Allison Hyacintho – Roles To Play To Keep The Covenant Goal Alive

Allison Hyacintho - Roles To Play To Keep The Covenant Goal Alive

Allison Hyacintho

On our journey from dating into marriage we all have our different roles to play to keep the covenant goal alive.

One thing a lot of us do not always remember to do when dating is to help our family fall in love with our partner, and help our partner fall in love with our family, we almost never remember this. We want to make sure our partner is loved and accepted by our family, but we do little to help them achieve that goal. Guys, we need eachother’s help when it comes to family, we all do.

Sometimes buy your mother a beautiful gift and pretend like it was your partner who got it for her, or if it would look too much just say you put the money together with your partner to get her the gift, even though the whole cash came completely from you. And then tell your partner about it so they can play along when mom calls to rain the blessings. Help your partner win the heart of your family, do not leave them fighting to get in on their own, these are just some of the little love hacks we use as we walk into marriage.

Other times when you’re with your family intentionally call your partner, towards the end of the call pass the phone to your dad and tell him Tom wants to say hello to him, that is ofcourse if you are in a transparent relationship leading towards marriage and the family is aware. It creates for a few seconds of some inlaw bonding over the phone, and even if your partner is the shy type or one who doesn’t really fancy doing that, be kind to encourage him to try.

Allison Hyacintho

Some do not even extend regards from boo or bae to mom, whether they sent their warm regards to your parents or not, once in a while when you’re having a chat just mention that your partner asked how they ‘re doing today. These seemingly unimportant things are indeed very important to the growth of our relationship…

Help your partner fall in line.

Invite her to the wedding that the whole family will be attending next month.

Invite him to your family thanksgiving service at church, and reserve a seat for him close to where the whole squad will be sitting.

Not just falling in line with parents, siblings are important too.

Tell him what your sister would like to have as a gift on her birthday in a few weeks.

Encourage her to text your brother best wishes on his next examination or audition.

Your partner might not know these things, they might not have all the details, dont leave them struggling to fit, it is your family, you know them better, so help your partner fall in line.

Well, I just thought to leave this out here for anyone who understands spiritual things, it all works together with our tongues. After kneeling to pray for God’s continues direction over your relationship, get up and figure out how you can physically work towards the direction of your answered prayers. Family love and acceptance does not come with prayer and fasting alone.

Am I teaching?


Allison Hyacintho

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