“You’re back honey… please how long have you been standing there?” Vivian asked

Daniel looked at his wife with hands akimbo, and didn’t utter any word,he just walked straight into the room to have his shower

Vivian out of curiosity and also been scared that her husband;Daniel had eavesdrop on her call was even scared of sitting down on the bed

She was just walking to and fro round the room

‘Father Lord help me, let it not be that my husband heard everything I discussed with my mum,he might end up being more angrier than he was’ Vivian thought subconsciously

The bathroom door creaked open and Daniel stepped out,when he saw how his wife was gallivanting, he knew that something was wrong,so he called out to her

“ Vivi… Come”

But Vivian’s heart has trialled Faraway that she didn’t even notice that Daniel was out let alone that he was calling her

Daniel called out to her again,but this time around he was more audible

“Babe!… Come”

Vivian jotted back to reality and walked up to Daniel,but she was so scared of the unknown

Daniel held her by her cheeks and asked

“What’s wrong with you?”

“… Or are you sad because you didn’t prepare my favourite meal for me?”

Vivian nodded gently

“Is nothing honey,we have more hundreds of days to prepare me meal,so just this once you didn’t prepare me my food shouldn’t make me to judge you wrong”

“… I’m sorry I walked out on you earlier on,I won’t do that again, I promise “ Daniel said as he raised his five fingers up

Vivian was shocked,this is far from what she was expecting

“Has my majesty forgiven me?” Daniel asked as he bowed down his hair waiting for a response

This alone made Vivian to burst into laughter

“I’ve forgiven you,your royal majesty” Vivian said as she smiled

“Okay… now let me have my wife to myself” Daniel said as he kissed her on her forehead,on her cheek then on the lips,and the kissing continued.

It was 4:30Am in the morning when Daniel woke up and was feeling so strong and energetic.

He looked at his wife and smiled before pulling her close to himself and landed a soft kiss on her lips

‘Indeed se.x is sweet especially when you enjoy it with your own wife’ Daniel thought to himself

He rushed to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for two, he made toasted bread with scrambled eggs and cheese,then he made a hot steaming tea,he gently placed it in a transparent tray and served it in bed

When Vivian woke up,she couldn’t believe her eyes

“You’re the best honey… this taste so nice” Vivian kept praising her husband and Daniel felt like a king

When they were done with breakfast,Daniel prepared and left for work.

It wasn’t up to 2 hours that Daniel left. Vivian was typing on her system when she heard a knock,she hurriedly opened the door and it was the dispatch rider

She happily collected all the food that Mama ordered for her and she stocked it in the refrigerator,she thought of a way to lighten her husband’s day and she came up with an idea

She decided to take some food to his office and serve him launch there

‘you’re a great wifey ‘ Vivian thought.

She quickly dressed her best,as she took some food that she microwaved to Daniel’s office.

Everyone was stunned to see a glowing beauty in the D & G enterprise,most people that knew who Vivian was told the rest of their colleagues that she was their Boss wife

They all marvelled.

When Daniel saw his wife he was so elated,he hugged her and spin her around in his office

“You bought me a launch?… Aren’t you the sweetest, I feel like making love to you in my office right now,but I won’t, I’m a gentleman” Daniel professed

“Stop,you never stop flattering me… I want to take my leave now, don’t worry I will wait for you at home” Vivian said as she blushed

“Don’t go… stay a little while with me” Daniel pleaded

“If I stay here I will be your distraction,see you at home baby” Vivian said as she kissed Daniel lightly and tried to go,but Daniel held her”

“… Stop honey,this is an office oh”

“Yes is an office and I am the Boss” Daniel said with a smirk on his face

He finally let Vivian go home before checking out the food

He really enjoyed the food,But the food tasted like the food he used to buy in Mama Nkoli’s Hot pot

He gave his PA; George,who happens to be his best friend the remaining food to eat and after eating it,lhe walked to his office and said

“Boss you went to Mama Nkoli’s Hot pot without telling me…”

Daniel immediately knew that something was wrong.

To be continued…..

✍️✍️✍️✍️. King Sley

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