Who Love Me Most – Season 2 Episode 6

Who Love Me Most

Chidi went to amara house the next day,emma advice him to go and also gave him the address, he parked at the side of the house,he came down and went to knock on the gate the gate open the gate.

Gateman :good morning sir
Chidi :good morning,
Gateman :who you be and who you dey look for
Chidi:am looking for the amara,
Gateman :you dey look for madam, she dey inside,come inside
Chidi:don’t worry just tell her am waiting for her outside
Gateman :waytin i go tell am say your name be
Chidi :emma
Gateman key oh,wait make i call her
He close the gate and went to call amara, not less then two minutes amara opened the gate and saw chidi,she was shocked to see him she actually thought it was emma,she walked to where chidi was standing
Amara :chidi what are you doing here,don’t you know if…..
Chidi interrupted her
Chidi:if maxwell see us together, he will get mad,he will get angry or crazy
Amara :i mean i don’t want….
Chidi :you don’t want me to hurt him again
Amara got upset
Amara :stop involving maxwell to our conversation
Chidi :i know you are trying to avoid me but why,why are you pushing my away from your life ,you are treating me like am outcast in your life.
Amara:chidi,what do you really want from me
Chidi:i want you
Amara :chidi we can never come back together again, you know am engaged and it won’t be right if people sees us together, else they will start thinking otherwise
Chidi:do you really think i give a F**K what people say
Amara :well I do,and if they start talking it will get to the ears of both maxwell and my parents,i don’t want to destroy my wedding
Chidi laughed and amara was surprise to see him laughing
Chidi :your engagement with maxwell is at the brink of collapsing, so what makes you think my involvement will make it end

Amara :what is the meaning of that

Chidi came closer to her
Chidi :i know you are not happy with maxwell, so don’t even try to pretend because it written all over your face,i can see it in your face and i can feel it in your breath.
Amara was now feeling uncomfortable because she knows where this was heading to
Amara :chidi you need to start going now
Chidi :you want me to leave because am saying the truth
Amara :no,i just want you to leave you are causing alot of problems around me and i don’t want that,i want you to stop all this
Chidi :you want me to stay away from you
Amara :yes,please
Amara couldn’t stop her tear to rolling down her cheek
Amara :since your absence i have been doing fine,your presence is hurting me,just leave me alone
Chidi :no amara i can’t do that,do you really want me to go away (Chidi held her by the arms)look into my eyes and tell me you want me to leave you alone
Amara looked at him but couldn’t say anything, does she really want him to leave
Chidi :i love you Amara so much that I can’t stay without you,do you have any idea how i have been all this years,i missed you so much (and he hugged her amara was speechless she didn’t hug him back)i am sorry for what I said the other time at the party i was just angry at myself because you should be wearing my ring not his,if only I have travelled all this couldn’t have gone this far,i am sorry for leaving an so sorry for everything, i have missed you so much.

Amara couldn’t do anything,she just cried,they were hugging so passionately, they were brought back to reality when they heard a voice behind them,Amara quickly remove herself from chidi,chidi was just smiling looking at maxwell who was so surprised and angry to see chidi and most especially the fate that they were hugging.

Maxwell :you
Chidi :yes me,are you surprised, so you really think i won’t come back,are you shock to see me,don’t tell me you are scared
Maxwell :you must be a big fool if you think I am scared of you,what are you doing here
Chidi :what does it look like i am doing
Maxwell :now you listen to me,Amara is mine and the better that get into your head the better for you
Chidi :and who is dragging her with you,don’t tell me you are insecure, oh I know why because of me
Maxwell :i know why you are here,you want to try to stop us from getting married but let me tell you nobody can stop us from getting married.
Chidi :don’t be too sure
Maxwell walked close to chidi
Maxwell :don’t dare me chidi, don’t try to play a game you can’t finish
Chidi whisper in his ear
Chidi :we started this game Long time ago and guess what I came full prepared, and you know i can beat you to it this time do you want to know why because you and i know who her heart truly beat for.
Maxwell angrily pushed chidi, chidi began to laugh because to him getting maxwell angry was fun,maxwell was now at the top of his voice
Maxwell :you will never win,not in this life or the next life,i rather die to allow it happen.
Chidi :don’t say it out loud,the walls have ears and you know your wish might come to pass.
Maxwell :you are crazy, you fool
Chidi :you have a nice day maxwell, till we meet again
Chidi looked at amara and walked to his car and drove off,he was really satisfied and he was happy that you got when he wanted, as soon as he left maxwell turned to amara, Amara was already scared because she don’t want any problem from maxwell
Maxwell :this is it right, standing in front of the house is bought with my money hugging another man,is this how to thank me for all i have been doing for you,answer me.
Amara knew where this was going to,she quickly ran inside the house and lock the gate, maxwell wanted to stop her but she was very fast,maxwell began to hit the gate
Maxwell : open this gate amara, i said open the gate,you don’t want to right,no problem but you better don’t come out,you better don’t.
He was till hitting the gate shouting what mrs uche came,she was so surprised to see maxwell angrily hitting the gate.
Mrs uche :maxwell, maxwell
Maxwell :mama,amare is really getting me angry,she is driving me crazy.
Mrs uche :calm down,don’t worry what ever the problem is it will be settled, where is she
Maxwell :she is inside,she lock me outside
Mrs uche went to the gate and knocked calling out the gate man name
Gateman :mama,is that you
Mrs uche :will you open this gate
The Gateman opened the gate
Mrs uche :why didn’t you open the gate for him
Gateman :sorry mama,but madam say make i know open the gate for am
Mrs uche :now go and open the gate for him so that he can drive in
The gate man went to open the gate for maxwell, mrs uche pleased with maxwell to drive in which he did and they both went inside, amare was already in her room but Mrs uche called her,mrs uche tried and settled the problem, mrs uche later left them in the sitting room,Amare apologies for what happened and maxwell had to calm down,he later left amara house but was very determine to act fast,he has come this far to let chidi spoil his plans.

What do you think will be his next move let’s fine out in the next episode


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