ANGELINA Episode 23 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 1 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

ANGELINA Episode 23 By Adelaide Asaf (Daisy Cartel)

(Angelina’s Mansion).
When all this was over,I was feeling quite content with myself. I was proud of myself. But there was no at I was going to tell Mr Brandon about this because I knew he was going to get upset. I just got on my feet and cleared all the blood from the floor and went ti was myself up again to clean the blood stains on my face and body.
I slept peacefully that night,knowing that I was not afraid of any other spirit, not even the queen. Next day,I woke up fresh and sound. I decided to pay my family a nice visit. I was just hoping that,my secret worker had delivered my surprise to them.
(Jordan’s Mansion).
Uncle Tom and aunt Okereke were busily planning a defeating burial for their late daughter Ellen who was Stoll kept in the mortuary. When this was going on, they heard a knock on the door and aunt Okereke quickly went to open up for the person. It was a stranger they had never met before.
He wore a black hat to conceal part of his identity. He was tall and from head to toe,he wore black. Only good thing was,he was smiling. Aunt Okereke was however suspecting and upset that he entered the compound.
” Who are you,and why have you entered my compound like that? Couldn’t you have just stood outside there and knock on the main gate? ”. She asked with a poked lips and frown.
” I am sorry madam. I saw your main gate opened that’s why. Please don’t Feli offended ”. He replied.
” Whatever! Who are you and what do you want in my house? ”.
” Please, I have being sent to give this CD to you ”. He said and handed it to her. ” By my boss ”.
” Your boss? Who is your boss? I don’t understand anything right now. What is on this disk that you are giving me now? ”.
” I don’t know what is on the disk madam,but my boss said I should just give it to you. You can watch it right now…it must be very important. Excuse me ”.
He said and was walking away,aunt Okereke tried to stop him but he left immediately in a at waiting for him outside. Aunt Okereke went back into the hall and uncle Tom stood up to her. Aunt Okereke gave him the CD and sat down.
” What is this? ”.
” Some guy came here with it,claiming it was given to him by his boss,to hand it to us ”.
” Boss? But why didn’t you calk me to see hi? Did he tell you who his boss was? ”.
” I asked but he refused to tell me anything. He also didn’t tell me his name or anything… Hmmm ”.
” I wonder what is on this disk ”.
” Why don’t we watch it ourselves? Put it in the deck,let’s watch whatever is in it ”.
” Okay ”.
Uncle Tom went closer to the DVD and place the CD into it and pressed close. He put on the fault screened television and went to sit besides his wife in relaxing mode as well. The television came on and uncle Tom used the DVD remote to press ‘ play ‘.
And they saw the shock of their lives. Just in front of them saw recording of their dear daughter Ellen being raped mercilessly by four unknown guys whose face were hidden in the camera. Ellen was shouting and asking for help in the video,and it tore her parents heart apart.
Uncle Tom couldn’t watch anymore. He was heartbroken. He was angry and wanted to destroy the television, he stood up ad switched of off. He looked at his weeping wife and comforted her. They sat together and the image of the video could not clear from their brains.
Uncle Tom was trying hard not to feel guilty because he begun to remember what he did to Angelina.
” May God punish anyone who did this to my daughter ”. Aunt Okereke cursed. ” How can somebody be so heartless? ”.
” My dear,let’s leave all our problems to God okay…whoever that did this will surely face their own judgement ”.
” Oh Ellen…if ghosts truly exists, please my daughter, may your ghost haunt whoever murdered you like this!!! ”.
I arrived in my car with two of my boys (friends). I was in front of my father’s mansion again. I got out with the documents my parents handed over to aunt Gina some years back. I had dressed up in a simple but expensive clothes and shoes. Wow,I was seriously blushing. So excited. I had being waiting for this days for ages!
Finally, I was going to come face to face with thus monsters called family. I held the brown envelope firmly and walked to the main gate,it was already opened. It looked like destiny was already waiting for me to get my sweet revenge.
I and the boys walked to the gate and I entered followed by them…I wa smiling widely now. When I got to the hall doorstep, I decided not to knock. This house is mine,why the hell should I knock before entering my own house. I looked at one of the boys and he opened the door for me,so we all entered.
I saw uncle Tom and aunt Okereke weeping bitterly. That was when I realised that,my worker had brought them the CD. It felt so good to see them in pain. It was getting to one and a half year since I saw their ugly faces. They had not even realize that I wa standing in the hall because they were more concentrated on their pain. Until uncle Tom raised up his head and se me and the boys.
I was absolutely stunning, none of them recognised me. They both quickly got to their feet.
” Who are you? ”. Uncle Tom asked.
” Oops! Wow boys,they don’t even recognise me…hahahaha,oh my goodness, look how pathetic they look ”. I mocked.
” Hey! Whoever you are,just speak up am get out fo my house now!!! And who even allowed a stranger like you into my house? Don’t you have manners? How can you enter someone’s house without knocking or being allowed to enter? ”. Aunt Okereke shouted rudely.
” Oh shut up there! ”. I said and angrily slapped her.
She was shocked. And still unable to recognise me, she tried pouncing on me but one of my boys caught hold of her tightly by her neck,she was choking but he didn’t let her go off his grip. I majestically walked to the chair and sat down then crossed my legs.
I looked at uncle Tom who was standing dumb with his lean body, sweating and shaking. It was very funny to see him like that. I gave an order to the boys to put them down at my feet. And they forced them both at my feet. Their faces were downward. I told them both to look at my face very well,which they did. But they still seemed lost.
” Who are you now? Is it money you people want? We will give you all we have,but please…leave our house,we beg ”. Uncle Tom pleaded.
” Money?! Just check me out, from head to toe,do I look like am in need of money……uncle Tom? ”. I mentioned his name with an evil smile.
” Uncle Tom?!!! How…how…hooowww…how did you….Oh my God!!! ”. He recognised me immediately. ” Angelina?! ”.
” Oh no…Lucifer rather,hahahajaaa ”. I and the boys laughed together like witch and wizards.
” What?!!! Angelina? Impossible! ”. Aunt Okereke was puzzled.
” Why isn’t it possible aunt Okereke? Oh I get it,you must have thought I was dead right? Hmm!,I don’t blame you dear. Open your eyes old woman! This is not a dream,it is reality, life and coloured in front of you both ”. I sis,shinning my eyes.
” Hey!!! My dear niece,oh Jehovah God,I thank you for bringing my daughter back to me. Angelina….”
” Shut up there you witch! Now,am your daughter isn’t it? Today,I am here to throw you out of my house,not only that…before I will do that,I am going to teach you a bitter lesson. So that when am done with you,you will know that,when someone’s child is living with you,you should treat them right even more than your own children ”. I said.

Both this two begin to beg me on their knees. They didn’t touch my heart even one bit. I ordered aunt Okereke to go to the kitchen to cook rice and stew for me just like she told me to do when she arrived in the house with uncle Tom and my cousins.
She quickly went to the kitchen with one of the boys and started cooking. It was now left with me,one of the boys and uncle Tom. I went closer to uncle Tom and removed his belt,then his trousers fell off,leaving his boxer shorts. He panicked and wa still shaking. I walked to the kitchen and came back with a rolling pin. It was very big,thick,fat and long. I was going to enjoy this revenge very well.
” Now uncle Tom, get yourself naked ”. I said in a relaxing mood.
” What?! Why should I do that?! ”.
” Hey you fool,did you not hear what she said? She said you should get naked! If you don’t, I will beat you to death ”. One of my boys threatened.
” Angelina please,don’t do this to me dear…I am your uncle, am too old for this embarrassment ”.

Rahul beat him up so much,his lips burst out with blood. Rahul himself now stripped uncle Tom naked. He went back to my car and came back with a rope we came along with. He tied up uncle Tom who was now weak. I really didn’t mind seeing his nakedness… I had seen it before so many times.
I ordered for his legs to be . I was now going to teach him how it felt when someone was being raped,like what he did to me. He was now shouting for help until crazy Rahul got mad and gave him a hard blow under his jaw.
I smiled evil..and mercilessly pushed the dry rolling pin,forcefully into his anus with my whole strength and heard him scream in pain and calling for death….

ANGELINA Episode 23

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You are very strong

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Payback Period!!!…….. I’m loving this 😍😄