** Logan’s pov continues **
I walked up to Lia and Betty who were dancing, crazily and laughing and screaming to the music.. I can’t believe she’ll get this drunk, I thought she said she didn’t drink, or take alcohol, Lia is such a headache..
“Lia!” I called as I got to close to her, she stopped dancing but still she was moving her body a bit to the sound of the music..
“hey babe” she said happily and held my hands “come dance with me” she said swinging my hands and then bringing it to her waist
Such a wild temptation but I’m not stupid..
“you’re drunk LIA, come-on am taking you home you just ruined the party for both of us” I said and sighed bitterly taking her hand
“what?.. I don’t want to go home I’m really having fun babe” she said trying to act cool, okay hearing the word ‘babe’ from her is totally weird. .
“I don’t care if you’re having fun or not, we’re going home” I said bodly and she pouts
“but I don’t want to go home” she said with a shaky voice, it was like she was about to cry, and before I could turn she was already sniffing, oh god she’s crying..
“come-on Lia, don’t cry” I said calmly but she shook her head negatively
“why wouldn’t I cry when I’m having fun and you want to ruin that for me” she said and sniffed and somehow I kind of pitied her but still this isn’t Her.. The drink’s working her..
“okay.. I’m sorry I promise if we go home I’ll make it up to you”i said calmly and tried to drag her but she forcefully said no and pulled her hand from mine, unfortunately falling into the swimming pool
Damn it..
I immediately got close to the pool and dragged her out and she hugged me and cried on my shoulder, I sighed and said
“see what happens when you don’t listen to me” I said and cried even more loudly well thank god the music is way way more louder than her voice..
I took her outside, and she was shivering real bad, she’s soaking wet, her hair and her dress were dropping out .. We got to the car outside and got in and Lia wet body wet the car seat and she kept shifting uncomfortably and groaning in the car till we get home..
We both went inside and she kept staggering on the stairs that I had to hold her all the way, she tried to move away from my grip but I was too strong for her..
We got inside our room and she wanted to jump on the bed but I stopped her and “let go of me” she said wiggling her body “I’m sleepy” she said
“you’re not laying on that bed with your wet body” I tell her and she struggled even more
“you must take off your dress first” I tell her and she shook her head negatively, she’s stubborn even when she’s not drunk and now is worst.
“please Lia, just go into the bathroom and take off your dress and put a towel around your body and I promise you you’re going to sleep” I said and she stopped struggling to get out of my grip and said
“really” she said tiredly and I replied her a yes and I hear her sigh.. She staggers slowly to the bathroom and slammed the door loudly, damn..
Seconds later she stumbles out of the bathroom still with her dress on..
“help me unzip this” she said referring to her dress
“but you zipped it this evening your self” I said
“I did?” she asked and laughed….
She is so not drinking again, not on my watch..
“come here” I tell her she came close to me and i unzipped it and she walked back to the bathroom laughing..
I removed my jacket and sighed heavily before pushing my closet open and taking one of my shirt.. I walked to the bathroom and knocked then opened it a little and stretched my hand in, “take this and put on” I said to her from outside and. I. Felt the shirt snatched from my hand and I breathed a sigh of relief, and inked she closed the door in my hand..
Dang it..
I removed my hand and closed the door, groaning in pain , I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited patiently, few minutes later she came out wearing my shirt and it stopped right at her thigh, and I wasn’t surprised she was still wearing her high heels..
“you still have your shoes on” I tell and she tried to look at them almost loosing her balance.. I stood up and carefully walk her to the bed where she sat down and i removed her shoes..
“yay I’m free” she said playfully and raised her hands in the air child-like.. “yeah you’re free, now go to sleep” I tell her and she gave me an odd look..
“what?”I asked as I put her shoes by the side of the closet
“you’re mean?” she pout and folds her arm aggressively
I’m not mean you’re just drunk, I want to tell her, but it will fill in for the mean she’s talking about
“okay I’m sorry, Lia just go to sleep” I said as calmly as ever
“okay, but you’ll stay with me” she said and I nodded .. She crawled into the bed and I covered the blanket over her body and she smiled, while I Laid beside her and she smiled even more and hugged me tightly.. And before I knew it she fell asleep..
** LIA’S POV **
I woke up the next morning and found my self holding Logan
What the..
I let go of him and sat down .. My head was pounding and when I looked at my body and found out I was wearing Logan’s shirt
“what the hell happened” I asked my self in a whisper and sighed, I suddenly remembered everything that happened last night.. After taking five cups of vodka, Betty got to go and then she asked Carlos and when Carlos did his dare by kissing a girl, she had to take the five cups of vodka too, and we both got real drunk that we started walking around drinking from any bottle and laughing to our self.. Before dancing beside the pool..
“Dang it” I said and moved my hair back.. I came down from the bed and pull the hem of Logan’s shirt on my body… I went downstairs and went straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water.. After taking the water I was about to walk out when I bumped into Logan..
“oh hey, good morning” I said and moved back..
“hi.. Good morning to you too” he replied and smiled. I smiled back and sighed not knowing where to start from..
“so about last night!” we both said together and laughed
“you go first” he tells me with a smile
“yeah about last night… I’m really stubborn, I’m sorry for everything I’m serously sorry” I said and mushed my lips together.. While he chuckled
“you remember everything?” he asked
“yeah” I said scratching my itchy hair..
“you have a really have a good memory, some people don’t” he said and I shrugged and smiled
“well it’s good you’re back to normal, taking care of drunk Amelia, was like taming a tiger” he said and I laughed
“sorry” I said playfully with a smile and he huffed and said
“don’t worry, it’s not that regretful since the tiger is actually my wife. So why don’t you go rest while I make us breakfast”
“um I can do it” I offered while he shot me a glare
“fine I’ll go” I rolled my eyes and he laughed lightly.. While I walked out of the kitchen, “oh and while you’re resting Iia order some groceries from the grocery store down town, look in my wallet and you’ll see a coupon just copy the number from it and make the delivery” he yelled and I yelled “got it” before heading upstairs..
I slowly got on the bed and my phone started ringing, I saw my purse and opened it and saw my phone, I grabbed it and it was Betty calling..
“hey Bet” I said into the phone
“oh my Goodness Lia, last night was crazy, I can’t believe we did all that” she shouted into the phone and I laughed
“yeah me too” I said
“Carlos and Carter were the ones who drove me home since I didn’t see Ricky, and I tried calling him this morning but he isn’t picking up” Betty said sounding kind of worried
“I bet he’s still asleep at home.. Did you know I fell in the pool last night?” I said and she burst into laughter
“oh my god that would have been hilarious if I had seen it” I laughed with her..
“oh well, I’ll be coming over to your house to start our art project” she said
“well I’ll be expecting you” I said and hunged up..
I went to the bathroom and took a bath, then brushed my teeth before putting on a white shirt and blue short.. And then fixing my hair in ponytail..
I went downstairs and Logan said “just in time”
We both ate breakfast together laughing and talking that morning.. We both went back upstairs and I made the delivery call from the grocery store..
Many minutes later Logan and I both heard the door bell while I went down stairs to get it when I opened the door I wasn’t surprised to see Betty but was surprised by the sudden hug she gave me and cried on my shoulder..
“oh my god Betty what’s wrong” I asked
“Ricky,.. Cheated on me” she cried..


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