THE STING OF POVERTY Episode 1 – King Sley


BY King Sley

It was 5am in the morning when Daniel woke up for the umpteenth time.

He gazed down at his beautiful wife;Vivian, and for a second he didn’t believe that he was finally married to his missing rib.

Vivian looked so innocent and fragile,Daniel was puzzled at his wife’s beauty as he stroke her hair gently to avoid her waking up

He almost could not believe that It was the first morning after their wedding.

He sat as he was enjoying the moment, when his phone rang,he was taken aback because it was quiet early,he picked up his phone to know who was calling him and behold it was his mother in-law; Mrs Ndidi Obi,so he quickly picked up the call

“Hello good morning ma’am” Daniel greeted calmly

“Good morning my son”

“….I have been trying to reach my daughter, the only thing I have. But I can’t seems to get her” mama voiced coldly

“ Oh… her phone battery went flat yesterday,but let me give her the phone so that you can hear from her “

“….Wakey wakey. Honey your mum is on the phone,take… she has been trying to reach you” Daniel said softly to his wife as she woke up still feeling a little bit dizzy

“ Sweet Mum… Good morning,how are you doing, hope you’re not missing me so much,after crying out loud yesterday?”Vivian asked kindly as she kept stroking Daniel at his chest

“I’m missing you my baby, hope you are not crying again?”

“No ma, I’m fine… my husband is such a thoughtful man and he is taking good care of me,you don’t need to worry much “ Vivian retorted

“Alright … if you say so. So when are you guys travelling for your honeymoon? Hope you will keep me updated ?” Mama asked

“It will be weekend, don’t worry mum, I will surely keep you updated ,take care mummy… i love you mummy“

“I love you too my baby” Mama said as she hung up the call

Vivian’s eyes suddenly lighten up as she saw her husband staring at her like he wants to eat her raw

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Vivian asked smiling

“Why won’t I look at you? Are you not my baby?… Come here beautiful,I haven’t gotten enough of my wife” Daniel said as he pulled Vivian into an embrace and covered her with a duvet and both went back to bed.

Weekend came and they travelled to Paris for their honeymoon,it was a very memorable one that the couple couldn’t recover from

They also visited a resort restaurant beach in France before they headed to Dubai for couple of days before returning to Nigeria to continue their lives

On arriving in Nigeria,Daniel resumed back to work but he always made time to call his wife and know how she was doing.

While at work,he spoke to his wife on the phone that he will soon be coming home, because he was starving and the wife promised to prepare something delicious for him,Daniel became full of anticipation.

It was soon 5:30pm and Daniel branched to an eatery and bought shawarma for his wife and headed home straight.

Ding dong the doorbell rang. Vivian hurriedly headed for the door with so much joy to welcome her God’s sent husband

“My love, you are welcome…. How is work today and your colleagues?”. Vivian asked as she gave Daniel a hug and collected his briefcase

“Fine… Everything is fine” Daniel said as he made way to sit down on the dining table

“Honey please, is the food ready?… Seriously I’m starving “ Daniel said

“Yes baby, I’ll be right back” Vivian chuckles as she watched her husband acts like a teenager because he was hungry

Vivian quickly rushed to the kitchen and she served him fried plantain and egg sauce and went to get him water but the plate was empty before she returned.

Daniel gulped down a glass of water and loosened his belt for the main food, Because he knew Vivian with varieties of soup when they were dating. In his thought, she already knows he’s a fan of swallow; and therefore he thought that the fried plantain and sauce was just an appetiser

When Vivian came back,she quickly sat down and started devouring the shawarma like it’s no man’s business, Daniel was quietly looking at her until she was done.

Daniel said to himself ‘it’s too early to start having problems so let me behave like a gentleman ‘
“Honey please where is my food”?

Vivian didn’t know when she replied
“which food?… Honey I just served you your food”.

To be continued…

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