A Predictable Relationship Is Boring by Allison Hyacintho | Must Read

A Predictable Relationship Is Boring by Allison Hyacintho | Must Read

A predictable relationship is boring written by Allison Hyacintho

Uncle in the Lord, I would love for you to read this again, this time, carefully…

It is not every time you will be stopping at KFC to buy chicken wings, fried rice, chips, ice cream and juice when you’re going over to hangout with bae.

The Next time you are going to visit her, enter one local market and buy ugwu N200, waterleaf N100, biscuit bone N150, pomo N100, stockfish N50 (the scatter scatter one), and N200 Palm oil inside nylon, correct vegetable soup have set. Ehenn, also remember to buy half bottle of kerosene in case she will want to say her gas have finished, don’t hear any excuse, she must cook it. ??

It is not all the time you will be forming perfect gentleman. Buy one tuber of yam on your way to see her, by the time aunty KFC sees yam inside nylon she will be shocked ???. If she’s staying in a hostel or living alone, enter the kitchen and help her out, who knows, you might have a hidden talent of turning eba ??. Some of you uncles are professional ugwu washers and onion slicers, you’ll just be using suit and tie to cover your talent ???.

Sometimes you can even go to the market together and shop for groceries. And this one is for you aunty in the Lord, it is not every time you will cook and wait for bae to come over and eat like a king, I know you want to claim wife material but sometimes wait for him to come first, then ask him to follow you to the nearby market to buy the ingredients together. See, this is how we do our own romance, we dont have the time to be doing mushy mushy weather for two under a blanket, we create our own weather in the presence God. And this is also one of the ways to know a humble man, by the time you recieve insults from old women for pricing meat without buying, your love will be getting stronger???

I’m just trying to encourage you to stretch your relationship a little bit alright? Don’t keep doing the same things the exact same way, even with calling, texting and chatting too, find new ways to get the same result.

A predictable relationship is boring!


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