A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 34 – 35 by Azeemah Salami

A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 1 by Azeemah Salami

A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 34 by Azeemah Salami

“What happened?” Irene asked in a shaky voice.
“It’s Mum..” Damien said, stopping to catch his breath.
“What happened to mum?” Irene almost screamed.
“She’s not.. moving anymore” He bursted out crying.

Irene stood rooted to the spot trying to process what he just said.
She screamed loudly when reality dawned on her.

“Let’s go home” she cried taking Damien’s hand.
Harold stood up dropping his fork in the process.
“You guys should go to sleep, Don’t wait up okay?” He said to Nola and Ivory.
They nodded worriedly and watched as Harold rushed out of the door.
He met Irene and Damien at the gate about to step out.
“Irene” He called loudly and she turned.
His heart broke at how red her eyes looked.
Her cheeks were w€t.
He really felt for them.

“Wait, we’ll go in my car” He said and his driver quickly got behind the wheels.
He got in and his driver drove to the gate where Damien and Irene were standing.
They hopped in slowly. Irene was sobbing while Damien just stared on.
Even with how red his eyes also looked, Harold could tell he’s a handsome guy, he’s gat the looks.
“Everything will be fine okay? Just keep calm” Harold comforted them.
“S..she’s the only family we have left, she’s the only one who truly cared about us after our parents death,she’s in that state because of us,I’m working so i could pay for her surgery bills. She must not leave….” Irene said in tears and Harold was deeply moved.

Irene had told him about her stepmum during one of their nights in the library.

“It’s okay Irene” Damien comforted his sister even though tears was rolling down his own eyes too.

“I..is she really not moving?” Irene asked wiping her tears, hoping Damien would say he’s just joking.
“Yes, she’s not. I called you severally and i tried hiring a cab to take her to the hospital but i didn’t have enough with me” Damien said.

“Please drive fast” Harold urged his driver.
The driver came to a halt in front of Irene’s house.


and Damien rushed out of the car and Harold ran after them.
They entered the apartment and truly the woman was laying unconsciously on the couch.

Irene shook her crying loudly.

“Hold on” Harold said and tried to get irene out of the way.
He felt Mrs Neave pulse and sighed in relief.

not dead” He announced.
Irene wiped her tears and sniffed as she moved closer. Join us to read more intriguing stories from our facebook page #creativeafricantales
She felt Mrs Neave’s pulse too and relief ran through her blood.
“But her pulse is getting weak. Let’s quickly get her to the hospital” Harold said.
“My private hospital” He added, lifting Mrs Neave.
Irene and Damien hurried after him.

“Her health is deteriorating, what took you so long to get her to do the surgery?” Doc Fern questioned irene.
“I..i was waiting for the mo..ney to complete but now i have more than half of the bills I’ll pay it,the surgery can continue while i go look for the rest” She said.

Harold paid all of the expenses already” Doc Fern said.
“What!” Irene exclaimed, turning to look at Harold who was looking at his feet.
He doesn’t want to be seen by people or there’d be a scene.
“No thank you. Please” He said,not raising up his head.

Damien stared at him in disbelief.
“Fern, the surgeries should be as soon as possible please, including her leg’s too” Harold said.
“Yeah, the specialists will be flying in tomorrow morning, we’ve stabilised her now” Doc Fern said.
“Okay, thank you so much. Can we go see her now?” Harold asked.

Irene and Damien were still stunned by Harold’s act of kindness.
Her eyes were laced with tears as she felt so grateful to him.
The surgery bill is a whole lot of money and he settled it?
Why is he being so nice to her?

He’s a philanthropist,she knows but…this is just too much.

“No,until after the surgeries are done” Doc Fern said.
“Ohh.. okay” Harold said.
“Permit me to go check on other patients Mr Harold” Doc Fern said.
“Alright Doc” Harold said.
“And you insist on not staying in my office” Doc Fern said.
“Yeah, I’m fine here” Harold insisted.
“Mr Harold you’re a public figure, as soon as you get figured out, reporters will buzz in like flies” Doc Fern said.
“Don’t bother Fern, it’s night already” Harold said.
“That doesn’t stop people from figuring you out but it’s fine if you insist” Doc Fern shrugged before walking away.

you, thank you, thank you so much Mr Harold” Damien said about going on his knees before Harold stopped him.
“C’mon Damien, it’s fine” He said and Damien smiled.

‘A billionaire just touched him and called his name and not just a billionaire but his role model, the person he has been aspiring to meet’ Damien thought happily.
He’s just realising Harold’s presence now after confirming his mum’s health.
He was completely blind before.
“Harold, not again” Irene said cleaning her tears.
“It’s okay Irene” Harold said drawing her close.
‘Really?’ Damien grinned.

“She can be a cry baby at times” Damien said to Harold and he nodded.
“I know right” He teased her dragging her w€t cheeks playfully and she laughed.
“Thank you…so much” She muttered.
“We really appreciate, Mr Harold” Damien added.
“It’s fine… enough of the ‘thank you’ here and there” Harold said.
“Thank you” Irene said.
“Arrgh” Harold groaned playfully and they laughed.

“Do you mind using my face cap, people might actually figure you out as doc Fern said and its gonna cause a huge scene. I know it’s…faded bu…” Damien was saying.
“I don’t mind” Harold interrupted him and collected the face cap from him without second thought.

Damien stared at him with mouth wide opened as he wore the face cap.
Irene laughed seeing the surprised look on her brother’s face.

‘Oh..no. Harold Marshall is putting on my face cap’ he screamed inwardly.
He blinked severally still trying to take it in.
He never thought Harold Marshall will accept it, he was ready for his rejection but he surprised him instead.

“Is… that my face cap you’re putting on?” Damien asked Harold, he couldn’t believe it, he have to be sure.
“You gave it to me” Harold said..
“He’s just so shocked you can be putting on his face cap” Irene said.
“Really?” Harold asked.
“Yeah” Irene nodded.

“Thank you” Damien said.
“Enough of the thank you” Harold said.
“I’m not thanking you for settling my mum’s bills” Damien said.
“What are you thanking me for?” Harold asked.
“Putting on my face cap” Damien said.
“No..i should thank you instead” Harold said.

“I know my Irene might have not told you how long I’ve been aspiring to meet you, you’re my role model, meeting you physically has always been in my dreams,even before Irene started working for you, I’ve been looking up to you, i also want to be a great philanthropist, you’ve being a great inspiration to me Mr Harold Marshall” Damien said and Harold stared at him speechless.

“Wow! Thank you for looking up to me. Come boy, we need to talk” Harold held Damien by the hand and they both walked to the chairs.
Irene watched them and seeing the happy look on her brother’s face made her smile.


“The girl is alone now,seems her dad and the nanny won’t be coming back home tonight” Marie contacted Ethan Weston secretly.

“Okay, thank you” Ethan smiled wickedly before slowly getting up beside the sleeping carrle.
He then tiptoed out of the room.

A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 35 by Azeemah Salami


“The girl is alone now,seems her dad and the nanny won’t be coming back home tonight” Marie contacted Ethan Weston secretly.

“Okay, thank you” Ethan smiled wickedly before slowly getting up beside the sleeping carrle.
He then tiptoed out of the room.


“You haven’t slept?” Nola asked Ivory who walked into the kitchen in her nightwear, hugging her huge teddy bear to her chest.
She shook her head ” I can’t”
“Why?” Nola asked, almost done with cleaning the kitchen.
She was about to go sleep with Ivory in her bedroom cause every worker here is not to be trusted.
“I’m worried” Ivory said sadly.
“I’m worried too” Nola said, she has been thinking about Irene’s mum’s health as she cleaned the kitchen.
“Come here” She consoled ivory by putting her in a hug and rubbing her hair.
“Everything will be fine” She muttered.
“I don’t want to sleep alone tonight, I’m scared. I miss Irene” Ivory said.
“Of course you won’t be sleeping alone, let me finish cleaning the kitchen and we’ll both go to my room. I’ll read you interesting bedtime stories” Nola said and Ivory nodded with a smile.

“What should i help you with?” She asked.
“I’m almost done ivory, there’s nothing left for you to do” Nola said.
“Okay Nola” Ivory said, toying with her teddy bear.
“Go sit in the dining room while i round up” Nola said, knowing she needed time to think about the bedtime stories to tell Ivory.
“Okay” ivory hopped to the dining room.

She dropped her teddy bear on the table and slipped her footwear off her feet.
She stood in the middle of the spacious dining room and started practicing the ballet they were taught earlier in the day.
It seems more difficult without music but being Ivory,she imagined the music playing in her head and started dancing perfectly.
She so much love dancing,she can’t wait to be a grown up so she can show the world how much of a gem ballet is.

“Ivory” Someone called her but she didn’t stopped.
She knew it wasn’t Nola, Nola would never have disturbed her while she’s dancing.
“Ivory” She heard again and groaned before stopping.

She saw it was one of the maids named..Marie through the name tag on her dress.

“What do you want? How dare you interrupt me?” Ivory yelled.
She knew her dad would have reprimanded her if he was here but sometimes these maids needs to be yelled at.

“I’m sorry for yelling but what do you want?” Ivory asked.
“Why haven’t you gone to bed? Go to bed now” Marie ordered.
“Excuse me?” Ivory asked wondering why the lady had so much command in her voice. Irene who’s her nanny doesn’t even speak to her in that manner.
“Hey! You’re not my nanny and you don’t have the right to order me around, your job here is to take care of the house and not me!” Ivory said.
“Shut up little… Just go to bed” Marie said sternly. “Now” She added.

“Are you out of your senses Marie?” Nola asked walking out of the kitchen.
Marie fumed on seeing her, she never knew Nola was in the kitchen.
“How dare you speak to Ivory that way, you’re not allowed to do that okay? You’re just a common maid here, get that into your head!” Nola warned.
“I was only trying to get her to bed….” Marie was saying.
“By forcing her?” Nola asked.
She never liked Marie from the start.

“It’s late already” Marie said.
“You’re not supposed to order her to go to bed in the first place okay? If you try this again, I’ll have to report you to Mr Harold” Nola said and Marie walked away angrily.

“Let’s go to bed Ivory” Nola said and took ivory’s hand.


📞If you can’t do it, just go call on Alex.

📞Well, it’s not like i can’t. I’d do anything to hurt the girl,she’s so rude and spoilt but the thing is…

📞What?.. hurry up, Carrle mustn’t wake up…

📞The girl is not in her room anymore, Nola already took her to her room.

📞What! Why did you allow that happen?” Ethan yelled.

📞I wa..” Marie was saying.

📞You know what? You’re so dumb! Get the hell off my phone” Ethan disconnected the call angrily.

“Damn!” Marie swore.

🍂 Next Morning 🍂

“Damien just go prepare for school, I’ll be with Mum” Irene said for the umpteenth time.
“I don’t want to leave” Damien said.
“Mum will be fine, she won’t be glad you missed classes because of her”
“You should go to school, you’ll still get to check on her when you’re back, even if you wait, you won’t be able to see her till they’re done with the surgeries and i guess it’ll take more than a day so just go to school, she’ll be fine” Harold said.

“Okay” Damien said, stepping down from the bed.
The had slept in an empty ward containing two beds.
Harold slept in one while Irene and Damien shared one.

“Go tell my driver to take you home and drop you in school after you’re done preparing” Harold said.
His driver had went home yesternight and came back this morning.
“Huh? He should drop me in school too?” Damien asked.
“Yeah” Harold said.
Damien glanced at his sister and she shrugged.
“Thank you” Damien grinned, already imagining the look that’ll be on his everyone’s face when he steps down from the limousine.
“I should leave now” He hugged his sister and waved to.

He beamed as he walked to the door, the conversation he had with Harold yesternight had been awesome.
Harold Marshall is even more intelligent than Damien thought he’d be, he proved himself worthy to be a role model.
He’s everything Irene had mentioned and he didn’t regret choosing to look up to him.
“Will i meet you here when I’m back from school?” Damien asked, holding the door knob.
“Of course” Harold said.
“No, he’ll be going to work” Irene said and Harold glanced at her.
“Ohh” Damien said,a bit sadly.
“Bye” He added before walking out of the door.

“I never told you i was going to work” Harold faced Irene.
“You go to work everyday and i wouldn’t allow you miss work today because of my mum”
“I own the work you’re talking about. I can decide not to go and everything will still be in place”
“I know but please you can’t miss work just because of us. You did so much already” Irene said.

“Good morning Mr Harold, Irene” Doc Fern said, walking into the ward .
“Good morning”
“I know you must have felt so uncomfortable on the bed,you should go home now and have a rest ” Doc Fern said to Harold..
“No, it’s fine” Harold said.
“Ohh…okay, the surgeries will begin once the specialists are here,so I’ll want you both to go home,clean up and probably eat before they arrive”
“Ohh..okay, i should call Eric to drive here after he drops Ivory” Harold said and Irene smiled.
They had talked to Ivory and Nola over the phone this morning and she miss the little girl overnight,she missed dressing her up for school too.

📞Hey Eric..” Harold said into the phone.

📞 Good morning Mr Harold.

📞 Good morning, drive straight to the hospital after you drop Ivory.

📞I dropped her already, I’ll be coming right away.

📞Ohh… okay.

“Do you need anything before your driver arrive?” Doc Fern asked.
“No, we’re fine… Irene do you need anything?” Harold asked.
“No” Irene shook her head even though she badly wanted to take water.
“I guess the young sir has gone to school” Doc Fern said.
“Yeah” Irene smiled.
“Alright then” Doc Fern said before walking out of the door.

“Eric will get here soon” Harold said to irene who was repacking her hair.
He smiled as their gazes locked.

“Why..are you being so nice to me?” Irene asked.
“You think there’s a reason?” Harold asked.
“I know you’re a philanthropist Harold but do you want anything from me… I’ll..gladly give you” Irene said.

“You will?” Harold asked.
“Yes” Irene shifted closer to him.
She has feelings for Harold and at this point she doesn’t even care if he finds out or not.
What lingers in her mind right now is if he feels the same way for her.
She had caught him stare at her several times….but that doesn’t mean he feels the same way for her too.
“What i want from you is not the reason I’m doing all these, i helped you because i wanted to, nothing attached.”
“Okay,I’m glad you really want something from me, I’ll gladly do anything for you?” Irene said.
“I like you Irene. I have feelings for you” Harold said and her heart pumped twice faster.
“And i want to know if you trust me enough to put your heart in my care” Harold added and Irene felt her world spin.

She swallowed hard, wondering if this was a dream.
‘Yes…yes…yes’ Her mind screamed but her eyes and mouth remained pinned.

Her cheeks were almost the same colour as red roses.

“Good morning Mr Harold” The door opened.
Alex, Tom and Eric stepped in and with one glance at Irene…Alex knew what was going on.


Finally! Harold reveal his feelings 😍😍😍😍
I wish Alex, Tom and Eric would not interrupt them😂😂🏌️

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Jidda mj
Jidda mj
17 days ago

At last oooh the begining of a beautiful love journey, am tired of this alex guy…hmm marie yrplans wont work

Eze Stephen
Eze Stephen
17 days ago

Interesting 😋😋🥰🥰

Hope Tochukwu
Hope Tochukwu
17 days ago

Wow! I so much love this story and how it’s being unfold, thank you oprade for this wonderful novel.