with a very big pack of flowers with wishing cards and medium parceled box in the middle.
Kelvin walks to him in annoyance and looked at him from head toe and shook his head. He put his hand in his pocket and removed his purse, still frowning.
” I swear to you man,if it wasn’t that we were in the hospital, I would break your face ”.
” I understand sir,we are really sorry for the delay, but the flowers you requested was very hard to find…because it was one of the most expensive ones,and we were short of it ”.
” So what….did you get some of it or now? ”.
” We did sir,all of it are packaged in it ”.
Kelvin counted the money and gave the price the man had requested and took the flowers. The man sat in the car and drive away. Kelvin turned to the entrance of the building and took a deep breath. He held it tightly and walked into the hospital and went straight into Angelina’s ward.
She layed there with her eyes closed and he closed the door behind him and placed the flowers right beside Angelina’s left side,since that was the place her head was facing and the door too. He poked his head out of the gate and made a sign to almost five nurses who were passing by with trays containing surgical equipments to quickly enter. They entered with worried faces because they had to go and perform surgery on one of the patients.
” Wait a little while ”. Kelvin whispered to them. ” Yesterday was her birthday and she didn’t get time or strength to celebrate it…so I will like we all to sing a birthday song for her as soon as she opens her eyes,is that clear? ”.
” Sir please, one of the patients is in a very critical condition right now…and we need to perform surgery as soon as possible ”. One nurse said in sweat.
” What…you think I care about some other patient? Just shut up and o as I say,that patient would be alright ”. Kelvin replied, looking at Angelina.
” Sir please….. ”.
Just by that moment, Angelina opened her eyes and saw the big bunch of flowers which smelt so good. But her vision was blur and couldn’t see anything clearly. Then Kelvin with the nurse,together raised their voices and began to sing to her. She heard it clearly and her vision was clear now and she smiled widely even though she wa in a lot of pain by that moment.
She watched them singing and she couldn’t control showing her teeth in a gleeful smile. After they were done,Kelvin escorted them out and went back into the ward then closed the door behind him. He folded his arms at the door smiling at her,and Angelina’s smile disappeared. And tears run down her cheeks. Kelvin took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped her tears away.
” Can you please help me sit up? I hate lying down like this ”.
” Oh sure I can. Wait a minute ”. He said and went out,and came back with three pillows and slowly pulled Angelina’s back from the bed and placed the three pillows there. ” Careful Angelina… we performed surgery on you,slowly lift yourself up by help ”.
” Cool ”. I lifted myself and Kelvin adjusted the pillows behind me,making me lean on it.
” Good ”.
” Thank you. I am in a lot of pain. Please, can I get some pain killers? ”
” I am sorry…no. I heard you’ve not eaten. You have to et first before I can inject you with pain killers ”.
” I can’t believe Mr Brandon and everyone’s else is not here. I mean…. ”.
” Don’t worry. They were here yesterday.. But I made them leave because it was late…they must be on their way by now. Mr Brandon, your brother ad some other woman ”.
” And Nickel?! ”. I asked on impulse.
” Who is Nickel? ”. Kelvin asked looking confused.
” he’s nobody. I remember, a year parents were still alive,and they made my birthday the not special… but everything has changed now as am an orphan and completely Aline in the world ”.
” I am sorry about that ”. But you are not Aline…I brought you this ”. Kelvin said an carried the flowers from the table with the parceled box in it. ” This is for you Angelina… happy birthday ”.
” Wow..really? ”. I took it from him and placed it on my laps. I was in hospital clothes so no worries. I took the box out of it and tore the parcel. To my surprise, it w a beautiful golden bracelet and a box of chocolates. I was so excited, it had being a long time since I ate something sweet. But Kelvin was the first person who had brought sweetness back to me. I removed the chocolate wrapper and took some of it and opened my mouth….
” No no no…you can’t et that now ”. He said with laughter. ” You have to et something first so relax ”.
Kelvin said and I placed the chocolate back into the box. He pulled a metal chair and st besides my bed looking into my eyes with a smile. I was totally confused as in why he looked at me that way. But he was damn handsome. Even though Nickel was more handsome then him,but he had sense than Nickel.
At least he was wise enough to make my birthday that special. Not that stupid Nickel whom I saved and is nowhere to be found now.
(Outside the hospital).
An exclusive car arrived and an exclusive man,Nickel Brandon got out of the car with a very big box which wa parceled and behind him,was a very big track which were filled with thousand men. The men were dressed in suit and tie with trumpets and guitars and other musical instruments and they wore hat on their heads.
Nickel was looking all fresh and gentle and he wa with his best friend Bill. Nickel looked into his car mirror to check whether he was looking great and he gave himself a thumb up.
” You look great man ”.
” Bill,do you think it’s really good Ife that am doing, I really don’t feel right ”.
” You are such an idiot, you brought this idea up and now…you want to back out? ”.
” Not really, but Angelina hates me right now with everything I did to her ”.
” It wasn’t your fault Nicky! Keep that in your head,and if Angelina is wise,she will know that. Just take your chances and let’s do this. She will forgive you ”. Bill said and turned to the musicians. ” Boys! You ready? ”.
” Yes sir! ”. They replied in chorus.
” Okay…on your !ark,get set..let’s go!!! ”.
The musicians began to sing ” If love is a crime ” by 2face. It was so touching at that moment as Nickel remembered the little sweet time he had spent with Angelina nd it break his heart to think the fact that they couldn’t be together due to queen Marina’s plans.
His hands were shaking as he held the special parceled box for Angelina. He was having doubts whether he should enter the hospital or not. The thousands of people passing by and standing by,and the traders were all looking surprised as someone was making such noise in the hospital. Some nurses got out and stood there looking surprised at the gentlemen and couldn’t say anything but to enjoy the moment too.
(Angelina’s Ward).
I sat there and heard a song outside and it was so loud and disturbing, but I did enjoyed the song. But who had the authority to disturb patients in the hospital. I was still nodding my head head to the song but Kelvin was worked up and annoyed. He got on his feet and s he WS abi to walk out,one of the nurses arrived in a haste.
” What the hell is going on out there? ”.
” Sir…please ooo,two young men has invaded the hospital with musicians and instruments and are singing the song ”.
” Who the hell do they think they are anyway? I will teach someone a lesson ”. He said and was about getting out.
” Sir… ”.
” What?! Look after Angelina and let me go and check who the hell that is ”.
” Sir…one of them is Nickel Brandon ”.
” What?! ”. I shouted.
” What?! ”. Kelvin also aid.
” Yes sir. Nickel Brandon. He is pastor Brandon’s son ”.
Kelvin turned to look at my shocked face and everything was confusing to him. I was wondering what was going on out there in confusion too. But deep inside me,I knew this chaos had something to do with me. Then suddenly, the music changed to ” Soledad ” by Westlife.
(On the Sahara road to the For Life Hospital).
Mr Brandon drove his car with Diana besides him and Danny at the backseat who couldn’t wait to see his sister. Mr Brandon who wa driving was at the same time,trying Nickel’s line but it wasn’t going through and it had him worried. By that same moment, Lady Shanty who was ready to take over had put aside the queen’s warnings of taking her powers along to earth and quickly appeared on the road.
” I don’t know why Nickel is also adding more fuel to the fire,why is he not even picking up my calls? ”.
” I guess he knows he has loosed Angelina and so he wants attention now ”.
” Like seriously, Danny? By this time of our lives…are you still blaming Nickel for Angelina’s situation? Then you are actually going to kill yourself when they are married ”. Diana mocked.
” Get married,oh we’ll see about that okay? I think Angelina is wiser than that ”. He said whiles browsing on his phone.
” I have to deliver doctor Graham and Angelina immediately… I have a feeling that something very explosive is about to go down ”.
” Something like what pastor? ”.
Just when Mr Brandon loosed concentration, Lady Shanty raised her hands up and pointed it at the car from a corner and arrows flew from her hand and blasted Mr Brandon’s car tyres and he loosed control and hit somebody on the road with blood splashing all over the road.
The queen appeared and gave Lady Shanty a dirty slap. They both disappeared quickly. Almost everyone around the road side rushed to the scene. Some of them started making call. Mr Brandon an the rest got out of the car in shock. The woman he hit was a woman who was carrying fresh oranges for sale.
She was lying on the floor with her face on the ground. Mr Brandon bent down with Danny in fight and Diana started dialing the hospital’s number. Mr Brandon slowly turned the woman’s face up and Danny was shocked.
” Nooo! ”.
” What now? ”.
” That is my mother pastor…mum! ”. Danny screamed…..

ANGELINA Episode 39 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

(Under the sea=Marine Kingdom).
The Queen was super angry and infuriated about everything that had happened. Now,all her plans were in ruins because one mistake Lady Shanty had made. She stretched her hand at the neck of Lady Shanty and without touching her,she was already strangling her alive and nobody in the sea could do a thing about it. Lady Shanty spitted which splashed on the queen’s face but she was actually enjoying taking someone’s life.
She didn’t care. Not nothing was going to stop her from destroying Angelina and everyone around her. And not even pastor Brandon was going to stop her. She strangled her to death. Lady Shanty burnt into ashes and the queen’s face turned into a monster. The ladies,the goat men and guards around was thrown into fright. The ladies now reduced to 3. All of them had dies due to Angelina’s repentance.
All the anacondas around crawled slowly to the top of the queen’s head. She opened her mouth and swallowed seven anacondas into her stomach. And thunder suddenly stroke. The ladies and the other s all bowed to her and pleaded her to take her time but she was more than determined to get the job done by herself.
” I am not going to send anyone anymore. This is going to be my fight now. But there is one last thing I would like one of you ladies to do for me ”.
” What is it your highness? ”. Lady Pratt asked.
” Who is willing to take my place now? ”.
” Your place? ”.
The whole place was quiet now and the queen was annoyed and scream with fire flames flying out of her mouth.
” Me tour Highness! I will gladly tale your place ”. Lady Pratt said.
” Good..good. Now listen absolutely carefully. Because I am not going to condone any mistakes… is that clear? ”.
” Yes your Highness ”.
The queen went to her left side and closer to a red pot which stood on a cobra designed table. She took the pot and opened it and quickly, a huge anaconda hopped out of the pot. The queen bent down and carried it in her hands as it was heavy and slippery. She went to her high throne and sat in it with an angry face.
” This is Angelina anaconda. Lady Sona’s anaconda… and you all know why Angelina is so close to my heart. Because she had the courage none of you ever had. She had the audacity to challenge me. So I need her back here badly, to get my revenge by making her my slave. I will make her my slave. And she will serve a forever! ”. She laughed evilly.
” Your highness… I am all ears. I am willing and ready to handle whatever tax you will give me ”.
” Good…but if you go and screw up this tax like the other ladies before you,then… ”.
” I won’t ”. Lady Pratt said.
” Good. Angelina has misbehaved enough. Now,this is the final straw for her. I a ever ready to get her,by hook or crook. I can’t let her show all our secrets to the world when she is finally delivered by her mad pastor. Be careful of your every step as you go and take on this tax am sending you to di now,as you are gone…i will also travel around our spiritual world to harness enough powers. Even powers which are stronger than hers. I must do so now because the pastor wants to deliver and once that happens, we won’t get access to her anymore ”.
” So what do I have to now your highness? ”
” I want you to package yourself well,take this anaconda to the hospital and go straight into Angelina’s ward… and make sure she’s asleep or unconscious.. is that clear? ”.
” Yes queen ”. She so as she had bowed down with her face downward too.
” I want you to get Angelina’s ward and make the anaconda enter onto her stomach. Then,when that happens, Angelina is going to be controlled by u again ”.
” Yes your highness… I will not let you down ”.
” I will allow you take your powers with you so that you can defend yourself from any force that will try and attack or one your way…especially that pastor Brandon ”.
” Yes your highness ”.
” As you are gone,I will also be going to our Lord and master Lucifer to renew my strength. This time..there should be no mistake when I try defeating Angelina. No mistake at all ”. As she said that,black smoke escaped from her nostrils a a sign of her readiness.
(For Life Hospital=Angelina’s ward).
The music had still not stopped. I was wondering if Nickel had already gone mad. But Kelvin really didn’t know whether to go outside or not since he found out it was Mr Brandon’s son. He kept starring at me while I looked away. He saw a question mark on my face ever since the nurse came and say it was Nickel that as making that noise and he was beginning to suspect something but I couldn’t look at his face either but I was wondering why I couldn’t look at his face. It wasn’t like I had to explain anything to him. He finally break the silence in the war as he was getting upset.
” Why is he doing that outside the hospital Angelina? Because he seems like a dog that has loosed it bone ”.
” I don’t know. I don’t think it’s the bone he’s looking for. I think the dog loosed its home and got for himself some few friends just to create attention to himself ”.
” This nonsense must stop now….I have to go and throw him out myself… I don’t care whether he’s Mr Brandon’s son or not… I seriously don’t have time for all these nonsense… this is a hospital,not a pool party ”.
” You are right. He has no rights to do that ”.
Suddenly, another nurse walked into the ward.
” Sir…please, all the nurses and I went outside to tel Nickel to stop playing the music and leave just like you ordered but he said he isn’t leaving until he has spoke to Angelina ”.
” What?! ”. Kelvin said and turned to look at me.
” Madam nurse.. Go and tell him that I don’t have anything to tell him,so he should leave.. Because once am discharged, he will never see me again ”.
” We have trued to convince him in many ways but the guy still stands on his grounds ”.
” Thank you nurse… you may leave ”. Kelvin said and the nurse left. He held his waist with his hands and turned to me. ” Tell me the truth Angelina. What is really going on here huh? What is so hard that you can’t tell? ”.
” It is nothing of use. Don’t worry ”.
” Are you not going to tell the truth to the guy who at least helped you see his father? ”.
” Oh Kelvin… don’t say that ”.
” Don’t worry,I will go and kick him out myself ”. He turned to leave.
” Wait! Please Kelvin, don’t get upset okay…I mean,you told me we were friends right? ”.
” Yes…but what kind of friend hides things like this. You have to tell me what is really going on. Why does he want to see you before he stops the music ”.
” He is such a loosed. Couldn’t he have just entered in here to tell me that himself? Because he is so ashamed of his Ife now ”.
” Enough with the riddles. What is really going on? ”.
I couldn’t stop myself but to tel him the entire truth. The whole story from where I met Nickel at the estate. I told him everything about my aunt and uncle, queen Marina and the sea. I told him absolutely everything. He was amazed. His feelings were mixed. He couldn’t believe I had a child before. But at the last moment, he laughed.
I wasn’t sure why he laughed but I knew he was beginning to go mad like Nickel who is standing outside of embarrassing himself. He was still laughing… I knew Nickel would soon enter into prison on noise pollution and Kelvin will enter the mental asylum on laughing without a reason. But the laughing stopped and he looked into the window, down the balcony and saw all the thousand men with Nickel.
” He is still standing there ”.
” Let him….he is just wasting his time ”.
” You should forgive him Angelina ”.
” What?! ”. I was shocked.
” You know something? ”. He looked behind him and pulled the metal chair under his butt and sat down. ” I never believed in things of the spirit,until today when you have just told me about the story of tour life. Seriously, if you and Nickel have endured this much…why should you throw it away if he was under a love portion huh?…Listen to yourself Angelina… he was user a love portion ”.
” But…. ”.
” There are no buts. Can you live without him? Answer that question and I swear that if you say yes,I will help you get rid of him out of your life for good ”.
” Well…. ”.
” If you can remember the real Nickel strongly, was he ever rude or harsh to you in any way? ”.
” No he wasn’t ”.
” Good…so what changed? Don’t let your anger right now cloud your judgement Angelina.. or else, you might regret it for the rest of your life. Come on…you are still too young. I thought you were even 18…never knew you just turned 14 yesterday. Hahahaaaa ”.
” What? ”. I frowned. ” Are you laughing at my age? Don’t judge a book by the cover okay. Because I do things your age mates can never even dream of doing ”.
” Oh yeah yeah. You are right. Angy,just remember the love you both felt for each other okay. It is not worth it that you have suffered this much,only to gain nothing. If you forgive him,you are going to feel a be big burden off your head ”.
” My burdens can never fall off until I defeat queen Marina. I have a very bad feeling that something dangerous is about to pull it’s head ”.
” You see,you have made all these sacrifices for Nickel… don’t let yourself down. Don’t tell me you have forgotten all those kisses and hugs ”.
” Of course now ”.
” See? Come on pretty one,let’s go and give him the good news ”.
Kelvin helped !e on !y feet even though my legs were shaking but I tried my possible best to walk all because of Nickel. We tiptoed and walked outside the hospital and got to the compound where Nickel se me and dropped his face to the ground. The guilt was too much for him. Kelvin went closer to him and whispered.
” Go get your girl my man…before someone cast an evil eye on her ”.
” Thanks bro ”. Nickel whispered back.
Nickel turned and walked closer to me. My eyes were now locked in his eyes. And suddenly, tears fell from both eyes and he couldn’t control himself, and fell on his knees. I couldn’t bend down as my waist and shoulder was bandage. I was in a lot of pain. People had surrounded us like we were celebrities.
” Forgive me beautiful… I seriously wasn’t planning to ever break up with you and let you go…I swear ”.
” Stand up Nickel ”.
” Okay ”. He sobbed and got to his feet in years.
” Silly! Stop crying and just kiss !e you idiot ”.
We both laughed and everyone including the sick people around us laughed. Nickel walked closer and gently caressed my face. Everyone just shouted ” wooowww ”. He locked his lips with mine and kissed me softly like he had never kissed me before.
It was sweet..damn! Jeezzz I missed his lips so much. I would have being a big fool to let those lips of his go away. Everyone clapped widely.
Just by that glorious moment, a car speedily arrived and parked besides us. Mr Brandon, Danny and Diana got out in full speed with blood on them. They opened the backseat and some nurses quickly arrived with a bed. I saw them remove a woman out of the back seat and quickly put her on the bed and entered the building. Nickel and I separated and got to them.
” Mr Brandon… what happened? ”.
” Dad…Angelina asked you a question ”.
” Sorry,I wasn’t concentrating. But the devil has arrised and we must get this war over with ”.
” Danny,what happened? ”.
” We were on our way here when Mr Brandon loosed a little concentration and hit a woman on the road side ”. Danny said helplessly.
” Oh my God ”.
” And the woman is my mum Angelina ”.
” What?! Aunt Okereke? But how is that possible? ”.
” Because the Lord has succeeded Angelina. Your queen Marina was planning on using your aunt against us. And when the lady she sent was about to take on the task,the Lord screwed her brain and she became arrogant and decided to kill me right away by using her powers. That’s how she used arrows to destroy my car tyres and I loosed control of the steer and hit your aunt ”.
” Oh no. Oh Mr Brandon, pray for my aunt so she gets better ”.
” And for my father too pastor ”. Kelvin said.
” Let’s all go inside and see what the Lord will do ”.
Inside Angelina’s ward, Lady Pratt had appeared and turned the anaconda into a liquid water into an injection. She stood inside the ward but she was invisible to the human eye. She stood at a corner. Nickel, Kelvin and everyone brought Angelina back into her ward. Mr Brandon had a slight headache and shouted.
” Wait! Angelina, don’t lie on that bed..everyone should get back now! There is an evil spirit here…hurry up and get back! ”.
Quickly, Lady Pratt appeared and used the power of speed to push Mr Brandon out the door,she was visible now but she was too speed to be seen. She pulled me away from Kelvin and Nickel and used the wind to blow them away on the floors,she injected me on the neck and locked my hands behind me and disappeared with me from the ward.
” Nooo! She took Angelina away dad! ”.
” This is war. The end has come guys! Everyone hurry..let’s get into doctor Graham’s ward fast! We are going to pray like we’ve never done in our lives to bring Angelina back,callall the nurses… Because this battle… Will be like the days of Noah and the ark….

ANGELINA Episode 38

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