THE STING OF POVERTY Episode 2 – King Sley



Daniel angrily left home in search of a restaurant to buy Fufu and Nsala soup;which was his favorite

He went to two restaurants,but unfortunately their soups has finished

Daniel was so Livid. He couldn’t believe that he will still be jumping from one restaurant to the other after getting married.

When the two restaurants told him that their food has finished,Daniel decided to try out the only last restaurant that he knew

Fortunately for him,they still had soup.He quickly ordered for three wraps of Fufu and Nsala soup

Daniel loosed his belt immediately and devoured his food,he even asked for an extra plate

When Equitos;the waiter that served him food came to collect his bill after he was done eating,she kept looking at him strangely before she decided to say what’s on her mind

“Sir Daniel… No vex oh, but I thought you just got married?… I wasn’t really expecting you to come to our restaurant this soon… Hope all is well?… Or have you divorced your wife?… Me, I already know that nowadays Genz generation marriage Don’t use to last”

“… Don’t be angry that I’m asking you all this questions oh,is just that I was not expecting to see you here oh” Equitos added

The word Equitos just blurted almost got to Daniel,but he decided to masked his feelings and cover his home

“Equi…. This is new year,please change from being an individual with itching ears, I came here to eat because I don’t want to stress my wife out,I want her to be young forever for me” Daniel said as he smiled

Equitos couldn’t believe what she just heard

“Wow!… You are a good man, oh, hmmmm… Where do people use to see this love, Na wa oh… Kia I just wish i can apply to be your second wife,so that i won’t be cooking for you “ Equitos said as was waiting for a response

But Daniel simply said
“I don’t need a second wife” he picked his car keys and left the restaurant

Immediately Daniel stormed out of the house in anger because there was no food to eat at home

Vivian picked up her phone and called her mother,but she wasn’t picking up

It was after an hour that she was able to reach her. Vivian narrated what was going on in her home to her mother

Mama assured her not to worry,that she will send some of her soup to her through a dispatch rider

Vivian was perturbed as she kept asking her mother if this is how she was going to continue living her life, but Mama told her not to worry,that she will start ordering soup and stews online for her so that she won’t have to lose her home

They were still on the call when someone cleared his throat, Vivian turned around and was shocked to see that her husband was home and he was staring at her in amusement

“Honey you’re back… please for how long have you been here” Vivian asked Daniel

To be continued…….
✍️✍️✍️✍️ King Sley

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