This Tithe Issue!

This Tithe Issue!

This Tithe Issue!

You are not paying tithe abi?
So, did any pastor flog you?

No no no no no, wait first;
Has any pastor walked up to you and collected your “hard earned money” from you?

I believe NO is your answer!

So, why the noise? Why are you shouting here on social media?

You have succeeded not to pay tithe, and nobody is saying you will go to hell if you don’t pay tithe…so, why the noise?

Why not allow those tithing to tithe in peace?
Are you the financial secretary of their finances? Watin dey do you self?

And when Daddy Freeze is talking, you are happy…not knowing that you are already freezed!

I tithe…come and take cane and flog me…no no no no no, just come…come first…come and flog me for wasting my money on Kingdom stuffs

Just ten percent you are struggling abi? What if I tell you the real deal?👇

The bible said we have been bought with a price…that we are no longer our own…in other words, everything when we get, no be we get am…na God get am

If we look at that scripture intently and apply it to our finances, you will know that all your money belongs to God. We are expected to live our lives trusting God daily irrespective of the millions in our account

To make it clearer,👇
If you have 1million, you are not expected to take a pin from it…the 1million belongs to God…not even 10%. So, how do you live?👇
By trusting God daily

Oga, your money is not your own!
Everything belongs to God
So therefore, how far?

You see?

May God grant you understanding!


This Tithe

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