Tales Of Love Episode 8 – 9 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 1 by Iseoluwa Debbie

Tales Of Love Episode 8

Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

‘Wale!’ Sade had been calling her brother who was sitting adjacent to her. This was the fourth time and this time she shouted. ‘Yes? Sorry, was lost in thought.’ ‘What are you thinking about that is making you to smile to yourself and deaf to the world?’ ‘It’s more like a who.’ ‘Nike right? You better propose to that girl.’ He frowned. ‘She does not love me.’ He said. ‘What do you mean she does not love you?’ Wale narrated everything that had transpired during his date with his ex. ‘So she broke up with you.’ Sade said, still surprised Nike had led him on all the while and she didn’t suspect a thing. ‘Yes. She did.’ He sighed. ‘You know, you’re supposed to be mourning your loss and all that. Why were you now smiling like an infatuated teenager?’ ‘It’s a woman.’ ‘Who?’ ‘Tope, your friend.’ ‘Look here. If she’s your latest catch to take advantage of, you better back off now.’ Wale sighed. He saw this coming. ‘I’m not sister. You know I’m not that kind of a person. No woman has made me feel this way before. Like I’ve never felt the urge to take a woman to the altar and spend the rest of my life with her. She make me feel like I’m home. I can’t even explain it.’ ‘How long have you known Tope?’ Sade asked.

‘Less than a day. But it feels like I’ve known her since forever.’ ‘Do you know you sound like an idiot?’ Sade asked, wondering if she was actually talking to her brother. ‘Yes. I know. ‘ Wale sighed again. He was an idiot. But it doesn’t change a thing. Sade shook her head. ‘But you loved Nike, didn’t you? You wanted to take her altar.’ ‘Loved Nike? Yes. Take her to the altar? No. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.’ ‘Don’t you love Nike anymore? Or in just a day, you forgot about her?’ ‘I still love her…. But it’s not the same. Nike brings hurt, Tope takes it away. Nike makes me on guard and I try to impress her. Tope makes me feel at ease and I can express myself with her.’ ‘And you know all this in just one day? You’re crazy.’ ‘Maybe.’ ‘I think you need to see Nike. You’re getting delusional.’ ‘But…’ ‘End of matter.’ Sade cut him off. Is she talking to her brother Adewale? She doubt. How can you fall in love with someone you spent less than twenty-four hours with? She was so sure Tope won’t even give him a chance. Besides, she was older. She doesn’t blame her brother for being lovestruck.

Tope is a very beautiful woman. Wale knew his sister would not understand. Heck, he doesn’t understand either. How can he claim to love Nike and be thinking about another woman in just one day of their breakup? Does he love Tope? It’s too early to say yes. It’s crazy how we can’t control whom we fall in love with. The heart does as it pleases

Tales Of Love Episode 9

‘I have not really taken time to appreciate and thank you for babysitting my son.’ Sade said. She had come to Tope’s house, straight from the office, to say hello to her and her son. It’s been three days since Mark came home and she’s been full of joy. She hasn’t for once regretted her decision to take him back. ‘You know you promised me a dress.’ Tope said. ‘Yes, I brought I along with me. I bought it yesterday.’ ‘Really? Now I have my dream dress. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!’ Tope stood up to hug Sade. She took the dress and wore it. ‘It’s the perfect fit.’ she said. ‘I made sure of that. I can’t afford to go to the boutique twice. I don’t have such time.’

‘Yes o. The CEO!’ Tope hailed her. They laughed. ‘Where is Wale?’ Sade asked. As soon as Tope heard ‘Wale’ , all the event of that night that she had tried so hard to forget came rushing back to her. ‘He’s sleeping.’ she replied. Sade noticed the brief pause but thought nothing of it. They continued their conversation but Tope was distracted. She was trying not to think about that night’s event. ‘Tope, your mind is not here. What is it?’ Sade asked, noticing that she was distracted. ‘Ehm, it’s nothing serious.’ she replied. Sade resisted the urge to roll her eyes. ‘I’m your friend and I can tell when something is wrong with you or when something is bothering you. Abi, when did we start keeping secrets?’ Tope took a breath. ‘Okay, there’s something you need to know as my best friend but I don’t know if I want you to know as Wale’s elder sister.

I mean your brother.’ she rushed out before she changed her mind and decide not to tell her. Sade was suspicious. ‘Okay. I’ll listen to you as your beat friend first.’ ‘Well… I had forgotten to tell you Wale later came that night. So, that night someone rang the doorbell and….’ Tope narrated every single detail from when he came till the next morning. Sade was quiet. She didn’t know how to react. She had said she will listen as her best friend first, so she tried to be rational. At least, for now. But even as Wale sister she still didn’t know how to react to this. They almost had a fling and she would have ended up breaking her brother’s heart, knowing that Wale likes her. ‘You know what’s bothering me? I know you think it was a fling or something, but it was not. What’s bothering me is how do you like someone you’ve never really known in just one night? It’s kind of unrealistic but that’s what happening cos, well, I like him. Actually, like sounds like a play word. Love would be more befitting but then it sounds stupid an unrealistic. Don’t tell me. I’m aware just sound like a hormonal teenage girl. But I know what I feel.’ Tope said. Sade sighed. ‘I don’t know what to say.’ she said. ‘I don’t even know if Wale likes me. One minute I think he does, the next I’m so sure he doesn’t and the chemistry of whatever happened is all in my head. I dare not dream of telling him how I feel. Am I still talking to my best friend? Cos I will never tell all these to Wale’s sister, she’ll break my heard.’ Tope continued. ‘You are.’ Sade affirmed. They sat in silence. Sade checked her wrist watch. ‘I have to go. I’ve spent more time than I planned on spending here already. And I need to think too.’ ‘Thank you for listening. I actually feel better now that I’ve let it all out. Whatever your decision is, it’s fine by me. I want you to know that.’ Tope saw her off to her car. They waved each other goodbye. Sade drove off. Tope came back into her apartment, lost in thought. She appreciated that Sade had listened to her but she knew sooner or later she will not be this understanding. She had felt better after sharing her problems and not hiding this from Sade anymore. But it still didn’t erase the confusion she was in. She brewed coffee and poured herself a cup. It usually helps her to think. She took a sip. It was just as she liked it: strong. She sat on the kitchen chair and cradled her cup of coffee as she replayed that night events. She sighed. Her son came in. He looked at her. ‘Mummy, why are you drinking coffee at night? You’re not going to sleep again. You will be awake all night.’ he said. She had totally forgotten it was night. ‘What’s the time?’ she asked her son. Wale went to the sitting room to check the clock. After some mutterings and calculations, he came back to the kitchen. ‘It’s thirty-five minutes past eight.’ he announced. ‘Thank you.’ she smiled to herself. This time her son’s smartness was a blessing. Very troublesome and stubborn but very smart.’ she said to herself. Wale sat on the kitchen stool and looked at his mum.

Since when they came back from Femi’s house, any time he climbs the wall while playing superman, she doesn’t shout. Yesterday, he had fallen, she hadn’t even taken notice. ‘Mummy what are you thinking?’ He asked his mum. ‘It’s nothing to concern yourself with.’ she replied. He shrugged. He remembered the dream he had. ‘Mummy I had a good dream.’ Tope sighed internally. This boy won’t just let her be. Her best bet was that he became a hero and his powers were flying and running. That’s what he always meant by good dream. ‘What’s the good dream this time?’ ‘I went to the amusement park and went shopping with daddy.’ ‘Daddy?’ Wale never talked or asked about daddy since she tried to explain, some months ago, what his dad had done in a way he could understand. He had even said he didn’t want a dad like that.

‘Yes! Guess who daddy was.’ he said excitedly. ‘Who?’ ‘Uncle Wale!’ He jumped and shouted. Tope shook her head and drank her coffee. She smiled. Children! They can catch you by surprise. Wale sat down again, tapping his finger on his lips as he had seen it done on television when someone is thinking. ‘I like uncle Wale. Do you like him, mummy?’ She sighed. ‘Yes.’ she said. More than you can ever imagine, she thought.

Tales Of Love Episode 8
Written by Iseoluwa Debbie

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