THE MISSING CHILD Final Part – Sire Prince Jhay

THE MISSING CHILD - Sire Prince Jhay

THE MISSING CHILD Final Part – Sire Prince Jhay

It happened that the school Mrs Mary got employed was the school Amanda was also schooling

The first day Mrs Mary resumed, Amanda was called out to lead the praises and worship on the assembly ground that day.

The moment Mrs Mary set her eyes on Amanda, she had a urge feeling but couldn’t fish out what the feeling was exactly

While she was performing, Mrs Mary glanced at Amanda for a long time and her brain kept flashing back of different memories of her daughter.

“This girl looks exactly like my daughter, her pretty face, gap teeth, voice and everything, hmmm, They so much look alike, could she be the one? AMANDA, hmm, if truly you’re dēãd, May your sōūl rest in perfect pēace, wherever you are, just know that you Mom still loves you” Mrs Mary muttered below her breath sadly

The longer she looks at Amanda, the more she kept having the disturbing thought of her missing daughter.

She didn’t know how, she just started developing a kind of deep feelings for Amanda.

They finished the assembly, each and every one matched to their various classes excitedly with a matching songs.

The headmistress led Mrs Mary to her own class and introduced her to her pupils..

The moment they entered the class, Amanda shouted happily “mummyyy”

“What?, Do you know her before?” The headmistress asked surprisingly

Amanda smiled and looked away shyly.

“By the way, this is your new class teacher, she will be taking you all the subject. Just like your previous teacher. You guys should behave well. I have given her the audacity to deal with anyone that misbehave, Is that understood?” Headmistress asked

“Yes ma” they chorused

“Amanda” when it’s break time, see me in my office

“Ama what? What do you call that her name just now?” Mrs Mary asked curiously

“Amanda,” the headmistress responded,

Mary felt a slight headache hearing that name. She held her head so tight as the memories kept flashing her brain

“What is it?, Hope there’s no problem?” The headmistress asked

“No, I’m fine, I’ll be fine” she responded and sat on her chair

She started having the feeling that Amanda was her daughter she had been looking for but she wasn’t sure

Introduction was done, all the pupils introduced themselves to Mrs Mary.

Mrs Mary called Amanda and asked her series of questions about herself, family and background. Amanda replied accordingly.

Mrs Mary had a discussion about Amanda with the headmistress. She narrated how she lost her daughter few years ago. How her missing daughter made her lōōse everything including her husband.

The headmistress sighed, kept mute staring at Mrs Mary for a while

“Oh, no wonder, she could be your daughter you’ve been looking for. I sensed that resemblance, you and Amanda. The day Mr and Mrs Richard brought this girl, I sensed they never had anything in common, no resemblance at all.” the headmistress said

“Ahhhhhh, so this is the Amanda I have been looking for”

“Noo, don’t say that, we have to find out and confirm it.. you might lõose if you don’t play the game well. You know Mr and Mrs Richard are stinking rich and well connected.” Headmistress retorted

“So what do you think we can do” Mrs Mary asked

“This is what we are going to do, bring your ear” the headmistress said and whisper to Mrs Mary’s ear

“Whatttttt, Really?” Mrs Mary asked with utmost shock

“Yes, trust me, it will work out” headmistress assured

“This is what we are going to do, bring your ear” the headmistress said and whisper to Mrs Mary’s ear

“Whatttttt, Really?” Mrs Mary asked with utmost shock

“Yes, trust me, it will work out” headmistress assured

“Okay, thanks so much for your concern headmistress, I really appreciate” Mrs Mary appreciated

Mrs Mary left happily and with a settled mind.

Few moment later, Mrs Mary attended to her pupils, her teachings was so interesting and fun that the pupils were satisfied and happy.

Later that day at 4pm, the Time keeper brought out the school bell and rang it for closing time. The whole students were so excited and they started leaving the school premises one after the other.

“Mummyyy, I want to discuss something important with you?”Amanda said to Mrs Mary. Mrs Mary was surprised to hear that statement.

“Yes, I and you alone” Amanda said. The whole students left the class and it was left with Amanda and Mrs Mary alone

“Mummy, I know You’re my biological mother, Mrs Richard and his wife adopted me that year. They ran away with me They had tried as much as possible to change my name but I insisted . The day you came here looking for a teaching job, I was the one that pleaded our headmistress to employ you”

Mrs Mary heaved a deep sighed. She was dumbfounded at what Amanda had just said. Aside the fact that Amanda was so smart, she was so amazed a small girl like her could recognize her.

“I’ve been keeping this as a secret, but always praying I set my eyes on you again, and here we are”

Mrs Mary looked straight into Amanda’s eyes and the memories where she was looking for Amanda in the market square flashed back her brain

“I know you’re so eager to have me back but mom, we need little patience and everything will be solved.” Amanda proceeded

“Amanda, I missed you so much”

“I missed you more Mom” Amanda said and embraced her mom

Suddenly a car horn interupted their conversation. “Oh, this Man is around already”

“Who” Mrs Mary asked curiously

“Mr Richard” Amanda said and took her leave immediately to meet Mr Richard. Mrs Mary followed her to see who the so-called Mr Richard was. Mr Richard embraced Amanda, they hopped into the car and zoomed off immediately.

Few month later, the school drama day was fast approaching. The school authority delibrately fixed the day purposely to reveal the hidden secret. Parents, teachers and students from other schools were also invited. Mr and Mrs Richard were one of the guests to seat on the high table.

The day had arrived and they started the drama presentation. Amanda was the protagonist of the drama.

In the drama was a lady who got missing in a market square, her mom looked for her till night fall, Fortunately, a man rescued her that night but when he got home, her wife convinced him to run away with her because they didn’t have a child of their own. They ran away and after five years the real mother of the child and the child met again

Mr and Mrs Richard was so shocked to see the drama. They got shocked, confused and restless

Amanda mounted the stage and made a public announcement that the drama was a real life story. She confessed her real mother to the crowd.

The whole congregations were surprised and emotional. Mr and Mrs Richard were so ashamed. they were about to leave the hall and the police officers and soldiers who had already surrounded the school premises appeared and got them arrested

Mr and Mrs Richard was charged to court and was given 20 years imprisonment.

Everyone was happy to hear the news, the news got to Amanda’s dad too. Mrs Mary and and her husband met again and reunited with each other.

As soon as Amanda started living with them, their riches and wealth restored back and they started living happily together.

The End

Sire Prince Jhay

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John Michael
John Michael
1 year ago

I’m so surprised I met my stories here

1 year ago
Reply to  John Michael

Great skills always find is way around the world ..

Sire Prince jhay
Sire Prince jhay
1 year ago


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