This One Is Too Much For Me! Part 1 – Evang Kemi Longe

This One Is Too Much For Me! Part 1 - Evang Kemi Longe

This One Is Too Much For Me! Part 1 – Evang Kemi Longe

Is this a friend or an enemy? Is this a Christian sister or what? I use to share all my life with her. She has been my best friend since secondary school days. She brought me close to Christ. A dedicated believer so to say.

Bimbo is very pretty! Oh yes I know, but the fact that I got engaged before her despite her better spiritual understanding than me still kept her wondering. I use to believe that she is even prettier than I do.

Two times at our school fellowship it has happened that she got angry at the proposals I had. Although I prayed and I was not led to go into those relationships. But it was so clear that she was so jealous. But up till now I didn’t know why, especially for her better spiritual understanding.

What can both of them be doing together in her room?? Up till now I’m still thinking about that. As late as that? Bro Yemi and I had just concluded to go to the alter after our three years and two month courtship. I have met his family. They are so lovely and so kind a people to be with. She loved my dad and my siblings, and it didn’t make a difference I had lost my mum when he visited my family.

His new job has been a good factor for us proceeding to the altar of marriage this year. Oh! I see him as a man that fear God and love him with all his heart. He has really been helpful to my spiritual life. Through him I was able to build a consistent word and prayer life.

His prayer life was so challenging to me. oh! You can’t walk with him and be cold. He said he got that from his mother who taught him the act of prayer from a very young age. He always make me remember my mum. Sweet mum!

He love his mum so so much. And will always make me jealous with their relationship.

I can’t believe what I saw!! This is a man that hate sexual immorality with all his blood. He proved this throughout the length of our courtship.

Bimbo and I stay together in a two bedroom flat. She is a nurse by profession but I’m a professional teacher. We attended same institution and same fellowship at school. Our love for each other continued after school. Luck brought us together in same city after school, so we decided to stay together.

Almost every weekend Bro Yemi must visit us. Most times we entertain him together. But recently I noticed a change in his visit. He may just visit once or twice in the month. Every time I complain, he will give an excuse of being too busy lately.

Every one in our neighborhood use to see Bimbo and I as twins sisters. We do everything together. I’m an usher at church but she is the choir leader of our church.

During this last long vacation at school, I planned to travel to see my Dad about my engagement programme with bro Yemi. The weekend I was to go home was the same weekend Bimbo told me she will be starting her leave.

I persuaded her to travel home with me, may be she could start her ‘best lady’ assignment I thought, but she said she has lots of engagement at the church with the choir. So I decided to travel home alone.

I travelled on a Friday evening and I planned to come back after two weeks.

My dad’s love for me won’t let me feel her absence too much, so I worry less about her going with me. I know I will be consumed with lots of activities at home with the family.

My dad had visited the registry office on our behalf in preparation for the registry wedding. And so on getting home, I found out that he needed some documents to submit at the registry and then I planned to travel back on Sunday to get the documents.

Before I travelled, bro Yemi’s coldness to me gave me great concern. He now seldom call me nor initiate chats, I’m the one that usually call him and initiate chats unlike before.

When I told him about my plans to travel home to sort out preparations for our traditional wedding, I saw no excitement like I expected. He just responded coldly ‘Ok’.

I was so sure something was wrong with him definitely that I couldn’t unravel. I can recall how he use to give me gifts which of recent had stopped.

Although, I thought the wedding plans was weighing him down. He was suppose to also discuss with his parents about our recent plans on the wedding. But to my surprise his response was always same when I ask if he has done that “I have no problems with my parents, they will follow our programmes, I will try and see them” three times he answered me in this manner.

On Sunday after the house fellowship at home around 6:00 pm, I left for Ibadan as I planned. I got to Ibadan exactly 8:35. It was a little difficult for me to get a cab home, so I decided to call bro Yemi, may be he could come and pick me and drop me at home in his car, but his line was switched off.

I had earlier called him twice, to tell him I will be returning to get the documents, but his phone rang the two times without response. I was expecting him to call me back which he didn’t do. I didn’t want to call Bimbo because I wanted her see me back home surprised.

I was still thinking on how I will get home when this cab parked by me asking me where I was going. Without even answering first, I opened the door and hopped in. He was my saviour that evening, by that time It was 9:24.

On getting home, I knocked and knocked the gate, no response. This was when I decided to call Bimbo. She picked my call immediately. She shouted with amazement when I said I was at the gate. But to my surprise, It was after ten minutes I decided to call her again when I didn’t see her coming to open the gate. But my sister said she was still looking for the gate’s key.

Eventually, Bimbo came to open the gate. I was so tired to explain the situation of things that brought me back, I just told her I was tired and will explain everything to her tomorrow. All I needed was a rest.

But on getting to the living room together, I noticed that she was so discomposed. She was looking so tensed, disturbed or bothered. I couldn’t really get that look on her face. Definitely “she was not excited to see me at all”, I said to my self.

I walked to the three seater sofa in the living room, pounced on it to lie down. That sofa was facing where she was standing gazing at me. I was looking at her carefully to guess what her problem was. My Bimbo I use to know would have offered me food and water. She didn’t even hug me when I entered from the gate. That was unusual too.

As I lied down I asked “Bimbo!! are you OK?” yes yes! She said jiltering. By that time I was more than double sure something was fishy. I guessed she was keeping something. What was it, I wasn’t sure. I further said “I can smell Spaghetti or Noddles, do you have some? have you just eaten? I stood up walking to the kitchen to find out by myself for her slow responses.

On the sink top were two used plates with forks in them, two wine cups already used too, lying on a tray. She was following behind me to the kitchen while answering that she has just eaten, but there was not any left over. The expression on my face with great surprise seeing an extra dish suggested to her I needed an answer to the silent questions from my heart.

Bimbo is an introvert, apart from Bro Yemi that use to come around to see me, I don’t usually bring friends home except on few occasions and that is if it’s very necessary, just because she does not buy that idea. she does not make friends easily. I didn’t know any close friend with her, except few choir members that have reasons to check her at home once in a while. But then, will any of them check on her this late?

I was so confused who that visitor that took dinner with her could be. Could she be dating anyone without letting me know? But why? All these questions was almost running me mad in my mind. I was so expectant of who she will say the visitor was, but to my surprise, she left the kitchen without uttering a word on that. I became more worried. This is not my friend! I said in my mind.

She sat down calmly on one of the single sofa in the living room. I walked straight to her, sat on the arm of her sofa and said, “Bimbo who was your visitor? and why are you so tensed up and also behaving as if I’m no longer welcome in this house?”

To my greatest surprise she stood up angrily and shouted back “why are you monitoring my life? and when has it become a crime to have a visitor? I knew it, you didn’t travel! you only stayed out to monitor my life!”

I almost bursted into tears at her response, I stood up immediately and tried to pull her to myself to calm her down, but she brushed me aside, walked past me, and went straight to her bedroom, she shut the door behind her. I stood at that point speechless.

I was speechless. What could have gotten over Bimbo? This one is just too much for me to think about. I have never seen Bimbo get angry in that manner ever since we’ve been friends. It’s been over 10 years now.

What is going on? I couldn’t go to my room to sleep. I sat down on one of the sofa in the living room thinking and thinking. What I’ve I done to her? I couldn’t stop thinking.

About thirty minutes later, I was still in the living room lying down on the sofa not able to get to sleep when I heard the sound of her room’s door. She came out from her room with Dr Lawrence. Incredible!!!

Is this really a friend?? Double lifestyle!

I have met Dr Lawrence once at Bimbo’s working place sometime ago when I visited the hospital for treatment. I remembered how she introduced him to me as the new doctor just posted to the clinic. He is her colleague at the hospital.

What was Dr Lawrence doing in her room at that ungodly hour? This is unbelievable to me. I didn’t say a word. We exchanged greetings. She escorted him out. It was this scene that made me to remember the Toyota corolla I met at our gate while waiting for Bimbo to open the gate.

Everything now made sense to me. The Toyota corolla was Dr Lawrence’s. The extra dishes too. The two wine cups. They had dinner together. So Dr Lawrence was the hidden visitor. I can’t imagine!

Now that it was clear to me, I was ready to face her and confront her.

She is a leader at church. I have always seen her as a good Christian.

Immediately she came in, I confronted her. I didn’t care she will get angry again. “Why are you living a double life style dear sister? You kept a man in your room so late?

What of if I didn’t come back home? You want him sleep in our house right on your bed? What??

For God sake what is this?”

I thought she will be sober, instead she replied: “Are you the only one that will get engaged? Are you the only one all brothers must propose to? Am I not older than you? You want me best you on your wedding right? You are the one that even suppose to do that for me. Let me tell you this, I am getting married by this year December by God’s grace. Don’t tell me you are jealous! Are you not happy that I have a reasonable suitor?”

I was so surprised and speechless. So Bimbo has been jealous of me all this while. Is this a friend or an enemy? She has been jealous because I wanted to get married. She is ready to marry just anyone for that. She is ready to throw away all her virtue just for envy. Hmm! A reasonable person? Dr Lawrence is not a believer! I remembered she once told me he was throwing passes at her sometimes ago. And I counselled her to take her stand.

Has she really fallen for him? She now called him a reasonable suitor. A man she once called an unbeliever. How can I persuade her to stop. Envy has overcame her. I am not in the best position to talk to her or stop her. I went straight into my room pretended I didn’t hear all she was ranting. Oh Lord have mercy on Bimbo was my prayer before I slept off.

Now Monday was a Valentine’s Day. Bimbo was on leave and I had also taken a casual leave from work to travel home and sort things out on my wedding plans. So I woke up a little late on that Monday morning. I had plans earlier to pick the documents and travel back that Monday morning. But what I met on ground again kept me wondering if I will be able to follow my original plan of going back home on Monday morning.

By the time I came out of my room, I met Bimbo at the kitchen cooking. We exchanged greetings, although she was not all that happy, with her looks I can notice that. She continued slicing her plantain after greeting me. Then I said: “Bimbo I just came back to pick some of the documents I will need to submit at the registry in preparation for the registry wedding.

But I will love to have a little time to discuss with you before I return home this morning” I have not finished expressing my self when she said “sorry! that may not be possible, as you can see that today is Valentine’s day, I have a date with my sweetheart” then I said “OK! may be I will wait till tomorrow before I go back to Ilesa, so I can have chance to discuss with you.”

But she didn’t say anything after that. I left her in the kitchen cooking. By the time I got back to the room, I noticed that bro Yemi had been calling. I met the notification of his missed calls on my phone. Not only that, I noticed he had dropped a message probably because he didn’t get through to me.

He explained in the message that he missed my calls but was out of air time to call back then. He promised to call at our place to check me and drop the documents after work. I left a message for him too last night to explain my mission back to Ibadan because I will need some documents from him too.

Bro Yemi is a doctor too, but he works at a private hospital unlike Bimbo and Dr Lawrence. I guess Bimbo love to marry a doctor just because she is envying my relationship.

I was not satisfied with Brother Yemi’s arrangement at all. I needed time with Bimbo in the evening after her Valentine’s outing. So I decided to check him up at work against his proposal of coming on visit to my place.

I was about finishing dressing up after I took my bath, that I heard the door bell. So early?? Who was an early visitor? On getting to the living room, I saw Bimbo flying out of the living room’s door to check who was at the gate I guessed. I went back to my room to complete my dressing.

Our visitor was Dr Lawrence dressed in a black suit, red shirt and a black bow tie to match. Really he was looking so smaching. When I met him sitting comfortably on one of the sofa in the living room, he stood up, stretched his hand to shake me while greeting me. We exchanged pleasantries. I dashed to the kitchen to get some rice and plantain with some pieces of chicken I met fried.

I was wondering about my friend sudden change to an early waker to prepare food. This is miracoulous because Bimbo will never cook unless I’m sick. To worsen the case, she had never prepared breakfast in that house before. I’m her cook! If I can’t fix breakfast, then we both are going to work without food on that day for sure. But now Dr Lawrence had changed my wonderful friend and sister surprisingly. I didn’t notice a well set table for two, until I brought my food to the dinning table. I got the message immediately.

She had been expecting Dr Lawrence for breakfast. I gulped down my food very fast, preparing to give them space, but I was about to finish eating when my darling friend came out from her room in a very beautiful red dinner gown. I knew Bimbo is very beautiful but I had never seen her in this manner before. She was so lovely in this dress. I can’t explain the romantic scene I saw that day.

In her pencil-heel black shoe, she walked past me to the sitting room inviting Dr Lawrence to come to the table for breakfast. He stood up, pulled her to himself and gave her a deep kiss right in front of me. This one is too much for me!! I can’t imagine that Bimbo can change in a little frame of time. Everything Bimbo had condemned I saw her approving.

I packed my dishes to the kitchen, excused my self and set out to see Bro Yemi at work.

Although it is too early for him to expect a visitor I thought as I was entering the hospital compound. I have not entered the passage leading to his office when I met a nurse that told me that he was not on duty. She said that he was on night duty.

I became curious and my heart was beating so fast. But why can’t he check me at home in the morning? The couple love scene I left at home made me so worried. Knowing fully well that the day was a valentine’s day. Could he be up to something too? Considering all his recent behaviours.

I can’t remember if I was shaking, but I remembered that immediately I left the hospital premises, I jumped on a bike to take me straight away to his flat. The house has no compound, so I went straight to his door, pressed the door bell. I almost fainted when a lady unknown to me came to answer the door. She was in a red bump short and a white sleeveless top. I felt like pulling her with her very long golden brown weave-on on her head, but I refrained, and said to her “good morning, please I’m here to see bro Yemi” she stood there blocking the door with her slim body and shouted

“Yemi we have a visitor”

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